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  1. Well i was impressed i got in after trying for 4 days for hours on end... I was in for 10 seconds i got jumped at the spawn point where you enter Hunter's Refuge so i died and then i respawned back out side the portol WTF was it worth waiting to get in again.. Hell no what a absolute waste of time well done NCSOFT You messed up another game advent..
  2. WooHoooo Well done BnS yet another day.... It took me 6 seconds from when the Hunters Refuge Opened to get to portol and yes you guessed right it was FULL again this is crap and a total waste of time so please tell me how it is full so fast please explain this too me... GET It sorted, so many ppl are getting pissed off with this including me, So frustrating.. I'm just dying to know how it fills with 300 ppl within seconds of Of Opening!!! Those who cant get in should get some kind of compensation over this or better still tag those who are already in and make it 24 or 48 ho
  3. This is the 4th anerversary ? You make Hunters refuge for 300 ppl to enter am i correct? i have spent 70 min trying to get it as soon as it opens 2 days ago Yesterday it was emergancy maintance 9pm EU Time why not do it earlyer rather then peak time for EU players? Then today the event started it took me 8 seconds to get to portol and it was full already that sucks and im not the only person who will be writing tickets i have been trying to get in for another 70 min what a time waist... Why didnt you make it fair and have 3 or 4 of Hunters Refuge not just 1 thats plain stupid.. Your no
  4. Yes, I'm having this same issue as well.
  5. Let's hope they do something about this (serious and important) issue.
  6. Just... be kidding please. This cannot be like that. A lot of people spent TONS of gold because of your mistakes, and we just get 'apologies...'.
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