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  1. Some generic crying summoner thoughts in pvp

    My kds never land thats the problem idk what the issue is i see the kd animation and i see that my cat isnt too far because hes always following the target but still when bd or des spins the kds dont work..
  2. last 2 slots

    its just an alternative why are ppl complaining doe.. if you have low weap and didnt do event then why not
  3. last 2 slots

    Think this is more for ppl who couldnt get it reverted and are stuck at aransu or raven or something and dont wanna start over again or farm hammers its just an alternative
  4. Some generic crying summoner thoughts in pvp

    Well without the aircombo summoner would become pretty useless because we only have 1 stun. And why are complaining about summoner dmg when wardens do 5 times more than i do in a single aircombo?
  5. Is the game dying?

    Yes i agree it is like impossible to find a tag match if you arent searching from like 7pm to 12am.. i mean yea i get it most players work during the day but what about players who work on evenings? I dont work on evenings and my classes end at around lunch time most of the week and when i try to pvp there barely is any ppl. Just a few days ago i couldnt find a single tag match for an hour in the afternoon. But i cant just go complaining that everyone works at day time and i cant play tag match. And also bg is the same last time i did bg a few months ago i noticed it is impossible to find a tag match any time before the frenzy which starts in the late evening. This game is practically completely dead before 6pm when everyone comes back from work. also its been months since the gold nerf and it still hurts f2p players. I feel like 100g/day is a minimum income for f2p if they wanna feel like they are slowly increasing their gear cause now the daily income for f2p is probably 50g from what i have noticed from most players. I mean ppll with premium gold increase were also affected by this.. their income is around 80g probably.. but still its closer to what it was before for f2p players. Honestly when i could still make 100g everyday before the nerf i felt like there was no gear gaps and that there was no gear i couldnt get. The gold farming wasnt too hard and it felt super rewarding. Now gold income is less than half you can barely spare the gold to craft pts (which i have good luck on). Honestly if the prices keep being the same on upgrades and the gold reward will become like it was before it would be super. Because the gold income was decresed but only old content gear got cheaper and mo the current one. I feel like bns should be a game like the in game arena.. all stats are equal and every player with good gear or bad gear has the same chances to become good at something whether they trove or not. It should be like this in pve too. Bns maybe should sell more costumes instead cause i buy those alot and thats how i support the game. And no im not a f2p cry baby i actually spent money on trove and buy lots of costumes and buy premium. But even though im not f2p i want f2p players to not be shut out from new content.
  6. This definately needs fixing. Also for such old gear as bt i feel like bt should now become daily so that new players gear up faster. Vt is also old content but the items are still a bit pricey from a carry raid at least for a new players. Maybe vt is better if ppl can do it twice a week?
  7. Idk i heard you can get tt and vt soulshields for cheaper with this event but idk. I did it yeaterday but got only 1 vt soulshield
  8. Yea there needs to be a timer and better optimization overall.. sometimes just bc someone has a better pc or ssd they get easy wins which i think is unfair. A 10 second timer would fix everything since most wins usually depend on the opener. Im not sure how the timer would work in tag matches though since the switch is instant. But yea if bns doesnt do this then i agree they dont care about fair play.
  9. Make Blade And Soul Great Again

    Sounds so good that its impossible to be true
  10. Yes i play summoner and yes this class actually requires timing and plannning if you wanna be relatively okay in pvp. And yes i do play other classes. And no i cant get plat or gold in arena by just spamming. Summoner might be an easy class but pvp isnt all about how easy a class is or how good you play a class its also about learning other classes. And no you cant get gold in arena by rmbing and hiding behind your cat. You actually have to time your skills and plan your ccs and predict other ppl. I know. Shocking right? And guess what. Summoner is actually pretty easy to beat in the high ranks. And im not really asking for a buff im just asking for me like balance. I do agree i might be asking for too much if you think so you can tell me in the comments and i might change my mind. So: This isnt such a big issue but its a bit annoying in pvp.. basically the basic skill where you command your cat to attack someone is on tab but so is lunge which is a stun.. sometimes when i do pvp I find it annoying to land stuns when i dont need to.. example: i am webbed to the ground by a sin or grabbed by a destro or fm but i want my cat to attack them and get close while im grabbed and not stun them. Or i want my cat to go to the target to i can prepare a cat daze or kd and the thing is if my stun cd gone my cat will stun if i press tab when i only want it to go to the target because there have been instances where i was trapped in a cc and my cat stopped attacking and if i wanted it to attack again i would either have to hit the target or press tab. so basically what im asking for is a key that would allow me to control when my cat attacks or stops. also i feel like every single class except warden needs a buff to their basic defense stats in arena bc warden literally kills my cat in 3 hits if my Q is on cd or cat is knocked down and cant get upbc my E is on cd. I dont mind warden having 2 hps bars but i think they just do too much dmg compared to other classes. Like wl is really strong with td and their aerials and bm is very strong with random dragontongues but warden is just way stronger than both those classes. And im not complaining about bm or wl im just saying that warden should actually be required to use their brain if they want to get plat or gold ranked in arena. Also i get it that i play summoner i mean i like the playstyle and its a simple class but i think even summoners need to plan their ccs and counters and not just randomly spam whatever like warden. Also : remove the annoying aoe cc that the kfm has and make it single target. Also: issue i have noticed: too many times have i attempted to kd a spinning class to make them stop spinning and none of them landed or they got up immediately and started spinning again like i was spamming kd stun hard to make it land. So i feel like everytime you kd someone there should be like at least 1,5seconds when they cannot spin after a kd. Idk maybe thats too op but i would like to hear opinions from spinning classes to hear if they geniuenly think that its hard to land kds on em when they spin. Cause i like literally attempted to kd a spinning bd with my kd 2 times in a row and it missed and he was spinning right next to me waiting for me to use a general attack so he could stun me with his deflect. This isnt just a summoner problem its a any other class that can kd problem. Idk maybe its just me but literally my cat follows spinning bds everywhere and still misses the kd so they could f roll or get up and then i daze em. But its barely possible for me i mean the bd is spinning right infront of me and i call my cat to me with beckon which is supposed to kd ppl and the bd is still spinning and doesnt get kd. Idk maybe i need less than 100ms ping to land a good kd idk.
  11. Make Skybreak Spire Reward Scrolls Permanent

    agreed for permanent scroll
  12. I completely aggree with you.. why bother even choosing to create a bm/kfm or warlock character when you can play a class that does both tanking and buffing?
  13. I see wardens with aransu killing other classes with dragonforge with no problem.. thats the issue. Wardens arent afraid of gear gaps or even ranged classes in arena cause their hits hit as far as my rumblebees... at this point is warden is a ranged class... even if i counter their random slashes and run away i still get hit when im far. And whats with the constant cc immunity? Also warden is so easy for 3v3.. they just tag in do some random slashing and boom 2 enemies are dead within 3 seconds.. i hate it that this class does insane damage without needing to do any ccs.. even blocking with a bm doesnt stop their random slashes damage. At this point bm block should be removed or renamed to deflect cause thats the only thing that works against wardens.
  14. How to effectively Pvp as Summoner

    Same here kfms counter everything for me and have lots of aoe cc