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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Farewell @Babbletr0n thank you for having a great journey with us for 4 years, you were great producer. It was an honor, Cricket. A True Hongmoon Warrior in our hearts forever!. For those who don't know who is Nicolas Coutant
  2. dps meter only shows me?

    Party DPS Meter only shows up in Raids and Hard Mode Dungeons. Solo DPS Meter is in Normal Mode Dungeons and Solo Dungeons.
  3. custom gangplank style

    If you are 100% positive you stored it in "Showroom", Make sure your Showroom filter is Selected on "All" or "Owned" If you mistakenly selected "Not Owned" in Filter, they will not show up in Showroom.
  4. If you are soloing him for whatever unknown reason then Yes it will reset. If you are killing him with a group of people then no it will not reset unless everyone dies. So you are safe to 4 and come back
  5. PvE/Raid Necklaces

    I can show your Class necklace if you tell me your class, but I can't translate effects sorry. I think only last part is translated on all necklaces.
  6. PING .... EVERYDAY!!

    Pinging to google sends a small fraction of data back and forth, Same with SpeedTests, In Game Ping Sends big data packets, You Press Skill, You Move, you jump, everything that goes around you, boss waves at you, other player skills, other player movements, basically everything that moves, that's how your ISP communicates to the Server, In Game Ping shows the Delay of that. NOT YOUR REAL PING. Don't people read the description of what it does? Quote In Game Settings "Show Server Delay Period" (If Selected, The server's Delay period will be shown in minutes.)" Like I said in many posts like yours, There are many many many factors that can cause you have high ping. stop focusing on the one thing like a broken cassette, And Maybe try write support, do tests and work it out, Contact your ISP? if they can help you the route you take, there is not much you can do alone. being closer to the server doesn't mean you automatically should have low ping, I live 913 Km away from the server > Here's My Delay in Game, Few Pictures in Battle.
  7. No you will not get banned for that, if you are not doing anything you shouldn't be doing that is. in fact IP banning is not a thing anymore, it used to be long time ago, but not anymore, because now a days most people don't have a fixed(static) IP, so IP banning would be useless. They can't tell you, that you are using the same computer, they can see that you are logged in from the same location as you always are, but not the device. that is why you need to re-enter verification code everytime IP changes, but they do log your IP, Location and so on everytime you enter a verification code. Anyway, Don't worry about Dynamic IP, If your modem restarts alot consider making your IP static, it's very simple, i can only imagine how frustrating it can be if you need to enter verification code everytime you dc.
  8. when is Verdant Nightstone gonna be account bound

    There was a plan on making it. Account bound, maybe it's still is. But i don't know what actions they decided to take. Because of an exploit that produced massive amounts of them.
  9. GEM Slot 7 and 8

    Also if i remember correctly on February 6th, Hongsil’s Workshop is returning, and Im pretty sure today or the next few upcoming days will be patch preview stream so i'd say check on that first before crafting or doing any upgrades.
  10. Is it worth coming back for pretty much just pvp?

    There's already many topics like this in these forums, use search function But tbh i wouldn't recommend digging it. My advice would be, just Login to the game and try it out your self. And you will know for sure, gearing up is very easy compared to what it was before too if you decide to step down from PvP time to time and do some PvE, the game is still worth investing your time in. But it's best if you experiance it your self, so you can decide to stay or go. No offence to anyone but asking in forums is not worth it, in here you'll only find depressing comments, greediness, and people unhappy about everything that will drag you in it too. If a new players came to the forums first instead of downloading a game. New players in game would be a myth, sad & harsh reality.
  11. GEM Slot 7 and 8

    You don't lose slots, but heres a better question. How are you in aransu and still asking about it? When you went through many upgrades to get to aransu o.O Each time you upgrade your weapon, there is a "Chance" to open more slots, cheapest way is probably crafting hammers, but i don't know, never checked what mats you need. Other then that events.
  12. Fix 64 bit

    Playing since 64 bit introduction in Blade & Soul, haven't had a problem. Give us More details about your computer. can you attach DxDiag.txt here?
  13. Ping Issues

    Please do explain it, in a full scale of how it work, no copy paste from google, but in your own words. thx
  14. Crash and latency

    Since you mentioned other games, here's homework for you, now go google how many realms and data servers these games have and compare to bns. It will answer all of your qurstions. And In-game ping is not your real ping, read description for toggle.