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  1. ncsoft's nc dinos baseball - north carolina's nc dinos ncsoft will be rocking soon
  2. i couldnt argue well, because i didnt understand the natute of eluvium, because i havent done eluvium before. you said no mech these days? that is fine, but please stamp the requirement on your forehead "ap2000 3000 4000 whatever" gc+3 +5 +6.... and "i am a 10 second boss killer". but dont get in my way, you are a capable pompous player. it will clearly seperate me from those who just wanna do fast. i was able to do eluvium on a maint day, we had 2 party wipes and 3 boss resets until we got to the final boss. we had 5~6 party wipes with the final boss, 3 players quited, and some players started begging on a world chat,"oh please help us with the final boss", this was disgraceful. but another player also said "we still have 6 hours before reset" i liked this player's mentality. i got killed by 4 jade finger looking beams within 30 sec to 1min 4 times in a row , this was not mentioned in a guide. i was a big burden to the party. but i figured it out to avoid the jade beams. my gunner with the stage 4 armory chest could put out over 2m dps during burst. this bottom gear gunner helped and we 9 players killed the final boss. i was just grateful that they let me join, i denied loots, those were for them. with this new event that doesnt involve gears, i lost interest again, means if i dont find party in 30 sec ~ 1 min, you can have it. not even worth a damn, i have quited BnS for past 1.5 years before. i am not addicted anymore. my small secrets with seraph, bale - i was able to solo upto old cold storage and heaven's mandate bosses with raven - i was able to solo upto sogun. believe it or not, this was more fun to me. after tying up my loose ends of half finished dailes from the last event. i will check if i can solo ebondrake citadal with 2 computers. if i can it will be a blast. this will become my new daily.
  3. scion + eluvium package is the ONLY way to finish in these day then so be it. right now, i have to take a deep breath and look for more mech videos to decide if it is worth i dont have a clear data as to how often scion + eluvium package without gear requirements were wanted, it was maybe like 0 ~ 2 a day
  4. ...that they think VT still need mechanics, this is also a strange nonsense, if it is that easy these days, why asking for gear requirements? besides, no matter how easy they might be these days, i have to at least watch mech videos before i can join. it is a courtesy. -It dosen't hurt to just talk to people.. instead o.... go to my 1st post, this is my way of talking to people. sometimes i ask things in the world chat, but doesnt help a lot of times. if you think wahtever the post is nonsense, then do not respond.
  5. -What nonsense are you writing? Most raids want 1,6k and they usually have people with less 1.6k ap is required in the ads, that is the rule, do not expect less, or other players will get confused. usually less? then do not post the requirement ads, if you are going to do differently behind closed door. if you change the rule in the middle of something, anything will be possible so do not bother telling me about your illogical nonsense, -you couldn't find a raid you didn't put enough effort in it. obviously you dont play this game or maybe you are a blind, there are hardly any eluvium runs or i can "almost" say "none" after 2 weeks of observation. describe your effort i will define my effort just for you. i will not start and make any parties for the dungeon that i have never done it before, no matter how desperate i am. i checked the world chat every 10 min or so for 6 hours a day if someone was making a party while i was watching a movie or playing different computer games with another computer.
  6. -are you sure they were the requirements for temple of eluvium and not the highest raid or dungeon? yes, even if i am lucky enough to see someone's eluvium join ads. what is VT? ....eluvium? just about any runs including weekly right after maint, these similar strings are mostly attached. who can blame the capable players just want to do fast? fast run ap 2000+.. who cares ap1600+, stage 4 armory gives ap1400~1450, know mech tiger souls ps : i havent done any dailies and weeklies past 2 weeks, i solely spent my time on looking for temple of eluvium, i think i failed.
  7. most runs right after maint fast run ap 2000+ know mech tiger souls none of the above applies to my case. except for wacthed enough mech videos if eluvium youtube guide video looked that difficult and gives 50 gold reward, why should i add a more difficut dungeon to deal with a lesser difficult dungeon, it doesnt sound logical to me.
  8. temple of eluvium guides in youtube are poorly done, about every 10 seconds, youtubers there just say something like stun here, move here, cc here, block here, do not go here, pick up this and that, i can never memorize 100's of all these. keropi youtuber shows some of chinese asuara, is this even temple of eluvium? i have no idea. since the reward of temple of eluvium is about 50 golds, i would imagine this dungeon may be really difficult. but last two weeks, anyone was hardly doing temple of eluvium, even if they did, it came with scion + eluvium package, this was impossible to do both for someone who has never done and seen these before. i was able to join once single eluvium run after 10 days looking at the world chat for 6 hours a day. but even this was dismissed soon after 20 minutes later. now i can not open stage 5 armory chest.
  9. - faction chat. dont think it always works, i always ask once or twice, sometimes no answers , have to move on -learn to read tbh. what is tbh? sometimes finding the location among 3~6 web sites, is like finding a needle in a haystack, but i checked it also but if i didnt find it in 30 seconds, i got something else better to do. if you made the link work, this could have been solved in 0.5 seconds. it took me over a year maybe 1.5 years to half come back to the BnS, i semi quited, except for daily.dash. fine, no one is pulling you by your nose to motivate me, but i will do what i can, i will only give you 30 seconds to make me understand, or maybe next time.
  10. eon colossus arcana ancestral limitless invincible undying legacy you need to display the specs of soul badges, I couldnt find any information in internet or make the exchange 1 silver you need to make the ebon remnant link work , it took 5 days to motivate me enough to look for the npc blindly everywhere. i gave 5 free ebon remnant stones to a wrong char, since i didnt know what they were for because of lacking in explantion, and since i do things in general with "share the wealth" tactics. "if char A gets to have the armory chest then char B gets to have 5 free ebon remnant stones". I sent 2 tickets about it for a possible relocation of 5 stones 6 days ago. i didnt get a response from them.
  11. when i asked BnS ticket service to remove "new justice emblem" from my inventory, they didnt delete it but they reasked me "do you really want to?" by kind of indicating the emblem could be important, so then where can i use this? if it is useless, it is very tiring to send each ticket to every character i have.
  12. where can i get ocean life force, deep sea kelp, golden honey.. etc, i think i used to get them from dragon express 1 or 1.x years ago. keoyon in zaiwei sells them but i dont have achievement pts of +1000, my new characters have 350~420
  13. about a HM hepta gem in the HM hepta gem box from cold storage dungeon, does this gem contain 2 gem powders or not, before i can bid, because it doesnt allow me to check it. i think i have seen hepta something without the gem powders extraction somewhere
  14. 5000 peaches reward bug from chol mugo

    BnS's game managers are good, they gave me 5000 peaches.
  15. playing a warden, i hit mobs i seem to lose HP

    simple combat mode, all skills and icon locations are default. full simple mode menu is not activated yet, maybe because my HM level is still too low. i read 1000 times, icons do not say anything about "you strike you lose hp" anywhere, only the left mouse button icon says HP recovery on hit and absorb damage as HP on hit... this one is confusing. i probably figure it out since you said about HP casting skills.