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  1. It's clearly not intended to be unavailable, who ever from support replied to your question is clueless and doesn't know any better. There are many other tier items that cannot be opened by DB which will get fixed as there is no such thing in Korea, the only question is "when".
  2. It shows low FPS but it plays smooth without any lag or stutters, I run RX 5700 XT Sapphire Nitro+ with Ryzen 7 2700x, I get around 30-60 fps on max settings, depending on area and population, but even if it drops as low as 30 in crowded area... it feels like 60+, it's smooth. And besides, R9 with RTX 2070 Super has Average bottleneck percentage: 9.61% (GPU Bottleneck) on 1080p and that is with the weakest Ryzen 9 CPU generation, since you didn't said which one you had, the stronger it is, the more bottleneck you will have.
  3. This happens when you start your game "Twice", fully close Blade and Soul and Launcher, and Re-launch it again, press "play" and wait, the launcher will minimize but seconds later will pop back up with "play" button again, just ignore it and wait for the game to load from the first attempt, and you will not receive the error, however if you press "play" Twice, you will receive -100 Web Authentification Failure.
  4. Since your speaking on behalf of the "majority", please show me, where exactly people asked for this change?, Because I can't seem to find any threads or posts relating to Currency Exchange on Forums, Reddit or discord?
  5. That's bound to happen in every environment you work in, in every game you play, it's called "Feedback" an opinion, you don't have to agree with every feedback you see on the forums, that's completely in your right, every person has different types of feedback and different types of opinions, if you want to drop 80,000 Gold instead of 30,000 for the same amount of HM Coins, then you sure can, does that mean it's a logical thing to do? absolutely no. I very rarely create posts in General or give any feedback because I can't be bothered, I would rather spend my free time in Player to Player
  6. You should have HM Coins in advance to everything, if you sell gold only when there's an item/outfit in the store that you really want, then it's just a you problem and nothing more. Let's say I spend 30,000 Gold in the trove, that's 28,500 HM Coins I believe; of saving up from Currency Exchange at the rate of 1:1, then during trove I spend another 5,000 to 10,000 Gold buying items from trove it self and then if I am lucky I get 10,000 to 15,000 Gold worth of stuff back, I mean sometimes you get more, but the chances of that happening are the same as walking outside of your house a
  7. Fun Fact: Blade and Soul is not going anywhere, so it doesn't matter if you buy it instantly or few days later... would rather wait a day or two and get 950 HM Coins for 1,000 Gold than sell it in an hour and only get 360 HM Coins, that's 590 HM Coins loss just because you wanted it quick, so I'm sorry if I don't see how this is worth for both sides..., you are literally paying 2,645 Gold for 950 HM Coins, 1,645 Gold over paying just because you want it now..., even for me with hundreds of thousands of gold, sounds kind of stupid... no offence to you though, definitely won't be using this any
  8. Never said anything about "A huge fail" Never had problems selling gold for HM coins either, I always posted 10 times, for example 997..., 891..., 794..., 697... ...100 etc which ever listing was emptiest and everyday or every second day something was sold, either it was 500 or above/below, just kept changing the value that it was sold while refreshing the rest when it's needed with this strategy I didn't had problems buying HM coin when needed, most people they don't post 999 or so, they post 1,000... to ...100 in a whole-sum number with another hundred players that po
  9. I know the rate is determined solely on how players sell and purchase gold using the Currency Exchange, and you can list the gold within +/- 50% of the current Standard Rate, rounded to the nearest whole number, but at the same time, it was capped at 1:1. NC had to adjust the Currency Exchange rates multiple times in the past because it kept dropping way too low - and I'm pretty sure Jonathan also confirmed that Currency Exchange would never go below 1:1, as we all know Jonathan is not working with NC anymore and I know it was long time ago and things change, but will there be any plans on in
  10. They did? never seen, but then I haven't been visiting forums lately, unless by "long time ago" you mean few years back then maybe. They could have done a better job of handling the ways of gold sink is done, that many other MMO companies did successfully without hurting the player base.., copying the idea wouldn't have hurt. but oh well, I was just curious as I'm pretty sure NC confirmed themselves a few years back that Currency Exchange would "never" go below 1:1, but can't find the post, it was probably posted on twitter by Jonathan, but I guess things change. I doubt it will fix anything t
  11. Why was there limit removed from Currency Exchange? I thought it would never go below 1:1?. In less then a week it went from 1:1 to 1:0.40 and continuing to decline. 1,000 Gold is now only worth 400 NCoins and probably will continue to decline //content.invisioncic.com/w306168/emoticons/36.png
  12. Try running optimisation for 32-bit Client and see if it helps you run the game smoother.
  13. You will be fine then , for a moment I thought maybe they changed it with the clan crafting revamps that it had hehe, they should update the clan outfit designs, so out-dated
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