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  1. Yes, Ue4 has native support for gamepads, you just have to add the inputs in the project and decide what input will do what. Since they already have the functions and keyboard inputs, it's just a matter of adding the gamepad inputs too. Yes, they will have to work a little bit to be able to move around the menus and things like that, but it's not something that a single person couldn't implement in a single day, and since they already had the option in UE3 it would be probably even easier. About why they didn't do it... Well, Self Sabotage is one of the strong points of NcSoft. I g
  2. As an Unreal Engine 4 developer myself, I can tell you that implementing Gamepad support is REALLY easy. If they don't do it is because they don't want to for some reason. I came back after 2 years without playing to check the UE4 version, but after noticing there is no gamepad support, I just uninstalled the game. Will go back to other games with gamepad support (PSO2NG does it pretty well). I wish the best to the game, but without gamepad support I won't be a part of it.
  3. Same happened in my clan. We always had like 15-20 persons online every day just some months ago, and now you are lucky if you find someone else playing when you login. We went from doing 2 VT raids, 4 BT raids, 1TT and prepare 1 ET every week, to now not even having enough people to raid. I don't even have any wish to keep playing the game as is, and even if I think UE4 will be great for the game, I don't think it will solve anything if the developer keeps doing changes on their own without listening to the community of players. You can't keep milking the players to the limit, reducing the re
  4. They already answered: There are no plans to change this. Did you ever see a company sabotage their own game before? Here's a perfect example, it's what NCWest has been doing in the last 3 to 4 months.
  5. I'm completely tired and unmotivated to play the game as is right now, I can't even afford to level from GC6 to GC9 thanks to the wonderful "reduction" NCWest gave us. And every time I think in a frash start in UE4, it sounds better for me, as long as adds enough changes to not be just the same with better lightning. Just play, enjoy, and not caring about having to buy things from F10 to be able to progress like they pretend you to do right now.
  6. I've been watching the stream for 3 hours to get the assassin's suit. After 3 hours, I've tried to claim the reward, and for like 5 minutes only said "Server Busy, try again later". When I finally could try to claim the reward, this is what I got: :claps sarcastically: If you were half decent, you would let claim the suit for at least half an hour to avoid those server busy situations.
  7. Why I'm not surprised? One day we will get patch notes or event description that will prove to be accurate, and we won't know what happened there. Lately I prefer to laugh at things like this, in the end it's only a game. You just have to learn to not trust a single thing they say about the game, and if you do that, playing is always an adventure. You never know what will happen next, like surprise changes to the game hidden in patch notes, changes that are completely different as stated, different rewards that change after you get them... I used to get angry about that but not any
  8. I don't think he's insulting you. Maybe he was slightly mean, but he's right. I'm afraid you missunderstood what the new jewels were for, but in the article it stated correctly what those were for. Maybe you can ask support to revert them back to legendary Jewels for you. NCSoft is lately making many mistakes to be blamed for, but in this case, I'm afraid it's only on your side.
  9. Do you really think that after the last few patches we don't deserve a clarification? Im sure you expected all of this when you read that letter on June, right? At least I didn't read "We will increase the ammount of effort you need to do to get lower rewards than before. We will also put wrong patch notes, and hide changes that we know you won't like.".
  10. When Jonathan Lien was producer of the game, one of the things he usually did was writing Producer's letter where he explained what were the plans for the future of the game, and what we should expect to see in the game. That was very useful for us, the players, since we learned what to expect in the next months. Now, with the new management of the game, we are lost. And what's worse, in the last few months the game is becoming worse with every patch. Yes, there's usually a few good changes in the patches, but mixed with those are usually horrible changes to the game that no one a
  11. Exactly. That got lost around one year ago when they removed almost every single blue quest in the world and left only a few. You can find almost every outfit of those lost quests in a merchant in Mushin's Tower, you buy them with pvp arena points (they are not expensive so even if you don't like pvp, it shouldn't take you much time). Sadly, Secret Agent is not one of those, there's no way to get that outfit anymore in any way.
  12. I think it would be easier to just make a both-factions chat channel. That would do things way easier when trying to recruit for weeklies, raids, etc., specially if you are on the lowest populated faction (Cerulean in EU, for example). And since we are losing population everyday, it will be harder and harder.
  13. I used to care about thie game, it's the game I play with my clanmates, I made friends here, and I usually enjoy it. But when you notice that lately they keep lying, increasing prizes and making horrible and never asked changes again and again, you realize there are only two possible reasons: They don't know what they are doing, or they just don't care about what we think. Neither of them is good. So I decided not to worry anymore for this, there's no point. If you think for a second, you'll notice that they are following a pretty simple strategy: They make a horrible patch to incr
  14. "Reduction". I don't know if If I should laugh or cry. Another perfect example that shows they don't know anything about the game or what they are doing.
  15. Sure, just buy 6 to 12 resets with ncoins or hmcoins before next wednesday to get your wonderful 6 elder scales. *Sarcasm mode Off*
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