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  1. Bump this old post up as it is more relevant now with UE4 removing many of the old dungeons mentioned such as Ransacked Treasury.
  2. KR recently re-evaluated/discarded the class change system because "83.53%" of the players don't like and don't want anyone to have it. While it might be true for KR players, I propose that we run a similar vote here at EU/NA. The process will of course be publicly open here and only accounts that are active (e.g. unity level 40/60/80/100+ or something alike) can vote instead of hosting a random twitter/reddit vote. All of us shall see a real-time updated result from the beginning to the deadline. Previously KR introduced us a change to the existing system of upgrading accessories. As of
  3. Good news is that you only need to wait 5 more days to find out all of that in KR. I doubt NCSoft/NCWest is going to inform you anything before that.
  4. Please update the Psyches in Unity Store to the next tier (i.e. critical/critical dmg). For example, Amara's Psyche, which is from Ransacked Treasury, a three-year old dungeon introduced in March, 2018. This tier is 3 tiers away from the best Heroic Psyches (Uzume's Psyche) and 5 tiers away from the current best Legendary Psyches (Grand Uzume's Psyche).
  5. I believe you forget the fact that transmuting itself takes time, which is about 5 seconds. If counting opening and closing the transmute tab that would make it 6~8 seconds (remember that tab lags). So you spent 1g to save up to 1~2 seconds of your life. I guess time is money.
  6. @Cyan It is a simple yes-or-no question.
  7. I have used over 4000 normal 10 silver auto-baits yet to catch any 150-pearl fish. In comparison 300 45NCoin baits got me a total of 50 150-pearl fish. It's no doubt that the p2w version is better. However my question is that is it possible to catch 150-pearl fish at all with 10 silver baits, or I am just extremely unlucky?
  8. I think it is the first time ever since CBT that when a new tier of an item is introduced, instead of a strict cost reduction (often huge) on previous stages, we get cost 're-balanced'. Correct me if I am wrong.
  9. In EU, for each white orb we lost ~4g, for each DSS we lost ~35g, think about it.
  10. I understand that we will be able to freely swap old legendary badges when the patch hits. Can you please add one option that we can exchange new legendary badges with old legendary badges + corresponding new purple badges. This way we do not have to get yet another old purple badges to fuse with the new purple badges (which is costy) and re-awaken the new badges (which is very costy). Thanks for consideration.
  11. To be fair, A9 can still do 500K+ on F12 with BT ring+earring stage 1 and VT neck stage 1, even with purple elemental accs... As long as you have max bracelet, both badges, and an OK soul like Stormbringer True Ascending...
  12. Among the PvE gems, garnet is the one updated (buffed) recently thus many players want/need to switch to garnet. The non-rng way: doing dragon everyday for a month just to get a hexagonal garnet is really time-consuming. Please consider add those to the sales.
  13. Never got disconnected for about a month. But lately I do get errors all the time. Not using BnSBuddy or anything, no clue why.
  14. I agree with you that the fresh new players who just finished the main quest are very likely not be able to finish two new coming raids (thus not completing the weekly challenge) in the first few weeks. Let's check out what they will miss if they only do SF, FAS, and DKV for a month (four weeks): 12 Raven Feather, 12 Hive Queen Wings, 800K XP, 48-88 bounded soulstones and bounded sacred orbs, 12-20 bounded moonstones, and 12-20 bounded elysian orbs, 12-40 raid elixir, and 12 raid revival charms. I am not counting the trad-able mats as NC promised to shift them to daily challenge which I am pre
  15. According to the user agreement, it should be banned like any other third party tools. However since it does not harm either players nor NC, NC simply pretends that there is no such thing as BnS Buddy. For example, even if now you are posting this post here, and maybe NC will see it and replying with "Do not use any third party tools or you can be banned.", I highly doubt anyone using it will actually get banned.
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