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  1. >Stop talking nonsense, nobody needs 100 coins to get something from the event you are the one who stop talking nonsense as usual, a grace stone was in the event item as a mat, you can take the advantage of it as the rule of the event set out. if that is greedy, you stop talking to me. a premium tran stone is not the event item mat, so i provide this as a perfect rule. and as i said, my goal was to provide one grace stone and hope for the best. that was 80 lunar coins. and who said that no one needs 100 coins? do not speak for others based on your narrow thought, if there were more coins available in the event, i could get 1 or 2 extra grace stones for the future use, that is called planning. and besides can you say the same thing " nobody needs 100 blossom orbs"? i got about 140 orbs of them. then why did you give me that much? are you trying to make us "GREEDY" on purpose by collecting 100 blossom orbs with a minimal effort? if you want to call someone greedy, remove the event mat next time, and call anyone greedy who would demand the mat should have been posted as an event item mat. it is probably better to use the word "discount" in stead of "event" next time. if it were a discount thing, you won.
  2. >Only need to do cold storage, heaven's mandate and toi 1 time per day on 2 characters and you get it easily. What's to complain there? seems to me you didnt read my post, 28 day event x 3 lunar coins means 28 day event x ( CS + HM + ToI ) coins each day, you will still not get enough coins to make a legend badge in this event. that is the problem, it is not a complain. i already gave up the character that did not have one grace stone to get a legend badge right from the event start but with a character with one grace stone, I thought I could get enough coins for it to get a legend badge. a whole blossom thing and ascendant orbs and their giveaways and promotions hindered my judgement. I did not count lunar coins well. I am not about to do these dungeons that I had NOT been welcome there, the highest dungeon I have done was irontech forge once. my gears are ONLY event gears. isnt this the point of event, you are able to get some mats and gears that you normally couldnt get? why did you even promote when you dont have enough tokens or coins or whatever the items you need to collect? if we need 100 coins to finish, you BnS should have at least 120 coins available for us, and not 84 or 93.
  3. > ormal divine grace stones no idea what it means, >...then the event is not a main source for them. i am sure getting a legend badge was the one of the main events, it is just that blossom orb thing kind of hindered my judgement, since I had many "getting a awakened soul" events in past year, i didnt need this. >that being said you should ask for an event extension i will send a ticket and beg if they can give me a few lunar coins, if i get a "no" for an answer from BnS as usual, I will be ruined rigth after the event is over, so this option is not possible or may not be possible at all. >There are plenty sources of divine grace stones in game. plenty where? ...not sure of it. but F5 market is selling one for 400 to 500 golds ... I cant afford this. 28 day event x 3 lunar coins + 9 reset ticket given to us so far = 84 coins + 9 coins = 93 coins are the max that you can farm but you need 40 lunar coins for a Blue Divine grace stone 60 lunar coins for 3 divine grace stones from dragon express, total 100 coins are needed. this legend badge event didnt have enough coins to begin with and 9 free CS or HM reset tickets were evenly distributed between two chars per account, now neither of them can reach 80 coins. I should have given all 9 resets to 1 char and left the other in the dust. I had to stare at F8's recruit party members for hours for CS and HM until my eyes became blurred and damaged and my fingers had to click the links within 0.05 sec while holding my breath as long as i could or no go. I am sorry to say this but this badge event was a trap.
  4. >it's a tough loss. but BnS used to extend free giveaway for 2 weeks or 10 more days... so that was what i hoping. but why do you only have many blossom orb free giveaway and not lunar coins
  5. I didnt know much about CS MOML at first, so I used LEP for 5 days i hardly got Lunar coins, after that I adapted CS MOML but 1st week of my CS MOML try, many players bid on CS MOML and made the orb providers angry and made them leave, I only farmed half the Lunar coins during this time. and I do not see many CS MOML bidders these days but there are still some CS MOML bidders causing troubles, I got about 65 Lunar coins on average for my characters till today and I need 40 lunar coins for a Blue Divine grace stone 40 for 2 divine grace stones I can not reach 80 coins until the event ends (I have 1 grace stone in my possesion). i got enough blosson orbs thanks to the free giveaway and login rewards. any possiblities to extend this for 2 weeks? or some free lunar coin giveaway?
  6. >First boss of CS should be free I think so too, 1st 5 days of CS runs with 8 toons, i did 40 manes and 10 kaaris, i hardly did kaaris because i chose "LEP", so i tried to learn CS MOML, i found things odd. no matter whatever the angles i looked at, a simple word "CS" was defined with two booses. fine! i adapt this. i will not bid your manes and you will not bid my manes. if everyone does this way, no one loses in an one rule.
  7. >imo moml, i have no idea what imo means. people always say CS moml, can you define CS? it is vague but it is still defined with 2 bosses in it. kaari moml, it is obvious, winter mane's bid is free, but kaari is not, and no one uses the line. cs moml, two defined bosses and they both are not free. > in the past winter mane's dynamic XP reward and kaari's XP reward were not good for me, so i never did kaari except for 2 times and i never claimed mane's reward. i didnt want to be lvl 20 without gears. a lot of HM moml's today because we still have free orbs. see when they are not given anymore. and I already switched to opening CS only for 2 bundles of drops. if CS moml means mane is free and kaari is not free, keep it this way, i will bid on other's mane and i expect others to bid on my mane if CS moml means mane is not free and kaari is not free, keep it this way, i will not bid on other's mane and i expect others not to bid on my mane. but maybe it is too late to change, i didnt bid on other's winter manes for 8 times already. people make up your mind fast, i will follow your rules, it is still not TOO late for me.
  8. this depends, i never seen this ads in the F8's battleground windows in the past, or it seldem happened, i dont remember. except for getting 1 event token from kaari many months ago, anyway, in the past, winter mane's reward was ok and its dynamic XP reward was bad for me, even getting 1 event token from the kaari's XP reward was not good, so i never did this. violation of agreement goes both way, you take all mats and you leave, then they are ruined. you use the orb, they bid, then you are ruined. since i was new to the idea of CS MOML, i needed to find where my position was. use the orbs on CS only, the same way that you do, and sell each orb shard for around 10 golds. soon later... we will stare at the F8's battleground window for an hour to find the one who can provide the orb in HM.
  9. >crikateer then why dont you declare "I have an orb" after the 1st boss is dead. why using the definition of CS as a whole? who will ever use the orb for HM for 1 bundle of drops while you can get 2 bundles of drops in CS. however all is ok, if i do the same and all follows the same set of rules, CS means CS both bosses.
  10. >cold storage, my orb my loot, this is also logical, vague as it may seem but cold storage contains 2 bosses by definition. therefore "CS MOML both bosses" is a redundant statement. if i agree to join then i must abide. too bad, who wants to use the orb on heaven's mandate, because I ran 40 winter mane's and 10 kaari's and i saw 7 hepta tickets I ran 15 HM's and i didnt see anything valuble. --------------------- edited ok, HM also drops a hepta ticket, i saw it today. 1 hepta / 18 HM runs
  11. when they say, cold storage, my orb my loot, does this mean winter mane's loot + kaari's loot? or just kaari's loot? winter mane's loot + kaari's loot are so good then who wants to use the orb on heaven's mandate? it is logical to me, since the orb only opens the kaari, loot should be limited to kaari's. and free bid for winter's mane's loot
  12. what is the level requirement for the trove bonus rewards stage 5 10 15...., lvl 50 gets to open troves and can buy things but is not getting the rewards.
  13. yes but some offals, foods, and certain HM books were only from PvP based, but you made them be bought with blood stones. so why not zen beans too?
  14. BnS needs a graphics setting that is not to display dusts, particles, smokes that decrese FPS. MSP's turtle making dusts decrease 20k ~30k DPS cold storage's ice smokes decrease FPS maybe by 30% candypark event decreases FPS from 30 to 4 FPS with blue beams for fences, basically unplayable. heavens mandate's FPS is ok until the red circle floor bombs show up, then things become 30 FPS to 1 frame per 4 seconds. when it does, this part is totally unplayble.
  15. >tripshot i got confused with triple shots, but the tripshot is unreliable, i need to monitor the number of hooks. all hooks are hidden and invisible until i hit something. i consider this is nogo. I cant use this skill in 0.1 sec.