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  1. No reason to be that toxic to him, while it's possible to do higher dungeons with low ap parties it can be a huge pain in the ass and easily turn into a trap run. There is a reason people ask for way more ap than needed, if you recruit for 1,7k or below the chance of getting braindead people in your party significantly increases. Your usual F8 player is too dumb to use lucky revitalizer even when told to do so, instant revival charm? why use that when you can chill the whole boss fight as a floormat. Also often players don't do the dmg they should with their gear, how often have i seen et geared players who can barely pull 1mil dmg..
  2. There is a thread on reddit where someone did the math and it confirms that it's pretty much impossible to open stage 12 without doing TT+ET unless you hardcore farm the event. Considering the contents of stage 11+12 box it's not worth opening those if you can't get the TT+ET remnants from the raid itself it's better to get the Ascension/radiance stones and oil instead.
  3. I thought so too, no new player can get those without being carried even a decently geared char already has trouble even finding a party for cc. Also i think the cost for the raid remnants is too high, no new player can get those remnants from the raid itself. It's nice that there is a alternative to getting them but at this cost i doubt any new player will be able to open the stage 12 box unless they are really lucky and find someone to at least carry them through TT. Both raids plus mao which new players prolly can't do either it's 220 tokens to get those remnants from the dragon express, it's just way too much.
  4. It's not for nothing you can turn them into call to arms tokens in dragon express.
  5. It is obvious since the melee needs to actually move to the mob, lets say the the search area is 50m and your char is attacking a mob at that distance: melee will need to walk all the 50m to the mob while the ranged char will only move like 35m and kill it from there so obviously the melee will walk further away even though the search area is the same.
  6. Remnants useless without box?

    No they are not useless you trade them for the other tokens in dragon express.
  7. I haven't tested it but obviously a melee char will move farther away from it's starting point since duh it's melee so it needs to be close to the mob to kill and that might look to you like the area is bigger when it's actually not.
  8. In the ebon realm obviously, why people always ask such obvious stuff every patch?
  9. You are just ignorant if you don't see it. Just go look at the Q4 earnings thats what happens when they continously treat the playerbase like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  10. Roses account bound?

    Even then they won't be account bound that usually happens later. Unless they do things differently this time it's still at least 6 months till roses will be made acc bound.
  11. New event

    TT wpn is in the stage one box you get it for free for doing nothing..
  12. You can actually max it without ET and TT, those remnants can also be bought with the call to arms tokens.
  14. This is the biggest nonsense i've read today, you say you can play the game any way you want then complain that you are forced to do a event the way you don't like.. wtf you are not forced to do the event, if you don't like it just don't do it and progress the normal way. It's also not true that you can progress in the game any way you want to begin with, most things have only one way of getting them.
  15. Daily Dash moving wrong amount of spaces.

    It can't land between 1 and 4, that's the starting position ;)