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  1. its holding my money hostage and thats not right no where when you buy somthing says you have to wait have to dig to find that out and thats not how that works
  2. its also not said when you buy anything its going to take so and so time you have to go to the support to find out so they cant be pissed at me when im spending my money getting charged and never getting what i paid for
  3. well it is their fault not mine should have replyed ive tryed to reach out on all forms of media and got not a single reply tbh your the first who has even talked to me
  4. and im about to fill out a fraud report so if none get ahold of me they are not going to keep my money with nothing to show for it\
  5. its been more then that and no talk from anyone so im kinda pissed i love the game to be shafted like this is bs
  6. idk what is going on but support is really slow so im gona post some of my issues here and see if i get A reply that would be a step in the right direction i paid for some coins off the store used my card took the money off my card but gave me nothing and no email and did a ticket and everything but have not got a reply and tryed to tweet to them because if you pull money from my card i should get the stuff i paid for but still got no reply from support or anything i would have been happy if they just said hey we are looking into it but i have got nothing i have pics of my card getting charge
  7. idk what is going on but support is really slow
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