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  1. Stupid maintenance time

    EU Maintenance? last I checked this topic is titled "Stupid maintenance time " so EU, NA...why does this matter? we are all in maintenance so shut ur mamby pamby EU hole
  2. Free Goodies for downtime

    actually its been out for more than 5 years
  3. Premium Member Queue

    pouring u a jager bomb right now! CHEERS!
  4. Premium Member Queue

    isn't it amazing so far?
  5. Premium Member Queue

    well, I played mushin with my guild in beta...this is where we all decided to settle and that's where we are mereting up...sadly a lot of my guild is already in their 30s and I still cant log in...but it will all come together I guess lol
  6. Premium Member Queue

    see, if I wasn't with this guild for as long ive been with them, I would have gone to another server without question...gaming wouldn't be the same without loing time friends imo
  7. Premium Member Queue

    yeah well, must be lvlin quickly without friends tho
  8. Premium Member Queue

    u made it to 32...gratz! I haven't even made it to lvl 1
  9. Premium Member Queue

    the "Mushin or Bust" crew?
  10. Premium Member Queue

    so, has anyone seen the Chronicles of Shannara?
  11. Premium Member Queue

    lmao...come on...haven't we all bought mittens for our snakes?
  12. Premium Member Queue

    see, if you had Alienwere then u could simply skip the que....
  13. Premium Member Queue

    an I'm guessing since ur here trolling the forums...ur sitting in que too. numbnutz and just so u know...im in this que because my clan is on mushin...the largest one on the server, so...I deffinately have a reason to sit here...and I could care less how you think it works...this is the real world...it don't work that way
  14. Premium Member Queue

    until u can get ur ass perfect...get off mine retard!
  15. Premium Member Queue

    whoa there grammar police...im ranting and can type anyway I see fit...fk off and don't read it if u don't like it. truth is...u were able to read it so climb down off ur pedestal princess cuz I don't care what u think of my grammar... and are u actually retarded? it doesn't take that to increase the server cap...archeage did it in a day after they said they screwed up...and simple truth is, knowing that this many ppl are playing on mushin for early release...what the hell u think is gonna happen when the game is actually released? dumbass