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  1. this error started for me last night as well. Today morning i was able to play and now it appeared again
  2. After last night having all of a sudden connectiton errors with the game (today's morning i did connect without issues), i'm getting the same error again when i open the launcher.. "Failed to read content data from update server"
  3. Whenever i enter and start the fight, my charactere is not doing anything and after 20seconds game client shuts down, message pops out with some random error message, my last one was "failed to read content data from the update server. Check your network enviroment (isp authentication, NAC, firewall, antivirus and other settings) and try again. This happens only when i enter koldrak's lair, no where else.
  4. "You are disconnected from the server due to the use of an unauthorized program", i've entered Koldrak once i've reached the dragon and started to hit my character didnt do anything, eventually i figured i had lagg but then i got this message. Is this normal dc error? oO
  5. (late to the party) same issue with me, everyone is jumbing really high but not me. Also wallwalk is broken/glitchy, sometimes i jumb/fly and won't walk on surface
  6. I'm looking for Gunslinger and Blade Dancer skill rotations, is there a guide for 2020, i can only find information outdated
  7. Hello, i'm missing one weapon for continuing my upgrade weapon and that is mechanizer pistols. How do i obtain this? Can't find it in Celestial Basin and can't find a group for Irontech Forge. Any tips?
  8. Any outfit that provides fabric
  9. Is there a way to obtain an outfit ingame without paying real money only for salvaging and receiving fabric?
  10. In general when you're spending money on microtransactions/lootboxes which a % chance to retrieve an item you wish for, chances are you will be spending more money to reepeat that scam. If people stop supporting this type of cash model companies will be forced to drop prices and eventually change cash grab practices. As long there are people out there who pay 40$ and complain about it they will continue
  11. This game and its economy reminds me a lot of Atlantica online. A masterpiece game with mostly american clients. I knew a guy who paid 15.000$ on that game (obviously not at once), as he stated it wasnt much since his salary was more than 3.000$ per month and he could have spended more in gambling games. These type of games won't have a different payment model percisely because people like this guy exist and support.
  12. Yeah i see that, i was wondering how to opbtain them. Just found out i can craft them with forgekeeper. Thnx!!
  13. Thnx for replying, sadly first picture does not help with my question. Resolution token was obtainable from event and Transformation stone cost 16g per unit. Consider the fact i need x4 per stage i don't think i will be doing that. Any suggestions?
  14. What f2p, the event asks you to pay. Events should have been free content, only here people are doing this
  15. As a returning player (60lvl player) i still do not see any reason to pay for this game. (5€ for inv slots lol/50€ for an outfit) Pros: The game has a great story, fun gameplay and enjoyable story rewards. Cons: Terrible graphic optimization, combat lag, broken windwalk system on surfaces. Hideous progression system when it comes to inv space, non existing ways to obtain materials for upgrading your weapon (resolution stones), boring-repetitive missions with extremely poor rewards. It is obvious they do not have an interest on changing things.
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