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  1. Weĺ because it was desighned like that. Only raid leader can cancel it if he enters first. Although i guess they realised with other raids thats its a pain so everyone can cancel animation :D
  2. Change to 32 bits

    On launcher on the top right corner there is settings option on which you can choose which version you wana use. If for some reason you cant use 32 bits it might be blocked by firewall of your antivirus. Had a few ppl who had same thing with 64 bits client where they could choose or open it and that was a case. If your pc build is kinda old then its adviced if you have 8gb of ram or less use 32 bits client if more 64bit.
  3. TOI

    Actuly if i am not mistaken kr alrd removed toi as dung from game also they reworking msp from raid to farm hub like cb but dont quote on me for that as i dont have info on hand but i think i read about it on some kr patches :)
  4. Missed old costumes

    No one knows. Posibility is always there inly question is when but Nc wont tell when they are planing or if they plan at all :)

    What you need is just to do know the enemy part 2. It gives you 5 yunsang necs which you need to buy proper braclete. You can also try to farm them but drop rate is shity.
  6. You can always cash in with craft materials if rewards arnt apealing to you. I know quite a few ppl gona do it from my guild and i am waiting for tt mats drop rate from other ppl as well. Its still helps your char one way or other its just a matter of thinking how to use it best for yourself.
  7. This event sucks. Here's how to fix it.

    Dont know what are you smoking but we had this event last year and it was one of the best events of the year i would say. You had all the time to prepear craft materials in advance to start crafting event mats straight when maint ended. Using alts its nothing new in this game if you cant get few chars to lvl 11 thats your problem realy. I know ppl who lvled whole new acc just for event. About materials it can be double. Yhis year they made 3 tears of boxes for ppl and their gear. Ppl also had time to collect fragments before update and if they have whole coins they can ask for revert. I personaly only did all 3 solo dungs on 3 chars only for daily and have enough fragments for quite a few openings and i am doing those dungs with my purple train every day so i see no problrm in them. Event isint perfect i agree but its still good in my opinion if you think smart beforehand.
  8. Only support can do that no other way. Or just farm it again. Mewtaners coin is from outlaw island its solo dung in mushin tower like floor 20 or circule of sundering.
  9. F12 Simple Mode

    Solution :just find a dung which boss has high hp/doesnt do any ccs or does very minimal and you can test it there. Or you can always look for world bosses on higher lvl maps and test on them :) Frim my point of view they introduced spimple mode more for new players who still dont know their rotation i dont thing they intended for ppl to use it for entire game content. Thats why in f12 its not available because its purpose was just to help new players till they learned their rotation.
  10. upcoming events

    No one knows but posibility is there, however they will not tell if its gona happen or when.
  11. Team/Clan/Fraction

    You can join faction at the beggining from quest. As for clans first finish story as there is no one that looks for low lvl players because at the moment all low lvl content is just for story purpose. So do yelow/purple/orange quest till there is no yelow quests anymore and you hit max lvl. For info try asking on faction chat or try searching forum or redit for info :)
  12. Character Select Screen Wishlist

    For sorting chars its alrd on Kr server we just havnt got that update yet so its coming.
  13. BnSBuddy save to use? here is the link for you :)
  14. Why such high ap/gear req?

    Also i personaly seen that while doing with some low gear ppl dungs they dont talk if they know mechs or not. And when they die and mess up mechs i have seen a lot of time when they call other ppl names and rage quit or just straight rage quit. I dont mind helping new ppl if i personaly have time and they are wiling to get help not just get carried.
  15. Warden windwalk

    Warden efect is realy similer to gunners efect in my opinion which shows that they arnt that creative anymore and on both it represents only 1 element.