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  1. Clan bonus disabled?

    It was buged out. With last maint they should have fixed it. My clann ranking didint get disables we only lost 1 ranking point.
  2. Warden build

    Lighning is pretty much more pve oreantaded. You try to be in bloodrage as much as posible. In pvp it would be suicidal as it drains your hp quick and have no way to steal it back and might die before kiling someone if you are ganged on. What makes frost war better at pvp is their tab which deals massive dmg if you can make enemy cced for it to hit+its not that much hp hungry then lighning. Ofc i heared from guildy that lihhning isint bad on 6v6 just getting in bloodrage should be consodered carfully. However lighnings skills has aoe which hits slow but quite hard.
  3. Baleful or Seraph?

    Also for lighning v is very important as with badge it gives you aditional 20 bloodlust. So with badge v/z/4 and e(2nd option) you can be in bloodrage mode almost all the time.However as of ice have no clue realy because o dont know which badges are used for it.
  4. VT SS

    You need to to vt boss 1-2to unlock all vt ss there is no other way. Or from trove but its rng which as you will get.
  5. Mushin tower is ok for naryu silver( or coins dont remeber). As for where to buy one place is grand harvest square near wheel which is near that foul mouth granny :D
  6. Phoenix warden weapon skin

    Yes it does when toi can preview skins from weapon boxes and there is warden greatsword. But for some reason that box isint acc bound like others from teove so i think it might be buged.
  7. nearly 12hours and still no ncoin

    Credit card takes ages. Better use paypal or like someone else suggested amazons card :)
  8. Warden build

    Game isint dead just warden isint that popular realy because of its slow atacks. From what i heared its same thing in kr as well. As for buildes lighning is more pve orentated while ice is equily balanced for pve and pvp. Pvp with lighning is realy a suecidal thing if you go in rage mode :D however some ppl like that but over all ice is more suitable for it. For qeapon both war benefits most from seraph>riftwalk because of v cd reduction and their rotatios circules around v as well.
  9. Baleful or Seraph?

    I would say seraph is better choice with its reductiin to v. Its your main survivability skill so the more you spam it better latter tou go riftwalk :)
  10. FREE Additional Slot Voucher glitch ??

    Its in HM coin tab check there
  11. Well for old player yes for new one these quest are meant to learn their new skills what they do and so on. We as old players who done it countless times are fed with them even when they alrd nerfed it. So we cant look at it realy from new player perspective.
  12. How you imagine that they could shorten story. That would mean cuting out whole story thats tells about your char begginings,about your clan being wiped out and all the alies you you got through your jurney. When game progress its story only gets longer thats natural. If its boring as hell to do it multiple times?Hell yes especialy cinderlands,misty woods,silverfrost mountains. They cant just cut story thats not how it works and they alrd made adjustments to the long quest like cutting number of mobs needed to kill or giving winstride to location rather then runing yourself. I have 9 chars and going to get warden as well and i fully agree that doing story is realy eating time now but from my perspective its only natural when more of story is added to game. It would be grate if they could do something but only solucion would be just five out lvl 50 vouchers for free for ppl who alrd did lvl 1-55manualy at least once but we know it wont happen because they get money from those vouchers.
  13. Returning Player w/ some questions

    So if you can do at least easest event stuff every day on all chars you have a chance to get realy expensive items mostly for free. However i would advice you if you havent lvled gun or sf yet do it now. Because its gona take you some time to lvl warden so you dont miss on doing event. As for warden while lvling from story during event you will bet 25 tokens so you wont miss event stuff just you need to rush story as fast as posible :)
  14. Returning Player w/ some questions

    The quest for draken cores is called: dead refuse to die. You need to do 3 dungs and mushing floor 16. You can prety much lvl all of them realy :D Especialy for next event. With next event by doing daily chalange/weekly chalange you get upgrade tokens and from f10 you get 1 token per day 4free. With those tokens you can get riftwalk/dawnforge weapons, hongmoon soul,legendery pets(after you get them they are just for event duration but for weapon you neez 20 tokens and 15 gold to make weapon permenent and for pet and soul you lvl them up to briliant and exchange for real ones without duration. Ofc you will need to make choice. To go weapon+soul or soul+pet. Because you wont be able to do all event dungs
  15. Returning Player w/ some questions

    Hi there to do most of dungs you need at least 1.1k ap, for minimum requirment its 1k. With 1k you can do all dungs up to naryu sanctum. Sometimes there are pts who brings 1k ap to ironforge tech and ebondrace lair. For gunners i am main shadow gunn. I play it because i like its style more. However it dosnt do same dmg as fire and thats why ppl prefer fire but it has more mobility because you dont get animation locked like fire gunner during his biggest burst move. If you like play stule go for it :) Most clans require you to have at least 1k ap. To find clan you either look at ppl shouting advertisments on faction chanel or visit recruitment discordchanel: With accesorys its gona be change with next update this week. They are draken accesorys. Tou can drop them from ebondrake citadel -ring(crap), Desolate tomb-nec (good), naryu foundery-belt (good), naryu sanctum-braclete(very good). Also you can get them from merchants for 100 draken cores per accesorys. You get cores from all these dungs. For ring you farm desoleted tomb till you drop your elemental ring and for earing you do naryu sanctum. After you get geared enough for raid you replace ring and earing with raid ones. Nec belt and braclete stays the same till later end game. Customized outfits are just for that char you got. And you neeed special curency to do it from f10 or daily dash. There was a decline of ppl so they merged servers and thats how much we have now. Pretty much lighning is better dps but more risky gamplay because it can eat up you hp realy quikly and ita more pve build. Ice is less dmg but more safe build to play. Its a bit more friendlier to tank and also for pvp. And it doesnt eat that much of you hp when using skills. You can always try it out and you actualy can create lvl 50 char without spending money and try chars on training ground. When you create char you select at end lvl 50 after you test char want to create it. If you wana get lvl 50 straiht away you buy voucher with money if not you delete it and create lvl 1 char and lvl up yourself :)