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  1. What happened to ue4?

    It's probably just the carrot on the stick.
  2. Gibt derzeit keine DE/FR sprachausgabe, vielleicht ham sie die synchronsprecher schon gefeuert das spiel geht ja eh den bach runter und sie denken nur noch daran so viel geld rauszuquetchen wie möglich da würde mich das nicht wundern wenn sie jetzt auch da sparen.
  3. Gewalten Bändiger

    Gibt keinen grund sich darüber zu beschweren, sinn der sache ist ja items die man schon hat auf die 3. spec zu wechseln und nicht es umsonst zu bekommen. Wer keins zum tauschen hat muss es sich wie jeder andere auch selbst farmen.
  4. Gunslinger or archer?

    Archer is not gunner 2.0, gunner is most simple ranged class while archer is most "complex", also light archer needs to be played at melee range.
  5. warsong compass

    No they are not warsong is older.
  6. Mismanagement

    Anyone thinking market prices will drop because of less F8 income is deluding themselves. Market prices are determined by cashers and wealthy players not by people who are dependent on dailies to make gold.
  7. We don't have patchnotes yet just because it's not mentioned in the current articles does not mean it's not coming. It's irrelevant for normal players anyway only big whales benefit from a unity lvl increase.
  8. Nerf dungeon reward big time while adding an event that needs 7/7 daily challenge, double spit in the face of the players right there. I wonder how many people will actually bother with this event lololol. Was waiting for this since hunters refuge, make event that only 1% of the players can take part in that gives 10k gold/2h then compensate for that insane amount of gold you poured into the game by reducing the regular gold income for everyone. That's how nc rolls boys, how any new player can keep playing this game the way nc manages it is beyond me.
  9. Orb of Ascension shard

    The solution is waiting till this "event" ends.
  10. Blood Rose

    If they keep their usual schedule it will be acc bound with new class release in september.
  11. asension orb shard

    You are 2 weeks too late to the party
  12. Would be nice if martial token would be made acc bound too, you can only get outdated items with it but you can't even trade it to a twink.
  13. Bound Raids Suggestion.

    This could be easily exploited to get more items for one raid or do limitless sellraids, sry but removing the limit is just nonsense.
  14. Orange quests

    There is no solo version for ET, only BT, VT and TT.
  15. Nightfall Sanctuary Raid with HM14

    For the orange quest you can just do the solo version.