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New Partnership with Innova


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All easy, innova buyes ncwest, What Innova say, that will be.

i'm fked really interested, innova server was always laggy, when on them play only russians, now when much more ppls go to play, what will be ^_^

from ru forums, innova want to change many things in bns, like a mobs/bosses dmg in dungeons, rates. Innova better know how that must be.. ncsoft just idiots in innova opinion.

So we will be play in another game, yeah its will be look like bns, and has some name, but fked different game. GJ NCSOFT.

for real, how much costs ur asses, how much innova paid u?

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That is really bad news, some people were waiting and hoping to play in 'localized version' since korean closed beta test. And all they will get is imbalanced, pay to win game that is probably going to look completely different comparing to original.

I don't believe that any petitions would help because of contract with Innova (there is probably some paragraph that prohibits changing it untill contract expires). But seriously i don't understand why this should be legal, why Innova can decide where we can play or cannot. Are we still living in Soviet Union? Where is the freedom of choice? It's like "play in what we give to you or don't play at all". Really, really sad news.  

Sorry for bad english.

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