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  1. Can't start the game

    Reinstall NC Launcher 2, and instead of Re-Installing the game, you will see a bottom to find your existing installation next to play button, You have to link your NC Launcher with your installed directory, for example > D:\Location\Blade and Soul\BNS, you have to select BNS folder, selecting "Blade and Soul" or however you named it won't work, be sure to go inside the folder and select BNS folder, other wise Launcher won't be able to pick up installation location.
  2. it says in item description, so you need 10 Brilliant Sealing Charm Fragments. Soul, Heart, Talisman, Pet Aura are all 10 each. Earring, Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, Belt, Gloves and Pet Gems are 2 each, and weapon is 5 I believe.
  3. Can't Progress Solo?

    the main purpose of MMO is to socialize and play with other people, not solo, I mean you can, it's not impossible, but you will have a harder time then playing with other people, you might want to find Single Player genre games to suite your needs if you like to play solo, In most MMO games eventually you hit point where you will be forced to team to progress, As for Moon Refuge is a great place to farm, again, you join a party at spiders, there's plenty of people recruiting non stop and those 20 kills become nothing, 2 minutes? 3 Minutes? depending on the party, it's really fast, So 1440 Buds would take from 8 to 12 hours of non stop farm, so lets be more realistic, so 2 days? 3? depending on how much you are willing to spend farming, also you can just join people that recruiting for Skybreak Spire and literally get Free Accessories from it, because no one needs them anymore, so it's very high chance you will get a full set in one run, (No one cares about AP anymore in that raid, so 99,99% chance you will be taken to party with whatever gear you have)
  4. SSD's 850 vs 970

    Done with 970 EVO because that's where I keep the game, Lazy to transfer between SSDs again. 64-bit 1st Try - (01:22.14) 2nd Try - (01:21.51) 32-bit 1st Try - (00:33.13) 2nd Try - (00:32.76)
  5. SSD's 850 vs 970

    Just tested it for you, the stopwatch was started once BNS Logo appeared on Desktop and Stopped on PIN Screen Samsung 970 PRO NVMe M.2 - 1 TB 64-Bit 1st Try (01:19.23) m/s 2nd Try (01:16.78) m/s 3rd Try (01:15.15) m/s 4th Try (01:15.06) m/s 5th Try (01:15.04) m/s 32-Bit 1st Try (00:28.13) s 2nd Try (00:26.08) s 3rd Try (00:26.06) s 4th Try (00:26.02) s 5th Try (00:26.34) s Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 - 500GB 64-Bit 1st Try (01:21.06) m/s 2nd Try (01:17.26) m/s 3rd Try (01:18.24) m/s 4th Try (01:18.27) m/s 5th Try (01:18.17) m/s 32-Bit 1st Try (00:31.04) s 2nd Try (00:28.11) s 3rd Try (00:28.06) s 4th Try (00:27.96) s 5th Try (00:28.01) s The only thing I've noticed is when switching from 32-Bit to 64-Bit the first start up takes few second longer, same happens from 64-bit to 32-bit the test was done with many other programs running in the background, maybe testing Blade and Soul on a clean boot would improve on loading speed tiny bit or none, but then I don't think anyone is just dedicated his/hers computer to running Blade and Soul only, I wanted to test on 850 EVO but sadly I do not have enough space to transfer my blade and soul on it. My Setup is: Ryzen 7 3800x RX 5700 XT - Sapphire Nitro+ x470 Gaming Plus Vengeance LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) 3600 MHz DDR4 Samsung 850/970 EVO/PRO, HDD WD Blue.
  6. If errors like this occurs for you when logging into the game, changing character, entering zone through a portal or F8 then it indicates your internet connectivity, I had this problem 2 years ago when I moved From one Internet Provider to another, I did not had a single DC before moving to my New Internet Provider, but the day I changed the errors like these started occurring in Blade and Soul 20-30 times a day, after a lot of investigations on my end, I decided to contact my Internet Provider via their forum and talked to Community Team they ran tests on my broadband and everything came as normal, but then they also decided to send me a new router an older version then what I had to test it and see if that changes anything, after trying and testing new router for over a week there was not a single disconnection from Blade and Soul, so I kept the older version router they sent and sent them the newer version back, never had a single disconnection from blade and soul or anywhere else since then, aka little over 2 years now. So you could also start investigating your issue by contacting your Internet Provider and ask them to send you a new router to test, they should send you a replacement free of charge, if new router won't help you, then you'll just send them back the router and try something else. (At least in UK they send router replacements free of charge with a Pre-Paid return package, not sure in other countries, but probably too?). You can also try and do a firmware update on your router by logging into your router by entering either 192.168. 1.1 or 192.168. 0.1. depending on your router to the browser search.
  7. Cinderlands Tranformation Stone

    Because once upon a time they existed, they were not removed from the game, they are just not craft able and not obtainable, it's common sense that people will still have them and sell them on market place, but no one buys them as they have no use, same as there are many many items from level 45 cap and above that existed and was removed from the game "aka" expired but people still have them because they chosen not to antique them and keep them, I also saved so many items that most people don't have, items that were removed from the game and don't exist, I also still have Founder's pack that I did not open all this time hehe.
  8. cannot launch game

    You can try writing support if you haven't found a solution yet -
  9. Recommended beginner class?

    Just choose the class you like the most, you can test all classes before you decide which class you would like to play, When making a character in creation do the voucher (even if you don't have it) it will let you test it in training room and then delete character and try another one and when you decide which one you want to play, create character again and this time choose the level 1, or buy a voucher and you will skip to level 55 I believe.
  10. Low FPS with high specs

    I'm not Nvidia user so I can't really recommend anything, but try googling, there should be many many things you can try for Nvidia, Maybe DX12 and BNS buddy would help you, but then again, I don't know what exactly NCSOFT is filtering now, I was on holiday when XML ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ fiesta happened, so I don't know if it's allowed or not anymore.
  11. SSD's 850 vs 970

    That's what you should always look when it comes to computer hardware, Performance per dollar I agree, big difference in price. To write those 150 TBW of 850 EVO you would need to write 380 GB every single day for over 365 days to reach 850 EVO 150 TBW, In other words, to fill two-thirds of the SSD with new data every day). In a consumer environment, this is highly unlikely. For normal users that do moderate reads and writes and keeps PC running 12 hours a day, which equates approximately to a 40 GB daily read/write workload over a ten-year period, Even if one raises this amount up to 80+/- GB. it means that you would have to write for more than 5 years until the 150 TBW limit was reached, 860 is a very incremental improvement over the 850 and in the real world you will never notice a difference. someone who does or plans on doing big reads and writes would never choose neither 850 nor 860. like I said before, The 860 was just a newer iteration of the 830/840/850 line, you would ONLY ever buy 860 if you find it cheaper then 850. I'll repeat what I said above this, 860 is a very incremental improvement over the 850 and in the real world you will never, never, NEVER EVER notice a difference. TDLR: so reasoning you gave why 860 is better then 850 and why he or anyone should choose 860 over 850 is remarkably dumb, no offence of course, few more years later, New SSDs comes out and 970 EVO/PRO will cost cents. TDLR: You would ONLY ever buy 860 if you find 860 cheaper then 850. TDLR: In a Long run 970 EVO is the best choice to buy in 2020 for day to day uses, 850 for Windows.
  12. SSD's 850 vs 970

    850 EVO - Pre-Owned costs £10-15 For (250GB) on ebay. 860 EVO - Pre-Owned Costs £40-60 for (250GB) on ebay. Samsung 850 EVO: Maximum read speed: 540 MB / s Maximum write speed: 520 MB / s Samsung 860 EVO: Maximum read speed: 550 MB / s Maximum write speed: 520 MB / s The 860 was just a newer iteration of the 830/840/850 line. So 860 vs 850 clear winner is 850.
  13. SSD's 850 vs 970

    970 PRO/EVO has 64 Layers of V-NAND 970 EVO PLUS has 96 Layers of V-NAND 970 PRO PLUS (As far as I know is not released - correct me if I am wrong) If you're planning on buying SSD just for sake of loading screens in Blade & Soul or Games in General then even buying SSD such as Samsung 850 would load almost the same speed as 970. 850 Pre-Owned is also £70+ cheaper then 970 Evo and much more then Pro, (Depending on Capacity too of course) If you think you will be doing some heavy/moderate file transferring in a long run then buying 970 EVO is the best option, as it would win against 850 EVO by a huge mile, If you think you will be doing heavy Video Editing and Video Rendering then buying 970 Pro is a better option, but even then the 970 EVO would perform almost as good. I personally use; Samsung 850 EVO - 120gb - Purely for Windows Only (Rest of the Folders are location changed to HDD) Samsung 970 EVO - 500gb - For Games (Was using 850 EVO for Blade and Soul before, quite a while ago, No difference/barely noticeable in loading speed on 970 EVO compared to 850 EVO) So if your buying just for Blade & Soul or games in general then 850 is more then enough to give you what you need, 850 vs 970 Pro/Evo in Windows/program Loading speed is around 1-2 seconds, (For the price point - Not worth). Where it shines the most is Huge File Transfers, any 2.M NVME would destroy older generation SSD when it comes to huge file transferring/rendering. Samsung 970 PRO - 1TB - For Photoshop/Sony Vegas/After Effects/FL Studio (970 Pro vs 850 EVO in Blade and Soul loading = barely any difference, well maybe (questionably) 4 seconds faster) Pre-Owned 850 SSD you can get right now go for about £15+ on ebay, (120/250gb~) as older models are out of production. So £15+ vs my £250+ for 4 +- seconds difference? - Not worth. HDD WD Blue 7200 RPM - 6TB - For Storage on paper Larger SSDs are faster then smaller SSDs because of channels in parallel, but in real world performance not so much, or at least not really worth the price difference for performance, of course there are games out there with excellent optimisation and good loading performance optimisation that even 970 EVO/PRO does really destroy 850 in Loading, but it's quite rare and Blade and Soul definitely doesn't do a good job on that. I would personally recommend you to get 970 EVO by looking at a bigger picture and not just for Game loading speeds but more in a long run, I would only recommend 850 if your budget is low and your not doing any moderate/heavy transferring, If your budget is fine to get 970 EVO, go for it, other then that 850 EVO is excellent for windows and moderate file transferring.
  14. Put merchant back in CS and HM

    It's still there but ninja nerfed spawn rate.
  15. bug in Hunter's refuge

    It's not possible with the current B&S system, they would need to remake of how party instance works, the way it's working right now it works in Korea too. The only reason why in MSP, dungeons or any of the raids is not possible to bypass this it's because leaving a party kicks you out from instance, since Hunter's Refuge player cap is greater then 12 players and does not kick you out from instance when leaving a party it allows players to bypass it, that's how people used to bypass Poharan/Harbor 24 man, While I understand it might not be fair but at the same time they would need to remake of how instance works, if they made system like F8 12/6 man random party queue or 12/6 man pre-made party enters and battles against other matchmaked 12/6 party then bypassing would be impossible as it would kick you out when leaving a party.