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  1. If that was the case more people would have complained about it already and someone even wrote in this thread that he upgraded to 12 with a voucher he bought.
  2. Name Change

    Then buy one.
  3. WL shield

    Every archer that had a clue knew that this nerf was coming.
  4. 3rd Spec Tree

    3rd spec needs to be strongest so people reroll and feed nc money, all as planned.
  5. It's a new spec not a new class there is no reason to give a slot or lvl voucher lol. Discounts also have nothing to do with new spec or classes either also has nothing do with people not gearing their alts, most people don't gear their alts because they only use them to do events and feed their main.
  6. Achievements recalculated?

    The points shown are always the total including previous archievements, for example the points shown for 100 runs include the 10 and 1 run points. It has always been like that nothing changed.
  7. Crash Windows 10

    Bei mir crasht nix unter win10, nur weil es bei dir so ist ist es nicht auch gleich bei jedem anderen so es gibt ja unzählige pc konfigurationen.
  8. Orange Quests!!!

    Well, next week we probably get the emperors tomb nerf which will turn it into braindead content and scarlet conservatory can't really be called hard to begin with the mechs are the easiest of all raids we had so far. Once we get the tt nerf only thing locking people out from doing those raids are gear requirements.
  9. We had 7 classes at launch and we have 12 char slots atm, either something is wrong with his client or there is a bug if he can't unlock the 12th.
  10. Premium storage not wardrobe, he can't put them in F3 since they are duplicates. Those are the outfits from lvl 60 voucher, if you use it on a char that already has them you have dupes that can't be removed. The outfits in question can't be removed in any way you have to write a support ticket to get them removed.
  11. Daily Dungeon Tracker missing

    Are you lvl 60? It's only available at max lvl.
  12. DGS will eventually be removed as a drop and be added to transmute instead.
  13. Dungeon Drop?

    I see the belt drop quite often you are just unlucky. Also the belt isn't really worth getting it will be outdated in a few months anyway.
  14. Arena ruckelt

    Das problem gibts schon seit launch, kannst nur hoffen das es durch ue4 gefixt wird ansonsten wird es das nie.
  15. Allow transfer Event Key

    Not happening, you want 8 times the reward then you do it on 8 different chars.