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  1. @Belido xxx u first of all from my heart wasting people time oh common ur all alts are 2600ap ? seriously we have old alts with gc not even can scratch damage on boss so u need geared 2600ap which take 5-6month better to uninstall blade and soul and play black desert online if u that eagerly wasting people time what the point on having alts now ?
  2. agree got scamming these date of exchange rolf my :_ 300token gone to dust shame on u my whole month u took away bns xxxxxxxxxx
  3. even i playing pvp since 4 year i never saw anyone win trading for 1600 in 1500 rank their is high gear player never saw any alts pop better close this post total waste of time -REGARDING - U DONT HAVE TIME TO TAKE SCREENSHOT AND THEN U blame on nsoft for it? -Case 1 - U dont have proof on urself it impossible anyone can get rank 1600 like that so easily if that is possible i would do it too but it not even possible just an example= how can someone not assume he not come in same team and become burden with his alt and lose rank @imoutmaster stop
  4. make no sense think 2 player can pop in same team same side and lose rank point it make no sense ur chat is ur own logical think u feel like an baby get mature before u comment
  5. u and we both stuck with this event :_ Delete conversation 2 members active in this conversation (including you) IMSTALKER Read: October 30 yumikorin Read: October 22 Conversation Report reply yumikorin Started conversation: October 22 let help each other to bring back armory pearl Quote Edit Report reply IMSTALKER Replied: October 30 they wont do anything anymore, its over Quote shameless bnscommunity make sad people heart shame on u people
  6. i just going to quite bns if they not going to add armory pearl or restore my key to remnant again bnscommunity@nsoft has no respect to their player we have family what we work in crona time at pc like we can fish at same time with our laptop ? if run laptop idle it get burn up we can normally play at 1-2hr in that time we do daily weekly msp and mostly time consuming part is mushin tower i though pearl is their till november so i can do later but no scam to their people nice scam no where mention in game never saw u took thing from dragon express as well shame on
  7. This new event i am not playing much hardly can do 1-2 char dailies quest previously can do more then 3-4 and i really dislike this new update so much previous event is way better then this new event please nerf the boss hp as it was before cause it was fun to kill boss now it alot of pain to kill boss
  8. please devs help us with armory remnant we crash alot while fishing and unable to reach key 10 while we many people have their key 11-12 this will make restoring issue later on we also though the armory pearl remain their till november 18th whole bns in na faction chat has told us that it will remain till november we started as the event time but we face many crashes while fishing getting 5 remnant is so hard barely can get 1-2 and sometime 0 getting fishing point is so hard u can never imagine it while doing 7 dalies quest with weekly with raid with mushin how can someon
  9. normally what i see sacred oil removed but what removed is lol i really like ur word @mira zahrad the term armory peral should be nonexchangeable for event item only should allow to buy keys with them wish they put it back to dragon express and help my brother and sister who playing bns
  10. bring back the armory remanent plz we all where crashing alot while fishing
  11. its also not mention on the armory pearl the dragon express should be unchange why they have been change
  12. as mention sept yes this is should not be removed from dragon express till september i would also request bns to bring it back to event slot
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