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  1. That's because he wasn't removed from those, we're talking about him being removed from Heavens Mandate and Cold Storage...hence the name of the thread.
  2. I do HM and CS on usually 5-6 toons a day and I have 10 toons who do dailies during the week, before this patch the Merchant NEVER showed since like December.
  3. Oh here he is AFTER the patch to post a screen after the merchant was put back in after claiming the merchant showed up FOR HIM all the time, you must really think we're morons bub.
  4. Where's that one dude? He's probably saying "see they never took it out". LOL.
  5. Remnants useless without box?

    That was backwards for me, I thought you could turn in those Remnants for coins, but that is to BUY the Remnants not coins for people unable to do those three requirements.
  6. Remnants useless without box?

    Just be sure you dont exchange your raid or DOA remnants there cause it will take them and give you the crappy 1:1 exchange, I lost my DOA remnant that way yesterday.
  7. Remnants useless without box?

    Yep I graduated 3rd grade and know exactly what you are talking about..... Go to dragon express, go UP from where you see the raid exchange for tokens..... Look for the coin icon on the left ball thingy icon one the right, exchange. 1:1 ratio on everything but the raid remnants and the DOA remnants which are exchanged for more below that.
  8. New Event's Problem

    It probably took "work" to put mobs into that enormous empty area, hence that's why you won't see any mobs, the bare minimum is standard here at NCwest.
  9. Remnants useless without box?

    Dragon express. Exchange your ball thingies for coins, easy. Be sure not to trade in the DOA or Raid ones tho cause the exchange for them is a much higher rate further down the list.
  10. Disappointment in skill update patch

    lol Archers got nerfed A LONG time ago in Korea.
  11. Disappointment in skill update patch

    You don't even know wtf I'm talking about, gear shmear, no one cares, I'm talking about the 3 damage modifiers for skills.
  12. Was waiting to see these skill "updates" was thinking "oh good they gonna nerf Ice FM, Wardens, and Archers finally", nope not a single actual balance change in the entire list, it's all just fluff bs. Glad too I can finally feel confident when I finally uninstall the game today.
  13. Disappointment in skill update patch

    They just fluff changes, no actual balance in there at all, I'm just going to assume they have stopped even trying and the classes as they are are our choices. No Ice FM nerfs No Warden nerfs No Archer nerfs No buffs to existing skills for classes and specs completely overshadowed by their 3rd specs. No actual BALANCE changes to be seen, Archer not even on the list either, lul. All this despite them putting in damage modifiers a long time ago, and yet they never actually use the modifiers to balance anything when all they need to do is literally adjust some numbers. This game and NCsoft are now officially memes.
  14. Blade & Soul: Forgotten Souls Events Preview

    So PvP accessories from doing high level PvE.....STILL... More dailies, sure you will add 1-2 easy ones but now you'll be wanting us to do 10-13 a day to get rewards, which means really you just added 1-3 extra things for the same reward, so much for running those alts some of us spent hundreds of hours on....the VAST majority of players don't even do the EIGHT dailies you have now and you're bumping it up to THIRTEEN......incredible how out of touch you are with your own game. TOI and Trial arena buffed, bet the rewards didn't get buffed tho..... Total number of event Pet Pods and Sacreds hard capped at 10 and 5 for the entire event.... Raid and Den requirements for people to get Raven Gear and a low level GC weapon....typically don't players doing raids and Den have surpassed this level of gear....... More and more P2W being added into the shop on a daily basis all the while the same mats and items are made much more scarce in the game itself, and not even at a REASONABLE price..... Le Sigh...... And all this while your game goes swirling around the toilet going ever so quickly into the sewer permanently.
  15. They keep making everything more and more time consuming, like it isn't already. Everyone's quitting and they do nothing to bring anyone back, not to mention the P2W is getting worse and worse.