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  1. Neh there is always another way :D I stopped my BnS sub more than a year ago. I got the FFXIV sub now and in my opinion value for money in BnS is close to 0 at this point. Everyone has there own needs, even in gaming, I get that. If you like BnS thats absolutely fine. It is a good game in its core with massive potential being diminished by NCWest poor handling and involvement with community. What I cant stand is that some people are defending obviously wrong and missed decisions all the time. Its absolutely mind boggling. Finally some good conversation
  2. Until some new supplier opens his shop and starts to sell exactly what you want.
  3. The moment you go "Well meh" you give them a reason not to change anything or improve upon. Sadly people dont see it that way.
  4. Oh believe me, I dont trust a word that they say. And the fact that misinformation happens to often should not be acceptable.
  5. "The Blade & Soul team will select 11 finalists for each category—costume and weapon illusion—with the players voting for the Grand Prize Winners from August 7 through August 14 via the forums. The Grand Prize Winner and Finalists will be announced the same day after voting as closed on August 14." This is from official website, one you mention is from Official Contest Rules file. Can you see any difference, somethings missing perhaps ? Thats the whole problem, discrepancy between those two. But you missed the point as you normally do.
  6. Here he comes to save the daaaaaaay!! In his shining armour. Im actually impressed at this point that you can defend every single *****up of this company with this game. You sure you dont work for them ?
  7. Very elaborate response, I salute you. BG was never fair nor it will be. Its more like One shot ground. Remove pvp weapons and accessories from the game, and put everyone on equal grounds like in the arena. Even then there is a problem of different classes skill balance and fact that some of them are painfully op with there skills. Counting down for the white knight to appear and say how this game is lovely and balanced 3 2 1..
  8. Being polite is a hard thing to do this days, I get it but keep it up you will get there one day. Regards
  9. Yeah I do get the drift bro. I would rather have a replay of something like( Hi, this issue was address by NCS some time ago, here is the link for the post you might find helpful) Instead of going straight to, you should do this or that.... you get the drift ?
  10. You get to lvl60 And then you do same couple of dungeons (most of the other dungeons no one is doing as they give you close to nothing for completion) and raids over and over again because there is nothing else to do in this game. And when you have a event in the game in most cases it involves doing, wait for it! YES same dungeons you are doing every single day. One thing I can agree on is that having a clan makes playing this game much better. But you can say that about any other game when you have bunch of people you like to play with and have some fun.
  11. Ok let me put it simple so you understand. I couldn't care less that whales are spending money and funding whole BnS for me for years now. The whole concept of having to use this fabric is unnecessary and inconvenient. Glad to help you break the 4.5k posts barrier. But honestly I couldn't care less Regards
  12. I dont know what experience you have but simple mode never stooped me in executing mechanics in raids or dungeons.
  13. Ahh but the only way to get fabrics and put them on the market is cash shop/outfits, yes or no ?
  14. Events should not be a requirement for in game character progression. And yes it is badly design.
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