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  1. I was also waiting for this change to come from KR, even if it's just extra 20k to stack more, with our current material amount, 30k seems low as well, 100k stack would make more sense, but the 30k is still better then 10k, I also have Soul Stones, Sacred Crystals, hitting over 150k, Moonstones, Elysian hitting over 60k stacks, so the 30k stack would help with inventory slots but I think it's still kind of low stack amount.
  2. It's nice that they sending missing materials, but not all was sent, for example Snowspire Weapon Elusion Stones for IA weapon, I have 3 characters that completed up to stage 50, but only received 3 Evolution stones for compensation, meaning, my other 2 characters are still missing 3 each, total of 6. But I am glad they are doing something to send missing materials instead of doing nothing. EDIT, NVM, I think the Evolution Stones that were sent was not intended, and the amount of Evolution Stones changed from 1 to 2 in Soul Boost was not intended too, IA weapon stops ac
  3. Event it self will end on March 16 and Reward Redemption Period will continue until April 12
  4. I did on 3 characters today, had no issues. Maybe your friend did not fully upgrade the box.
  5. Just to add, Event was suppose to end on March 9, and was suppose to be removed on Maintenance, but because of patch delay, it was not, therefore event was in a way extended to March 16, you can continue doing event as you were doing, you can continue receiving Candy Hearts from Daily Activities, buying Crafting Chest and can continue opening boxes for rewards like nothing was changed, the only thing you may notice is the extra "icon" on these items identifying as expired and will appear in "antique" window, but can be used nevertheless the same way as you were able to use them since Event beg
  6. Nice Joke, exaggeration over the top. Some people play slot machine ONCE and win millions, while others spend millions and get nothing, life is unfair, RNG is RNG, no one is forcing you to participate. You may like it or you may despise it, but... Loot boxes do not meet the legal definition of gambling - and are therefore legal for under 18 year olds - That is the current LAW for majority of the countries. Belgium on other hand has passed a law that banned video game loot boxes and therefore NC have implemented measures that restrict real money purc
  7. The faster your RAM is, The faster your RAM can transfer data to the CPU which then transfers that data to the GPU. Slow RAM can disrupt the harmony of your parts and create a bottleneck that lowers your FPS in a significant way, but upgrading RAM won't magically increase your computer's performance by huge numbers, your CPU and GPU comes into play as well, as far as I can see, your CPU is much more weaker than your GPU - RX 470 which can cause limitations when your CPU can't keep up with your GPU which results in your CPU bottlenecking your GPU, but it's kind of common thing to see in Older "
  8. Unless they are holding you hostage and forcing you to buy bundles, then no, you are not forced to buy anything, in fact, I doubt anyone ever buys them anymore, long time ago, when awakened stones were pretty rare to have and they were selling them in F10 and in Today's Specials, people used to buy them as they were arguably worth it, but now, no, if they were to replace Awakened Stones to Mystical ones, then people would buy them again, other then that, stay away from it. It's already been moved to rarer state, before you were only able to receive blue ones from daily activitie
  9. Those were rookie numbers ^^
  10. Yeah, you can finally stare at the computer screen for 10 hours straight and 10 hours later you'll still be in the queue ^^ that indeed will be fun
  11. If you think Gameforge is better then NCsoft, then you have no idea what you are talking about, there is nothing worse then Gameforge, if Gameforge would over take Blade and Soul, you will literally be able to buy everything, EVERYTHING in cash shop. People think NCsoft is Pay 2 Win? hah, they haven't seen GameForge then.
  12. It's nothing new to be honest, we kind of got used to in receiving recoloured outfits, recoloured weapons with minor changes to some of them, in your case it looks like only Name changed lol
  13. Remove [img] [/img] Blade and Soul Forums doesn't support this code, if you upload a picture to imgur.com just add .jpg / .png which ever you prefer "Like you did" and paste it to the forums or use "Insert Image from URL" function on the right bottom side of the chat, above "Submit Reply" (If you don't add .jpg or any other ending on your link, Forums will not display the picture and insert image from URL forum function will not work.
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