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  1. Put merchant back in CS and HM

    It's still there but ninja nerfed spawn rate.
  2. bug in Hunter's refuge

    It's not possible with the current B&S system, they would need to remake of how party instance works, the way it's working right now it works in Korea too. The only reason why in MSP, dungeons or any of the raids is not possible to bypass this it's because leaving a party kicks you out from instance, since Hunter's Refuge player cap is greater then 12 players and does not kick you out from instance when leaving a party it allows players to bypass it, that's how people used to bypass Poharan/Harbor 24 man, While I understand it might not be fair but at the same time they would need to remake of how instance works, if they made system like F8 12/6 man random party queue or 12/6 man pre-made party enters and battles against other matchmaked 12/6 party then bypassing would be impossible as it would kick you out when leaving a party.

    F2P server would not bring enough profit to keep server running, they would need some sort of income even from P2P monthly, there's not a single company out there that pays from their own pocket so your so called "normal players" can enjoy, what your asking now is impossible too as it would cause problems for people that invested thousands, all they can do right now is improve the existing server but not make a new one.
  4. bug in Hunter's refuge

    This exists since the release of the game, doesn't have to be Hunter's Refuge, you can bypass like this on any region in the game, nothing new.
  5. I'm just curious.... So if I screamed in your face "go and jump from this bridge" - you would do it? - if that's the case, when are we starting? All people wanted is for them to fix the problem and ban people who were abusing this, no one screamed nor shouted to ban inoccent people along the way but like someone on the discord said: instead they threw a band-aid at it and the way it sticked, is the way it goes. No point in playing the game right now until they fix all this mess, not going to risk playing and by the end of the day get banned for inoccently fishing as an example.
  6. Windows 10 - security flaw

    I thought I share this here for people who have their Windows Updates turned off and doesn't know about this. While this post might look like "it's one of those scamming update/download posts you see in facebook" - but it's not, it's on the news too ^^ Regarding anyone running Windows 10 on their device The NSA has released an official, public statement urging everyone to update their Windows devices as soon as possible. An exploit has been identified in the current version of Windows 10 that can allow malicious software to be automatically installed on your computer, under the guise of approved Windows updates. This means that very soon, hackers will be developing tools to be able to take control of and install malicious software to over 900 million PCs worldwide, with little to nothing that can be done to stop or remove the infected software due to the system believing it is from an approved Windows Update. The NSA and US Department of Defense urges everyone on Windows 10 to update their computer IMMEDIATELY, as a fix for the exploit has already been released. Again, failing to update now will put your machine at extreme risk in the future. To update, click the windows logo in the bottom left, click the cog, go to "update and security" and press "check for updates." Links to the OFFICIAL NSA statement and a detailed news report are included below for you to read.
  7. Reaching higher FPS

    I run the game with Ryzen 7 - 2700x and RX 5700 XT Sapphire Nitro+ and the game runs slightly better then yours, so I think best is to wait for UE4 and hope it will be better, but in all honestly it's already good enough, no complains on performance here ^^ only net code could be better. For Lower end PC's is another story though.
  8. Reaching higher FPS

    It's CPU heavy, it also has bad optimisation, so you need to have a good PC to enjoy the game including raids, Try running game with DX12 it will use more of your GPU and at least for me it's more stable on FPS, without DX12 I wouldn't be able to play the game on all settings - 5 and without ALT+F during raid.
  9. Reaching higher FPS

    You can try running game with DX12 but 55 FPS (assuming during combat and all settings on 5) is already good enough, don't expect to have 100+, because you will not.
  10. Fireworks of Archer

    There's a lot of modifications coming for Lightbringer on how class is being played, (not sure about Windpiercer). However I'm not sure if there are any changes to how Firework works.
  11. What's a decent dps nowdays?

    Do we also have to guess how geared you are and what class you're playing?
  12. amd driver

    I'm using R7 2700x with RX 5700 XT Sapphire Nitro+ and 19.12.2 AMD Driver Version and it works perfectly fine, Take a look at this thread, it Might help you.
  13. Cannot remove uniforms from inventory

    Showroom aka Wardrobe is now free for all, you don't need premium to store anymore. All non discard able items can be sold in NPC shops.
  14. Can't start the game

    Assuming you've installed Blade & Soul on the default path,you'll have to create an exception for the following: EXECUTABLE FILE PATH NCLauncher2.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher2 Client.exe 32-bit C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin 64-bit C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin64 Make Sure to do this for ALL security softwares on your computer and see if that helps you. You may also try; Instructions: Go to your Windows Start Menu Search for your Run utility In the Run utility, type msconfig Go to the services tab Hide all Microsoft services Disable all, enable anything you usually actually use and you can troubleshoot with that to see what the problem is. Crashing/Closing issues can sometimes be caused by 3rd party programs interfering with the game client.
  15. AMD RX 5700XT Performing bad on BNS

    Hello check this thread out it might help you out.. Psss, are you PoledancerAhri by any chance?