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  1. free pack?

    For 4th Anniversary there were few rules you had to be met, account had to be created before 10:00 a.m. PST, January 13, and should have at least one level 10 character on it. And from January 22 you were able to claim them. If you registered for the Shadow Crusade Costume Pack, you should go to your account, apply a code that is already in your account, to claim it.
  2. how much big the stage 1 installation?

    Theoretically Stage 1 - only allows you to create and customise your Character, you will not be able to go past creation until you fully download the game, For your error, just fully download the game and see if the error still persists.
  3. Gunslinger or archer?

    Play what you like the most, there is no right or wrong answer, only classes with minimum gear will struggle with Focus, once you gear up a bit more none of the classes in game will have focus problem, If you like guns then play Gunner, if you like bows, then play Archer. Archer is also 2.0 Version of Gunner and is highest damage class as of right now, Gunner had Nerfs and Rebalances made to it, while Archers I don't think they had any significant changes done to it "yet" so keep that in mind too, but in all honesty just play what you like. If you decide to play Gunner, Just use Simple Mode, Idk why would anyone use Macro for Gunner lol.
  4. Specify which files are corrupted and giving you error, I will upload them to one drive for you to download.
  5. Cant activate the simple mode

    Press ESC > Go to Settings > Game Tab > Tick Box "Use the Simplified Combat Controls Application Button" or Press Shift + F3 to Enable/Disable Simple Mode.
  6. Nice (not) meme

    You don't want to do MSP, you don't want to do BT/VT, you don't want to do any grinding, your in the wrong game, I would love to know any Korean MMO out there that doesn't require you to grind, oh wait, there is none..., Spending 2hours a day to make 600-700g is apparently addicted grinding and not playing? who are you trying to fool?. I bet everyone who has higher gear then you, you call them P2W because there is no way others can have higher gear then you, they must be P2W Right? typical.
  7. Cute BnS Game

    I know what it is, you should watch a video I posted, it will answer your questions about all Blade and Soul Titles.
  8. What exactly same as me? I never denied of what you said..., but saying.. everyone who complained about performing issues SINCE 2016 were only saying this so they could cheat in the game is complete and utter BS, don't you see how stupid that sounds? The choice is yours to make, but behind the scenes there's more things to it.., Here's a little treat to you, NCSOFT Korea released an update which happened on 5/20 and Soon EU/NA and other regions will have it too, I would expect it to hit on 24th update or a latter update after. they released a new encryption and it's not just a key encryption, they took it way further... and soon all Addons and other clown fiesta will no longer work, well unless BNS Buddy team or others will find a way, but until that happens everyone will be playing without any Addons.
  9. Installing Launcher 2.0

    You should contact support via or directly at mean while you can try few steps and see if that might solve the problem. Bluetooth: This is more of a bug than a cause. We saw that till the Bluetooth was enabled on any computer, Blade and Soul failed to launch. Disabling/uninstalling Bluetooth works here. Corrupt client configuration: Like all games, Blade and Soul also keep a client configuration for each user player. If this is somehow corrupt or not incomplete, you will not be able to launch the game. Corrupt libraries/folders: Another popular case why Blade and Soul wasn’t launching was because there were corrupt libraries and folders in its installation folder. Replacing them with default values usually helps. Ethernet cable access: Another bug which is similar to the Bluetooth cause is the Ethernet access of the computer. We saw that plugging the Ethernet cable helped launched the game instantly. (Only if you are using WiFi right now) Incomplete ‘client.exe’: Client.exe is the main executable through which the game launches. If this is incomplete in your computer, the game will not launch at all. Bad manifest: Another common problem which games in Steam also face is the manifest of game files in your computer. If the manifest is somehow incomplete locally in your system with some files/configurations missing, the game won’t launch. Repairing the game might help here. Launch problems: Another rare instance which we came across was where the game launched instantly through the launcher but directly through its executable. This falls in the category of a bug. Windows Defender: Defender is known to falsely mark different files/folders despite their authenticity. Several false positives were noted being made from it towards the game. BNS Buddy: This is a popular application used in running of Blade and Souls. The setting of the option of multi-client mode might help. Different bit version: There are usually two versions of an application i.e. 32 or 64 bit. The bit size of your architecture should match the bit size of Blade and Souls. 1) - Disabling Bluetooth One of the most common workarounds to solve Blade and Soul not launching was disabling the Bluetooth on the computer. This seems to a bug with the game since the Bluetooth has in no way a connection in running the game unless Bluetooth peripherals are being used. In this solution, we will navigate to the device manager and disable Bluetooth from there manually. Press Windows + R, type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box and press Enter. Once in the Device Manager, expand the category of Bluetooth. Right-click on the device and select Disable. Once the device is disabled, restart your computer completely. After the restart, launch Blade and Soul and see if it launches successfully. 2) - Deleting Client Configuration Every game stores client configurations in your local storage on the computer. These configurations contain preferences of the user as well as the initial parameters required to run the game. As the game progresses and you change the preferences/settings, these configuration files are updated. However, there are some cases where they become corrupt/incomplete because of which the game fails to load. In this solution, we will completely delete the client configuration files and when you attempt at launching the game again, they will be created again with default values. Note: It should be noted that this method will remove all your current preferences from your game. Press Windows + E to launch the File Explorer. Now, navigate to the following address: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BnS\NCWEST Delete the following file: ClientConfiguration.xml Restart your computer completely and then launch the game. See if it loads up properly. 3) - Deleting Client.exe Blade and Soul’s main launcher is ‘client.exe’. This is the game’s main executable and is responsible for running the game. However, it should be noted that this executable might get corrupt if you move the drive in which the game was installed or because of an incomplete updated. In this solution, we will delete client.exe and then use the repair mechanism of the game. When you repair the game, it downloads an online manifest of files. Then it compares the manifest with the current files on your system and if there is some discrepancy, it is corrected. Press Windows + E to launch the File Explorer. Now, navigate to the installation directory of the game and locate client.exe. This is usually located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin. Delete the file (or you can cut-paste it to another location in case you want to replace it). Now launch the Ncsoft launcher and select the button of File Repair. After repairing the game files, restart your computer completely. Now launch Blade and Soul and see if the issue is resolved for good. 4) - Changing Windows Defender Settings Another common occurrence which many players face is the game being blocked by Windows Defender itself. Windows Defender is the default antivirus software which is included in Windows installations. The catalogue is updated frequently by Microsoft itself. The issue that occurs here with Blade and Soul is that Defender blocks it even though it is a legitimate service. In this solution, we will change the Windows Defender settings and see if this does the trick. Press Windows + I to launch the Settings on your computer. Then, click on the button of Update & Security. Once in the security menu, click on the button of Windows Security and then click on App and browser control. Now, turn all the options to Off. Next, click on Exploit Protection settings present at the bottom. When the new window opens up, disable all the options there too. Next, restart your computer completely. Now launch Blade and Soul and see if the issue is resolved for good 5) - Launching Different Bit Version Your operating is installed in either of the two versions i.e. 64 and 32 bit. If your operating system is 32 bit and you are launching a 64-bit version of the game, the game might not launch without any error message or prompt. Here, what you can do is navigate to the directory of the game’s installation files, navigate to (Bin64 if you have 64 bit) or to (Bin32 if you have 32 bit) and launch the respective versions. Here is the method on how you can check which bit version your operating system is: Press Windows + S, type “system information” in the dialogue box and open the system information application. Here, in front of System type, note the 32 or 64 bit Now you can launch the game executable accordingly and see if this fixes the problem. 6) - Using Multi-Client Option in BNS Buddy Another alternative before we attempt at reinstalling the entire game is using the multi-client option in BNS buddy. BNS buddy is used by numerous people for enhancing FPS, adding custom mods etc. Another workaround which we came across was enabling the multi-client system. Here, navigate to the BNS buddy on your computer, right-click on it and select Run as administrator. Make sure that Blade and Soul are linked to it. Now, enable the Multi-client option and start the game from BNS buddy. See if the issue is solved. 7) - Reinstalling the Game If all the above methods don’t work, what we can do is reinstall the entire game from scratch. If none of the above methods works, it means that there is some problem with the game’s installation files themselves and if these are corrupt or incomplete, you will not be able to launch the game whatsoever. Here in this solution, we will navigate to the application manager and uninstall the game. Then we will install a fresh copy and see if the game launches successfully. Press Windows + R, type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter. Once in the application manager, search for Blade and Soul. Right-click on it and select Uninstall. Restart your computer and then navigate to the official website of Blade and Soul and download the recent version. After installation, restart your computer and launch the game. Check if the issue is resolved for good. Credits to : Kevin Arrows. But in all honestly, contacting support is your best bet, I'm sure your not the only one with this problem and they have encountered many more, so they might know good things you can try to fix it, you should contact them even if you are doing something to solve on your own, if you solve it before they reply, then that's perfectly fine, you can just tell them you solved the problem, they won't bash you over the head for solving before they replied and if you find something that solved your problem, you can share with us and support, so it might help others that are struggling with the same problem as you. You can also check Event Viewer to check what kind of Errors occure when you are trying to open the game.
  10. Cute BnS Game

  11. Common Sense: F9 vs Trove

    What are you even talking about....? Trove keys never costed "169", they always costed 49 each, instead of blaming NC left and right... get your facts right first. For F9 they should do some improvements, right now buying items off F10 would make you more gold then buying gold from F9, which renders F9 useless, Gold has little to no value left.
  12. how to resize the launcher?

    There are few things you can try. 1) Pinch in the corners of NC Launcher to Resize the window to your desired size, keep in mind that the maximum size you can reduce is 900x780. 2) Press "Window Key" + "Arrow Up Key" to maximise the NC Launcher window to fit your monitor screen and by pressing "Windows Key" + "Arrow Down Key" you can redo the change. 3) You can double tap on top of the NC Launcher Window to maximize the window to fit your screen. 4) Press the square button on the right corner for NC launcher to fill your screen.
  13. I cant purchase ncoin

    Try clearing your browsing cache or try a different browser and try the transaction again, If neither one of these steps works, you should contact support about payment inquiries by visiting . Players or Moderators can't assist you with payment support inquiries in the forums.
  14. If that was the case then you would see cheating left and right and encounter would turn instead of 1% to 90%+, because that's the extent of how much people complained about performance issues that it caused. if you re-read of what I wrote, you would answer the question yourself Same as the current blade and soul optimisation doesn't run bad on my computer, I have 50-70 FPS during raids with people enabled and high settings, does that mean blade and soul is good optimised? No..., just because it didn't caused you problems doesn't mean that majority of people has it same as you. but your just too stubborn to see the bigger picture in all of this so I don't see any point in discussing any further, you can continue discussing with others.
  15. And now use forum function and check how many forum posts were created about Game Guard and Xigncode3 and how much people hated it, how much it was affecting performance in game and so on? the forums were on fire back then, people complained about Game Guard since the game was released, then they moved to Xigncode3 and complaining never stopped, you go to forums and you only see posts about it, for all I care they can add it back, My PC runs fine either way, minority of people will be happy that there are no more cheaters that they had 1% of encountering, while majority of people will go back to complaining on how bad and crap their game is running. one way or another... one side will always be unhappy, the game is badly optimised, UE4 is running almost same or even worse in KR then UE3 is running right now, they could try another Anti-Virus program, but I doubt it will be running the game any better. my best bet would be the sacrifice must have been made, and they chosen majority over minority, and they took a risk or who knows maybe there was something else. Just a guess.