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  1. Ncsoft really hates f2p players

    Kill off the f2p players. Make a whale paradise.
  2. Urban legend

    I made sure to get the blood raid blindfold ready for when it does
  3. Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate

    i know heavens mandate gives you hongmoon duster outfit
  4. Warden's Fury Giveaway

    I need it too :(. I missed it
  5. Marketplace Limit

    I Agree this is stupid and unfair. I was making silver by flipping in the market, and suddenly it tells me I can't.
  6. I live in the US and get error 2000 too what the f
  7. Failed to connect to server. (204)

    I cannot connect either. Error 2000
  8. Failed to Connect 204

    yes they are fixing a bug
  9. I played maxed settings. Using windows 7. I also have a SC acx 2.0. I'm using an i7 920 that's 6 years old aswell. I see my fps drop drop below 60 in crowded areas.
  10. Summoner build?

    eeewwww please stay in bronze where summoner should be
  11. I get 100-120 fps with an old i7 and gtx 980. Idk what you're on about, but more players = less frames. This game is half a decade old and uses an engine even older, so it's obviously going to have problems. Are you using an SSD?