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  1. msp aka crashcity

    seriously is there any ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing way to prevent ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing crashing on every ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing stage 6 longui, its gettin ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing cancerous at this point / ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ / this is tilt on a new level
  2. more like, if you are not willing to pay dont play the game
  3. DST Challenge mode - A disapointment

    nothing in this game is rewarding, im surprised you were even thinking about it everything is about bigboi trove warriors
  4. it is just absurd, farming hong for 17 token was cancerous enough now the same for mao but 25,this is outright blasphemous, i cant even farm it casually like hong because it takes ages to gather 250 fragment,not to mention it takes ages to clear the dng solodungeons are the pinnacle of boredom,gj putting an important item behind a paywall again. i know a lot many ppl who just avoid the dungeon cause they dont want to burn out by farming it,or just because it takes too long to clear it. i almost got cancer by farming it for an hour just to get 4 tokens once again, only whales can enjoy it who can burst it in 2min why cant it be the same as hong gloves atleast ,why double it?bullshit if only the first 2 boss would have 100% fragment drop or atleast add an option for imperial cores. /rant
  5. can we nerf kfm sum sin bm des bd sf gun fm wl too pils?
  6. the reason why im more suspicious about memory usage is cause i play on 3 char, usually in the same order and by the time i get to the 3rd, that is my main, and i start purpletrain, after 2-3 dungeon it gets a noticeable performance drop, and by the time i finish the train if i afk at mushin for roughly 10 min, i will likely get a crash, however if i do things the reversed way , there are no drops, no crashes, just when i reach a certain point on my 3rd char also im using win7 , with 32 bit, cause 64 is unplayable for me similar scenario when i restart the game, do a train , and join bgs, i will likely crash after the 10th game but if i just do bg after a restart, i can play without problem, as long as i dont do anything else might have something to do with the ammount of ppl you meet during your playtime, cause if i stay with the same group the game is usually fine for a long time and can do multiple trains before i get black loadingscreens and eventually a crash not long after that. another thing i noticed is that the game runs smoother on maxed out settings rather than using the low pc optimization mode 8D so im still fairly sure the problem lies in the game itself.
  7. im not sure about your assumptions tbh, going by that every other game should crash every now and then, but its kinda only bns you know, that makes it fairly certain that the problem lies in the game itself, rather than some1's pc as far as i noticed the game starts to crash once it used up all the memory you had in reserve, cause , for some strange reason, it cant recycle the data, and just stores it infinitely but then again, what do i know.
  8. Tower of Memory needs a quest NPC!

    yeah, i was thinkin the same tbh, it was a bit of a letdown when i forgot to pick up the quest on 2nd day and finished the dng xD even worse, i forgot it on my other char too! so the first thing i do now when i log is accep the q 8D
  9. thats, kinda weird then, i mean, dragonforge mats were acc bound :O and for a good ammount of time too
  10. so when will vengeance and incinerator becomes account bound? any tips? i didnt play at the time when the nova stuff was released, but it was account bound, im wondering why the new one isnt.
  11. if you are inc 5 and cant do anything, then i have bad news for you, honestly.
  12. every class is busted, cant see your point on that.
  13. idk, i ve yet to meet those wardens then i mostly see ridic. dmg from fms,sometimes kfm + normal bgs are an even bigger fiesta than it ever was thx to those new weaps meeting fully geared whales on cbg is nothing new,it doesnt matter what class, if they outgear you its a lose,thats how bgs work (there is a trove going on if you want to catch up)
  14. actually any class 3x ruins 6v6 so its pointless to cry 3 gunner can just faceroll you, 3 fm too, that goes for 3 summoner too as for warden the removal of 70% dmg reduction from sentry stance was enough to make it obsolete in 6v6, by the time the animation finishes you are dead it would be time if ppl actually started to use their brain in this game, but i guess we have trove so its not needed. warden is only op if the oppenent is dumb enough, and thats about it i guess some nice ppl fall into that category but while every1 is crying about warden, take a look at fm,cause thats a class thats more broken than warden, just many times harder to understand and execute it perfectly altho even that depends on the person