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  1. Hello fellow players! At the time of the release BnS was regionally locked, and I had to use a VPN to access the servers. I have not played for 2 years, and now I decided to come back and try again. The question for those who know: the servers still contains a regional lock or it's open for everyone?
  2. Locked Countrys

    Nobody cares. Get used to it.
  3. New Here

    To pass log-in queue in prime time you need to be premium. To send mail you need to be premium. To loot money from mobs you need to be premium. To have more than 2 character slots you need to be premium. To use auction before 15 lvl you need to be premium. To bid more than 10 items on auction you need to be premium. This little hints game give you - pay to play or get the heck out. Sadly.
  4. How about 40 dailies limit? Idk about premium though
  5. New Partnership with Innova

  6. New Partnership with Innova

    There is a possibility that beta forums will be wiped out as much as like beta servers, so keep in mind - everything you have wrote here may became useless.
  7. So what? On every server - KR, JP, TW, CN - there is no money drop from mobs and low-level items sells to vendor for 1 copper. It always was so.
  8. failed to connect to server (200)

    I may suppose that your friend have a huge ping to this particular server. Happened to me once ctb3 and many other players from CIS. If you have very bad ping, server do not let you even log in.
  9. It's just due overflow inventory. In this game there is 'overflow inventory'. When you open some box that gives you more items that you have free space in your inventory, some items is moved to expanded overflow inventory and you do not see it. It's just a small icon at the bottom of the screen, next to crafting/wheel/etc icons that says that you have items in overflow inventory. Until you take out all items from this expanded inventory you will be unable to open any boxes, salvage items, take mails etc. It's not straight-understanding, because this icon very small and not noticable.
  10. Better ask this question to NCSoft support, they barely read the forums. And post the answer here, I'm quite interested too.
  11. Something i fear."Russian Server Case"

    Innova is just a bunch of 'official' crooks, they wont be listen to the comunity, they wont be listen to laws, they just do what they want. Good example - russian private server. So, there will be IP block, definetly. But I'm still aim to EU, under vpn, under terrible ping, whatever. I'm sure after release people from CIS will be upset by what Innova did to the game, to the balance ans shop. This will be deadly donations. And after complaining, signing petitions etc, IP block may gone after year or about that. Remember Tera case? There was an IP block from Innova, now it's gone, because it's terrible server.
  12. New Partnership with Innova

    Not many are aware that NCsoft already established an agreement with Innova two years ago, but the contract was terminated / frozen. Around December 3 brand manager of RU version Cyril Souchon posted a new video in which he told of how their company (Innova) leaked information, translation and game client, granted by NCsoft on pirate server. Of course, he said it was an accident. But we all understand that, after termination of the contract Innova just tried to get at least some profit from the effort spent on translation. It is obvious that this is how private server born. I'm amazed at how NCsoft continues to cooperate withthis company and then enter into a new contract with them.
  13. So what do you do while waiting for next CBT?

    Blade'n'Soul JP, work.
  14. People, c'mon. It's just a loli, everyone loves loli characters, they're cute.