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  1. Yeah... In the first MMORPG I played, "Biosfear"(for EU, Laghaim -> KR/ Savage Eden-> NA), you had to grind months for some high level weapons. You were able to upgrade them to +15, upgrade chances were pretty low and they would go down when the upgrade failed. Many people sold their items on ebay for thousands of €, although you could get banned for it (but people bought the items anyway). Nobody ever said this game was p2w. They even wanted an IG-Store to buy things like XP-Boosts without considering it p2w. And this game was all about leveling up (lvl was unlimited, the highest got to
  2. Core is f2p, but GW2 (HoT) is still considered B2P. If you buy the game, like you were always meant to do, you wouldn't have any problems. Anets whole "F2P"-Marketing is BS. For BnS, this system could work, because there are no expansions you would have to buy.
  3. Fairest system would be like Gw2 PvP - every skill is unlocked and useable in PvP but still need to be obtained to use them in PvE. But still, the books are not p2w. UD lies, because some troll posted his own interpretation of p2w and other trolles liked it.
  4. LastWriterStanding explained it during Beta. Jyan / Jyansei are made up words (that are supposed to sound asian), because they weren't allowed to use an actual Asian word for the PC. It's supposed to mean something like "Warrior / Martial Art Master". Actually, only NPCs who have some knowledge about martial arts are refering to you as "Jyan / Jyansei" so it's also a mean to get information about the NPCs (Civilian or Martial Arts Master). And Cricket... They didn't want to use "Grasshopper" to avoid legal issues with a movie brand or something like that.
  5. QFT. Fortunately, Lyn don't have these problems. But these oversized breasts on other Characters... And then even crying for larger breasts... Please add smaller breasts (the smallest breasts are still large), before you implement bigger ones.
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