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  1. Having many fragments laying around on multiple char is just wayyy 2 annoying and unnecessary they are just there collecting dust and being useless, if you guyz dont make it account bound at least make it purchasable with hm coins pls.
  2. New Event's Problem

    Ok first off there arent enough mobs for every1 to farm in peace, other than that we have people going around and pk other now ik its just how it's but why??? why not just make a zone where u can farm like back in the day with poharan and bosses spawn once in a while? another problem is the drop rate and the price of these items in the shop 10k for the wings???? 8k for the octagonal gem??????????? 1k flowers is like 10 hours of farming with 10 hours i can get more than 1 octagonal gem if i spam dng not to mention that there is dailies that u should very much do and that is also very time consuming, oh ye another thing is this event is very much worthless for new players or returning players they got so much to do just to gear up u think they gonna spend 10 hours auto farming a place where u get no gold but cosmetic item and some octagonal gem that u can get from the dng? oh wait there is more u can go out and get kill as well sounds very fun to me i dont see why not. anyways that being said i love the armory event thing and to think that nc soft actually care about new players and put the den of the ancients remnant in the last moment, thumbs up from here.
  3. 100 hours for WIngs

    bruh pk zone and low drop rate AND on top of that pricy stuff in the shop i mean sure if this event is perm that is doable but there is a time limit on it... i was afk for 20 mins and already some1 pk me not to mention the mobs are scattered around like everywhere, the spawning time is fine but meh another event to ignore even tho i really want the wings this is just 2 much and there are many other things to spend time on (like doing every single dailies, cuz that wasnt time consuming enough...)
  4. Please help with gem

    yeh eva o3o cause kfm already have block + block only reduce the dmg while eva ignore it defense is ok too but meh i think it works better on classes that can increases their defense like fm,destroyer no idea if kfm can too.
  5. Hey peos i am planning on making a guild with my friends and we need a name for it ( i am not good with names) so yeh hope you guyz could help us out a bit! ty for your time :) *just write what you have on your mind as long u are not trolling :P or they will close this post lel
  6. Where can I see my combos?

    u can find a bunch of combos on youtube there are many guides out there but try to use your creativity before you do that and make your own combo :D (always fun)
  7. I don't know how you guys do it

    I am like a maniac when it comes to farming in all kind of mmorpgs as long there are something worth farming for i jump right into it when i can x) (talking about 6-8 hours farming nonstop) So what i do daily is first off do daily challenge to get the chance to get 1k gold ofc after that i do pvp dailies+ silverfrost purple dngs dailies for money then check prices out of mats/transformations stones and so on after that is where i can do whatever i want, example solo oldschool dngs to challenge myself maybe do it with a friend (my luck is pretty high with outfits), got a pretty good guild too so i talk with them a lot also i got many friends who loves bns as much as i do so do tag pvp with them while farming + having fun with friend is 1 of the thing i enjoy the most (especially when 1 of them rage or scream cause they are about to die fun to listen 2 xD). sometime i set up a goal for the day like i am gonna hit 520 ap today or something like that. if i am out of ideas then explorer the map and take screenshots! cause the world of bns is fabulous AF if i ever get bored then i have 5 other char which need to lvl to 50 so yeh plenty of things to do it's pretty interesting to learn how all skills works and it help you a lot in pvp! (I just want to write this down so my gramma sucks but hope u can understand wtf i am writing xD)
  8. Let me draw you!

    here u go o/
  9. i see gonna try to do that (haven't done that before) ty
  10. really ? even if it's a bot ? gonna do it anyway
  11. [Removed - Please report this player to customer support and they will be able to investigate further] sorry for the quality of the video but i hope u can see the point
  12. Hack in arena?!?!?

    i was not fast enough ;s was going to take screenshot at the end but she quit
  13. Hack in arena?!?!?

    so i was doing arena 1 min ago and i meet this scummoner with name ''Lunyic'' idk if it was bug or hack but she had perm stealth not from the flower stealth no no the real perm steal everytime she cast skill she get out of it then get in stealth 1 sec after it continue like that i can't even target her so yeh i just want 2 know wtf is going on and it looks like she know that she is hacking as well since she don't even care about the cat... oh and also she keep spamming the sunflower now idk how much it cost to spam it but it was non stop :/
  14. Why they should make dungeon dropped outfits stampable

    simple way to fix it make wardrobe account share!
  15. [Bots] They are growing up

    i see tons of bots farming field bosses like golden deva, lycan and so on then back to the bank to sell store do whatever they want ._. ofc i report every single 1 of them everytime but the number is growing and i am getting tired of it :/ they even grind dng to lvl up ._.