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  1. It's nothing new to be honest, we kind of got used to in receiving recoloured outfits, recoloured weapons with minor changes to some of them, in your case it looks like only Name changed lol
  2. Remove [img] [/img] Blade and Soul Forums doesn't support this code, if you upload a picture to imgur.com just add .jpg / .png which ever you prefer "Like you did" and paste it to the forums or use "Insert Image from URL" function on the right bottom side of the chat, above "Submit Reply" (If you don't add .jpg or any other ending on your link, Forums will not display the picture and insert image from URL forum function will not work.
  3. The item was only available until December 25, the Sale Period for Divine Gift was from 2021/12/23 to 2021/12/25.
  4. Most of the time cheat codes are implemented in games so that the developers can easily test specific game features without the limitations a player might face. For example if a developer wanted to check out how hard a specific boss can hit, dying would be a major inconvenience. So the developer uses a cheat or in other words their "Admin Powers" so that he/she can't die and test the feature without being interrupted by pesky death. Developers do spend a lot of time and effort in trying to prevent cheating on their games. But as the fight against piracy has shown, it’s an arms
  5. Fun Fact: majority of games out there have cheaters, Blade and Soul is not exception. It's the old arms race, you build a better shield and I build a weapon to defeat that shield, so you build an even better shield and so on. Eventually every measure created to protect a game from cheating and hacking will be defeated.
  6. Hmm, I can't help with Disconnection sorry, as I can't reproduce the problem on my end to find a possible solution, the one and only time I get disconnection is when changing character while in Koldrak's Instance, so it's not ideal and time consuming to find a solution that I can test few times every 3 hours, it would be much easier if I could reproduce this in local server, but I don't seem to receive disconnections outside of Koldrak and so you're best bet would be probably contacting Support if you haven't done so already (https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us)
  7. I also get disconnection while switching to a different character, but only if I switch while in Koldrak's Lair, if I leave instance first and then switch, then it's no problem, but if I try to switch inside instance, then it's a gamble of DC or Not.
  8. All 3rd Party Macros that requires a process handle to post/send messages is no longer working with GameGuard due to GameGuard hiding the process handle. So that is why the X-Mouse Button Control is no longer working. However if you own a mouse that has it's own software such as Razer or Logitech you are still able to use the mouse provided macros as they work differently to the 3rd party ones, however just because it works doesn't necessary mean it's allowed, so if you decide to buy a mouse with such feature, use it at your own risk. ErrID_4044 - Doesn't necessary mean you
  9. The reason the game is not showing in "Task Manager" is because of GameGuard, GameGuard hides the process handle.
  10. I suggest you to contact Support. They'll help you troubleshoot the issue (Press here) All 40XX Errors are relating to the GameGuard. So I suggest you to try and delete the GameGuard folder and let the NC Launcher to Re-Download it's content and see if this solves your problem. Number Error ID Error Message 15 ErrID_4000 GameGuard Init failed. GameMon Already Exist.(ErrID:4000) 16 ErrID_4001 GameGuard Init failed. GameGuard Directory Create Error.(ErrID
  11. Off topic, but here I will teach you how, there are quite a few ways of doing it, so here's example 1: Visit website such as: https://imgur.com/upload use function to either drag and drop your image or choose photo/video below. (I use your image as an example) Press Copy Link Paste the link that you just copied to your Search Browser and add .png as shown = Copy the link and paste it in the Forums post, if the link doesn't automatically turn into an image straight away, press
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