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New Partnership with Innova


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This is terrible news, i hate innova. Their localiztions is total bulls%^& and support are even worse... Well it looks like BnS i lost to me, i won't play on innova servers, and i can't play on EU servers. Really good job NC Soft.

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Very upset with this news. 

As player, who played Innova's version of Aion, I can only say that this localizators are very bad. They wants only money from there 'buyers' and nothing in return. They're making pay2win system in every game they localized. :( 

Hope, NCsoft still can do something with this decision. Still wanna play with my european friends here.

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I'm very upset by this partnership and believe that I will have no other choice then to abandon this game if Ukraine will be IP blocked. Hope that NCSoft will listen to comments in this thread and make the right decision.

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This is a truly disgusting move, NCSoft.


I specifically wanted to play in the EU region and was so happy when you anounced that there will be no IP blocks. And now shazam! You go back on your word and then forcibly refund me my founder's pack.

Well, I would like to inform you that I have absolutely no intention to play on the RU server and you are basically throwing away my money. After years of waiting for the game I was still willing to pay premium for it. And now you see fit to force me into an Innova-run ghetto.


Way to treat you diehard fans, people. And a way to loose them.

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I'm from Moldova and it's a part of europe,why the *cricket*would it restrict a part of europe?
All my friends are from different european countries and all of them are playing here,I do not want to play on the shitty innova servers...

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That's a bad news, I live in Ukraine and want play in this game but I don't want play in russian server. So you compel use vpn to play in this game on EU server.  IP block = loss of money.

loss of money for all the botters...wanna play NA/EU...move, problem solved...why not play with others that speak ur language...I cannot stand seeing gobblety gook filling up my chat box!

I'm very upset by this partnership and believe that I will have no other choice then to abandon this game if Ukraine will be IP blocked. Hope that NCSoft will listen to comments in this thread and make the right decision.

play in ur own backyard

Bethany and NC guys you really need to address the community on why you guys are changing so much of the story. Just go ask the heads to do something i mean common.... we wanted something original not Americanized.    We paid you money for founders pack's we expect an explanation.


I mean if you guys are worried about spending more money on re translating why? There are already multiple English translations that costed nothing to produce. (in which the translations don't butcher the story)


they said, long before u could even buy a founder's pack that they are bringing it here to NA/EU and localizing it based on our culture...

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I want to tell EU players and NCWest staff some old stories and explain why this situation is a big pile of *cricket*.


Wall of text incoming.


Few years ago, Innova announced new NCSOFT game to be published in Russia. Blade and Soul.

Some fans were happy, some weren't, company went silent for few months and then something happened.

The private server.

Stated as being just an emulator, it was too good to be one. Decent translation, working skills, reasonable performance. Not perfect, but too good.

It was rumored and later confirmed to be an alpha build of the game stolen from Innova.

There were rumors about publishing rights revoked from Innova and game not to be seen anytime soon. Not with Innova at least.


Time passed.

A lot of people tried game on said private server. Community formed.

And finally western localization were announced.


NCWest team spent a lot of resources translating, adapting and promoting game for western audience.

And many fans from CIS who did not mind playing game in English with European community

and agreed with monetization scheme approached NCWest and asked if there will be any IP block.

"No" was the answer.


Few months passed. Founder packs were sold. Players were testing the game.

And there came an announcement.

Innova will (again) publish game in Russia. With beta scheduled for the Q1 2016. January-February. With same content as western version.

What a coincidence.

Few years of silence.

"Surprise! Guys we will publish game in 3 months. And you will not be able to play EU. Oh, you will? Wait a minute..."


(speculations ahead)

NCSOFT or NCWest never planned IP block. Innova had old contract with NCSOFT mentioning it.

Then the game appeared to be popular due to the quality of the game itself and promotion efforts of NCWest.

Innova smelled easy money and decided to push localization. And push IP block too.


Because being a monopoly and forcing people to buy is much easier than making a competitive product in a free market environment.


As a consequence NCWest became a bunch of liers and took reputation hit because they had to go back on their words.

Refund is given only to avoid greater mess. It does not make affected players happy.


Why not?

First reason is Innova's reputation. They did mess a lot of things in a past. A lot. LAII, Aion, proprietary protection software, connection issues, selling powerful game items, milking customers. What's more sad? There are no decent publishers in Russia. Standards are low.


Second reason is a bit subtle.

Every mmorpg game localization is modified and tuned to better fit local market. In reality that means it is tuned to fit some typical average gamer profiles.

Majority dictates rules for everyone. And majority of the Russian players is as bad as you heard. Young, aggressive, and do not pay.

How can you earn money with those? Let them be an entertainment for few players with money.

Buy power, kill mob. Pay-to-win in action.

It is given that there are players who are neither too rich or stupid to pay a lot of money for that feel of power nor too dumb to be a cattle. They do not fit the system.

They prefer to play somewhere else but Russia.


I will ask NCWest only one question.

Why do you use word "partnership" here?

You are *cricket*ed, players are *cricket*ed, Innova zips its fly.

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Dear NCWest, I want to play in the Euro servers, Russian localizers do not have a full view of how to localize Korean games. They are killing the game from the beginning. I test the Euro server and want to play without blocks. It's not fair. :( 

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Well... this is a small spark of light in this whole dark situation. Hope dies last, the petition currently has collected more than 300 signatures.


It was 2 days ago... They answered me the same.

Even with VPN we still lose our packs and thats 3 day headstart, name reservation, premium etc... Waiting for the game so long to get such a kick in the teeth

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It's a bad move from NCSoft. I don't see why they block you guys from playing the game on their servers. Playing together with nice people from the eastern part of Europe could be great, if the "typical" "Russian" players (see the Quotation marks, these words don't reflect my own point of view) - you know, the vocal majority, Kids who spam Zone- or Faction-Chat with Russian sentences -  will stay on their dedicated servers.


I hope they won't start to block the eastern part of Germany, because... You know, history. I can empathize with you guys. Stay strong, I hope for more signatures on the Petition you made. 

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i look video news innova , and brand manager (Link) tell about ip block, he tell next , he don't understand why ncsoft west decide to block ip , and now he give a question to NCsoft Korea what to do. need to do ip block or not XD

is haha , i know this partnership on paper, and ip block is what innova want, because dont have good sell of pack on ru region, and all people know all about innova, he will kill game on 3-6 month



Dear NC West , please give a chance to select, don't harass us, don't sell a good people who wait game from 2009+, is unfair , and unrespect (

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Really, I do not want get _anyhow_ involved with the inova and actually had a very nice ping with EU server .... 


And with this 'access to the European and North American servers will not be available for players in the countries listed above' after so encouraging answers in livestreams like 'no we would not block any access to the EU servers' I'm feeling just fancily ditched ... 


For me the 'Ragequit' was always something unconstructive and silly but getting the mail about auto-refund of my master founder pack and finding this treachery news made me reconsider. 



Nice move ncsoft, It really looks like 'you appinion is important for us' is just not applicable to russian speaking clients. 


Ps : Sorry for my grammar and this somewhat emotional wall of text.  

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Oh god, here we go again.
I'll not gonna post long wall of text and just gonna get myself a nice VPN tunneling so i can play free of my "Russian community" legacy.
Do not get me wrong because each and every community have that part of peoples you never want to be associated with but at least i know how to run away from them.

And yeah Innova def gonna ruin yet another good game in Russia. It was set in stone the moment NC decided to galvanize and resurrect partnership with Innova yet again.

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I just realized all this situation is kinda like that endless game from When seagulls cry.

NCSoft is Beatriche while Innova is Ushiromia Battler.
B: "I will use my magic to murder your gamers on your servers! Now TRY AND DENY IT BATTOOORAAAAAAAAA!"
U.B.: "I will deny your magic with my IP BLOCK! TAKE THAT BLUE TRUTH WITCH!"

Yeah i guess i'm beyond salvation in this mystery in who dunnit, why dunnit and how dunnit...

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Funniest thing that yesterday was Human Rights Day, and yet just a bit earlier you post this thread that violate Human Rights and brings racial discrimination!
Gj NCSoft. Forcing people to do things they don't want to, certainly will get you much of good. And this is before Xmas and NY!!Wd!

sry 4 bad English:)
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