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  1. bug in Hunter's refuge

    Well no surprise with this bug the amount of players inside is always over the limit so without getting an invite the chance to get in is zero. And of course to no surprise the reaction from nc to it so far is zero too.
  2. That wouldn't fix anything there would still only be 300 people be able to do it, what this event would need is more than one instance and a daily limit on keys.
  3. It was clear beforehand that this event will suck but this.. nc always manages to exceed expectations. Few people get rich easily while the rest of the server can't even enter, what a great anniversary event.
  4. New gems, ouch!?

    Weird question, you have the same you have now and how quickly you can max them depends on how much of a whale you are.
  5. New gems, ouch!?

    Not getting gem powder back ok but no cost reduction either? wtf are you guys smoking? No cost reduction for heart and now no cost reduction for gems either, has the date the servers shut down been decided or why does cost reduction not exist in your dictionary anymore?
  6. lol, the game can't handle 30 people without performance going to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ how is 300 even going to work.
  7. Be careful with ncs support team.

    If he didn't it wouldn't have happened, accounts only get banned if different people can provide all the neccessary information for it so he must have had his data compromised by falling for some phishing scam or something. Better learn from it and be more careful next time instead of blaming other people for his mistakes.
  8. Orange Quests for newcomers

    Those are for raids not groups, you can do bt (skybreak) by just joining a random raid and maybe you can even find someone who is willing to carry you through vt (temple of eluvium). The other two you can forget about no one is gonna take you without the appropriate gear. There will be a update in the future which will add the ability to finish the raid quests solo you just have to wait until then.
  9. Outfit Delivery Stamp question

    Showroom has wrong descriptions for some outfits even since launch, nc does not care about fixing those. Descriptions on outfits are usually correct.
  10. Assassin stealth bug H0

    Then use kd and daze or does daze not work here? I heard nc kinda forgot this exists and it does not work on some mechs. Old bug that will prolly never get fixed.
  11. weekly skins droprate nonexistent?

    Ravenfall is the only one that is actually valid to complain about since it's drop only, all others can be bought from vendor after 10 runs. Saw the first one after 200+ runs then the second one the next day and the third one like a week after. You could think there was an algorithm in the game that increases droprates of things you don't need anymore lol. The worst dungeon when it comes to outfit drops is dd for me, have not seen the outfit drop once in 300+ runs.
  12. Fireworks of Archer

    He did neither agree nor disagree with you he simply gave you information. I did not address you in my post, i wrote what i think about this issue and you took it personal and turned it into drama telling me to gtfo. I don't tiptoe around other people like they are raw eggs and there are plenty normal posts from me but of course you have selective perception there. Thanks for confirming again that you only want positive replies. I already said all i have to say about this (non)issue so i wont reply again unless you give me a reason. Like i said before fireworks has no gcd like bb/sb so it can be used back to back thus there is imo no reason except the one i mentioned already to complain about this. If every archer could use the party fireworks at the same time it would be too op burst potential and im sure you can write here whatever you want and nc will never change it.
  13. Fireworks of Archer

    There is nothing toxic in my reply or did i call you names? Your reply can be summed up as "omg how dare you disagree with me go away!", if you don't like seeing people disagree with your opinion then don't post on the forums.
  14. weekly skins droprate nonexistent?

    It's not low you are just unlucky i threw it away a few times already. Be happy it can even drop from the pleb raids and isn't et only there are plenty other skins/outfits that are much harder to get.
  15. What's a decent dps nowdays?

    Imagine being so oblivious as to think about whether 4.8M is decent dps or not. Either you are oblivious as hell or you bought your char.