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  1. Please bring back Badge Exchange

    It was added for awakening so people didn't have to get new gear just because of it, it wasn't added so people could switch forever for free. If it was for fun there are lots of other things we could get for free but this is a buisness nc wants your money so that isn't the case. Instead of crying that badges can't be swapped you should be happy that they didn't take it away from ring and earring which are the most expensive items to get if you wan't to play the other spec, getting a 2nd badge is rather cheap.
  2. Maybe in whatever universe you came from but here Oct 16 to November 13 are only 4 weeks.
  3. Did you also do the story to the required stage? Just getting lvl 60 won't give you premium.
  4. In welchem universum lebst du den? Selbst beim launch konnte man lvl 50 locker in 3-4 tagen machen. Auf den rest will ich garnicht eingehen das hat bei dir eh keinen wert.
  5. Level 60 voucher doesn't work lol

    Free event vouchers all came in some bundle so you won't find it if you search for voucher, you don't need to either just scroll through all pages so the game recognizes it is there.
  6. Oblivion Fragments

    So if you buy it before the update you get 6 elder scales for free? How about giving everyone who didn't buy it 6 scales too.
  7. Treasure Trove

    People like you who throw a ton of money at it no matter how bad it is are the reason it's not changing. If NC learned one thing during the 3 years of bns it's that people will pulverize their money for this game no matter what bs they pull.
  8. Ebondrake Lair, Irontech forge and Naryu sanctum

    You can get those from moon refuge, no need to run those dungeons.
  9. trove 350 open key is bad... is very bad.

    I can't complain about the crits i've gotten, 1 dyad square, 2 tri gems, tt wpn mat and the inkbrush thing with just 120 keys. Trove crits have been bad for a long time it's not something new so like i always say... don't play the lottery then cry that it wasn't worth it, it was your decision to gamble.
  10. Sunburst

    Even without 3 pvp ss it should be more than dart. This is kinda obvious by looking at the skill but you do realize that you have to be at melee range so all 5 shots hit for max dmg? Yes, light archer is essentially a melee class.
  11. Sealing Question

    You can just look under ctrl+i
  12. With exception of the few top dungeons that got fixed easy mode is still harder than normal mode and has nerfed rewards. That's just bs and a middle finger to newer players.
  13. SEA server again !!!

    They are not worse performance wise and the location is still the same so nothing really changed. Only thing that is worse is the game's performance itself since that seems to get downgraded with every update. Anyway, complaining about no sea server and that he can't play because of it is just bs.
  14. SEA server again !!!

    The only bullshit is what you are writing, the game has the same servers as 2 years ago nothing changed.
  15. guide! of gems for the weapon

    No, you don't understand, you talk nonsense about raven and aransu when it has no relation to gem powder, not having gem powder does not stop you from upgrading your gear and gems is the last thing you should bother upgrading since it's high cost/low value upgrade. It's not like there are no sources for gem powder and upgrading to a reasonable stage doesn't even need that much. I dunno what you are expecting? That new players get high tier gems easily? That's not how it works, getting high tier gems is a long term thing that you actually have to work for.