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  1. hello earth also a lot many ppl have been waiting for this including myself
  2. hmm, tbh its pretty dumb that these boxes now need fabric
  3. but you start combat will full bar anyway its doa
  4. but alts dont have 400k dps thats 2nd main or twink alts are just storygear r3 eventslaves o well
  5. im just wondering why the previous p2w event gave us basicly free weapon to clear quest stages relatively easy with no gear and this event basicly kokblocks you at stage 1, or maybe 2 since soul and heart is useless for alts(in its current tier form), and makes no difference for mains would be nice if the weapon cost was reduced to like 1 token each and no achi lock. but maybe some1 can enlighten me
  6. yeah it would be nice , but i can see a number of reasons why they wouldnt do that still, i d definitely enjoy the game more if i could play whatever i want without worrying about the items again
  7. this has been brought up countless times already, and we never got any answer to it, while it would be certainly a welcome change, i dont expect it to happen for unknown reasons, they had the chance to make it account bound when they revamped bg reward, didnt happen, so i guess thats all there is to it
  8. log in once a week for raid , or pvp, wait for content patches the only endgame activity u can do once you are maxed,or have a high end gear is farming achievements and costumes, and thats it. recently a friend of mine quit after maxing out his char coz he had nothing to do anymore and got bored/burned out.
  9. i dont really understand why are they restricting times, imo it does more harm than help but i sincerely hope that if they are limiting times then the frenzy times will be changed accordingy from when the bgs are open until they are closed else this whole plan makes no sense and only make ppl quit, if there is any more ppl there to quit from pvp that is, since its been dead ever since awak happened ladders are completely empty, 1600 rate and class 10+- LUL, and season is almost over.
  10. collecting costumes and achis is endgame
  11. lets just remove bd, and while we are at it remove kfm and sum too
  12. you can farm it in about a week if you put a little effort into it, i did it in 3 day, so its really w/e ,but yeah, something like 10 token would be nice, i want my pve necklace too
  13. i am one of those lazy players also technically u need it for bg and arena, unless they make a direct que, like in many games, where u just que up and get put into dungeon, pvp , or whatever, that would be handy, but we have worse things to think about than this (which will obviously never get fixed)
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