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  1. Ill tell you what, why dont you sell all your elysian orbs and sacred crystals and buy moonstones instead so pvp players dont have to get their rewards removed because you cant even be bothered to think that you might be forced into doing pvp for materials while pvp players must pve everyday for events or gold since the pvp lobbies arent even open 24/7 like the pve ones.
  2. All you pve players care about it getting all the moonstones to yourself. But remember that the only way to obtain sacred orbs and elysian crystals is from pve? And the only way to obtain soulstones and moonstones is through pvp? By moving soulstones and moonstones into pve you will literally defeat all the rewards people get for pvping. If thats the way you think, then ncsoft please remove sacred and elysian orbs for pve dungeon chests or just delete bg and arena since those will be a waste of time for no rewards
  3. Why must everything be new new new to bns players? I honestly like when they recycle old content because it is nostalgic if you have done it before and for new players who have never done mushins tower it will be new content as well. Its a win-win. But now the problem lies in how difficult ncsoft will make this event. I consider everything requiring more than bt gear a bit harsh on new players or alts since no way do they have vt gear if they are new
  4. Yea and add more ways for pvp players to get more sacred and elysian orbs
  5. How can you lie straight to your playerbase?? You made a mistake on the cost reductions, in the sheet it said they were gonna get reduced but in game it got more expensive and now you are making dumb excuses like “miscommunication” when you are just too lazy to fix it. I mean whats the point of watching any of your patch preview streams and patch notes if the information will be wrong every single time? You cant just promise a kid a lolipop and then tell him he wont get it anymore cause of misscommunication. Thats not how it works and Thats exactly what you are doing to your play
  6. All we have is a system changes preview but where are the full patch notes for tomorrow’s update??
  7. Hello im here to give some feedback. The gold rewards were increased and i think they were enough and doing the purple train was worth it again. I like that you dont need to work more for less rewards since now you can claim the material box on 3 challenges completed. Very well done ncwest team! Though it would be nice if we could claim the materials reward from weekly challenge on 2 weeklies done cause its a pain to do the The halls and then have to go into dasari to do either sogun or the thrall weekly.
  8. you know what people would spend money for in this game? WINGS. EVERYBODY LOVES WINGS. every cash user loves to bedazzle their characters so release rng boxes with skins and wings with dragons swirling around your character and you will be good to go! i mean everytime you release an rng box its like a mini trove with less or more profit for the players! i think they should release more cosmetics into the game and wings for the whales and swirly dragons too! Maybe new fps dropping skill skins!
  9. Then it must be something else? Maybe hm focus charms? Still the match felt very unfair
  10. I dont get what all the fuss is about easy mode.. i mean i never wipe there with an lfp party
  11. Yes i do think that kfm is pretty op against like most ranged classes. I mean against summoner they have countless aoe ccs and they can oneshot the cat if you dont see tremor coming. Also they have cc immunity for like 6 seconds and they can cast the skill once every 8 seconds. When their immunity is off they will just tremor or pull stun which you cant block except for pull stun. If you try to block pull stun they will just do some defense piercing bs or tremor since you cant block it nor can you see the animation before it happens on any of their skills except for the air jump. I
  12. And you are wrong it takes a daze or a stun to knockup a person. And summoners are only good at pvp because of the air combo. If you remove the aircombo summoner is as good as useless in pvp. And let me tell you how hard it actually is to aircombo someone, i mean we have to stun or daze you first before we launch you into the air so you have a full second there to tab out before we hit v. There is a super super low chance that v will crit and we can v a second time but that chance is very low and doesnt even happen everyday. (Btw we cant launch you with a kd like you say). And summoner a
  13. Im all for it, when i was new in bns a few years ago i didnt even knew what mechanics are or that they existed and wiped my party too many times x). People sayd “look up the mechs” and i had no idea what “mechs” mean. so it would be nice to have like an in-game journal where all the guides for the dungeons are stored.
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