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  1. i actually got 1 vial yesterday from the event pouch, but yea we could have better drop rate for things
  2. They say in the introduction part of the event is that the purpose of this new event is to help people upgrade for the upcoming ET raid. Yet the only items we are able to upgrade with this event are bt accesories. How is a person who hasnt gotten TT accesories think he will be able to clear ET? How does ncsoft think getting bt accesories to stage 10 will help us clear ET? We can only upgrade bt-tier items with this event so is this another event for alts? But alts are fine even without any bt accesories at all, people would rather buy sacred ojl with their alts rather than upgrade their accesories. This event would be great for new players, but i dont understand why did you have to write that this event was to help people get ready for ET when its clearly not?
  3. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    What about the people who cannot do mao? I see some people are unable to do it cause they have high ping why must they suffer like that just because they have high ping?
  4. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    Hong bracelet is bis too why doesnt it cost 50 tokens?
  5. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    The hong bracelet is also bis but it cost 5 tokens. Why should mao neck cost so much? Getting those 5 tokens was painful enough but doable without complaints.
  6. ^ make it 5 tokens just like hong bracelet
  7. Delete KFM from the game.

    Agreed, even in arena is the same thing.. put on evasion and spam away.. kfm is more braindead than summoner now
  8. Korea summoner

    Does anyone know how summoner is right now in korea in terms of dps? Do they have the pink fused badges or not? Is wind summoner higher dps than earth?
  9. Ethereal battlegrounds when?

    So.. lately ive really been craving for some old fashioned open world content maybe even faction content! Its too bad i joined the game in the last days of silverfrost which was the last time ever that open world questing was relevant. I dont want anymore peach lands or moon refuges.. i want faction daillies some daily open world content i can do thats worth my time! It would be awesome too if everyones gear in the area would be equalized so that there wouldnt be no more oneshotting other lvl 60s because the gap between baleful and grand celestial is way too high!
  10. GrandCelestial 6 or ShadowForge 6 ?

    In my clan there was also people who do not see the poison on the boss! However i always just check the icon below the hp bar to see if i have ivy poison so it works for me
  11. Down to 1 server they need to change something

    Well sayd.
  12. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Well sorry i couldnt gear overnight and get tt gear to be able to do this event... i want to participate in every part of this and not be excluded from everything no matter the rewards
  13. So we finally reached a point where a f2p game becomes p2w because either they are receiving lower revenue or because they just want to milk more money and make another game to milk even more money.. this event has officially confirmed that this is the beginning of the end of a f2p blade and soul. Rewards are locked behind clearing the last stage of longgui or burning mausoleum, which require dps to kill, which require gear to kill, gear that players cannot acquire overnight. To me this looks like the end of f2p bns. Unless they fix this event+ add compensation or unless the next event is f2p friendly i doubt i will recommending anyone to play this game anymore or spend any money on it. Because i dont support what ncsoft is doing. I havent spent money on bns in well over few months since they kept ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing the players over i advise everyone to do the same.. or else no one will listen to us - the playerbase - the ones who make it possible for ncsoft to pay their employees.
  14. More difficult events are good!

    We are talking about 2/3 parts of the event which are unclearable for anyone below tt gear.. not the mausoleum

    So i was actually looking forward to this event... but then i found out that the fleeting weapon isnt even enough to clear half the event content.. gg ncsoft you bamboozled us yet again.. most people in the game are still vt geared how come you decided to make this event clearable only for tt geared people? I thought events were something everyone could take part no matter the gear or level.. we want events with mechanics! Not braindead dps events