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  1. >>Fire gunner burst too OP in arena? then why do they call gunslingers tournament rejects? reject because they are too weak. no one wants to play gunslingers in tounaments. i tried "3 wins from the mushin tower", no opponents in there ever take more than 2 burst shots from me (usually 1 burst ) then they usually beat the heck out of me for a minute. (I can do 5 burst shots normally). this is why I only do 1st floor in the mushin tower, and reenter and do 1st floor and reenter and do 1st floor , this daily is done in a minute.
  2. what is the master loot setting? I think i seen this on a tab bar, do all boss drops automatically go to the party leader if someone picks up the chest? and how can you even share? trading doesnt work in F8 dungeons.
  3. not really, I did this on none shattered mast daily day,
  4. soloing all is nice. .. but for me i can solo 1st 4 mobs, but then 4 dormant 250k HP'ish lieutenants sometimes all wake up at once and get me, and sometimes the just wake up one by one and get me, I cant get these 4 well with my gears, but maybe doable. after that, the mob number 10 and 11 are guided by the 4~5 of 400k~ 800k HP'ish dark warewolves, I can't get them alone either(maybe doable, I never had a chance to do them alone), so I have go to this dungeon with other members, but knowing that 2~3 players are already afking from the start, I just wanna get the heck out of this dungeon.
  5. there are usually 2~3 afkers in this dungeon, even if it is not related with the daily, i just wanna get out of this dungeon.
  6. hit escape loading screen and then leaving loading screen... 2 loading screens are too much to bear. after you just hit escape loading screen and then quit your game or move to other character of yours you always stop your daily at shattered mast escape key or at the celebasin mini boss (because i can not wait that 2 minute or more, windstriding out)
  7. sorry but i need this shattered mast dungeon to finish my 3 dailies like... in 3 minutes total, my record of finishing all 3 dailes were 2.5 minutes, normally takes 5 to 10 min. anymore than 10 min, i dont need that daily and that day's daily rewards
  8. Why isn't fishing just press F to get item?

    totally, I have been wondering how to do this, since i had no idea how the fishing event goes as a 1st timer, I was expecting something to float on the water and I have to pick it up in 5 seconds ... like a blue fish or a shoe like in the quest. nothing floating made me go back and forth thinking i been wrecked.
  9. how many anlgers oils to get a final pet aura? website said 5 + 5 + 8 + 8 + 10 + 50 = 86 oils if i get 86 oils no matter what, will i get the final pet? any RNG or any hidden oils required , any other tricks? 19 or 20 day event. you get 2 oils from the fishing hook, 3 oils from the daily. 19 days x 5 oils = 96 oils will cover it. 5 golds are not worth doing the weekly and it gives too much xp i dont need. the last soul event burned me out of the BnS game, i dont even do 3 dailies each day anymore if i cant do them all in 10 minutes or so.
  10. thanks, when i typed "monarch" in the market place and nothing appeared, my computer must have been running slow at that moment. it appeared now and I can see that the monarch supplies are abundant.
  11. I have a tradable monarch pet in my trove for 15 golds. is this worth buying? what might be the average price in the market place?
  12. a gunslinger is the most ruined class in PvE, you can not kill bunched up mobs or things with bulletstorms any more, you can only do 1 boss at best. and playing gunslinger is not fun anymore. you used to clear bunched up mobs for melee players and now you just follow behind them until you get too bored and quit.
  13. if i am dead, i don't deserve the boss kill credit or anything related, which is totally fine to me but it never ever occured to me why giving me a half finished credit to ruin me no boss kill credit then no quest completion credit so that i can keep trying, is that simple.
  14. >>BT VT I have no idea what these duns are. not anymore? fine... then, do not give me the quest completion any more either. because that is more logiocal. therefore. your saying is not technical. why giving me a half strange credit to ruin me? because it knows i was in the dungeon raid (therefore it gave me the quest completion credit), but it refuses to give me the boss kill credit ( because i was dead, loading screen even though it knew i was in the dungeon enough to give me the quest completion credit)... too strange and illogical to accept, i think it is a bug, I really don't wanna see the afking deaders on purpose or people stay dead 80% of the way. my judgement was maybe slightly impared, i think i pressed 4 when the boss had 5% life left or so.. i dont remember well anymore, but i knew it had some and i was sure i could spawn before the worst thing could happen. I been doing weekly for maybe 10~12 weeks or so so far, I dont have all the data, in many times, i got all the boss related credits at the moment of being spawned from being dead... but not this time and the worst thing happened... this sucks and i have to tiptoe now on. so it is ok to press 4 and ruin it when there is barely enough but not good enough dps? if i dont press 4 in FAS like 10 times, sometimes FAS doesnt work, I have to keep going to the boss as fast as i can to become a fodder for some melee units to hold the boss long enough, or the boss life will be reset and the worst will happen.
  15. >> this is what NCsoft manager wrote to me in email. Please know that you will not get credit for the boss kill and quest completion once you are not in the boss instance when it was killed As a one-time exception, we can offer to give your character an Aransu Reset -------------------- and they wanted me to post in the forum I died and used the self-resurrect button in the weekly snowjade fortress just before the boss got killed. (meaning "just before" is also subjective depending on your judgement) I got the quest completion credit as recorded in typing "p" and "dungeon tab" but I did not get the boss kill credit, therefore my weekly was 2/3 done and could not be finished again. My question is.... why should I get a quest completion credit but not the boss kill credit? this is also against what NCSoft said in the 1st line. "As a one-time exception... from NCSoft's offer" is also tricky because this will happen again. because this is a bug to me and in my eyes. the boss kill credit and the quest completion credit are the two seperate things? this is a bug,... because they must be considered together. so that people can keep try running the dungeon if failed due to whatever the reason may be. NCSoft gave me the reset stone so fast like in 4 hours from my 1st email... but the reset stone also wants 10 golds as well from the gold-dry recent update. the reset stone is not cheap to use it... so please make it as few more time exception, because it happens but it doesnt happen often, and it still costs a lof of golds to use it, so there are no ways that people would exploit this.