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  1. Clan joining

    Greetings sikebb and RabenKaras, Can you please reach out to Support about this? You can do so by clicking the tab above. Make sure to include as many details as you can. Screenshots or even screen captures (videos) are ideal.
  2. 3rd Spec BM FPS killer

    Greetings FlCosmin, Could you please reach out to Support about this? You can do so by clicking the Support tab above.
  3. Dumpling Bug

    Greetings Dripsz! Thank you. We have added this to our Known Issues and are working to resolve it.
  4. Error while updating NC Launcher

    Greetings Mallika, Please reach out to our Support team in the Support tab above. Thank you!
  5. Probleme page de chargement

    Bonjour IzzyOups, Effectivement, il vaudrait mieux attendre que l'installation finisse. Si vous avez encore des problèmes, je vous invite à contacter l'Assistance en cliquant sur l'onglet ci-dessus.
  6. Have not received my NCoins.

    Hello Bazakot, Is this your first time purchasing? The process can take up to 24h due to various verifications on our side. We're sorry for the delay.
  7. PIN Number

    Greetings Hayef, Please contact our Support Team about it. You can click the tab above and send them a ticket from there.
  8. blackram uniform

    Greetings sandhyarani, You can ask the Support Team to do it by sending a ticket here.
  9. Ticket page bugged

    Greetings pipibei, That's very inconvenient. Don't worry, you can also contact the Support Team at support@bladeandsoul.com
  10. The Way of the Blade Dancer: Part 2 Bug

    Greetings Ragnes, This is not a bug. Going too quickly will result in no credit. Just slow down and you will be fine :)
  11. NCS-Launcher2 crashing

    Greetings Liongodking123, Could you please reach out to the Support team about it? Thank you
  12. purchase problem

    Greetings XxsamutexX, With more details, we might be able to provide some help here. Either way, feel free to contact the Support team, I'm sure they can help you.
  13. F5 its broken

    Greetings, Thank you for reporting. We encourage everyone to keep an eye on our Known Issues thread :
  14. francais

    Bonjour Proutas, Vous pouvez changer la langue du client et du jeu dans les paramètres, en haut, à droite.
  15. Game crashes before it even loads.

    Greetings 1shisu, You might want to try to repair your files (you have the option to do so in your settings, in the top right corner of the launcher). If this doesn't work, maybe try re-installing the game or shoot our Support Team a ticket.