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  1. help with build gunner fire

    1.. from event take the soul (8 sec soul) 1st then go for seraph if u have emblems take the pet 2... skybreake spire (BT) SS for start and temple of eluvium(VT) SS later focus on crit accurancy stats 3... DIamond Ruby Amethist AQuamarine fire gem and Saphire. after u make a garnet from dragon and ur accurancy ias 119+ salvage the saphire 4 u need tiger brecelet ring and earing from skybreak spire (BT)for start . then neclace from temple of eluvium (VT) the glove from Holows heart upgrade ur accesories with this order BRECELETTE- EARING- GLOVE-RING -NECLACE (VT)- BELT