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  1. i got 8 sockets in 1 trial i got 8 sockets in 3 trials i got 7 sockets in 1 trials i got 7 sockets in 5 trials i got 7 sockets in 7 trials i got 7 sockets in 2 trials i got 7 sockets in 4 trials i got 7 sockets in 20 trials rng wasnt too bad
  2. you can get a 8 socket weapon from this way in few trials, it costed little go to wepon management and change your weapon from seraph to baleful or vice versa, the number of sockets will increase very fast with 7 golds and 3 voids for one trial
  3. since when did they change the number of legendary elements to upgrade an accessory gear? it used to take 7 to 14 legendary elements to get stage 1 to 4 or 4 to 6, now it takes from 20 to 34 legendary elements to get the same effect. it takes about 3 to 5 times more. I can not use mats and pay to make them anymore. I have to win them through troves or i have to depend them on some kind of events.
  4. > post a screenshot no idea how to post from M:\Screenshot_181207_000.jpg, i couldnt find a way. x 2 RMB 4 RMB 4 RMB's icon above is greyed out, even though the icon is available below next to LMB
  5. warlock - training room - showdow advanced (4/5) lvl 35 - key combo soul shackle - because the 3rd move dimensional volley is greyed out, it can not be casted. what does it mean by "switching to martial tome"? you need to stop keeping sending me a popup message that says i have one unfinished trainning session left.
  6. my looking in the journal came late, it didnt occur to me right away, i came here to delete the thread, but too late
  7. hongsil key, where is the spatiotemp rock in basin? how entering?
  8. i clicked this to sign up then i clicked "register now" i entered ID and PW then clicked then it went back to am i done signing up? there was no confirmation
  9. why does my warlock's soulburn buff work 1 out of 3 times? it seems to work randomly tab and tab, but no buff shows up when i am in a party mostly but it seemed to work ok when i practiced alone. F12 training - warlock's soul shackle x 2 RMB 4 RMB 4 combo, RMB's dimensional volley is greyed out it can not be casted, is this a bug? F12 training - force master's quick combo RMB LMB 2 RMB LMB 2 combo is this doable? I failed to do for 3 hours
  10. This game seriously needs ingame cash items tele scrolls to combat world chat spammers. i mostly see WTB WTS log in get golds spammers
  11. HM of anything is supposed to be better? like HM gem? then why do they give us worthless HM unsealing charms in daily dash, when you simply buy them for 4 or 6 or 10 silvers any amounts anytime? I might as well toss them in a trash to save my inv space which is more important.
  12. do you get a better stat if you open it with the HM unsealing charms rather NPC's unsealing charms? if not, why are there two versions of them to occupy my one more inventory space
  13. what do you do to make a cooldown reset charm work? it doesnt seem to reset anything. like why doesnt it reset tombstone or dragoncall, so that i can use these kinds of skills 2 times. isnt this the idea of reseting something? so that you can use 2 times?
  14. more correction : this is maybe recent google account that is linked with youtube.. as i said "used to" maybe google changed their ways now but too late... my acct was deleted for 6 month inactivity. right now, i am using the gmail that opened for youtube, i went in there for the 1st or 2nd time. my correction, now i remember it used to be 6 month inactivity, not 3 month...I dont really care with gmails because i already had over 40 emails older than 20 years when google didnt even exist. it was early this year or last DEC 2017, some email company named mind-something something took over and punish the inactive accts. i felt was in trouble.
  15. gmail... they used to delete your email acct for 3 month inactivity,,,, i never trust this gmail ms mail... i lost acct for inactivity, i dont care. email used to even honor 20 years of inactivity until this year, no punishment for an infinitely long inactiivity , was a perfect email.