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  1. Der post da ist uralt und hat rein garnichts damit zu tun, gfn = geforce now auf dem bns schon ewig nicht mehr läuft.
  2. This game always had such weird connection issues, if other people can login just fine while you can't refresh your dns/reset your router or you gonna wait forever till it fixes itself.
  3. Cor


    I'm playing a game that uses it and people cheat there too, i don't think a proper anti cheat that actually stops all cheating even exists.
  4. Did you check your recieved items properly? Maybe it's sitting there somewhere and you just didn't notice... i really doubt only you didn't recieve it, if you did daily challenge everyday like you claim you should have it.
  5. Afaik they removed the chance for extra slots when opening the chest. You shouldn't use that weapon anyway just continue the story and you will get a better one.
  6. That's not true, new slot voucher always comes with new class the last one just wasn't completely free you actually had to do a little bit for it ingame to get it.
  7. UE4 couldn't save the flooding ship, just a tiny increase in revenue in Q3 because of it that will probably be more than gone by Q4 and overall revenue almost halfed since last year.
  8. There are still keys just got one. It says no keys left but it also says putting you in queue for a key and after a few seconds it showed up.
  9. Für die klasse gibt es noch keine 3rd spec.
  10. I dunno, i had the feeling it was quite some time after our release, but even if it was in 2016 they have the big advantage of not having a publisher that actively trys to destroy their own game so it's normal that their servers have a more active community.
  11. RU is much newer region and does not have nc crap as publisher so it obviously has much more active community regardless of anything else.
  12. Yup, same is also true for lightning sin. This guide was bad even back then when it was posted.
  13. So the lake is finally full, about damn time.
  14. They have always been recycling content since the start it's not gonna stop.
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