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  1. dont worry they just posted annunecment with next week update we get event that will help us to get ia st 6 weapons
  2. Agree totaly. If they fix performance right the only thing i would need is to make these quality of life changes: 1. Make it posible to key- bind skills manualy. Which you can only do now by modding. 2. Let ppl customise simple mode skills ( i dont talk about configurating ms). Let add or remove or change skills places. Because sometimes even ncsoft themsefl doesnt know how some classes works funny enough xD 3. Either delete or highly reduse box opening and transmuting times. This ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is only to trap ppl in game longer for statistics. For me if these things would be add
  3. If i remember right kr easy mode doesnt drop anything and doesnt give any gold. All it does counts as a daily in daily chalange and thats all. Why would you think they would bring it here but still give you rewards?
  4. after you use tab you get a buff conflagaration( if i remember right). DUring it you can cast dt non stop. Other then what is your ping (ms) in game, because if you have high ping it casts slower and less dt.
  5. Because you use your hp to cast skills not focuse like other classes.
  6. Hi there, 1. resolution stone is upgrade material from last event. The only option to get it now is to trade your transformation stones for those resolution stones in dragon express 2nd last tab if i remember correctly. 2. Enlightment Element you can buy at dragon express 1st tab just croll down and you will find 2 options of buying it.
  7. True its way to imbalance and we know the reason why to well. To make money. However it also depends on ppl as well. There will always will be ppl who chases dmg and will rerol to anything that does higher dmg. And there is ppl who likes playstyle and arent changing specs or classes on fly and plays what they enjoy. I myself wait for dest 3rd spec to try it out myself first and after that make my decision be earth or go 3rd spec. Was same with bm 3rd spec i am sucker for swords and i realy liked its concepts with flock of blades but atack rotation to me felt cluncky. Even through i got vt
  8. For dung and raids when you finish story it doesnt mean you are geared enough for every dung and raid that is out even if you are able to enter them. As reference you can try pressing ctrl+j and check requirments there. Ofc its not bullete proof as well as on weapon side its a bit more inflated than in reality. As for farming this is kr mmo its pretty much endless farm. Some of use plays for years not months and we dont have totaly end game gear. But you dont realy need it anyway for majority of content. Also if you want some reference check jis youtube chanal : https://m.youtu
  9. Maint started at 13:00 cest maint is going now for 1h. 20 mins and it will be at least 6h if we wont get extended (like always). So chill a bit. We will get such bad times for maint as long as Eu version is published and maintained by ppl working in NA and all is done during THEIR work hour. All in all download update if posible and come back in 5 more hours -+
  10. I would say your best bet right now might be next trove with archer release on sept as ppl who will reroll will want new skins as well so there might be some new and old weap skins in trove table. But i do agree as well that they should add costiums/skins and pets more offen in daily specials not just materials.
  11. If you talk about 6v6 then then what you need there ia not class but gear. Which one has better gear and 1 shots other first wins. As for arena cant say much as i am not doing any pvp but i heard after recent patches bms with 3rd spec are op right now. As for pve every class is viable it just depends on what you want from class and what kind of other classes your friends will play.
  12. What do you mean became it was like this for all eternity. No one ever used f7 outside or dragonspires to recruit ppl at least after poh and poh grampa 24 man raids became obsolete :D F8 is mainly to make ot easier for ppl to gather and go straight to dung without any teleporting around maps to dungs entrence :)
  13. Dps meter can only be seen in raids/f12(training room on selected boss. Used for parssing)/hard mode dung.
  14. If you bought Nccoins for first time by using credit card it takes about 24h for coins to get to you i remember it was written somehere but cant remember right know. For future i would advice use paypall as its prety much delivers instantly.
  15. Every material from raids starts as char bound and becomes acc bound when new raids come out after some time. Its always been like that. At the moment i think even kr havent implemented it yet. So its just a matter of time when it will be released.
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