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  1. Call to arms preview is confusing

    Well since you're not that smart... I'll give you.. the whole list! Like name implies : True Cosmic Soul Material Chest A ~ C. That means from True Ascending Soul to True Cosmic Soul The chest will contain following materials: Elysian Crystals - 325 Sacred Crystals - 1,300 MoonStone Crystals - 325 SoulStone Crystals - 1,300 BlackStones - 44 Sacred Vials - 10 You're welcome.
  2. Game crash with my RX560X video card HELP

    BSOD video_card_TdrDelay - it means "Blue Screen of Death, Video Card Timeout Detection and Recovery Delay", This is a feature of the Windows operating system which detects response problems from Graphics Card, and Recovers to a functional desktop by resetting the card. This is GPU Display Driver Issue, has nothing to do with Adrenaline software There's an old and easy fix to it. Simply go to your registry: Start --> Run --> Type in "Regedit" Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers" and create a key of type "DWORD (32-bit)" and name "TdrDelay" with a value of 10 as Decimal value. Reboot and play :) The Windows registry is a powerful tool that can be used to fix severe problems. But it can also cause severe problems. One wrong edit, in the wrong entry, can render a Windows machine unusable or worse -- unbootable, any user who attempts to edit the registry needs to do so with caution, if you have never used or edited Registry before, I recommend you to do backup before doing any edits to it. AMD hardware has always worked best with Blade and Soul. The only thing that is really worth editing in Radeon Software is Anti-Aliasing from "Use Application Settings" to "Enhance Application Settings/Override Application Settings" - even if you do not use Anti-Aliasing it will make a difference on FPS. Texture Filtering Quality from "Balanced" to "Performance" and disabling ULPS "Ultra Low Power State" on AMD GPU via Registry / BNS Buddy. It basically allows AMD GPU to always use maximum performance instead of ULPS To Disable ULPS you have 2 options, BNS Buddy or Registry. Option 1: Less safer option then Option Number 2: (Be sure to edit exactly same file as shown in the picture, if you choose to take this route) Press Windows key + S on your keyboard to open Windows Search Bar, type Regedit and choose Registry Editor. or Press Windows key + R to open "Run Command" and type Regedit and press enter, whichever you prefer You can manually select Edit and navigate to "Find.." or simply press Ctrl+F to open Find Command Reboot PC Option 2: BNS Buddy, Keep in mind that this is 3rd party software, so use it at your own risk, however, It's fairly safe software if you use it fairly. Swipe or Select slider to "ON" - Reboot PC afterwards.
  3. Anyway to speed up boot up time?

    The faster SSD you have installed the better results you will get, however those results won't be very far apart either, you can't really bypass of how the optimisation is made, if you have NVIDIA GPU you could try doing optimisation for 32-Bit client and playing on 32-Bit, 32-Bit client also takes around 20 seconds to boot the game up, however if you can't make 32-Bit client stable by optimising on your end, you will have a hard time and possibly will get kicked from parties, because 32-Bit client alone is very unstable and crashes a lot.
  4. Call to arms preview is confusing

    well..., It literally says in the name "breakthrough" for stage 3 ThornBreaker.
  5. Call to arms preview is confusing

    What is there to confuse? You have a list with all items in it, the item list shows exactly what items you will receive through out all 12 stages and they will most likely put a preview chests of each stage like in previous event.
  6. Bosses in Korea vs West

    Did you? - You never stated it's not possible to solo due to mechanic, you should word your sentences carefully to avoid confusion. HH - Party of 6 with 500k DPS each - You won't clear boss one. SP - Party of 6 with 500k DPS each - You will most likely wipe on the first mini bosses, if they switch sides.. it's automatically wipe on second switch. Hanger 0 - Party of 6 with 500k DPS each - is not doable, with or without mechanic due to constant shield. And if you think it's doable in your opinion then Video is always welcome to prove your point. HeHe, you kind of used his own words against him Anyway, back to the topic.
  7. Bosses in Korea vs West

    He haven't soloed half of these dungeons he listed as "can be done by SOLO with only 3 mill DPS". 1.) If by HH he means Hallows Heart then it's doable with Revive Charm with enough burst on the spider, If by HH he means Halcyon Hills then he won't be able to pass the first boss. 2.) SP is not soloable, they fixed the exploit to solo long time ago and even then, you had to either multi client or use a friend. 3.) Hanger 0 - Would love to see him solo this with only 3 mill DPS. @ImoutoMaster Make a video of you doing those dungeons solo and clearing them with around 3 mill DPS you suggested.
  8. They didn't say they will give Pet Pods or Soul Stones back, however, I didn't receive the transmutation gold either from the removed Pet Pods.
  9. event

    Purchase this token to receive 7 days of Premium Membership during the regular maintenance on September 23rd. Your Premium Membership will be extended if you already have Premium Membership"
  10. That reminded me of me doing 400 Trove keys to get Yura Hair and then later it was added to F10 Specials multiple times for 400~ HMC I believe lul
  11. Forced to buy 90 days Premium?

    There's only 2 option for you then. You typically have to be over-18 to get a credit card in majority of countries, so you'll have to ask your parents for Hongmoon credit card if you are under-18 On website you can buy Subscription of 30 days, 90 days and 365 days, you can cancel subscription at any time. In the game you can buy 90 days Premium with NCoins which you can buy from NCSOFT or Amazon etc, you can also purchase from other players for Gold.
  12. You dont need enemies if u play B&S

    You're response should have been in support ticket, not in the forums, forums can't help you with this.
  13. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Hello? there was a dedicated Discord group of over 300 people, and who knows how much it was shared out side of the group..., probably enough to have been reported, they were secretly abusing this for 4 months, don't talk baloney you do not know, it is perfectly relevant. Should we also start banning the content creators of Blade and Soul too, since they also encouraged people to farm Soul Stones, Craft Pet Pods or buy Pet Pods to upgrade ? Oh wait.... there's not many of them left. What you are trying to tell here makes completely no sense, playing the game and using the advantage of cheaper items that are being sold in marketplace does not make you an exploiter, it never did, it never did in any Game... but then most of the games either did rollback the same day it happened or they let it slide... even NCSOFT Game Lineage 2 had many item duplication exploits over the life time in EU/NA and even they never punished people who bought items from those so called exploiters nor you became an exploiter for buying such... I would be delighted to know any game that punished innocent people for purchasing items that others made by exploit, please enlighten me...
  14. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Yeah, people are not buying pet pods so much because they are afraid that NCSOFT will Wipe them again on next maintenance.. which I bet is highly possible, at this point nothing would surprise me anymore.
  15. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Oh I'm sorry, I didn't knew that playing the game makes you exploiter...., buying items from F5 no matter where they are being produced from doesn't make you or anyone as an exploiter..., Participating in producing those pets or outfits... that makes you an Exploiter... not by simply playing the game and using the market... that's the biggest baloney I have ever heard... some peoples logic in this game.. is just mind blowing... Maybe next time they should announce "that purchasing any of the following items that are being exploited via trade or marketplace flags you as an exploiter as well and you will get punished like an actual exploiter", not only that they screwed by not fixing this exploit sooner.. that was reported 4 months ago but they also screwed everyone else that didn't participated... so everyone that bought Pet Pods, Pets or Outfits during 4 months period, you all are EXPLOITERS and deserve items to be deleted, Nice Joke bro..., All of my Pet Packs that I received from trash events... all vanished as well, as the ones that I bought or transmuted from last week or from months ago are vanished too.