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  1. To clarify, "Expired" Boxes are the original boxes that dropped BEFORE the patch from Midnight Skypetal Plains. The new boxes with the increased evolved stone drop rate still drop properly during the week, however during double drop weekends, stage 4,5,6 of Midnight Skypetal Plains are dropping the old "Expired" boxes instead of the new ones.
  2. Midnight Skypetal Plains Double Drop weekend boxes are the wrong kind. It's dropping the "Expired" versions and not the new ones with the increased drop rates for evolved stones.
  3. The Force Master's defense buff which increases defense by 10% for casting an ice skill and stacks 10 times is applied correctly on equipment, but is not applying to the entire base defense. Specifically the defense added from putting points into the "Defense" area from Hongmoon levels. I've attached 4 screenshots showing before buff and after 10 stacks, with and without 10 points into defense. These screenshots show that it doubles your base defense, before applying the defense gained from adding Hongmoon points into defense. Also, there's no buff icon displayed to show how many stacks of thi
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