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  1. UE4 ist eine Lüge.

    Frontier server ist nur der port vom mobile game, ein richtiges bns mit ue4 gibt es nicht und wird es wohl nie geben.
  2. Holloween event currency now useless?

    You must be new here, ncsoft and professionalism do not go together in one sentence. It's quite the norm that they screw up something every patch/event they are the epitome of incompetence. If you want to continue playing this trainwreck of a game better get used to it.
  3. Holloween event currency now useless?

    It's a EU only thing because the maintenance is in the middle of the day, there would have been enough time between the weekly reset and maintenance to get another 2 tokens for a total of 66 if they did the maintenance at the usual time. This is prolly the very reason we got maintenance last week that early to prevent that because they realized they messed up allowing people to get a second H.
  4. LOL you really think that screenshot proves anything? No one except maybe people with real potato pcs have fps problems in mushin. People have crap performance in raids with lots of people and so will you, go do a real raid and watch your fps vanish.
  5. Season of Ascension

    More grind for less reward just like everything else they have changed in this game in 2020, fits in perfectly.
  6. Suggestion for new people in game

    lol no we have normal servers there is just a few thousand players left on each server and the numbers are only going down because of how badly nc manages this game, there will never be a new server.
  7. Holloween event currency now useless?

    You make it sound like it's the players fault when it isn't, we have a event period and a redemption period so unless you know from previous events that nc will screw you over it's only normal to assume that you can still redeem all your event currency. It's just terribly handled by nc like everything they do, if they remove rewards during redemption period they should announce it in the event notes and not do it steatlhily, they will always screw some people over who don't know that yet. Also they screwed up even more this event because they removed the letter transmutation even though there is no reason to, they remove oils etc. because they have a weekly limit but there is no such limit on letter transmutation so you can't get more during redemption period than you already could thus there is no reason to remove it during redemption period that's just harassing the players for no reason. At this point where they remove everything good after event ends anyway and potentially remove things that shouldn't be removed they should just remove redemption period completely that would probably screw over less people.
  8. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    True, but we also get the "privilege" of having maintenance in the middle of the day every week.
  9. Sadly that is the norm here, they have been doing things that seem like they want to actively destroy the game since years.
  10. 50 lvl rules in PVP

    It does not matter at what lvl the quest starts you can be 60 hm 20 and still have trash pvp gear. 6vs6 is a gear oriented game mode and if you go in there unprepared without at least the minimum pvp gear you are just a dead weight to your team and it's just normal that people get angry because they lose the match because of it. Just because you have the required lvl it does not mean you are actually prepared to do it, it's the same for pve too.
  11. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    People complained since launch about maintenance in the middle of the day and they never cared and all of a sudden they do a maintenance so early? 100% sure they do it so early just to make sure we are not able to claim another set of rewards because they realized people get way too much stuff that way (even another legendary unity stone). They just shut down the server at 6 then do nothing till 13 and it will be online again around the usual time lololol.
  12. Huh money? What are you talking about hauls are free event items, only event thing in the cash shop is box of spells. If you used the pumpkin tuffy from that box to make more heavy hauls than you can open that's kinda your own fault.
  13. 50 lvl rules in PVP

    You really complaining because you lost in a gear oriented pvp mode? You know your lvl doesn't even matter there even at max level you will get one shot unless you have high end gear.
  14. Slacking players in F8 party

    Yes, you are. I've been playing since launch and you could never kick online players in F8 and you claim that was still a thing 1year+ after launch? lol would have been nice if we could have kicked all the leechers back then but that sadly wasn't a thing.
  15. Golden Harvest Festival Arrives November 18

    It's not like this is something new, they never cared about our fun and at least since the beginning of this year they are on the full milking train. You think they do call to arms event because they are generous? No, it's just to lure in potential victims to milk making them think they got some great gear making it worth to play this game till they realize there is a overwhelming amount of things to upgrade which they will have to spend cash on to get if they want to get anywhere near endgame geared players.