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  1. Failed to upload photo

    Greetings! Thank you for your reports, we are investigating the issue and it has been entered in the "know issues" list, which you can check out here : Thanks again!
  2. inscription pack de la danse du lion

    Bonjour! Vous trouvrez votre code pré-appliqué sur la page d'application de code, comme ceci : Et vous devez cliquer sur "Apply" pour recevoir les objets. Si par contre, vous n'avez rien sur cette page, contactez l'assistance. Merci!
  3. Greetings! If you go to your account management page, then to "Apply a code", you should find an unused serial code in the Blade and Soul tab. You can click "Apply" and you will get everything. Please contact the Support Team if you do not find any code to apply. Thank you!
  4. Why Can't I submit a support ticket?

    Greetings! If you cannot send a ticket via the website, please email your inquiry to support@bladeandsoul.com. Thank you.
  5. cant submet ticket

    Greetings! If you are not getting a confirmation that your ticket has been sent, you can try emailing the Support Team, the correct email is : support@bladeandsoul.com. Thank you!
  6. I have a problem with ncoin

    Greetings! I'm afraid we can't help you with that on the forums, please send a ticket to the Support Team here. They'll be able to help you. Thank you!
  7. When can I get the Warden of Lv50?

    We are sorry for the wait. Due to the new update, the amount of tickets the Support Team has recieved is very high. They are going through it and making sure everyone gets an answer. We apologize for the inconvinience and ask you to be patient. Thank you!
  8. When can I get the Warden of Lv50?

    Greetings! You might encounter this issue because you have too many items in your Received Items. Try to use some of them and use the Lv 50 voucher after that. I am sure Support will try to get back to you soon. Thank you!
  9. Pack Vagabond

    Salutations! Pour recevoir ce pack, il fallait s'inscrire avant le 7 Septembre en suivant le lien disponible dans le sujet qui annonçait le pack sur le forum, ou sur les réseaux sociaux. Si tu n'as pas enregistré ton compte avant cette date, tu as loupé la date butoire, je suis désolée. Si, par contre, tu t'étais bien enregistré, suis les instructions de Cyan, ici : https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/241327-recevez-votre-pack-dépéiste-vagabond-et-un-emplacement-de-personnage-supplémentaire/ . Et si malgré cela tu ne reçois rien, il faudra que tu contactes directement l'Assistance. Merci à toi!
  10. Two problems with upcoming event

    Greetings! I would like to remind you to keep the discussion civil. Even a passionate discussion has no room for getting personal. Please stay on topic and discuss the matter at hand, not each other.

    Greetings! Please make sure you have the correct region selected, it sometimes resets when reinstalling. If this is not the issue, please get in touch with our Support Team. Thank you!
  12. About Smite Stage 2

    Greetings! The skill is working as intended, it will work up to 4-9m, meaning it works under 4 too.
  13. Erreur 300

    Salutations! La meilleure façon de résoudre ton problème est de contacter l'Assistance et de leur envoyer une demande, ils seront plus à même de savoir exactement ce qu'il se passe. Merci à toi!
  14. Error when trying to buy ncoins

    Greetings, Please follow the instructions that our support team gave you. Unfortunately, we can't assist you with payment support inquiries in the forums. Thank you!
  15. Chat bug en jeu

    Salutations! Désolée d'apprendre que tu n'arrives pas à contacter l'assistance. Tu peux les contacter directement en envoyant un email à l'adresse suivante à partir de la boîte mail associée à ton compte NCSoft : support@bladeandsoul.com. Merci à toi!