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  1. more correction : this is maybe recent google account that is linked with youtube.. as i said "used to" maybe google changed their ways now but too late... my acct was deleted for 6 month inactivity. right now, i am using the gmail that opened for youtube, i went in there for the 1st or 2nd time. my correction, now i remember it used to be 6 month inactivity, not 3 month...I dont really care with gmails because i already had over 40 emails older than 20 years when google didnt even exist. it was early this year or last DEC 2017, some email company named mind-something something took over and punish the inactive accts. i felt was in trouble.
  2. gmail... they used to delete your email acct for 3 month inactivity,,,, i never trust this gmail ms mail... i lost acct for inactivity, i dont care. email used to even honor 20 years of inactivity until this year, no punishment for an infinitely long inactiivity , was a perfect email.
  3. i made a new email acct i logged in my-old setting address change 12345678 8 char pw i clicked "ok" nothing happened webpage does not proceed, i tried 6 times.
  4. that is the exact problem as i said. i cant access the BnS support ticket or changing email address without the verification code 1st that had the link to the email compnay that may be closed down for good. so far no one knows what is going on with it is bothering at the moment to create a new one
  5. right now, at least you need to reconsider removing email verification check for forum and support, so that I can maybe give you different login email addresses to replace them. still maybe since I dont have other email accounts. is either down for good or something is going on with them for 3 days, I can not access BnS game in other computer except this laptop that can not play BnS game well. it is the matter of time that the game will ask the email verification in this laptop too. email used to be so good, simple and fast and no ads, no login required to maintain your accounts. you can open once every 10 year they still open
  6. if i can succeed just once, then i can extraplolate the timing more and better in the future, so far 100% failed for 3 weeks. if AP1000 takes 6 hour online to find a party, finding a party for a fresh made AP880 takes exponentially long like 6 ^2 = 36 hours, this is why I don't do weekly anymore unless the upgrade to a legendary gear is possible. if i can't at least contribute stuns, knockdowns, blocking orbs, this is a big problem, FM is just bad at these.
  7. how can a forcemaster block orbs in snowjade weekly? nothing seemed to work. no websites that show how. where can i practice blocking orbs?
  8. Why Nerf the Oath necklace?

    in my experience, not really, my data is like this Black Dawn/ Xanos makes 7000 yellow crits but not often, and I can never be ap1000 with these. plus still not easy to farm them. stage 3 ring + basic jakhan earring with ap 24 (?) makes 6500 yellow crits and the crits seem to happen more stage 3 ring + immortality earring with ap 25 (?) makes maybe 6800 yellow crits and the crits seem to happen really more i don't know high level things, but low levels don't seem to have the elemental damage boost things somewhere,
  9. Why Nerf the Oath necklace?

    can you point out what exactly the same as stage 6 when the new one is worse than the stage 3 of the old one? I only have stage 3. now it is nearly impossible to be AP1000 to fnd party members, unless you move all your HM defense points to the offense. and since hm-hexa gems are practically nerfed, i think they want us to get hepta gems to compensate the loss from the oath necklace.
  10. we have about 35 days for this event. how many upgrade embs do i need to get a permanent soul? website doesn't show how many emblem numbers and stages. I need to calculate before I can try this event.
  11. in sep 12th 2018, i was looking for pro tournaments in youtube, i still didn't find any gunslingers participating matches, the only videos they had were some group matches and they showed gunslingers for 4 seconds to 10 seconds at most till the screen changed for a differtent player instantly. i found summoners were easier in 3 wins from mushin tower, my summoner can keep harassing tower opponents (actually more than this, i couldnt have time for which buttons to press when there were so many key open options available, so many so that my eyes just stared at the key options and not at the battle). my summoner could easily break other opponents stunning me. anyway, your words will be more convincing if i see some pro gunslinger players because if they are strong why couldnt they play gunslingers
  12. >>Fire gunner burst too OP in arena? then why do they call gunslingers tournament rejects? reject because they are too weak. no one wants to play gunslingers in tounaments. i tried "3 wins from the mushin tower", no opponents in there ever take more than 2 burst shots from me (usually 1 burst ) then they usually beat the heck out of me for a minute. (I can do 5 burst shots normally). this is why I only do 1st floor in the mushin tower, and reenter and do 1st floor and reenter and do 1st floor , this daily is done in a minute.
  13. what is the master loot setting? I think i seen this on a tab bar, do all boss drops automatically go to the party leader if someone picks up the chest? and how can you even share? trading doesnt work in F8 dungeons.
  14. not really, I did this on none shattered mast daily day,
  15. soloing all is nice. .. but for me i can solo 1st 4 mobs, but then 4 dormant 250k HP'ish lieutenants sometimes all wake up at once and get me, and sometimes the just wake up one by one and get me, I cant get these 4 well with my gears, but maybe doable. after that, the mob number 10 and 11 are guided by the 4~5 of 400k~ 800k HP'ish dark warewolves, I can't get them alone either(maybe doable, I never had a chance to do them alone), so I have go to this dungeon with other members, but knowing that 2~3 players are already afking from the start, I just wanna get the heck out of this dungeon.