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  1. 64 Bit client Controller issue

    Make sure you are using 64-Bit Controller software with 64-bit, you can also take a look at: Sadly don't have a controller to test it out for you, sorry, does your controller works on other 64-bit client games?
  2. Download speeds for BnS

    So what? instead of 10 minutes, it will take you 20, BooHoo end of the world.
  3. Make game run little bit better

    Just use software called "Process Lasso" Real-Time CPU Optimisation and Automation - When you download Process Lasso here's what you need to setup. 1.) Click Main > Active Power Profile > Bitsum Highest Performance 2.) Click Main > Performance Mode enabled. 3.) Click Main > ProBalance Enabled 4.) Launch Blade and Soul, and find Client.exe in Process Lasso. 5.) Right click Client.exe > Priority > Always > High 6.) Right click Client.exe > CPU Affinity > Always > Set to whatever you want, I personally have SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) Disabled which works best for me, you have to test around in here and see what works best for you, (if you have AMD CPU, it will be called SMT, if you have intel CPU it will be called Hyper-Threading) 7.) Right click Client.exe > I/O (Input/Output) Priority > Always > High 8.) Right click Client.exe > Application Power Profile > Bitsum Highest Performance. 9.) Right click Client.exe > Induce Performance Mode. 10.) Right click Client.exe > CPU Limiter When CPU use is: Set to 98% For a Period of: Leave blank Reduce by this many CPU Cores: set to 1 For a period of: Set to 1 Seconds. Select "Add Rule" and Press "ok" 11.) Right click Client.exe > More > Disable IdleSaver. 12.) Restart Game. Every time you boot PC Lasso will be running in the background, do not disable it, settings will remain intact, so you do not have to re-apply every time, these settings generally works for any game apart from Disabling Hyper-Threading/Multi-Threading, some games gets affected negatively, so be sure to test around and see what works best for you.
  4. Crafting the 2 different Sojos

    It would be for sure. I personally would also like to have an ability to send more then 3 items in mail, would be a nice QoL improvement as well, there's clearly enough space to add few more slots without re-sizing the slot it self, maybe extra slots for premium members? etc, very tedious to keep sending 3 items at the time
  5. More Channels

    Yeah, same thing with archer, just the problem is little different, same thing I had previous event zone too, It displays 50-60 FPS in the zone, but the game-play feels like below 10 FPS, lagging etc without FPS dropping, happens on archer, seems to be a lot better on other classes though, it's like you enter the zone and Monitor Refresh Rate is not in sync with the game or something lol, only happens in those zones though and on specific characters.
  6. Hello and welcome back. The Obsidian Serpent Outfit is now obtainable though Arena PvP, you can buy the outfit and veil from Dragon Trade Courier Coin Exchange Merchant (Zen Bean Trader) which is Located in Mushin Tower, Bamboo Village, Jadestone Village and many other places the merchant sells outfit for x2 Special Arena Outfit Ticket and Veil for x1 Special Arena Outfit Ticket You can acquire Special Arena Outfit Tickets from participating in 1v1 or 3v3 Arena matches, each Special Arena Outfit Ticket costs 1,000 Zen Beans to buy. Have Fun Cricket!
  7. no Ncoin sales?

    You have few options, either buy it from In-Game "F10 Store" or Simply by logging into Blade and Soul Website. There is no difference which method you choose, the place of purchase is one and the same, NCoin Online Shop is implemented in F10 so while you are buying from In-Game Store the transaction still goes through the website. > Blade & Soul Online Shop <
  8. Purple (stamina) quest changed?

    To accept Purple Quest you have to press "J" on your keyboard and go to "Quest Letters", that's where you will find it, press on this icon on the right side of the purple quest title to read the message and to start the quest.
  9. no Ncoin sales?

    You can always purchase NCoins from NCSOFT themselfs; Blade & Soul Online Shop (still has some stock) There are some other retailers that have it in stock, but I personally never bought from them so I cannot recommend, everywhere else that I know is out of stock.
  10. Useless files?

    128GB is as good as nothing.., now a days for games. Blade & Soul normally takes 56GB, and 46GB without Languages, I'm assuming your windows is installed on the same SSD as well?. Sure there are things that you can delete without breaking the game, but such action would come with a cost, visually. While removal of Languages don't affect your game... deleting anything else will.
  11. Frequent Package File Corruption

    Can you take a screenshot of the whole error message?. "Package Files are Corrupted" is not the complete error. Do you get this error every Wednesday after maintenance?
  12. Event Armory Chest

    What are you trying to show us with that link? Event Duration is From September 23 to October 21, On October 21 you will not be able to receive Remnants from Daily Quests to continue buying items from event shop, however once event ends you can still use up all your remnants that you have saved up and continue opening Armory Chests until November 18 which is the last day of "Reward Redemption Period", so you have time to use all your Remnants or keys that you bought from either Dragon Express or F10 to unlock Armory Chests.
  13. And how do we supposed to know which class you are referring to? since you did not say which class... here's a list for all available 3rd Spec Classes. 3rd Spec Class - Soul Badges from Dragon Express; Blade Master - Rampart Force Master - Rampart Destroyer - Rampart Assassin - Stoic Kung Fu Master - Stoic
  14. You can submit Support ticket here: In mean while you can try few steps to see if it resolves the problem for you. In the search box on the taskbar, type CMD (Command Prompt) and then right click and select "Run as administrator". At the command prompt, run the following commands in the listed order. Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter. Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter. Type ipconfig /release and press Enter. Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter. Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter. Restart computer and then check to see if that fixed your problem. You may also download whole Blade and Soul from my Mega Cloud Drive - however, downloading from mega such large folder is probably going to take twice as long as downloading from NCSOFT themself.
  15. Constant FPS Drops

    If the problem was universal then it would be happening to every single one of us, every time, so Game Engine is not only at play here. Generally games crash because; They run out of memory, when the game has to deal with moving an object that doesn't exist, this is something unexpected and so it breaks, allowing programs to crash was a deliberate design by choice made way back when memory was a major limiting factor; and it's stayed with us since. Get interrupted while saving and the game files gets corrupted . Get interrupted by another program or overheat. Video Card Drivers can play a big role of crashing. Anti-Virus can cause problems as well. Hardware-related crashes, Although crashes caused by hardware are possible, most computer crashes are caused by errors in the OS software Glitches, sometimes (although not that rarely) a component in your computer can experience transitory glitches HDD/SSD Software-related crashes bugs in device drivers And so on. Trainers typically sit in RAM and observe the kind of instructions a game-exe file is sending and receiving For e.g., it might come across a message in the game that says "Player hit by enemy. -10 Health points for damage." This message would then be read by the game to adjust the "player file" to lower the health point by 10 points. The trainer will intercept this message and instead change it to "Player hit by enemy. 0 health points for damage." So the game will not change the health points stored in the "player file". This is essentially how god mode works. Sometimes though, the trainer might send an instruction that is in a format that can't be recognised by the game file. Because the game-exe file is not able to understand the message, it throws out an error which leads to a game crash. and sometimes, just activating trainers without actually using any tricks crashes the game on some PCs while the entire thing works fine on some others. there is a lot at play when it comes to crashing, the game code is spaghetti there's no denying that.. but.. it's not solely on Game Engine, your computer comes at play as well. They tell you this, because it's the easiest way to fix most of the problems caused by corruption in files, sure you can go on about and manually figuring it out and fixing it yourself, but it won't be as fast or as simple as Re-installing. However if the problem that you are having is not related to the gaming files but rather something else, then even Re-installing the game will not fix the problem, that's why you have "Event Viewer" and that's where you should always go when investigating where the problem lays. One of the most common causes of a slow download rate is a poor internet connection. What you need to understand is that your download speed is affected by the entire connection chain. You are not connecting your PC directly to a NCSOFT datacenter; it rather looks like this: [Your PC] ← → [Your internet provider’s local hub] ← → [Your internet provider’s Tier 1 connection] ← → {optional: International routing} ← → [NCSOFT content server] Your ISP may have some bottlenecks on connections to different locations, sure NCSOFT Servers play a role in how fast you download as well, But so does your internet and your data can take a multitude of different routes between your computer and a remote server. Sometimes transfers simply get caught up in congestion along the way. Further, traffic from different ISPs (or even different locations with the same ISP) will be routed differently