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  1. Ring of Reckoning Rant

    While the dmg requirements are certainly excessive i dunno why people make such a big fuss over a pair of wings...
  2. You really are a lost case, nowhere did i complain rant or whatever you just keep implying it for no reason. I dunno whats wrong with you how the heck do you manage to feel offended by me telling you what other options there are? If you don't like those that's your problem no reason to get mad at me.
  3. Loyal players and veterans

    If fun isn't good enough reason for you maybe you should just quit the game? I mean thats the whole point of playing games.. having fun. You are here complaining like it's a job and you got your salary cut..
  4. lol yeah because bd does not have perma deflect, perma air combo and skills that does shitload of dmg so underpowered! bd is one of the strongest classes in pvp l2p dude.
  5. Can you actually read? I told you what other option there are, i'm not complaining i'm telling you facts.
  6. Which just shows that people don't want to put in the effort. Fact is the option is there already to get those ss without doing the actual raid, there is no reason people should get the current top ss easily through an event.
  7. How? You dodge them.. the attacks are damn slow and easy to predict.
  8. You can get tt 1-5 from msp and hepta gems from every event the only thing people are really missing out on is the wings. And before you say octa > hepta look at the cost, the octas need almost double the event curreny 3 heptas cost, not having to fuse them saves 8 gem powder but it's not really worth the extra effort.
  9. The gear requirement for this event is certainly excessive but why would every event need to be dirt easy and cater to newcomers? The game has been made easier for new players countless times there is no reason to complain if there is an event once in a while that isn't easy peasy.
  10. Stop talking nonsense, nobody needs 100 coins to get something from the event. You can get a discount to fuse the badge for 40 coins or you can get divine grace stones for 20 each. Saying the event is useless because you can't get everything is bs that's just you being greedy.
  11. LOL ja mit dem "white orb debakel" ham sie uns ja sowas von verwöhnt ;)
  12. The game is too complicated these days

    Just play the game normally then everything is fine, if you think you have to be aware of anything and everything from the start there is something wrong with you and not the game.
  13. Insel der Vergeltung - Kritik

    Die items sind absoluter mist mir wäre es am liebsten die würden komplett entfernt. Wie zum henker kommt man eigentlich auf die idee ein item zu machen das mal eben dem gegner 95% hp abzieht? Das und der cat punch sind am meisten op da ist hong nen witz gegen. Ansonsten ist das klassenbalancing absolut nicht existent am meisten broken ist hier imo der bd, dauer spin deflect, resetbare aircombo und extrem viel schaden. Aber das ist ja nicht br spezifisch und wird sowieso nie gefixt.
  14. To create that octa you need 3 hepta worth 2 gem powder so total cost to create an octa is 14 powder not 8.
  15. Geometry Lesson

    It's something that requires less than a minute to fix the only reason it hasn't been done yet is because NCWest does not fix anything by themselves they need korea to do it. You already have the correct gem, it's pretty obvious that it's supposed to be triangle and just the name is wrong.