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  1. Money making suggestion

    I agree with most of these ideas. The only one I think should be different is Step 4. While I do agree that access to outfits account wide would be nice, I'd rather if it wasn't limited to just outfits. I mean, we finally after how many years got more storage (though it's behind premium wall) and it's about time too cause we've needed that for awhile. But I wish they would add a tab to the vault that's account accessible. I mean how freaking annoying is it to mail 3 items at a time between characters. They could also add a tag to dungeon drop outfits where they can't be stored in the account wide tab of the vault (like they do with gear/gems and the secondary tab that's already there). They could also create a unique currency to open the rows. Players could salvage/transmute (whatever) outfit delivery stamps and unneeded dragon trade pouches(why these aren't account bound after so many years is also beyond me) for this new currency.
  2. Remove Cerulean faction/remove factions completely

    I agree, there definitely needs to be some kind of revamp of the faction system. Faction content capped at skypetal, how many updates ago was that? Too many. Whether removal of the faction system is even possible, I don't know. I don't even really care if they do anything to the faction system per say. There are two things I would like to see in regards to factions though: - an all inclusive chat channel. Keep faction chat but add a world chat channel for all factions. - and as someone mentioned earlier, unlock clans from factions. And revamp clans and clan crafting.
  3. Warden windwalk

    I agree, the windwalking effect for warden really doesn't fit the class at all, and really looks like just an upgraded version of the gunners effect. Actually, the wardens effect is better suited to the gunner imo, with them being fire/shadow. There should be a menu on the premium tab in the character status window that lets you chose whichever windwalking effect you want.
  4. mouse movements

    The game defaults you into blade and soul mode(which I recommend) but if you switch to classic mode in the options menu( "o" key) and check the box for "enable left click movement" you'll be able to move with the mouse. Honestly though, it's incredibly inconvenient since it'll cancel your movement if you right click to change camera angle.
  5. why in the world is this still a thing?

    It is frustrating with this dungeon especially when people don't wait cause it takes no time at all to get to the boss. And most people through F8 only do this dungeon in a party because they don't want to leave F8. Which in turn makes you wonder why, if they load fast and don't wanna wait for others, they don't just leave the party in the dungeon lobby and solo the dungeon because it would ultimately be faster and less dickish than killing the boss before everyone is inside. But I can also see how annoying it is to have to wait forever for people to load in, also especially with this dungeon because it's so short. And when I say forever, when it takes a few seconds to kill the mini-boss(if it can even be considered that anymore) to open the door to Wintermane, then you have to wait around for 30 secs plus for people to load in, it can feel like a long freakin time making you frustrated and impatient. I also think there is a general unspoken consensus that people who take forever to load are bots causing the rest of the party to take a mindset of something akin to "oh well, they're probably a bot, screw 'em". I recommend that people who have long load times, when doing this dungeon, to just solo it since it's easily solo-able even with lower tier gear for most classes. Daily Challenge doesn't become available until you hit lvl55 and if you finish story quest in it's entirety, use the materials and gold to upgrade your weapon, you should be more than strong enough to solo it. Otherwise, I've noticed that parties are much more likely to wait for someone with long load times if that person mentions something in chat about their load times and asks them to please wait for them. Of course this wont always work but has a higher chance than saying nothing and hoping people will be patient.
  6. Costumes, Outfit Stamps, Alts and You.

    Honestly I don't really mind the outfit stamps to an extent. I do think there are several places where the system could be improved though. Firstly I think the requirements should be lowered. 3 stamps per outfit, 1 stamp for the hair, accessories, and adornments. The amount of outfits available has far exceeded what was available when the system was introduced. Second, I think there should be a way to earn outfit stamps in-game without having to sell gold. Added to the Celestial Basin peach exchange for example. And lastly, but imo most importantly, weapon and pet skins should be account bound for 2 stamps.
  7. What do I do with leftover souls and pet auras?

    Did you not read his post at all? He said he was grateful for the upgrades and was looking for ideas on what to do with his now useless items. Seriously you're flaming on him for NO reason. He even said multiple times that he was grateful for the events. And personally, I also wouldn't mind if, after such events as these, that granted upgrades to items we'd already been working on, there was some way to salvage them for maybe half the cost of upgrading it or some other ratio. I too feel disheartened to have a lvl 8 soul sitting in my bank with nothing justifiable to do with it. Selling(npcing) it or discarding it seems like such a waste. I definitely understand where OP is coming from. Nothing I or the OP said in that regard is complaining about getting free items but simply a sense of dissatisfaction at having nothing to do with the items we've already invested a lot of resources in obtaining. Also, if you'd read his post all the way through, you would have seen that he was asking for recommendations on what to do with his now useless items which you some how misconstrued into complaining. If you'd put any thought into it at all, you would have seen that these types of events could easily create a sense of lethargy in the player base about upgrading lower tier items because there is likely going to be an event in the future that gives you a (sometimes)vastly superior upgrade for a fraction of the cost. And let's not forget the mindset of folks who, at the least, feel irritated that they put a lot of time and effort into upgrading items that were later, for the most part, just given away in an event. And that perhaps, if they'd put into place some system beforehand that gave people some way of discarding the now useless items in a meaningful way, threads like these could have been avoided. Honestly you seem to have some kind of tunnel vision going on where you can't look at it from any other perspective and automatically jumped on the 'omg stop complaining about free sht' bandwagon. I can, unlike you apparently, see it from the other side as well. Where; You just got two superior items for much less than normal so just junk the previous ones and be happy with the cheap upgrade. And I can understand that perspective and sure as hell am not going to completely disregard it just because my own opinions are more in line with the former. Which is exactly what you're doing by downgrading what he said as complaining. And maybe next time you could actually read the post wholly and outside of your tunnel before throwing on your justice cape. You have a very appropriately chosen moniker.
  8. I think the trick will be finding a way to implement more unbound materials without it having a great impact on the economy. When the community asks for better ways to get them, and they implement a daily reward chest with them in but lower/remove the drop rate other places, I don't really feel that was a solution. Since the initial issue was not getting enough. With the way they're doing things, it's not solving the issue, just making it seem like they are. Which are most of the solutions they seem to present to concerns from the community. Being that they aren't really solutions but merely a reshape of the issue to make it seem like a solution. But as I first stated, how could they implement more materials without having it impact the economy. And as much as the community(or maybe just this thread) seems to despise 6v6, a way that doesn't render it as a pointless source for moonstones. Because despite what everyone is saying about it, it still needs to be rewarding. Honestly I don't know what they could do that would be the most beneficial all the way around. Perhaps an NPC(or dragon express tab since most npc functions end up there anyway) for materials exchange. Perhaps a 2:1 ratio, or something that balances the rate of acquisition vs the rate of consumption. I don't really know, however, how viable an option that really is. On a side note; I really wish they would do something about the amount of sacred crystals vs every other crystal we get. I mean seriously... why. Why do we get an over abundance of a material that isn't used nearly as much as the others. Most of the crystals in my vault are sitting at about the same amount, save for the sacred crystals which are at about 10 times the amount of the others.
  9. Character creation. How it could be better...

    This!!! I have two characters where the facial proportions were what I wanted when creating them but looked different once I started in game, it was really frustrating. Another example of this is with clan uniforms, I don't know how many people have noticed this, but the colors you choose look slightly(sometimes drastically) different in game than they do in the design window. For anyone who doesn't know what I mean, if you enter the clan outfit design and choose some colors (I think the best example is Thistle) then click the button to "share" the design, and open the link from the clan chat, the colors you see in that preview are the correct colors the outfit will have in game and do vary from the ones on the model in the design screen. I do want to get character alteration vouchers for the ones that don't look the way they are suppose to but I have yet to do so because I don't want to spend on the voucher only to have it turn out different from what it's supposed to be again.
  10. So much item 1! So so much! Storage in this game is getting insane, even if you have all slots open in your vault and inventory. Not to mention the fact that each event gives you 2 or more items just taking up your already limited free space. Also completely agree with item 5, and if not remove it, then make it so it both takes longer to deplete and costs fewer hammers. Other things that I would like to see added: - more item slots when mailing, preferably 6. - increase in progression per legendary jewel or a higher chance for a 'successful' over a 'normal'. - infinite stamina/windwalking all of the time. The main item on my list, though I don't know that it should necessarily be just for premium, is the increase in storage. So often I see in MMOs, like HateMe said, an increase in items without and accompanying increase in storage. Not to mention the fact that, in Blade n Soul especially, there are sometimes multiples of the same item that don't stack though they do the exact same thing all because the name is slightly different. My best example of this are revival charms/mass revival charms. I mean there are what- 7 or so versions of revival charms(not including mass revival charms). I realize you don't have to keep all versions of the charms and you can just sell or destroy the ones you have the fewest of. But it seems like each event gives another different version of the charm. It's getting ridiculous.
  11. The serious problem with endgame raids

    So much this. I mean, the training room is barely useful as it stands. Bosses do basic rotations only so you don't really get the chance to learn the actual mechs that people expect you to do. And their health pool is way to large for it being solo (or with NPC partener). I think the training room is a great concept but really needs a lot of work for it to actually be useful as a training room. Firstly I think they should lower the health pool of the bosses so that phases trigger at the correct health threshold without it taking five hours(exaggeration to make a point) because you're alone. Then add different modes of the bosses for specific mechanics. And lastly make sure that all of the bosses attacks are there instead of just basic rotations for the most part. Now all the above sounds like the perfect training room but I just doubt it's something they would see as being worth it to invest the effort. At the moment I do think the training room is only a half realized concept though.
  12. I've wanted account storage since beta but I honestly don't see that happening any time soon. I'd settle for being able to send more than 3 items at a time as well, but again, I don't see that happening any time soon. This suggestion definitely gets my vote, if only more of the community would get behind this and push for it like they did for account bound Divine Grace Stones because that's finally happening. Also this: lmfao
  13. The new event is bad (thoughts)

    I personally wont really mind if it's like the soul event as long as they don't misrepresent how it works and have all the information when they present the event to us. With the previous soul upgrade event, because it wasn't correctly explained in the stream, so many players (myself included) went about it blindly only to find out too late that it didn't work the way we were told.
  14. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    I think it's fine that the main source of moonstones is 6v6. However, I think there needs to be some serious changes to the way players are paired/matched up in battlegrounds. All we have as a matching system is the one they dragged over from arena where stats are equalized making it a viable system there. 6v6 is an entirely different beast and therefore the same matching system should never have been implemented. I think all gear should be assigned values which would collectively put you into a weight class like in boxing. Rough example would be; low geared folks(sera/bale stage 1-9 [using weaps just as a base to illustrate]) would be in the lightweight class; slightly higher tiered folks (sera/bale 10-12, raven/dawn/rift 1-3) would be middleweight; so on and so forth. Accessories, soulshields, pets, souls, ect., would also be included. And again those are just some base examples to illustrate the point I'm trying to make. Also doesn't have to be gear based but stat based where certain values say in AP, Piercing, Crit Defense, ect, place you into different brackets. But to continue with the boxing analogy, you never see fights where a lightweight class fighter is pitted against a heavyweight class fighter. Which is exactly what the matching system in 6v6 does. I don't know how difficult it would be to implement something like this but the matching system from arena never should have been carried over.
  15. BT Accessory Exchange

    I think it would be better to remove specific elements from accessories and just have it as a base elemental dmg increase that works with whatever element you're using. Actually I don't understand why they didn't just do that to begin with, having them boost only one element is like adding a middleman to unnecessarily draw out a process that is already drawn out with a weekly limitation. And it's not like people wont be running it anymore since most people seem to be gearing several alts as well.