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  1. That's a get up attack not a mech and you don't need to knockdown the boss in the first place.
  2. Like i said only mechs that are left are for extra dmg there is no punishment if you screw this up. That's so easy to be done that it can barely be called a mech. That's not a mech it's his normal attack pattern, all mechs got removed from last boss.
  3. When was the last time you did sanctum..? Most mechs got removed long time ago and the ones left are only there to do extra dmg there is no punishment when not doing them so yes sanctum is a braindead dungeon.
  4. Nein kann man nirgends sehen.
  5. Benötige mal Angebot zu TT

    Da hast du wohl eher schlechte chancen was zu finden, es wird niemand nen platz nur für erfolge verkaufen wenn er an leute verkaufen kann die auch items kaufen.
  6. Why make a post for that? Just press F and you know it... It does the same as in normal stance it's just a different icon.
  7. Eh.. those crystals have been useless for a very long time already, you can throw them away. They don't use antique system for every item that gets removed from the game.
  8. Update 16.1.2019

    Hä? Keine ahnung worüber du dich beschwerst dungeons werden immer einfacher gemacht, daily challenge packt man heutzutage problemlos mit nem char frisch aus der story. Die hälfte von dem rest den schreibst ist auch teils nicht nachvollziehbar. Da ist kein hacken, "nur" stage 6 farmen ist um einiges mehr arbeit als wenn man einfach zum npc gehen könnte und seine grünen steine ohne eine limitierung (sonnenperlen) dafür upgraden könnte.
  9. Update 16.1.2019

    Es ist sehr wohl angemessen, es ist nicht sinn der sache sich auf diese art mit end game items einzudecken. Wer TT soulshields will muss auch was dafür tun und stage 1-6 farmen.
  10. Verdant Nightstone

    Well, you should have moved them before converting, the old flowers were account bound. It's pretty dumb that they changed a account bound item into a non tradeable.
  11. Verdant Nightstone

    Just throw them away, having so many is worthless since you need solar energy to upgrade them.

    New players do not need tons of pts, or do you expect to upgrade everything at once on day 1? You need less pts than ever and they are cheaper than ever it's much easier for new players than it was for older ones.

    100% chance on the marketplace, and they removed so many premium stones from upgrades already really no reason whatever to complain about them anymore.
  14. I cannot see the Blue Quests

    This is normal most blue quests got removed.
  15. Das ist kein bug, es ist momentan das ende der story quest.