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  1. Do you even know what it did cost before? They already removed the first tier of the pvp weapon and made ascendant almost cost nothing compared to before.
  2. I'm a little confused...

    You know you can't buy >95% of the outfits in the auction house anyway only very few outfits in this game are tradeable. If not being able to buy any outfit you want right away and getting to lvl 35 without it is already to much for you and makes the game not enjoyable then i guess you won't have much fun here..
  3. Huh? Can't check atm but they already made ascendant cheap as f*** last time i checked. ss cost already got reduced too.
  4. That has been rip since long time, pointless thread is pointless.
  5. Does not matter how many people want it it's not going to happen and that they told you to post on forum doesn't mean anything. The only time we might get a region transfer is when the eu server shuts down and they shove everyone on the na server.
  6. Weekly rewards

    It does: You blind or something?
  7. Temple of Succession Raid

    If you don't have proper gear obviously ;) In terms of mech it's by far the easiest raid, none of the bosses requires everyone to do mechs half the raid just needs to dps which makes it rather easy.
  8. LOL die planen die outfits nicht so lange im voraus, nicht annähernd. Wird nicht passieren, mehr gibts dazu nicht zu sagen.
  9. Where can I get designer thread these days?

    Those can only be obtained from salvaging outfits from certain cash events.
  10. too afraid to run dungeons or ask for help

    All older dungeons are just pewpewpew the boss in normal mode, you don't need to know any mechs and can just lfp those.
  11. Find ich gut ich hab noch welche, lasst euch ruhig zeit mit dem fixen! ^^
  12. Weekly reward bugged

    maybe look at the existing threads before posting
  13. The weekly challenge itself is not bugged and works fine so yeah that's not surprising at all that most people didn't even notice that there is an issue. That's no reason to completely stop giving out premium, codes added directly to the account can't be sold after all.
  14. Act 4, Chapter 4 - Defeating Dorin

    I dunno who dorin is from the top of my head but everything from the story should be easily doable especially as assassin since most mobs cant see through stealth. Shadow is the better spec for leveling up anyway so switch to it if you haven't already.
  15. Unity

    Legendary stones already exist they are just pretty much unobtainable by normal players.