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  1. @Vivien - thank you for recounting that group scam. Earlier in the thread when some people suggested that I log out, I speculated that this might enable people working together to get items for a very low price. Sad to see that people have really been trying this. On the bright side, now that the story is out, the game operators can consider more angles and take steps that will improve everybody's experience.
  2. I have a condition that causes premature macular degeneration. I have a lot of vision distortions including difficulty reading low contrast lettering. Again - not an excuse, just answering your question. I include exploiting a system in my definition of scamming. Making a "social engineering" phone call to obtain someone's password is still considered hacking even if the person voluntarily gave their password because of expectations about tech support. In another game I played upgrading a weapon through the equivalent of "card counting" was considered an exploit even though it was
  3. I was referring to myself regarding gender, but of course individual style trumps any other differences. That's definitely not an excuse for anything, and my references to my vision are also an effort to explain the circumstances I'm working with. Glad also that you agree 22 gold was a d*ck move! We can agree to disagree on whether it should be treated as scamming.
  4. 1 gold is a reasonable bid. 22 gold and small change is a huge over-bid that was meant to look like a normal silver bid. I very much enjoy your points about older players, and a few things could be said about gender differences in style of play as well. I hope your remarks about jumping weren't intended to imply my "user error" in that case as well: I get enough flak along those lines in-game already. However, you (and others) can blame and impugn me all day, and I'm still going to see this as a deliberate scam.
  5. I agree about the good advice you point out, even though some of it won't work for me in my personal circumstances. I continue to disagree that my attention was any less than anyone elses: my attention was glued on the bid because I couldn't afford to pay too much and would have let the bid go after 40. I believe I was playing normally, as most people do, and, as you yourself point out, another person exploited a flaw in the bidding system at my expense. You're also right that nothing can be done about it technically (except maybe putting the word COPPER, SILVER, or GOL
  6. I agree that some players see this as "economic pvp", but since a good portion of the population may be pve players, this amounts to saying the game is "for" the pvp players. One segment of players gets to "win" by making the game miserable for another segment. By this logic you could also say that griefing is a gaming style. Some people have tremendous amount of fun griefing: the game operators who support this better hope those griefers are also spending money like whales, too, because their victims aren't going to stick around.
  7. This is my personal problem, but it's difficult for me to place a bid in the numeric slot fast enough because I can't see the keys on my keyboard -I don't touch type the number keys, and if I try to, my fingers get out of place for the letter keys. I use the mouse for everything I can. If anyone is wondering why I'm quoting whole posts, its because the contrast is so low that I can't read the text to edit it once I paste the quote. Someone has already shared that I'm not the only one who has to play with work-arounds, so I'm not saying I'm special. However, advice that works for yo
  8. The only reason this is an entire thread is there is a set of people who insist on exonerating a scammer. Every possible attempt has been made to blame me, under the cover of "advice", but it should be clear by now that I don't regard most of this thread as "advice" - I regard it as a pile-on to exonerate scammers.
  9. The item was a Moonwater Tear: the expected final bid would have been between 20-40 silver, and recent bids have been going a lot higher. This is usually the most expensive item in the old Big Four dailies (other than outfits), so the bid is expected to go into the silver range. There was no "1 gold" bid or even "1 silver" bid. There were a few copper bids, and then the scammer inserted a bid for 22 gold and some copper change so it looked like the first silver bid of someone hoping to pay the low end price. This was a deliberate trick. Rapid bidding at the
  10. So you admit the reason you're fine with such scams is that you benefit from it? O.o Are you open to the possibility some people might need to bid on things and thus have a greater chance of becoming a victim of such scams instead of a beneficiary? At the start of the post, I said I haven't been able to save up enough for all the moonwater transformation stones I need. I was hoping an alternative route was to craft them myself, but as it turns out, I still need raid items for crafting. Now that I'm discouraged from trying to obtain the materials, I'm discouraged from us
  11. I dare you to count to 10 with "mississippis" during the copper portion of a bid and see if its 10 seconds. Waiting to study each copper bid isn't normal practice: it's only something you can blame others for not doing if this hasn't happened to you. If everyone was taking that kind of time on each and every one copper bid, your dailies would take forever. I doubt you would bother with this game for very long if that were the case. If I saw his name again, I wouldn't bother putting the work into the dungeon first to see what happens.
  12. I thought "leave the party" was good advice and so is try to look at the numerical place holders rather than the bid, but most of this "advice" is just letting the scammer off the hook. I was hoping people would appreciate a warning that this scam is going on. Moreover, if the scammer is well-known, people will keep leaving parties and forcing them to re-recruit and reform. And I thank you and everyone else for the advice that was well-meant. However, the assertion I just wasn't paying attention isn't advice: that's assigning blame and it's projecting a situation you rememb
  13. I posted in the first place because I believe this is a form of scamming. The replies are from people who believe that this is normal game play, some of whom may be practicing this exploit themselves. I reply to attempts to shift the blame on to me because saying this is my fault is the same as saying it wasn't a scam. This was a scam that exploits normal behavior during an auction. As someone who also has vision problems, I'm not sure why you would rather let the scammer off than verify the difficulties. I already said I don't regard your practice of bidding up an item as the same
  14. Yet I bet you don't hesitate to tell others to hurry up when you're trying to get through your dailies. The reason copper bids go fast is *everyone* is trying to get on with their dailies. There is a lot of "if it hasn't happened to me yet it must be the victim's fault" in this thread.
  15. That's what I meant when I said "numeric place holders" before. It's difficult for me to look at multiple things at the same time, and I'm keeping an eye on the yellow line to see if anyone has bid higher than me during a fast bid. Some people can take in a lot of different things hyper-fast, but I'm not one of them. Also, some people think that getting away with tricking other players *is* the fun of the game. This style of play means "winning" is reducing the population of the server to a steadily smaller circle of exploiters trying to trick each other -- the victims
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