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  1. 1) grand phoenix. there were boxes a few years ago, then it got put into trove like 3-4 years ago and after 3500 keys i still couldnt get the hair which was a shame. 2) Urban legend even tho i have the full set lots of people missed out on it 3) scarlet shadow. it was basically 3x in the hm store and since then it just vanished 4) Olympian 5) Great General. it was available 2 weeks after release and since then never got re-released or even put into a exchange shop or so which is a huge shame. 6) finally give us a way to get ravenfall through a different option. ever since BT came ou
  2. I think everything has been said.
  3. First of all yes ofc f2p means p2w thats absolutely normal. But it's not okay to cut gold income drastically on all dungeons including warped citadel etc which most people can't even run yet because they lack gear Why would anyone want to run dungeons for 3hours to get 20 gold as reward when upgrades cost thousands of gold. This is not okay Of course you can put a few thousand euros into trove and hope for luck but that's not how a game is supposed to work. If you want to make your game more alive then make something like a dungeon that people with aransu gear can clear kinda quickly a
  4. This is idiotic. The eu bns population is at a historical minimum already. Now if there comes a time restriction as well, then this will push away the few remaining ones as well. Everyone has lives, so PLEASE never EVER add such a feature to bns. BNS eu is so dead already. Dont kill it off even more!
  5. Heya I thought it'd be nice to make a thread about this so people can get motivation for the event. :)
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