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  1. Blighted Harpy...

    Honestly why isn't anyone complaining about the real design flaw in this game ? ENRAGE TIMERS. Like what where the devs thinking ? Yo bro I know you've been fighting this boss real hard for 5 minutes now and it's almost dead, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ? FRACK YOU ! START ALL OVER like a good little "insert word that would get this comment deleted".
  2. wait that's the mechs ? dem, I've never actually had to do mechs since launch
  3. all the game files related to BnS in the program files directory. Not the client config settings in documents though so I didn't need to set my UI up again the way I like it once the game eventually downloaded again
  4. Blighted Harpy...

    learn mechanics; range protect against her instant death attacks. F roll and SS after suction, do that and you won't be dying lol
  5. Pretty much the title. I installed the new launcher it deleted all my game files. GG I was getting ready for TT too, good luck getting support to compensate me for that one.
  6. RAISE THE BAR 960AP ISN'T REALISTIC FOR CS... LMAO why the heck you think it's 960AP now ? Anyone else remember clearing CS with everyone in the party having 400-500 ap ? I do
  7. How to get gold standard outfit

    the requirements are like 0. but with low gear odds are you'll need to pay for a carry run. usually it comes up to the amount you'll gain from the weekly BT quest rewards.
  8. Cant access the website

    same I had to email support about it so they could fix it.
  9. Passage Unreal Engine 4?

    Il's viennent vraiment de le faire ?
  10. personally my pick is the logitech G502 over the G600; better ergonomics and even tho you are giving up some buttons the remaining ones aren't all bunched together making it neigh impossible to accidentally press the wrong one. All of the 11 total buttons can be programmed with ease. https://www.fictiv.com/blog/posts/teardown-showdown-logitech-gaming-mouse-edition-g600-mmo-vs-g502-proteus-spectrum
  11. Well definitely go for a good gaming mouse then; I'd personally avoid getting a Razer mouse because of their software. It requires you to be signed in at all times to use (and thus have an internet connection at all times) and pretty much all advanced features won't work till you sign in.
  12. lower dungeons for lower lvl toons

    very true, but that's what clan's are for. Join a friendly clan rather than asking total strangers to help carry you. Even IRL asking random strangers for help like that doesn't usually work.
  13. You can get some very nice mice for well under 100$ and after a few days of getting used to the faster cursor speed any other cheap mouse would feel like changing from a sports car to a scooter.
  14. Getting a faster mouse; something with a higher DPI setting. Quick turn is only a thing on game-pad cause it's impossible to fast turn with a joy stick Also you really shouldn't be playing the game with a game-pad.
  15. lower dungeons for lower lvl toons

    blue dungeons... Umm, when true scorpio weapons were whale. (those aren't even a thing anymore). For some upgrade mats. Blue dungeons never much merit. Also daily challenge is very easy; every day.