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  1. I'm playing since a month (again). Crafting is since the event basically impossible. I can't get a hold of rare material and the chests in dungeons were removed it seems. Ok, once in a while a singular rare mat drops in dailies, but if you need like 70 of those for 24 transformation stones... Basically what I would suggest as general advice for the Devs is 'sustainability' as keyword. Let people catch up at least a little. Please find a sustainability director, who's purpose is to balance playerloss Vs profit. Also: quote is unrelated and just for irreleva
  2. What are pvp-area points? Again, I'm all for the quest or a redesign of the talus engineering corp dungeon with a dynamic quest of some sort. Edit: RROAARR! Edit2: Well as a returning player from 2016 it has nostalgic value and I was very sad when I realized it's gone.
  3. The mob 'superior combat automaton' (or w/e it's called) who drops it only turn hostile if the quest from Chun Sahil is active. Since the quest is removed, it can not drop anymore.
  4. I believe costumes are a big thing in blade and soul. I just took notice, that 'secret agent' is not available anymore through simply farming it. As returning player this is really disappointing. I used to farm it and was kind of excited about it. Please give the quest back or redesign talus engineering corp dungeon so the costume is available again. Thx
  5. Havnt read all the answers: Sorry. It was more challenging in 2016. Today the challenge starts with Mushin Tower Floor 20 and some other Dungeons like Dreamtheater, Circle of Sundering is quite challenging solo content. Else the Challenge is the gearing and to fight the boredom while farming, because the time spend versus reward has some gap. I.e. evolving weapon takes about 140 sacred soulstones (plz beratter me if i mixed up the soulstones) for 20k peaches you get maybe 30. Depending how you farm these it takes about 2-5 hours. Farming these Items takes sometimes weeks. But i guess the
  6. I wonder if it is planned to include archer/warden at the trainingarena at mushin tower. Anyone knows?
  7. someone finally answered after 15 hours. Couldn't wait 10 min for my reply. This is 5 hours ago. hoping I don't need to wait another 10 Hours.
  8. Anyone can tell me how long this usually takes? ive been waiting for almost 12 Hours now.
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