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  1. Well, we must admit it makes absolutely no sense to allow Simple Mode on every single mode in the game, even ARenas, Battlegrounds, raids, etc... but not allowing it on the training room. Simple mode on training room is a great way to parse for many clases, and anyone who usually plays with simple mode can also practice bosses the way they are used to play, so we should be able to use it there since there is no reason to not allow it :/. If they are worried that people would not complete the training due to SImple Mode, it's as easy as adding a message like "You are using Simple Mode, cant complete skill training in this mode " .
  2. Mao Gloves drop rate?

    I got 3 gloves by just killing Hachi, wich takes me around 30 seconds, so for me is faster than clearing the whole dungeon. I think I've killed Hachi around 80-100 times, but got the 3 gloves on the first 40-50.
  3. Hi. Even after yesterday's update, character info still doesnt work properly in Jinsoyun server. I don't see items with french names anymore, but still can't see my own stats. For some reason, I can see the info on some characters, but can't on others, and others can't see my stats just like me. This is what appears when I view my info with F2: On the other hand, with P I can see my stats correctly. So it seems this bug hasn't completely been fixed yet.
  4. Daily Dash Premium field issue

    In fact, If I remember correctly they removed the back to start, wich was extremely annoying, and punishing instead of rewarding. I get the 2 brilliant venture tokens every once in a while (yesterday I just got a couple in one of the stars), so they are not as rare as you could think, it's just a matter of RNG.
  5. Game not launching after windows 10 1809 update

    Well, in the end it was my fault . At least partially. I completely forgot I had Emsisoft Antimalware in that computer, and for some reason, after the 1809 update, it keept blocking the 64 bit process. I tried to close the antivirus and voilá, everything worked perfectly, so I just added the BnS folder and executables into exceptions and now I can run the game without problems. The low fps problem I had with 1803 and 64 bit client was related for some reason with the bluetooth capabilities of my motherboard, so I disabled by hardware the bluetooth (used some tape on the dedicated pins of the wifi+bluetooth cpie card that was attached by default to the motherboard) and the problem with fps disapeared.
  6. And here we are again, after the 1809 update of windows, game in 64 bits doesn't lauch. Xincode seems to launch (at least the small window on bottom right appears and loads the bar), but no splash screen appears after that, and even though there's a bns 64 bits process loaded on memory, it only takes around 80 megas of ram and no cpu and nothing happens. In 32 bits works, but in 64 doesn't want to start. I've tried the 1803 trick of disabling the bluetooth and removing the bluetooth files from INF (wich worked for me in 1803), but has no effect in 1809. Anyone else in my situation?
  7. Windwalk 40secs skill not working

    Yep, completed the quest this morning, but after relogging this evening, I have 30.000 again...
  8. Hi. Lately I've noticed that sometimes in cross server the game lags a lot. IT may work perfectly on one dungeon in cross server, but extremely bad in the next one. Yesterday I was so laggy, that I was watching the whole fight of the boss like 3 minutes later than it happened. For example, yesterday I was on discord talking with a friend on the same party than me in Sandstorm Temple Cross Server, and she told me we had wiped at 30% of boss HP, while I was seeing the boss with 90% HP and almost everyone standing without doing anything. The game took like 5 minutes to kick me out, and I couldn't even quit because it wasn't responding to anything. Today it happened exactly the same again, I did 3 dungeons in Cross Server without a single problem, and on the 4th one, again the same problem than yesterady, my friends on discord telling me "you are sunflowering an empty room..." while I saw the whole room full of monsters. In the end, after 2 minutes trying to hit a boss without being able to do it, the game kicked me out. It seems to be a server-side problem, since my conection worked perfectly with discord and could browse without problems while the game was lagging like that. ¿Are you doing something to the servers lately? Maybe the link between character and dungeon servers is not working properly or something like that? Btw, this is happening to me in Jinsoyun server, in Europe, and happened to a couple of friends too in the last 2 to 3 days.
  9. server down again?

    Yep, when it crashed it kicked all of us too, Jinsoyun works horribly since some months ago. Not just those horrible lag problems when you enter a instance or change into a new zone, now it crashes every once and then and kicks everyone out. I hope they can fix it, because this server is absolutely embarassing for them
  10. Extreme lag in Cross server since yesterday

    Still happening to me too. Its extremely random, it works perfectly (I have around 90-120ms usually), then you change to a new zone, or enter a new instance, and you may have 500+ms and the game becomes unplayable. Sometimes leaving and reentering the zone fixes it, sometimes you have to go to character select and enter again, etc. It happens to many raid and clan members too in Jinsoyun server, so it's very annoying and time compsuming when you have to wait for a raid member to go to character select and reenter just because of the terrible lag. It's sad that after so many months the problem still is there and there's no news about it.
  11. As far as I know, satellite internet connections have absolutely awful latency, so you would end with a ping way higher than you have now. I would only go that way if that were the only way to have internet in the place where I live, and you probably would have to forget to play some ping dependant games.
  12. Well, you get +100 PVP defense and +50 Debuff Damage. Yes, not a huge upgrade, but an upgrade after all...
  13. Climbing to greater heights

    ¿Have you checked Quest Letters in your Journal?
  14. Bug switching characters

    I recently noticed that if I go to character select and fast double click a character other than the one I was using, I enter the game with the one I was using before, nnot the one I chose. You have to wait until the character model is selected, otherwise you won't change characters no matter wich one you select.
  15. I noticed that after the last wednesday patch (march 21), True Xanos Earring and True Black Dawn Ring, the upgraded version of the elemental jewelry that drops in Desolate Tomb and Naryu Sanctum, are renamed to "Awakened Xanos" and "Awakened True black dawn", wich is the name of the non-upgraded version that drops on the zone. Right now the base item and the upgraded version share the same name, wich leads to confusion. I assume this is unintended, so here is the report :).
  16. Mine got refreshed around one day later without any update too, changed from 2x hours to 3 or 4 hours, like if it were new, but around 48 hours after I sended the ticket I got a reply and after that, it went pretty fast, so just don't worry and wait a little more.
  17. Does anyone know this costume/char?

    If you finish the main story (yellow quests) you will find out who she is.
  18. 50 box RIP off

    I suppose I was lucky enough. I bought 12 Explorer's boxes, and got 2 Sacred Oils, 1 premium transformation stone, Imp pet, a couple of Legendary elements and 9 cryptograms.
  19. Abusing BID bug!

    I remember once, a few months ago, biding for a Flower of Lament, the bid was pretty intense because almost everyone wanted it. When it was around 2 golds, only one guy and me were left bidding, and the other guy, expecting me to overbid him without looking, bid 86 golds. Obviously I passed, he didn't leave (maybe he didn't know he could) and every player but him ended with a little fortune due to that guy's foolish attitude. On the other hand, if they leave, the item goes to bid again, so I don't know what's your problem about it :/. Yes, its a dirthy strategy to use, but easy to avoid if you are careful.
  20. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    Imho this change was well intended but badly thought. Yes, you can get powder and you can get crystals, but you already need hundreds of crystals for everything else, and now having to use them for the jewels and elements... well, not the best idea. About salvaging, what I do is type Salvage once on the first item to salvage, copy it, and then just paste it with Control V every time. It saves a lot of time and typing.
  21. F2 Page in French

    There are many many bugs that are present in the game and do not appear on known issues, probably because they don't have a clue on how to fix them. Just think in the invisible characters on lobby bug, it has been there since the beggining, and not only they did not fix it, but it went worse, because characters that I could see when I started playing two years ago are now invisible (even one of my chars who was visible now it is not). But it's sad that something as annoying as the French F2 bug has no mention anywhere... I suppose that if it happens in Europe, they don't even notice.
  22. F2 Page in French

    Sometimes I'm still amazed how they manage to break something that was working perfectly in every single update they make :/. I see every item name in french in character info (not only mine, but everyone's), and also can't see AP like Rysa said, in Jinsoyun server.
  23. The return of the EU Potato Server.....

    Say what you want, but players give their most when a MMORPG server crashes. This thread is a perfect example, I haven't laughed like that for a long time xD.
  24. Bots want to friend me now

    Still receiving requests every 5 minutes... -_-U.
  25. Bots want to friend me now

    I just received like 10 of these in the last hour. It began just one hour ago, I used the /block command tro block the characters (two different ones), but they keep sending Friends invitation every few minutes... ¿What type of /block and /ignore does this game have? -____-U. It's VERY annoying.