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  1. Its not similer its same skill just modifiers are diferent :D
  2. Nope thats a bm if you look closly on right bottom corner you can see that there lighning bm blade call cooldown apairs. And bd doesnt have blade call skill bm has. Also 1st clip is like 4 month old. I know about that skill being op on bm because with awakening they bufted it on bms masivly and it was op on pvp. However i have no knowledge of if they alrd reduced that dmg or not.
  3. First of all on 2 first links that not bd but bm in there. 2.agree with arena one its bulshit but with 6v6 we alrd have 1 shots in our versionif you becouse of gear diference. Some classes can do it easier with right gear and against no or low pvp gear players. 3. With kfm one i agree such skill shouldnt exist in game its even more cancer then wls double airial was and kfms last even longer....
  4. Most needed class?

    Every class has something to offer. Warlock/Warden got one of the best party dmg buff soulburn/soulbust that all pts are looking for in dungs and raids Kung fu master (kfm)/ Assasin (sin)- both has another pt dmg buff blue buff. Summoner/soulfighter- offers some heals and pt member resurection. Assasin/summoner- they also offer pt protection with their stealth FM/Destroyer- they offer other pt protect skill ice (cant remeber how its caled for destroyer but same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ :D ) BM/BD- ofers hm block (protection from 3 hits) Gunlslinger- so far only this class 1 uniqe skill alpha call that resets other pt buffs because they have global cooldown for all ppl that got them. With Alpha call you can cast 2x sb 2x bb one after another. As with summoner they defenetly are needed at eng game. It isint a must but having one defenetly makes raids smoother because they can heal/they can ressurect ppl/ you can do some cheese mechanics with their pet ( like tt boss 1 for lower gear pts). Its good class for support over all but there is no class heavy support or heal like in other mmos here because we dont have that holy trinity like in other games :) So just play what you like most :)
  5. dark emissary outfit

    Its gona be back just no one knows when.

    As a new player its never adviced to try and craft pts. Only if dont mind burning mats you can try. Just sell tradable mats and buy pts. I personaly started crafting them only when i had alrd high enough gear and it didint matter to me if i burn mats or not. When i craft if i fail 2 times in raw i stop for that day and try another day.
  7. It works i done it by changing riftwalk and downforge path however its rng based. And rng isint equal to everyone so keep that in mind.
  8. Buying Stuff From F10 and Not receiving it

    i had same problem but untill i went through all my 12 chars it apeared. it seems it just server lag after update with mail inventory and it lags behind with new items we had this problem with almost every update where you need new items from f10 like trove stuff :D
  9. is pvp pay to win?

    Arena 1v1 and 3v3- no it isint. 6v6- i would say -yes because it basicly pve on other ppl who gona 1 shot others faster. Also we will be having battle royal in future which is also gear equalized.
  10. Lol and here we get everything except lighning and earth on my pt xD
  11. New classes ideas thread

    Totaly agree it doesnt make sence however it makes money and thats why its introduced which is sad :(
  12. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    They wont tell anything because we have no info even from kr about it. In my opinion there not gona be any console bns release they dich it for more profitable mobile versions. Our region is out almost 3 y and there is 0 info about it being true. Also our region is on such big decline because of their shity desicions that making console is just not worth and their best bet for profit is going on mobile games train. Before thinking about consoles they should first fix pc optimization because if they dont console most likely would get same optimization as pc has now.
  13. Yun Only Class

    I realy doubt it mainly because in my opinion yun is least populer race of all. And with curent new classes it seems they arent going for for race locked class like they did when game started. Can yun get one more class sure and i thing there was rumor that archer gon be yun and lyn shared but just rumor but i dont beleave they gona give any race any specific class locked to that race anymore.
  14. Golden harvest crates

    SO why dont you just sell materials and make gold? instead of crafting them?
  15. If they actualy would do that they would remove moonstones rewards for sure other wise there would be no reason to do gear depended one :D We also know that in future we are having battle royal and from info we have gear is equalizied there.