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  1. Make earth summoner great again

    Uuh you need the bracelet too and that costs lots of gold and mats
  2. So alot of people have mained earth summoner because it gives more dps than wind summoner at least before the awakening but i hate it how earth summoner is so useless in battlegrounds where gear counts and it would be expensive to upgrade wind gear just to pvp in battlegrounds cause you need the ring, earring, necklace, fushed badge, vt badge and a different bracelet and yea i know i can switch between accesories when they are stage 10 but what about all the other items? Whats the point in switching between specs at all if you cannot switch more half of your stuff? why cant earth summoner be like gunner or asassin where both elements work great in pvp.. i feel like it is so unfair to make one build good for pve and another good for pvp so that you have to choose between if you want more dps or if you want more kills in beluga. and yea yea everyone is going to tell me “oh just main a wind summoner then” but why must the game work in that way where i am forced to play a build for pvp and another buld for pve if i want to do dps or get pvp kills in bg. And yea most of you will say “no one is forcing you” but still would you like it if you loved to play battlegrounds but wasnt very into spending thousands of gold for a new spec just so you could use it only in the battlegrounds and nowhere else? I wouldnt. i like having dps and i think earth is a fun build but only in pve, in pvp i think wind is more fun but why must it be so extremely expensive to be able to play wind in bg?

    Yea bms v dash does a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ load of damage too much dmg imo and also kfm has some oneshot combo literally with some burning ground or something
  4. Odd things in BR

    This is probably not unfair but i got oneshotted by something idk what i didnt even see who killed me, the person probably charges and threw a poison bomb on me and anything that can oneshot is too op imo

    there are 3 version of piggy set? I only know the one from trove and windiest but windrest gonna take a month to farm

    but the normal one takes 1 month to farm in the questing windrest place
  7. Open world PvP

    I played lineage 2 and guess what there was one lvl 85 pker that pk all the low level characters levelling in the zones and he wouldn't get penalty, so I wouldn't want that if thats what you mean about the pvp experience in lineage 2 dont get me wrong I like to pvp, I do battlegrounds arena and battle Royale everyday but the only reason I wouldn't like this pvp system is because of pk
  8. Crafting in B&S

    Crafting isnt worth it.. but if you need like empyrian stones or transformation stones only the 35 stone bundle crafting is worth it.. there isnt much money making in this game.. personally i found 2 efficient ways to make money which is battlegrounds for moonstones and arena for soulstones
  9. Daily quest gold nerf

    Okay im tired of these gold nerfs over and over and over again... all the previous patches i could farm 100g just from the daily quests i take in f8 dungeons but now the reward has been decreased yet again and now making around 40-50g per day... i know that they nerf the gold reward so that there wouldnt be inflation or what its called when gold becomes worthless but at least add some new ways to farm! The gold reward has been nerfed yet again though the prices on upgrades and materials are still the same! How is this good for the economy of the players? im not a pro on how economy works but decreased income and same price on upgrades/materials/transmutation dont go well together.
  10. So... i troved for my 3rd time ever and what i really really really wanted to get was the piggy costume set! And guess what after 125 keys i didnt get the piggy headpiece! Only the costume dropped and i got other trash like sacred vial, pet pack, dyad square ruby-amethyst, ores, radiance stones and skill illusions etc... get your ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ together why is the drop rate on the head piece so low!
  11. f8 issue

    so recently ever since awakening my game started to freeze for eternity on boss fights in f8 dungeons and what I hear from the community is that im not the only one. ncsoft get your shite together and do something about it, people here are loosing heavans mandate, cold storage bosses because of those freeze, loosing progress in f8 dungeons, battlegrounds and battle royale. fix it for fox sake
  12. Cant contact ncsoft support

    @Onirique am I a joke to you
  13. What do I need now to get stronger?

    You need to find a new clan and clear the raid or buy a carry raid
  14. Cant contact ncsoft support

    Its been 2 days and still no replies
  15. Cant contact ncsoft support

    yea still no answer