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  1. Can we get our old DC back?

    >>You basically get raven1/3 for free from story+1 weekly/daily challenge since when raven? i got a bale or seraph stage 1 and no more. what is raven one third? >>draken cores .. and you're fine for IF/EL do you mean to say finishing mushin tower 16th floor to get 200 DC's? try that with solrak gears and say that to a newbie. even if you get 2 legend gears from it somehow, can you actually do IF and EL? I got 5 legend gears, I am not even allowed to get in IF and EL. learning the dungeon mechs were totally wasting of my time, so I am not gonna learn any more dungeons from youtube. i am fine with low gears for low level fun. >> Make friends, find a clan, whatever. this is not even part of the game, but go and say this in the world chat... "I want to farm best gears, wiil you with the best gears be my friends?"
  2. >If boss gets hit by wrong laser he takes your gun away i thought jumping over the beam was the way to prevent me from losing my weapon. i also wondered why this didnt help sometimes >damage comes from the debuff your gun inflicts on the boss. Higher the stack.. maybe then... tossing him in the air to prevent him from using aoe that may remove all the stacks he had. at first i thought aoe hurts the laser,so that he doesnt get high laser damages. what is his aoe for?
  3. >a lot of elemental damage who don't care about taking gun this case is obvious, however I have seen only once out of maybe 300 runs, 1 player killed it before laser, and i also had a squad only using dungeon weapons and not their own weapons and we killed it in 25 seconds, 2nd laser killed it. sometimes with mixed weapon using party, the boss doesnt die from tens of lasers hitting at him, it is hard to believe there werent any opposite lasers, maybe after 5~8 min later, the boss dies naturally. >cause they're dealing more damage especially when the right beam hit the boss are you saying the laser is now some kind of debuff maker? but i have seen this so many times, at the moment the beam hits the boss, the boss loese his HP, maybe next time i will try this, when i know the boss is a fire type, i will try to toss him over the red beam, so that red beam doesnt touch him, this might intensity the blue laser damge, who knows,...
  4. >random sometimes the boss dies with 2 laser hits very rapidly. sometimes lasers maybe hit 20 times and it is hard to belive that there werent any opposite lasers. so then i should just afk and RANDOM lasers do the work by themselves? because I have seen 20% HP reduction, even 50% HP reduction. why should i bother jumping around trying to figure it out? my damage is nothing compared to lasers.
  5. >2 kind of boss would the successful act of blocking his aoe always produce the opposite laser?
  6. how can you kill the 2nd boss in tower of memory more effectively? toss him in the air to block his aoe and then let the laser hit him to reduce his hp by 30%~40%? i thought this was the idea but sometimes it worked , sometimes it didnt. sometimes laser hit him 10 times but the laser didnt do anything.
  7. >You can just buy in your main and send to a alt best way, now worth keeping mats to collect all for one toon if you happen to have mats, i learned this way 3 weeks ago, but i kept forgetting.
  8. after this post... these are low lvl mats... >freezing orbs no other visible purpose, then i could free up one inv space. i never intentionally collected them > black rose feathers from heavens mandate no other visible purpose, then i could free up one inv space. i never intentionally collected them >250 (~300?) hongmoon recipe books I was collecting these but.. i found no other purpose, after i bought all 4 books with blood stones. because it could take maybe 10 years to collect 250~300 of them from the snake fang dungeon. from now on, I will deny any quests that give hongmoon recipe books, not worth my time and labor to use my finger to click them. >1450 achievement pts to get a hongmoon skill book lvl 1 was maybe too high, unless you would do something like using 2 computers and killing and rezing your alts. i couldnt get to 1450
  9. is there an other purpose to collect the freezing orbs from the cold storage besides getting a sterling outfit? I have no idea about getting keys with freezing orbs. is it ok to trash them? is there another purpose to collect black rose feathers from heavens mandate besides getting a summoner's cat outfit? is it ok to trash them? is it ok to trash or not to collect 250 (~300?) hongmoon books or tombs to get a hongmoon skill book lvl 1 with 1450 achievement pts? because now you can get all HM skill books with some blood stones easily.
  10. i got 8 sockets in 1 trial i got 8 sockets in 3 trials i got 7 sockets in 1 trials i got 7 sockets in 5 trials i got 7 sockets in 7 trials i got 7 sockets in 2 trials i got 7 sockets in 4 trials i got 7 sockets in 20 trials rng wasnt too bad
  11. you can get a 8 socket weapon from this way in few trials, it costed little go to wepon management and change your weapon from seraph to baleful or vice versa, the number of sockets will increase very fast with 7 golds and 3 voids for one trial
  12. since when did they change the number of legendary elements to upgrade an accessory gear? it used to take 7 to 14 legendary elements to get stage 1 to 4 or 4 to 6, now it takes from 20 to 34 legendary elements to get the same effect. it takes about 3 to 5 times more. I can not use mats and pay to make them anymore. I have to win them through troves or i have to depend them on some kind of events.
  13. > post a screenshot no idea how to post from M:\Screenshot_181207_000.jpg, i couldnt find a way. x 2 RMB 4 RMB 4 RMB's icon above is greyed out, even though the icon is available below next to LMB
  14. warlock - training room - showdow advanced (4/5) lvl 35 - key combo soul shackle - because the 3rd move dimensional volley is greyed out, it can not be casted. what does it mean by "switching to martial tome"? you need to stop keeping sending me a popup message that says i have one unfinished trainning session left.
  15. my looking in the journal came late, it didnt occur to me right away, i came here to delete the thread, but too late