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  1. dude there is no secret anymore we have a date 12.2019 so the official news is HERE RU gona update to UE4 (p2p server china TW same p2p servers ) need confirmation for WEST region we runing the ONLY FTP model
  2. yes but you talk about KOREA . they have enough player base to feel the servers! here in west the they do the best to make the players QUIT the game
  3. ue 4 release - 45lvl server -new class

    well i am in panic. the 3 last update make me almost quit the game.. i need informations , i dont want to spend 1 more minute in the game if they plan to NOT release the ue4 on west or open a ue4 45 lvl server 1st and THEN update our client
  4. a lot of things happend in korea on december ue 4 release (?) 45 lvl cup server new class sieges new combat system have the ncwe$st a plan to informe us about all this ?? and what is the plan for our region?? we get this update or not? a producer letter maybe something??
  5. lol this is so stupid bns have 100k players worldwide and they want to sepatated the player base to 2 games??? REALY?
  6. On May 10, 2018, NCsoft has teased a new "Blade & Soul Vision Update", the renovation project with upgrading the engine to Unreal Engine . And released as Blade & Soul Complete expansion in December 2019. icant find anything about "new clasic" server only some ign videos from the new bns expansion. https://ibb.co/7Nhp2PP
  7. where did u see that ? can u link the announcement?
  8. Cost Reduction Sheet

    imo this is the plan to close the gap of pleb-mid gear problem . they nerf the pleb gear and double the price for lvl up to end game gear so the new players have the time to catch up mid gear players
  9. Cost Reduction Sheet

    i realy miss jonathan and linxy....they almost never give wrong infos or hide behind nc$oft HQ when players need answers
  10. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    i think u missunderstood my answer ,also u added some drama on my answer.no prob u are a typical pleb .guners deal with plebs like u almost 3 years now i feel i must make my answer more simple so... if my party start the boss and the boss die BEFORE my buletstorm ends i dont cast AC ( u undertand why or i must make it more clear for u) if my party start the boss and a pleb tank not have threat or dmg to sustain thread and i take the agro i dont cast AC after buffs i am busy to do UR JOB (clear enough tho) if my party start the boss and the boss after the party burst enter on mechs i dont use Z because a pleb buffer always pop up the bufs on mech phace!!! ( this is the part when a pleb bufer start cry "AC AC AC N---B GUNNER on chat) i dont cast Z cause all are busy doing the mech and almost noone dps the boss ) is better to wait for 2nd rebuff and then use tha AC because the party need the dps to burst down or push the boss to next mech phace now i think my answer is clear in all others setuations i cast AC after the buff apply on party BEFORE start to use my burst and cast my dps rotation
  11. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    the answer is simple for guners . if they cast AC on start they lose 1-2 buletstorm if they do it at the end they lose the rng 3 skill also they have 0 benefit from the 2nd buff set cause the soul is on cd also if the Z skill cast on start the bulestorm not synchronized with the 1 min CD buff on 3d buff cast ,tldr Z = lose dps
  12. how many pet pods? how many octagonal gem chest?
  13. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    so u know 1 gold = 1 hmcoin = 0 real money = 0 rng = 0 drama
  14. Venture Token Myth or Real?

    u know u can buy hmcoin with ingame gold right?
  15. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    WELL SPOKEN zuzuzuzuzu .me and my wife play the game as f2p players and we feel the same . but i am ungry about this patch and awekened patch. the reason? because this 2 patches was MAJOR updates and very promising to bring more players on bns ( returners and new) BUT they mess up with bugs with nerfs with lies on live stream bns comunity cant forgive such things too easy