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  1. [PL] GuildNotFound rekrutuje!

    Dla żądnych wrażeń potężnych wojowników, dla zagubionych świeżaków i dla wszystkich pośrodku - GuildNotFound otwiera rekrutację na serwerze Jinsoyun, frakcja Crimson Legion. Klan istnieje od zarania dziejów, grę mamy opanowaną do perfekcji, ale świeża krew jest zawsze w cenie. Nie mamy wielkich wymagań odnośnie ekwipunku, ale kilka warunków spełniać trzeba, mianowicie: 1. Wyłącznie główne postacie. 2. Przynajmniej chwila gry za sobą (w sensie nie zaraz po zrobieniu story). 3. TeamSpeak. Co możemy zaoferować? Bonus klanowy +75-80% do fasolek, krwinek, expa aktywny zawsze. Pomoc merytoryczna, pomoc z dungeonami, sloty na rajdy BT/VT bez problemu. Możliwość załapania się na TT dla aktywniejszych (i ubranych) graczy. No i klanowe Battlegroundy dla koksów PvP. Innymi słowy - robimy wszystko. Zapraszam serdecznie do kontaktu w grze pod nickiem “Kapitan Ozonek”, lub na Discordzie: “Ozonek#1509”.
  2. More difficult events are good!

    You can farm 5 piece TT from MSP, which is faster and easier.
  3. More difficult events are good!

    Hey, you can disagree, but the main reward is doable by everyone. There's just extra something for better geared players and that's good.
  4. I'd like to give unpopular opinion. I like the fact that current events have easy and hard part to them. Gives stronger characters something to do and some extra rewards. At the same time rewards for Resurgence Coins aren't good enough to care about them on alts. I'd like more of those "two difficulty level" events in the future. Don't get discouraged by hate from alt farmers, who want to do everything on every crappy character, instead of doing actual game content.
  5. We changed to summer time, that means in CET the clan battlegrounds are 10PM - midnight, which is quite late for working people and I have trouble gathering clanmates. I'm quite sure it's not only the case for our clan and would like to suggest starting Clan BG earlier, at 8PM or so.
  6. Yeah, same as you came with solutions to evolved stones and pet packs.
  7. So with this update we got this open instance - Moon Refuge. Who thought it was a good idea to wait with 55 level content for level 60 patch? Mobs don't give exp and that was a big part of this instance to grind some exp with Dragon Soups. The whole instance quite pointless, new players can farm some 2-year old BT stuff and untradeable octas, but that's about it. Should've included it a year ago, then maybe.
  8. I do understand the daily part and it's fine, however weekly/raid quests shouldn't count toward it. My static gathers in one day and does everything and that puts us over the cap = wasted resources and that doesn't feel good. Or doing multiple alt weeklies during a free day also sucks.
  9. ____ is Overpowered ​​​​​​​

    Warden is the one class that is disgustingly overpowered in both arenas and battlegrounds with no real counterplay available for most other classes. Other than that all classes have their bullshit that you need to play around or you'll perish and rage.
  10. As much as I don't like the compensation policy in Blade and Soul, this is one time it's necessary. You lied to us. You didn't correct yourself. We acted upon your lie. We lost a lot of valuable resources because of that. You're in entertainment business, not politics. Leaving the country because of retarded politicians is harder than leaving a game because of retarded publishers.
  11. So the dreaded pet collection system was confirmed to be included in the 13.3 update: For those unaware, getting different pets in your wardrobe will provide direct bonuses to your character power (tons of HP mainly, few hundred thousand in total). Since the only way to get most pets is Cash Shop, this is a new low in Blade and Soul. Until now, all important character power increases could be in some way farmed in game and you could argue the game is pay-to-progress. Now, with this Pet Collection system we can directly buy stats in Cash Shop, not available in-game. This is the lowest, scummiest move, only seen in worst trashcan chinese MMO's and I'm surprised NCSoft went with it after backlash from other regions. Way to ruin your game. Ha. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/business-model-revealed/
  12. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Interesting. I wonder if this is preparation for closing the game, or trying to rescue it. Good bye Liinxy, it was fun watching you on streams, even if you were one of the worst Community Managers in any online game ever.
  13. Since the start of the game there's been hundreds of costumes added and the costume rotation is still 2-3 costumes per few weeks. I think you should add a permanent slot for a random costume every day in F10 deals. That's the real endgame after all.
  14. Blade&Soul Activity

    That site is just random bullshit, guessing games populations based on reddit activity with a simple algorithm. I wouldn't give any meaning to those numbers. I can estimate that EU+NA has around 10-15k active players, and I'm sure my blind guess is much more accurate than 100k that your site claims.
  15. Yeah, "European version". You should've included this info on the top of the main page post, so people from excluded countries (most of EU) wouldn't waste their time reading it, instead of hiding it in legal diarrhea. I don't care about shoes that much, but if you're running European version of the game, you should at least include all EU countries.