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  1. You guys are still aransu 3 / raven with ascending soul and bt accessories, thirsty for a "fresh start" server, because you were too lazy in the current server to gear up. Maybe you should just quit the game. Give a new server a few months, and you'll just be a pleb again that everyone trashes on because you're too lazy to actually play the game. Then you'll be back to crying about p2w. You think standing around in game and not earning anything for years now is the reason the game is p2w. Rediculous. The same thing will happen on a new server and you'll get left behind again and stomped all ov
  2. easymode is actually taking longer to clear than the old normal mode because all the berserk enrages keep knocking back and stunning and other stuff, and there's no mech damage. Everyone just goes brain dead dps now and trolls each other in stuff like BC, like jumping on teammates or melee going far so they dont get mark and other stuff. It's just a big mess where you get cc'd, get up, and dps. I think WC boss 2 took twice as long when my team decided to completely ignore mechs and half of them were dead anyway by the end of the fight. Plus earning accessories is a joke now too. Somebody can g
  3. Yeah I hope there is an option to turn off illusions completely.
  4. VERY TRUE!!! Mods? This is a real issue. The resilience on WD is bugged!
  5. Weapon illusions, especially inkbrush, are very laggy. Possibly add illusion effects to Ctrl+G. edit: oh it's already added?
  6. As the title says. I'm noticing this. I'm sure others are too. . . . Listen to the player base. This is a product of entertainment. The more players you have, the lower prices can drop for extra content. More players then come(back) to the game for the balanced experience. It's very simple. Bad game design will equal less players, which mean you need to strain the few high payers for more money. This causes players to quit. People are quitting. Clans are dissolving. Friends take friends with them. Opinions about the game spread and then people avoid this game
  7. I support a revert patch. Lets go back to 5 daily quests, and bring back solo dungeons.
  8. I can't keep up with this game anymore. I think I'm quitting.
  9. I got passed the bt/aransu softcap back in the beginning of the year. The way I did it was, make a class that everyone needs, and then aggressively farm multiple characters every day for months and months, not missing a single day. 20 moonstone here, 40 there, etc. I started as a gunner and it was absolute hell. People trash talking me every day, raids impossible to find because my gear was low and gunners are supposed to have good gear to keep up with the rest. I re rolled to warden, and things got a lot better. So i finally found raids, and that is a few hundred gold a week starting off. I w
  10. Yeah. Unity 100. I do HM+CS every day on this character.
  11. I can't keep up. This is a good time to quit this game for any f2p player.
  12. frickin bs i have better gear and can't find an et 1-3
  13. They probably only have the ability to reply to posts / comments that they have a solid answer to. You have to be really careful when you're the face of a company. Plus replying to angry players could be dangerous. Any time a mod replies to anything, you'll see it's repeatedly quoted down the entire page and every word is thrown right back at the mod. What's a mod going to say to your post here? "I'm sorry you feel that way" ? That means they are taking responsibility, which means you are right, which gives the company a bad image. What if they reply to you like "Thank you for
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