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  1. So what the hell is this? Gold sellers?

    It's because there is no more registration fee for 1-10 items. So you will find a lot of trolls now.
  2. Blade and Soul 2019

    I've seen this statement since 2016..., If the game is dead to you, Move on. People can spend their time however they want in game, it's not for you to decide how they want to spend it. It's normal for MMO to reduce in population over long/short period of time, some take longer, some take shorter but in the end all comes to same ending. As for now it's still very easy to find a party to do dungeon or raid, unless you are trying to find a party in an old content, the game doesn't feel as dead as you make it sound to be, it still has a healthy amount of people.
  3. Weekly Box

    Assuming from "Debugs" on the item description you are using Blade & Soul Buddy? (I might be wrong) but if yes, you have to Update your game using your NCSOFT launcher first.
  4. Can't Open Launcher Exe

    You could try to re-install only the NCSOFT Game Launcher, you can do so by downloading the installer from this link here and save it to your Desktop. Right-click on the NCLauncher2_Installer.exe and select Run as Administrator. Follow the prompts to install the program.
  5. There are Videos on YouTube for New/Returning Players, Here's a Few Examples:
  6. You have to buy "Brilliant Sealing Charm Fragments" to be able to send your current gear on another character, you can buy them in F10 with NCoins or from other people/F5 EDIT: You can hover over your each item to see how many Charm Fragments you need to send.
  7. Some help

    Since you said you have laptop, I assume you have nothing from PC? like PSU/Tower/Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor/Storage?, in that case it would be very difficult to buy all these + Motherboard/GPU/CPU/RAM within a limit of 600E, Unless it's an older Build, So I won't include Keyboard/mouse/monitor and in same builds Tower case, Because that should be your choice. Older build examples - I wouldn't Recommend buying though. Newer Builds (You Would have to Update your BIOS) If I was you I would save up more and build something like this; (You Would have to Update your BIOS) (You Would have to Update your BIOS) (You Would have to Update your BIOS + it's better to wait for AIB GPU which is coming later this month) (You Would have to Update your BIOS + it's better to wait for AIB GPU which is coming later this month) I'm not intel fan so maybe someone else can help you with intel builds. You could probably find a decent PC to buy for 600E that costs like 800-900 New, but buying used PC there always comes risks too.
  8. Some help

    what is your budget? and where are you from?
  9. Ryzen 3000 series for BnS

    I'm having really good experience with R7 2700x So with Ryzen 3000 Series it will be a lot better
  10. Help Me Corrupted File

    Go to your installed game Location in search blade and soul section type : 00028826.upk (the person above you wrote it wrong) Hope it helps. But if you still have problems I have added the 00028826.upk File in Dropbox, Download the file and put it in CookedPC Folder - , My Friend was also having this problem, I sent her my file to her and she replaced it, and everything is working since.
  11. i can't remember my email adress on my alt

    Best thing to do is just wait for Support Reply.
  12. Package file are corrupted

    Can you write down the whole Error?
  13. Can't log in.

    What Error do you get?
  14. Help with connecting to the game

    Method 1.) Try configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers. Method 2.) Open Antivirus > Online Threat Prevention > Exceptions > Write and press add. Method 3.) Add C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT to firewall and antivirus exclusions. Method 4.) Use VPN to download the Update. Method 5.) Contact Support, Send them "DxDiag, HijackThis and LSP.txt" Logfile Send all 3 Files to Support if you decide to go support route, It's most likely they will only ask you to send HijackThis for this issue, but to save some time and hassle send all 3 just in case.