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  1. New launcher

    If you had "OLD Launcher" installed before today, Right Click on Blade and Soul (Old Icon) > properties and Change Path to ----> "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\NC Launcher 2\Matryoshka.exe" /GameID:BnS <---- , What it does is, Make your OLD-Game Icon to launch through Launcher 2, Hope it helps, if not then i don't know ^^, Save the original path before changing though, so you can restore if it does nothing for you.
  2. New launcher

    I don't know, I do all 4 Methods every time I re-install, never had Windows Update bypassing everything and doing an Update, Viewing My Windows Update history, last update I had was "Successfully Installed on 31/10/2018". I hope not, but if they do disable Old Launcher, then I'll try do a Fresh install, It's about time to do it anyway. I'm pretty sure it's on my side, something conflicting with the New launcher, other then DPI Slowing down and speeding up randomly, I have no other problems with the New Launcher. (Tested with 3 Different Mouses, In-case someone will suggest this to try, All 3 were doing same DPI-BS) Edit: I think they already did, I tried to downgrade, and Client doesn't start. it only pops-up a message saying to Upgrade to Launcher 2 (Which it always did), but Client doesn't open after pop-up anymore, RIP
  3. New launcher

    Method 1. Press Windows Key + R , Type services.msc and press enter. Scroll down until you find "Windows Update", Right Click and go Properties. and select "Start-Up Type to Disabled" Method 2. Click Start Windows key select "Settings" then click on "Network and Internet" Click Wi-fi in the left pane, Then click the name of your Wi-Fi Connection and click to turn on "Set as Metered Connection" Method 3. Again Press Windows Key + R, Type gpedit.msc and press enter. go to "Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > "Windows Update". Double Click "Configure Automatic Updates" Select Disabled in Configured Automatic Updates on the left, and click Apply and OK to disable the Windows automatic update feature. Method 4. it's Recommended to back up before you do any changes to Registry. do it at your own risk. Press Windows key + R, Type Redit and press enter. Find path > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Right-click the Windows (folder) key, select "New" and then click "Key" Name the new key "WindowsUpdate" and press "Enter". Right-click the newly created key, select "new", and click "Key" Name the new key AU and press Enter. Inside the newly created key, right-click on the right side, select "New", and click on "DWORD (32-bit) Value". Name the new key AUOptions and press Enter. Double-click the newly created key and change its value to 2. It's for "Notify for download and notify for install". Click "OK". Close the Registry to complete the task Using this value prevents Windows 10 from downloading updates automatically, and you'll get a notification when new updates are available. By this way, you can avoid any auto Windows 10 update effectively. I always download Updates that I need manually, So I never had Problems with Windows updates. ----- As for Taking ownership of Windows, there are few tools that you can download or do it manually, just google. I don't know, but I installed Launcher 2, and It started again -.-'' it doesn't do it straight away, it starts doing after sometime of playing BnS /shrug, I'll try downgrade again, I hope Old launcher still works, I don't know why it does it. My PC don't like Launcher 2 hehe. I have acceleration turned off everywhere on my end.
  4. New launcher

    I still use Old Launcher, but as of today surprisingly it's not working for me anymore also, Launcher doesn't even start, (Yesterday was working fine) I thought maybe they are pushing everyone to use Launcher 2 now, instead of Old Version, but seeing that people are having problems with Launcher 2 also might not be the case then. (Windows 10 Updates are Disabled for me since forever) I will try update to Launcher 2 for Testing, but the reason I downgraded is because in-game my Mouse DPI used to slow down and speed up randomly like client had acceleration on or something, was extremely annoying, and downgrading to Old Launcher fixed the problem for me, I guess I'll give another try. but seeing people having problems with launcher 2, doesn't look promising. Edit: Updating From Old Launcher to Launcher 2 Fixed the Problem.
  5. Premium purchased without my will !!!

    Read Properly Next time.
  6. Den of the ancients

    It's all about RNG, I was doing 1-2 tokens a day, by the time I collected 22 Tokens, I end up with 5 Gloves, All of these gloves dropped from either boss 1 or boss 2, I think I collected 5 gloves in the First 150 Fragments, then was dry for 70 more.
  7. New launcher

    For those Who Deleted the Old Launcher, and Installed the new one, and want to downgrade back to Old Version Without wanting to Re-download the whole game again. Follow this. 1. Go To Program Files, and Delete all NCSOFT Launcher 2 Related Programs. Do Not Delete your main game. 2. Locate your Blade & Soul Game Folder and Rename it to something else. 3. Download and Install Bns_Lite = 4. Run BnS_Lite, Redirect the installation to the same location where your original game is. but install it to a different folder. Warning: Do not run the Game from your newly created Icon on Desktop, that you just installed from BnS_Lite. You will Most likely get an error : "Windows is searching for NClauncher.exe" 5. Download the old Launcher > 6. After you downloaded the launcher. Now run the Game from Desktop. When you see Game is now Updating, Stop the Update. 7. Go where your Original Game Files are. Copy BNS Folder. and Paste it to the New Folder. Where you made it on Step 4. 8. Once copy-pasting is done. Close Launcher and Re-Open. Instead of seeing "Update". you will now see "play now", you can do File Repair for your own sake. but it should work without any needed. Just Press Play. and Volia. No Game Re-install Needed, If you are stuck on any of the instructions or you find it not clear enough, Feel free to ask.
  8. I didn't really expected anything, I hoped, but definitely not expected, I know how things works in NC, I played Lineage 2 for over 10 Years in NCSOFT, Few Years of Aion, Now BnS, Met awesome GM's from Lineage 2 , a handful of GM's that I still keep contact with and few GM's from Blade and Soul. So for me it's nothing new but It really never bothered me, The Past Updates, I played at my own pace, Never cared about people cashing/whaling, because it gives you benefits too, Like Reduced Prices in F5, Geared all my Characters Only by Playing the game, Never had the need to spend money on it, Probably because i put a lot of hours daily into it. But then I made a New Clan only for New Players / Returning Players, To help them, Gear up, Do Raids, Do Weeklies, Do Dungeons that made difficult for most because of Retarded Requirements people ask, " black narrow 1.5k+ apply, PogPog " Jokes aside, I even End up Making a Character in NA, To help and teach one clan to do a BT, Then I end up Teaching VT and TT, and that's how I end up with few almost maxed characters on NA, + Doing The Same thing in EU, was a lot of pressure on me as a Raid Leader, Either Way, When I started the Clan with New Players and Returning Players, that's when I realized how unfriendly the game is for New Players / Returning Players, Or even probably the players who were playing casually. even though I never felt that on my self. Even with My Help, People were having hard time. Game Population is going down faster then rising, I'm afraid it's already reached or very close on reaching the point where even releasing UE4 would be a miracle on Reviving. I guess I hoped, because they were finally communicating with community, I felt like changes are coming and I am sure many people felt that too, which something like this was done only in 2015 and Early 2016 When they actually communicated with community properly, heck I even remember they invited Korean Developers on to the stream with an interpreter, Was Cringy. But Now been thinking what positive thing I can say, and Literally nothing comes up into my head. Don't get me Wrong, The Update and all the Reduction and everything that is coming out today will definitively help a lot of players on Upgrades, As for 370 Pet Packs, No one really asking it for free stuff, the materials could have been managed better, Buying Pet Packs from Event is Simply Not worth it, because Soul Gives 10 times higher boost then Talisman does, so picking Vials is still a bigger priority and Even if you have a True Soul, It's still not worth buying Pet Packs, because Further Stages of True Soul will come out soon Enough, The More Vials you save up before hand, the easier it will be for Soul Upgrade. That's how Most of the people do Max Soul Upgrade /day one. Now Spending Gold to Buy Pet Packs is not worth again, Unless you really don't mind paying + - 40k gold for 30k+ dps increase, they had plenty of time to Reconsider and/or Make a New Type of material like TW has "Ocean Root Crystal" - You need 10 Ocean Root to make 1 Crystal, TW has this for Heart Soul, If they really wanted to make "long term upgrade" they could have done it a better job, But oh well. was naive to hope anything.
  9. With that kind of mentality no wonder this game is dying, Selfish. I login because I hoped they will do something about it, Like many others did I am sure. but was foolish to think that anything will change. Ok, It's not maxed, I'm Missing 1 Dyad Gem and 3 awakening stages on my Belt, I'm sorry Mister. Anyway, This is not the right Topic For that.
  10. Playing or Not Playing, this 370 Pet Packs cost is plain and stupid... But I understand why you support this, your name explains. Almost whole community is against this, but it's okey, there's always those few people who don't agree... For whatever reason, Maybe thinking that you will get some special treatment from NC? or trying to be smart wanna be? I don't know. I can easily say I put over 10,000 hours into this game over these 3++ years, have 2 TT Gear characters in NA and maxing second TT gear character in EU. And I still don't agree with this ridiculous cost. Talisman doesn't even offer anything "long term goal", Talisman is little bit better then heart soul. and prices between them are like water and fire. When there will be no players to play with, I hope you'll enjoy playing the game alone. Every year there's like -20% population in BnS, as for me, I'll be moving to another game which is getting released on March 15. I see no point in wasting my time here anymore. EDIT: Russian Forums are flooded with People Complains too.
  11. By "some of us" you mean almost whole community?, Reddit Full of Complains, Discord on every group people talking, complaining about it, Forums too..
  12. Don't Release Talisman at all if prices are not adjusted Or Just Release First 10 Stages and once Upgrade Costs are Adjusted by developers then Release the Rest. Even if our feedback was sent to the developers now. but you are still going to proceed with the update and release talisman with current ridiculous cost of 370 Pet Packs. Then that tells me few things, 1. Even if Developers heard our feedback and actually changed the costs, you won't implement the change to our region right away for at least few months if not more to avoid another backslash from community who wasted pet packs to upgrade. 2. Even if Developers Reduced the amount of Pet Packs, It will always going to be in Large amounts of quantity. It's not going to be one week 370 and next day 37. Because that would make another backslash from community who actually did wasted those pet packs upgrading it. Unless a Compensation was given. So Just don't release at all if prices are not adjusted. Hundreds of people stood up against this ridiculous "370 Pet Pack Cost" , are you going to ignore all of them and just proceed with it? and repeat the past mistakes?
  13. @Cyan Since Streamed Version is not Final Build, there was no Garnet+Obsidian Dyad in Stream, Unless I am Blind. Are We Getting Dyad Triangle Obsidian + Garnet? On 13th update?.
  14. If KR and TW servers are "Most P2w Server of Blade and Soul, then you should go Play Chinese Region, and you can buy Weapons and other Gear that you cannot obtain in Game, Only F10 with Cash Only. that are better Then Grand Celestial, Chinese Region is the Definition of P2W.