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  1. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    Went pay to win a long time ago, this type of cash in I have only ever seen just before a game closes down.
  2. UE4 is just the mobile game ported.

    Trust me, Mathew this exact game has been available for mobiles for quite some time, they just changed the UI and controls to fit in with PC requirements why do u think it has crap like auto play? Vid from 2018 They Jebaited everyone whether you too stupid to realize it or not.
  3. Lol after all the hype I have just watched footage of the test server and they are playing a ported version of the mobile game. Its the exact same with more bloom effects >< At this point I'm not even surprised.
  4. Whos to say they are all going to be free to play? Besides I know one Free to play game that is making promises of not selling p2w items and I look forward to playing.
  5. I have spent more than I have on any other game, not once have a felt satisfied with a purchase, £40 for some pack filled with one good item rest junk filler that we have 1000's of, or plain just don't need. I played since OB and back then it was evident that they cared about player feedback, now people are invested in the game they treat us with disdain. Look at the recent dev interview for instance, what was that about? Answered some questions no one gives a damn about whilst ignoring all the really important gripes we have. Even the die-hard BnS Youtubers have finally turned on NCS, never thought I would see the day Keroppi would have a bad word to say, but all his latest videos mock or critique the current state. If NCS think that UE4 is going to be the saviour of this sinking ship they are much mistaken, there are several major MMORPS coming to the west this year. The real issue is the devs selling out all their work for a quick cash grab and it worked, I spent over £100 over the past month, but after every time I swipe I feel violated and tricked even tho I have plenty of disposable income I feel like I'm giving it to the devil himself.
  6. Faction vs Faction state

    So imbalanced that one faction doesn't even bother trying.
  7. Master Scroll drop rate

  8. Gem Powder

    Oh they had plans, grab ya credit card and f10 limited time only, so hurry up, for the price of an Oculus rifft or a Cheap gaming PC you could have gems inferior to all the players that kick you out of their f8 partys. For the price of a 2nd hand car you could own them gems and finally do Hangar 0 in easy mode too .
  9. February Store Update

    Why are they stupidly expensive?

    New Publisher would be better.
  11. bug in Hunter's refuge

    How convenient for the Whales
  12. Another whale exclusive event only

    A member of staff once agreed with Grimore on the forum, it was the greatest day of his life. And since that day he has vowed to white knight NCS and any member of their organization.
  13. You think the price of transformation stones would have come down, but nope, its going up, like everything in this game, the economy is fkt.