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  1. A New Player's Grievance

    when every1 in the game keeps telling new players that they should skip blue quests and follow the story, you could see this coming (altho i still think this is just a bug)
  2. 17/10/18 Blade and Ghoul Event

    im more worried about having 2 visasa spawn in 6 hours of farming, quality event 10/10
  3. RIP story substance.

    its probably just a bug imo or maybe somehing wip. lul
  4. what is the problem with different raid modes tho? i enjoyed that in wow tbh but i can hardly imagine hard mode raids being rewarding in bns, and whats even worse i cant imagine other than a few group actually doing it :D
  5. As a new player...

    typcial NA :D play on the server where u have better ping,as the game is hungry for connection. im on EU jinsoyun, its a nice place.Cerulean is the usual chilly place with weird conversations, Crimson is more of a trade/spam channel and converstations rarely happen there.but i like both faction, both have pros and cons and nice ppl.
  6. This would fix new players problems!

    that would hurt my income alrite now seriously, there are many ways to make gold in the game, outside of doing dailies, doing dailies is the lazy way tbh.
  7. This would fix new players problems!

    im not sure which server are you playing on, i never had these problems on eu, in f8 there are more than enough ppl willing to help you to finish your material quests (i usually help too if im not done with that dungeon for that day c:) and as a new player you can easily make about 30+ gold a day which should cover most of your expenses at that point, and you dont even have to bother with the lower level content, just shogun and upwards till sanctum.(if you are willing to farm you can even make 100g a day lul) i dont think those dungeons needs a change, outside of removing them completely cause its just needless at this point, like everything below lair of the frozen fang. the ppl you mentioned probably needs guidance than strong ppl to help them, i get whispers daily from ppl about what they should do. actually they do cause you can get some gold as a bonus, and in the early stages you can get goldstarved until the next day you can do your dailies again. (if you are not willing to participate in a farmfest) but that is entirely for new ppl that just got their first char to 55,but doing mast/nexus/gloomdross/necropolis is just a waste of time that is true. i dont see the problem with higher level ppl getting the bonus too, like, most of the older players have 5-11 character already :D a few gold wont change much for them. and i wouldnt bother with a long dungeon for 5 gold if i can just do the higher one for 11+g and 1/3 the time making the account lock system would be far more effort than simply adding the gold to the daily q. somehow i cant believe this story under current conditions if newcomers finish the story and upgrade their weapons to the bare minimum f8 asks them to, they wouldnt have any kind of problem running dungeons up till naryu sanctum, outside of getting bored. that would not turn out good.
  8. Weapon gem slot

    rng is basicly when you open a chest that contains 10 different items but it will only give you 1 of the items that the chest contains,as in, random.(maybe some1 can come up with an easier explanation) so for gemslots, when you open a weapon chest, it can give you either a 3 slot, or 4 5 6 and so on if we would have more gemslots. the rerolling part is basicly the easiest way to get a 6 slot weapon, cause at grand harvest square you can buy light or dark weapon chests,for some not so used material otherwise(naryu coins)you keep buying chests until you open a 6 slot weapon, and start upgrading that. as for the chances on upgrading, thats debatable, i ve seen ppl with rift 9 still at 3 slot, and some said they got an extra slot with every upgrade or 2. i prefer the non gambling part, and just spam chests until i get a 6 slot, a rift 3 weapon costs basicly the materials you get finishing the story,so its kind of cheap.
  9. Fix the Damn 6v6...

    thats cool and all, but, unless its a complete rework of the game or its major parts , i doubt it will have any success like, the expectations are so high for games now that if something is missing 80% will avoid it and just go back to the previous game, the diehards will continue playing. this is especially true for bns, maybe back in the days when the game was first announced in kr it was a big hit, but by the time it reached us, it was kind of outdated, and there were other games that implemented that so called action combat better. annnd we are still not at the pay to waitforit "progress faster" part. dont get me wrong, i enjoy the game and its ppl within,but 8 out of 10 in my initial group that i started to play with quit in about a month, bacuse of missing or wrongly implemented features, and i cant blame them, they are right tbh. as far as improvement goes,other than adding a wardrobe to f2p, which should have been a thing from the start, i didnt rly notice any major change since the release, or initial hype, call it whatever.(cost reductions are nice but i wouldnt call those a major change, when the game is already so grindy for next to no reward) (adding higher tier gear to the story is not an improvement either, its just to balance the powercreep they made with newly released content.its like getting lvl 60 green items with better stats than your topnotch lvl 50 purplestuff) i still remember ppl being so hyped for the pvp in this game(even me),and when they experienced it most of them were horrified. but maybe i missed those improvements, or its just too small for me to notice, one thing for sure, the list is still long.(maybe too long) im am happy, and thanks for the answer, but when there are so many threads with good suggestions on the forum getting ignored, even if it is a reoccurring problem for years, years not days, one can only have a small ammout of hope left inbetween the troves and gilded gems. so yeah, i agree that something needs to be done, and it has to be quite huge, if they want to keep their game in these regions.(if) but those are just my thoughts, some ppl are satisfied with free inventory space. (once again, no offense to any1,geez i have to type this every time cause the community here is so sensitive they take every honest thoughts as a blood sacrifice)
  10. rngeezer probably left your side,its not that rare. i rarely see wind tho, its mostly light and shadow,but thats probably just my luck.(not like i need it so its okay)
  11. Fix the Damn 6v6...

    i restart the game before i do any pvp/raid or solo content, so far i never crashed this way if you ve been playing for a while then the game is more likely to crash, first its just getting stuttery/slower loading, or the loadingscreen is black with just the texts at that point its better to just restart best thing you can do about loadingscreens is putting the game on an ssd, that way you can get it running in about 3 min if you crash,and it will also make your game a bit less stuttery,since it will load stuff faster these problems most likely will never be fixed, thats just how the game is. see the arena loading when the countdown finishes and you drop inside the fighting zone, some ppl just die by the time the black screen disappears (shitty design yeah,also one of the reasons many ppl avoid it like plague) they wont, and they never listen to the community as far as i know, no matter how many thread ppl make(i dont think they even check the forums tbh), only the forum commando answers with a vague line like keep the diss in topic, rng is rng, stuff like that. other than that, nothing usually happens.(maybe its better to try on twitter)
  12. y didnt u just upgrade 1?and after work on the next. this event was long enough to get 2x soul and a pet if you just played for an hour a day and did your dc+f10 and 3 ez raid.from the first week ofc. (raids can be done on weekends, dont have to rush it right after reset) but even if you missed half the event you could still get a soul.(not counting the dng resets) there is no need to extend the event when you can just buy dng resets, that solves your problems tbh.(gotta open up that wall-e)
  13. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    would it be possible to make the bg keys account bound? just to avoid the 800 ap alts afk-ing on bgs cause they stacked up on keys. (since the game heavily favors having multiple characters, i can see some1 spending all the solars on bg keys and just afk on bgs after the first cap, or 30k dmg :D,rip)
  14. yee that would be nice, altho it wouldnt affect me personally cause of the time i usually get to pvp. extending it would be a much better idea, given how late the frenzy time is on EU.9pm to 1 am for me. would be a lot better if it was like 6 to 12 or something.(sure timezones vary even between eu players, but not by a huge margin.(like EU-NA) on EU bgs are usually dead till an hour before frenzy.(you can be in the que for 30min, and still nothing) also another possible solution would be having frenzy time at weekends, all day long, like some games have 2x xp on weekends, simply cause there are more players on weekends usually, and they have to catch up somehow. (i highly doubt these thoughts will ever reach them tbh,maybe if we spam support tickets,lul)
  15. my only problem with this game is the genericness,and dont tell me the combat is so amazing cause there were other mmos with much better combat.(those games were shutdown in most cases cause incompetent publishers,devs, but thats what we call wasted potential hey!) the only thing you have is a crosshair that lets you look around, while the boss attacks are still 2d on the floor,and you have autoaim. after all these years this game barely improved on any aspect. the only thing you see in every update is a different colored gem,or better, a combined gem! woahsuchwow. cashgrabscreechingintensifies. still a wasted potential. but since there is nothing better rn, lets just stick with this,and have hopes for the new games that might come in a year or so.(or maybe mmos will just die out,like the moba genre atm.it's been bleeding for quite some time now after all the shutdown mmos. since every mmo was made to be timeconsuming, aka, grindy, if you dont have atleast 3-4 hours to play, dont even consider playing an mmo,(mmos are basicly a 2nd life) cause thats just wasted effort for what you gain, better if you just watch irl channel on twitchtv if you want to socialise online. there are casual "mmos" out there, where u dont do anything just play golf, or dance for an hour, then back to irl daily stuff,thats why its casual. and tbh, once you reach a certain point in this game its not even interesting anymore, you just log in, do your daily challange,on weekends you do your raids, and wait for frenzy to start and do some bgs. at that point its kind of casual.but it takes roughly 3-4 months to get to that point from scratch as a f2p and not playing more than 3-4 hours a day.(playing 3-4 hour a day is kind of casual tbh) as for last words, i d say this game is still worth playing,considering the other f2p options out there, but dont take it too seriously, cause that will lead to threads like this made by burned out ppl.