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  1. Yun Only Class

    Or something like a whip-chain class? that looks like dancing? Chakrams aren't bad either, like 2 chakrams maybe? maybe rose petals? >.>;; (cough cough bleach cough cough)
  2. Yun Only Class

    It's not a gender locked class I was wondering about a Race locked class for the only race that doesn't have a race locked class.
  3. Yun Only Class

    Sure there will be people that doesn't like Yun as a whole but you can say that about any race really, also that once again comes to race locked classes. How many of those class are race only classes vs non race only classes? Like I said before the only race I've never played is the Jin, why? because I don't like how they look compared to the others, simple as that. But that doesn't mean that a single race should not get a unique class, if none of the classes got a unique class as stated multiple times before this wouldn't even be here. Honestly my 2 favorite race are the Gons and Yuns. I couldn't care less about Lyn but it was that or Jin for Warlock, so I picked Lyn. Of course there will be people that doesn't like a particular race. Now the question is are they playing the race because they like the RACE or are they playing that race because they like the CLASS? Just like how there are people that hates certain races, there will be people who likes the classes enough to play a race they didn't care about. Also if other people brought up this question before I'd like to get a link to it so I can read it, since it seems like you've seen it around A LOT Shironeko
  4. Yun Only Class

    Like I said in my previous post, if they got rid of all the race locked classes this discussion wouldn't even be here. Due that being HIGHLY unlikely because of what you said Onbekend, they are likely NOT going to put Sum or BD on another class or a Des on another class BECAUSE it's a UNIQUE class MEANT for that race. Assassin I can see being put to another race, but the other 3 Sum, BD, or Des I can't see it happening. Des technically is all strength which fits the Gon race. The BD dances around a battlefield due to their small nature, while the Sum has a "cute" cat that fits the Lyn race. And the assassin honestly I could it being a multi race class but is restricted to Jin. Where does that leave the Yun? Honestly that poll you found on Reddit in of itself is pointless BECAUSE of the Unique classes. Try to do a poll WITHOUT unique classes and see where you end up with. From what I've seen, there are A LOT of Sum, Des, and Sins around enough to change the number quite a bit. I mean considering I play a Gon KFM,a Yun KFM, and a Yun Maestro, and a Lyn Warlock. The only race that I didn't play was the Jin. ALSO going by the SHEER number of classes the Jin gets the most out of it along with a unique class of Assassin (Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Gunslinger, Warlock, Soul Fighter, Warden), the the Lyn has 5 classes but has 2 Unique classes (Blade Dancer, Warlock, Summoner, Force Master, Gunslinger), the Gon has 5 including the Des (Destroyer, Warden, Kung Fu Master, Soul Fighter, Force Master), and the Yun has 5 classes WITHOUT any unique class 2 of which can be played by 3 different races including the Yun (Force Master, Gunslinger) (Blade Master, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Soul Fighter, Gunslinger.)
  5. Yun Only Class

    Honestly you don't have to be so rude when it was only a opinion. JUST because YOU don't like the Yun doesn't mean you have to belittle them however, when other races get their own unique class it IS unfair that Yun doesn't have one regardless of whether it's female only or not. The Yun is an all female race but it is STILL a race, which means that compared to the other races I think it's unfair that the Yun doesn't get their own class. The people who main BM, KFM, FM, WL, SF, Maestro, and Warrior DOES have NOTHING to do with this so I don't even know why you even brought that up. As for people who likes or mains Sin, Des, Sum, or BD are playing that race JUST for that class. For example do you really think that everybody who plays a Sum would KEEP wanting to be a Lyn ONLY? So that argument is already out, if it was made so that other races CAN play those classes this topic wouldn't even be up here. In the end I was only stating my OPINION on the fact that it's unfair that other races gets a race locked class where as the Yun does not. AND if you READ my discussion in it's entirety you would see that I was only ASKING if there WILL be one or not. On an another note the fact that the Yun is ONLY female does NOT mean that it's gender locked it's only race locked REGARDLESS because of the fact that there are no males in the Yun race. You can hate Gender locked classes all you want and in honesty I HATE gender locked classes (looking at you Tera Online) but when every race EXCEPT one gets a unique class that comes across as unfair to me.
  6. Yun Only Class

    it's not gender lock it's race lock and also don't you think that it's unfair that the other race has a unique class while the Yun doesn't? that's how it feels to me. BTW that's one of the reasons that there's less Yun around compared to the other races it cause they DON'T have their own unique class I mean just look at the assassins, Destroyers, Blade Dancers and Summoners, which are unique class that only their respective race can be where as the Yun doesn't have any class that can't be played by other people
  7. Yun Only Class

    So I've been with BnS since closed beta but one thing that has always bothered me is: Will the Yun get a class of their own? I mean the Jin has Assassin, the Gon has Destroyer, and the Lyn has both Blade Dancer and Summoner. So will there be one for the Yun? Because at the moment every since class that a Yun can be, can be play by other races.
  8. server mt now?

    Servers back