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  1. Arena/BG times...

    i dont really understand why are they restricting times, imo it does more harm than help but i sincerely hope that if they are limiting times then the frenzy times will be changed accordingy from when the bgs are open until they are closed else this whole plan makes no sense and only make ppl quit, if there is any more ppl there to quit from pvp that is, since its been dead ever since awak happened ladders are completely empty, 1600 rate and class 10+- LUL, and season is almost over.
  2. tfw you only have expired ones
  3. collecting costumes and achis is endgame
  4. time to up bd escapes

    lets just remove bd, and while we are at it remove kfm and sum too
  5. you can farm it in about a week if you put a little effort into it, i did it in 3 day, so its really w/e ,but yeah, something like 10 token would be nice, i want my pve necklace too
  6. Now when server are merged...

    i am one of those lazy players also technically u need it for bg and arena, unless they make a direct que, like in many games, where u just que up and get put into dungeon, pvp , or whatever, that would be handy, but we have worse things to think about than this (which will obviously never get fixed)
  7. Soul Account-Bound

    put soul, pet ,talisman in f10 , no reason not to, im pretty sure that would net more profit ,game is already p2w so why not make it hasslefree, also add the gifting option to it so happy whales can sell to happy plebs, meaning even more milking potential.(also make it sealed to avoid the scam potential ) as far as i noticed ppl who consider rerolling either whaled so much that they can just max out another char in a day, or put so much effort into it that they rather quit. (seen both plenty of time) account bound soul is something that has been suggested and ignored a few times, same for pet, and now we have this wonderful talisman, if they keep this up there will be no player to play their long term progression game well, there already are not, so thats that. but im pretty sure they dont care at all, as long as that few gambling addict keeps cashing. also dont get your hopes too high about logic logic died pretty early in this game's lifetime
  8. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    this year's key line is long term upgrade
  9. those are called scamboxes and trove
  10. ice passive , 8% ap on bladeward works, attacks doesnt recover any resilience or hp , 5% dmg reduction is too low to be even noticeable lit passive, 8% ap on seismic /1.2% ap on hit (3times) works , movespeed is not noticeable at all so its w/e, speed is the same when running normally out of stance except you move your legs like a lyn / attacks doesnt stack any rage or recover any hp, ocassionally something gives you a bit of rage out of the blue, couldnt find out what ,cause the talent that supposed to give 5 rage when you get hit isnt working properly either and for goodness' sake let me disable this pure garbage of a skill im sick of getting randomly cc ed because it stops and resets attack animations, i just want to sit in my bladeward comfortably not care about silly stuff like this why did they have to make this garbage a permanent passive skill , i already rerolled to ice anyway ||yes i put the text above the pictures to trigger the snowflakes,in the end im just a forum troll for a dead game that nobody cares about anymore || consider this discord censored but atleast the class got nerfed to garbage tier now, even tho 50% of it is not even working lul im enjoying those new p/\y70M1|\| boxes , got 1 square in 60 and nothing else, kappa
  11. Test server?

    live server is already a test server nowadays , why do you want a 2nd one
  12. Server Consolidation — May 1

    i expected it sooner tbh
  13. you only need 1 trove
  14. Rest in peace FM

    quit game and wait for next skill revamp or reroll to a favored class, thats what ppl do
  15. Legends Reborn Event: Patch Notes & Overview

    now that we are gutting warden can we keep up the good work and do the same to bd bm and kfm too? make balance great again