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  1. slow down there cowboy, most of us can't even find a party for vt yet. forget tt
  2. Photogenic Characters

  3. Photogenic Characters

  4. Assassin or BM

    Don't make a BM or Sin. Please don't. They are highly dependent on gear and hongmoon unlocked skills. You'll end up pouring more gold and mats into your alt than it's worth.
  5. This event sucks. Here's how to fix it.

    This event is not only extremely limited, but it costs gold to craft the boxes. To make 3 boxes, you need 15 gold, and an entire day of waiting. PLUS you need to run dailies. I opened 3 boxes today and only got potions. HORRIBLE event. I just threw away 15 gold for some subpar raid potions. Didn't get a single legendary or anything worth my time. Actually I got a hidden promises chest. That's all. This event offers nothing but the +11 AP from eating rotten food.
  6. I cleared f20 just fine with dawnforge 5 or something. Just have to watch out for certain attacks, stun at the last phase and iframe when he kicks up before that. Also jump up after he's done spinning and don't follow him because he'll jump back to the center. Basically to beat f20, you just stay in the circle int he middle and walk around his attacks and jump when he jumps. It's easy.
  7. Stealth nerfs

    Good job stealth nerfing the loot chests for the event. Opened 30 of them and got 0 legendary elements or jewels. I opened a dozen before the maintenance and got 3. Also good job nerfing the gold rewards for the dungeons too. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  8. Unlimited Stamina for Windstriding?

    Maybe as an alternative, they can add charms or consumables that allows infinite wind striding for a set amount of time.
  9. Unlimited Stamina for Windstriding?

    Mounts are for WoW, not blade and soul. Every time somebody mentions a mount, it's like cancer spreading.
  10. Having Ap but still kicked

    What is the average DPS somebody with 1.1k is expected to put out?
  11. Meeting AP requirements, but still getting kicked 5 seconds later. What's up with that? I'm talking like 30-50 over the AP requirement in f8, but still kicked even if the lobby is balanced in classes.. Anyone care to explain the logic?
  12. I heard of a Warden that does 3,000,000 burst dps on bosses. I've had wardens 1 shot me in pvp who are 200 ap lower or in arena. They ignore all CC. It's truly a broken and braindead class, and people who defend it are the ones who are main wardens now. Also almost every lfp f8 has 2-3 wardens per team too.
  13. You really hate f2p players

    Kill off the f2p players. Make a whale paradise.
  14. Urban legend

    I made sure to get the blood raid blindfold ready for when it does
  15. Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate

    i know heavens mandate gives you hongmoon duster outfit