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  1. AP nerfed?

    Nothing got really decreased there either, the % shown is always against same lvl mobs so naturally it shows less the higher your lvl is.
  2. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    1200 for 1-6 and 1600 for 7-12
  3. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    Everyone can archive it without any work, you just have to buy the keys from the cash shop. That's why they make it a pain in the ass because they want you to spend money.
  4. The change was that they added additional gold reward for weeklies and then messed them up for everyone so it's not possible anymore to easily complete them.
  5. Major patches

    That's not how things work normally, if people are busy with the work they are doing already you can't just add more work and expect them to do it with no additional time investment. Though yeah i doubt ue4 costs nc much extra, seeing how low the amount of actual new content we get is there are probably only 2 people in the dev team and one of them is just pressing ctrl+c/ctrl+v all day to recycle old content.
  6. Major patches

    No it's not free and you wrote yourself why: Yes, it takes lots of time and work and the people doing that work needs to be paid it does not do itself automagically.
  7. Warped Citadel Guide

    There is no actual mech you just have to stand in the safe zone. That's not something you need a guide for to figure out.
  8. Irrelevant HM

    It should happen next patch with new *cough* recycled dungeon and new tier of cores/scales.
  9. Patch preview stream?

    Streams are always a week before the patch.
  10. Where do you see me accusing you of swearing at them? Please read properly before you write nonsense. I also did not say you have no right to complain, just that your complaint is unreasonable meaning what you expect them to help you with is outside of the scope what they are obligated to since you guys aren't the target audience. I merely stated facts.
  11. But you surely upgraded you gear with it no? Only thing that matters is how much exploited pet pods you obtained. If for example you have 200 legit and 500 exploited pods and use 200 exploited pods to upgrade they still will remove the remaining 500 ones.
  12. event

    Why is reading the tooltip so hard? All the time people asking in chat how this works.
  13. Nö, für im markt gekaufte pods kriegst du garnichts wieder, 5g gibts für pets die man transmutiert hat. Egal was nc macht es ist so oder so schwachsinn, durch die rückgabe von gold/mats werden leute die pet pods vom exploit verkauft haben ja noch extra belohnt da das gold das sie durch den verkauf bekommen haben ja nicht entfernt wurde. Dann hätte der verkäufer den profit von den verkauften pods und das was nc zurückerstattet und der wo die pods im markt gekauft hat ist der gelackmeierte. NC hätte es einfach dabei belassen sollen das sie einen riesen mist gebaut haben aber statdessen haben sie undurchdachte massnahmen durchgeführt und damit noch unschuldige spieler geschädigt.
  14. XML Edits

    I dunno how fm is nowadays since i don't pvp anymore but fm in the past has always been a pain in the ass for melee because of the passive freeze nonsense. It's just broken that they could freeze you nonstop with normal attacks with no cd or dimishing returns.
  15. That's not unreasonable that's the truth, you guys are not the target audience. Playing from asia on eu/na servers and then complaining to the company running the game that your high ping is causing problems is exactly that, unreasonable. Unless you are new here you also should know that nc does not care about their playerbase. They do not care about the eu/na players what makes you think they will do anything about problems from asian players? Your post here will amount to nothing, nc won't do anything for you.