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  1. Small dragon certificate

    Mushins Tower daily still gives a Small Dragon Certificate.
  2. New 50 lvl big update

    You will be able to upgrade it to 10 and then evolve it to True Breeze. Even Awakened Pirate would have been enough, because you would be still able to evolve it to True Pirate and then to True Breeze.
  3. It's easy. Just do your 40 Daily Quests, including Poharan 24, NSH 24, Tomb of the Exiles (lvl 36 Dungeon, gives 2 Soulstones for the Daily), Misty Woods Area, Faction Quests, Big 4 (lvl 45 Blue Dungeons) maybe PvP. (and Poh 6 + BSH 6 if you find non-elitist people) Mushins Tower should be to hard with this equipment, but you could try nonetheless.
  4. Change the name of the game please

    Nice thread. How about: Episode 5: Learn to spell "Assassin" correctly ?
  5. Will this happen for every evolution past this point or just once?
  6. Okay, I only talked about the 6-men Dungeons. You do them with other people, then get the items you'll need to succeed in Mushins Tower and Dreatide Arena (Soulshields, Upgrade Items).
  7. But you are not meant to do these Dungeons solo (you CAB do it with good equipment and good understanding of your class, but they still are meant for 6 players). And don't worry about getting carried. 6 players really make a difference. When somebody aggros the Adds and tanks them, you will be able to concentrate on dealing damage and killing to bosses.
  8. Waffe vor 50er Patch aufwerten?

    Nein, so weit ich gelesen habe wird "Oathbreaker", "Awakened Oathbreaker", "True Oathbreaker" und "Awakened Breeze" dazwischengeschoben. Diese Stufen muss man erst überwinden, wenn man True Profane auf 50 bringen will - während True Pirate direkt auf "True Breeze" geupgradet wird. Mit Legendaries hat das überhaupt nichts zu tun.
  9. Beta2 announcements on release client?

    This is strange, because the beta -client was different from the release-client. You had to download a completly new client, so I can't imagine why there should be any news about Betas in the newest version.
  10. Best way to go from HM1 to HM5

    Oh, so that's why there were so many bots attacking the air in Poh 24. @OP: Just do 40 Dailys/Day for ~2 weeks.
  11. Critical hits , poor description?

    Critical chance only affects the Chance. In the english version, it states this fact. It seems like the french translation is wrong.
  12. The 3 Groups that Enter Bloodshade Harbor

    No you didn't. He said the second kind of group DOESN'T use exploits. Read again.
  13. Yeah... In the first MMORPG I played, "Biosfear"(for EU, Laghaim -> KR/ Savage Eden-> NA), you had to grind months for some high level weapons. You were able to upgrade them to +15, upgrade chances were pretty low and they would go down when the upgrade failed. Many people sold their items on ebay for thousands of €, although you could get banned for it (but people bought the items anyway). Nobody ever said this game was p2w. They even wanted an IG-Store to buy things like XP-Boosts without considering it p2w. And this game was all about leveling up (lvl was unlimited, the highest got to lvl 34x before it closed in the EU) and getting upgraded weapons to level faster. Today, everyone cries "P2W" for minor things and reasons.
  14. Core is f2p, but GW2 (HoT) is still considered B2P. If you buy the game, like you were always meant to do, you wouldn't have any problems. Anets whole "F2P"-Marketing is BS. For BnS, this system could work, because there are no expansions you would have to buy.
  15. Fairest system would be like Gw2 PvP - every skill is unlocked and useable in PvP but still need to be obtained to use them in PvE. But still, the books are not p2w. UD lies, because some troll posted his own interpretation of p2w and other trolles liked it.