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  1. Remnants useless without box?

    Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to keep an eye on it. Sorry that you lost your remnant though.
  2. Remnants useless without box?

    I honestly thought you misunderstood so you really didn't need to take offense but that is what it is. Anyway, thanks to you I realized what was happening. The icon for the "Armory Remnant" is basically the same as the one for "Ebon Realm Remnant" so if you don't actually click on it you can't tell that you can use all the other remnants for the exchange. That's why I thought that exchange was only for Ebon Realm Remnant.
  3. Remnants useless without box?

    I think you're misunderstanding the exchange there. I see where you can use Call to Arms Tokens to purchase Den of the Ancients Remnant, Nightfall Sanctuary Remnant or Scarlet Conservatory Remnant. What I am asking is the reverse of that, use the remnants to purchase something else (aside from keys). And this question, again, is in reference to all Remnants besides Ebon Remnant. I see where you can purchase Call to Arms Tokens with Ebon Remnants, I just don't see any where you can use all the other Remnants as currency outside of keys. And I want to make sure that is truly the case before I discard them, I've made mistakes like that before. And typically event currency gained through Daily and Weekly challenge in this game are usable by any character that earns them. This event seems to be different in that regard where only the character you got the Call to Arms Bundle on can utilize the event currency gained through dungeons.
  4. Feedback as someone who has returned

    Tips for anyone who got a 3-slot weapon: Use the given materials to upgrade it to stage 3, each upgrade has a chance to open a gem slot. Join Radiant Ring Crafting Guild Send any Ore from other characters to your character with the weapon Place an order for Special Ore If you have any Ore on hand, Order the maximum amount of Guild Supply boxes Max out your Radiant Ring Guild level At max guild level you can order account bound legendary gem hammers My character had 4 slots after upgrading to stage 3 so I don't know the legendary gem hammer requirements for slot 4 but: Slot 5 = 15 legendary gem hammers Slot 6 = 21 legendary gem hammers Slot 7 = 22 legendary gem hammers Slot 8 = 22 legendary gem hammers Crafting legendary gem hammers in Radiant Ring: 9 Hammers - cost: 94 Special Ore, 31 Rare Element, 48 Soulstone Crystal, 12 Moonstone Crystal, 48 Sacred Crystal, 12 Elysian Crystal, 3 Gold 21 Hammers - cost: 220 Special Ore, 72 Rare Element, 112 Soulstone Crystal, 28 Moonstone Crystal, 112 Sacred Crystal, 28 Elysian Crystal, 7 Gold This is the most cost effective way to get legendary gem hammers if you're unlucky on slots. I do have a slight warning for impatient folks: If you have no Ore to start with it will take awhile to get the necessary amount of Ore to not only craft the Guild Supply boxes to max out your Guild Level but also to craft the hammers themselves.
  5. Remnants useless without box?

    The only exchange I have seen is for the Ebon Remnants, nothing for the Daily and Weekly Challenge Remnants which is what I was clearly asking. But thanks for your reply.
  6. Ebon Realm - distance perimeters and a heads up

    Well no, it's not obvious that a melee would move further away from their starting point. There are clearly perimeters set within the auto-hunt function to prevent that. Otherwise your character wouldn't return to it's starting position. And I did state that I had considered that melee had a wider distance than ranged classes. I discarded the idea because it is unlikely that the devs would have designed auto-hunt with multiple perimeters. It is far more likely that there is only one base set of perimeters for all.
  7. Remnants useless without box?

    Hi all o/ I checked Dragon Express and the NPC vendor in Ebon Realm but I just want to make sure Daily Challenge Remnants, Weekly Challenge Remnants, ect. are useless on characters you didn't get the Call to Arms Bundle on before I discard them. Thanks in advance.
  8. So I checked out Ebon Realm a little on my main yesterday and farmed my blooms this morning on the character I opened the box on. Both happened to be ranged classes. I was NOT AFK for either visit. Both times there was a melee class farming relatively close to my starting position. What I noticed was that my characters would only hunt mobs that were approximately 20 meters away from my last kill or within approximately 50meters of my starting point. What I kept seeing on both characters were the melee classes auto-killing mobs much further away from their initial starting point than either of my ranged classes. First thing I did was check to see if there was any setting in options that let you manipulate the range of the auto-killing, there wasn't. Then I thought that maybe melee classes had a wider search perimeter than ranged classes. But after thinking on it more, perhaps it's the gap closer abilities. I'm not entirely sure what the distance settings are for the auto-killing, and honestly I don't care enough to test it out, but let's say you auto-hunt mobs within 20-30 meters of your last kill and if that takes you outside of the maximum distance (I estimate 50 meters) from your starting point, then you automatically return to said starting point once the target dies if there is nothing within range. At least that is the standard behavior I have witnessed on my two characters I went in with. However melee classes gap closer abilities seem to be allowing them to auto-hunt outside of the maximum range. Let me just say now that I could be entirely wrong in that. It is a fact however that both my ranged classes had their starting spots consistently invaded by melee classes attacking well outside the maximum range that either of my classes would go. This is not a complaint so much as a heads up. If you want to AFK in Ebon Realm you might want to consider what type of classes are close to your location. The Assassin by my Warlock decided that both spots were his and killed me even though their starting spot was clearly quite a distance from mine. But since I wasn't AFK, and I'm vindictive, I returned to the same exact spot. They killed me a couple more times but then left, I win \o/.
  9. Money making suggestion

    I agree with most of these ideas. The only one I think should be different is Step 4. While I do agree that access to outfits account wide would be nice, I'd rather if it wasn't limited to just outfits. I mean, we finally after how many years got more storage (though it's behind premium wall) and it's about time too cause we've needed that for awhile. But I wish they would add a tab to the vault that's account accessible. I mean how freaking annoying is it to mail 3 items at a time between characters. They could also add a tag to dungeon drop outfits where they can't be stored in the account wide tab of the vault (like they do with gear/gems and the secondary tab that's already there). They could also create a unique currency to open the rows. Players could salvage/transmute (whatever) outfit delivery stamps and unneeded dragon trade pouches(why these aren't account bound after so many years is also beyond me) for this new currency.
  10. Remove Cerulean faction/remove factions completely

    I agree, there definitely needs to be some kind of revamp of the faction system. Faction content capped at skypetal, how many updates ago was that? Too many. Whether removal of the faction system is even possible, I don't know. I don't even really care if they do anything to the faction system per say. There are two things I would like to see in regards to factions though: - an all inclusive chat channel. Keep faction chat but add a world chat channel for all factions. - and as someone mentioned earlier, unlock clans from factions. And revamp clans and clan crafting.
  11. Warden windwalk

    I agree, the windwalking effect for warden really doesn't fit the class at all, and really looks like just an upgraded version of the gunners effect. Actually, the wardens effect is better suited to the gunner imo, with them being fire/shadow. There should be a menu on the premium tab in the character status window that lets you chose whichever windwalking effect you want.
  12. mouse movements

    The game defaults you into blade and soul mode(which I recommend) but if you switch to classic mode in the options menu( "o" key) and check the box for "enable left click movement" you'll be able to move with the mouse. Honestly though, it's incredibly inconvenient since it'll cancel your movement if you right click to change camera angle.
  13. why in the world is this still a thing?

    It is frustrating with this dungeon especially when people don't wait cause it takes no time at all to get to the boss. And most people through F8 only do this dungeon in a party because they don't want to leave F8. Which in turn makes you wonder why, if they load fast and don't wanna wait for others, they don't just leave the party in the dungeon lobby and solo the dungeon because it would ultimately be faster and less dickish than killing the boss before everyone is inside. But I can also see how annoying it is to have to wait forever for people to load in, also especially with this dungeon because it's so short. And when I say forever, when it takes a few seconds to kill the mini-boss(if it can even be considered that anymore) to open the door to Wintermane, then you have to wait around for 30 secs plus for people to load in, it can feel like a long freakin time making you frustrated and impatient. I also think there is a general unspoken consensus that people who take forever to load are bots causing the rest of the party to take a mindset of something akin to "oh well, they're probably a bot, screw 'em". I recommend that people who have long load times, when doing this dungeon, to just solo it since it's easily solo-able even with lower tier gear for most classes. Daily Challenge doesn't become available until you hit lvl55 and if you finish story quest in it's entirety, use the materials and gold to upgrade your weapon, you should be more than strong enough to solo it. Otherwise, I've noticed that parties are much more likely to wait for someone with long load times if that person mentions something in chat about their load times and asks them to please wait for them. Of course this wont always work but has a higher chance than saying nothing and hoping people will be patient.
  14. Costumes, Outfit Stamps, Alts and You.

    Honestly I don't really mind the outfit stamps to an extent. I do think there are several places where the system could be improved though. Firstly I think the requirements should be lowered. 3 stamps per outfit, 1 stamp for the hair, accessories, and adornments. The amount of outfits available has far exceeded what was available when the system was introduced. Second, I think there should be a way to earn outfit stamps in-game without having to sell gold. Added to the Celestial Basin peach exchange for example. And lastly, but imo most importantly, weapon and pet skins should be account bound for 2 stamps.
  15. What do I do with leftover souls and pet auras?

    Did you not read his post at all? He said he was grateful for the upgrades and was looking for ideas on what to do with his now useless items. Seriously you're flaming on him for NO reason. He even said multiple times that he was grateful for the events. And personally, I also wouldn't mind if, after such events as these, that granted upgrades to items we'd already been working on, there was some way to salvage them for maybe half the cost of upgrading it or some other ratio. I too feel disheartened to have a lvl 8 soul sitting in my bank with nothing justifiable to do with it. Selling(npcing) it or discarding it seems like such a waste. I definitely understand where OP is coming from. Nothing I or the OP said in that regard is complaining about getting free items but simply a sense of dissatisfaction at having nothing to do with the items we've already invested a lot of resources in obtaining. Also, if you'd read his post all the way through, you would have seen that he was asking for recommendations on what to do with his now useless items which you some how misconstrued into complaining. If you'd put any thought into it at all, you would have seen that these types of events could easily create a sense of lethargy in the player base about upgrading lower tier items because there is likely going to be an event in the future that gives you a (sometimes)vastly superior upgrade for a fraction of the cost. And let's not forget the mindset of folks who, at the least, feel irritated that they put a lot of time and effort into upgrading items that were later, for the most part, just given away in an event. And that perhaps, if they'd put into place some system beforehand that gave people some way of discarding the now useless items in a meaningful way, threads like these could have been avoided. Honestly you seem to have some kind of tunnel vision going on where you can't look at it from any other perspective and automatically jumped on the 'omg stop complaining about free sht' bandwagon. I can, unlike you apparently, see it from the other side as well. Where; You just got two superior items for much less than normal so just junk the previous ones and be happy with the cheap upgrade. And I can understand that perspective and sure as hell am not going to completely disregard it just because my own opinions are more in line with the former. Which is exactly what you're doing by downgrading what he said as complaining. And maybe next time you could actually read the post wholly and outside of your tunnel before throwing on your justice cape. You have a very appropriately chosen moniker.