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  1. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    thank you for bringing this detail up. So basically we don't have a bugged friends list, we have an outright unsupported friends list.
  2. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    NCWest's investment in this game is very minor, from day 1 the reason why bugs take so long to get fixed is because there are no devs. Any debugging that needs a dev to look into needs to be sent back to Korea. This is the reason why the friends list is still bugged, the Korean devs haven't been able to reproduce it and as such have no clue how to fix it. BTW the friends list is a server side bug, every time F2 bugs that's a server side bug, the bugged weekly rewards was a server side bug... Consider this, everyone has been dealing with ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ping, random DC's and freezes not cause the servers are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ but because we only have a bunch of technicians who can't fix anything not hardware related. If they really cared or had a brain they would of fly in a couple of Devs from KR to fix our issues. Going with that train of thought it's possible that they did in fact want to do that but KR refused to lend NCWest some of their Devs, or that making the devs travel wasn't feasible; In that case the game's issues would lie with KR's refusal to lend us devs or Immigration.
  3. What KR does is what KR does. All I'm saying is that NCWest has control over the HM store. They should know what the community wants and doesn't want and respect that more.
  4. Good question, But from past experience I feel very confident in saying they have 90% control over the HM store
  5. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    In that case all we can do is make sure this post always stays number 1 on the forum. Keep bumping it up till we get a satisfactory response from the devs. They mass reverted with the Xanos hands, lets have them do the same here.
  6. Remove 3rd spec from BG

    3rd spec isn't more powerfull than whats already out there. People just aren't used to it yet. It's already bad that the devs were so toxic as to hand out rewards for shackled isles at the same time they block out 3rd spec. People just aren't used to fighting 3rd spec; stop whining and learn to pvp. Boy people wheren't even this toxic about warden's blade ward & resilience
  7. The Way of the Kung Fu Master: Part 4 missing skill

    you guys must understand that those quests were created back at launch when we've had a completely diffrent skill system. Be glawd that it's even possible at all to finish the quest
  8. How to Make 3v3 Popular again

    3 vs 3 was never popular, @Baskerville If you were to escalate anything to the devs, I would recommend this : In arena (more in 1vs1 than 3vs3), before the fight starts there is a count down, then the screen goes black and you are transported to the battle area. The Issue is that depending on your hardware specs (and even possibly server delay); that black screen can stay longer than it should, longer than it does for your opponent. Basically this means that it's effectively possible for your opponent to inflict serious damage on you before you've even loaded it. Worse part is that fixing the issue could be as simple as making the screen go black and moving the players to the battle area first, then not letting them move till the countdown is over.
  9. What kind of adjustments to spectral blade spec ? It would be a real shame to lose some of spectral BM's spec just cause some people can't figure out how to press CTRL + F, lower their graphic settings or simply not bloat their PC's.
  10. Ravenfall in Khanda NPC

    forget about that and instead make ravenfall the first legendary quality outfit in the game
  11. Raven 3 VS

    hein ? could you rephrase that clearly please ? all I got was 500kdps and that you are GC4... you should be doing over 1000k. That's where I see an issue
  12. Why developers spit veterans in the face?

    1. Totally, achievement points are useless beyond a certain point 2. Agreed 3. Not sure what you are trying to say. 4. Honestly I wouldn't complain since it lets you clear old raids faster for the weekly gold and focus more on the new ones. 5. Totally, I never liked there being PVP and PVE gear from day one. Specially since PVP gear requires mats only obtainable from PVE and thus meaning you need to do twice the amount of PVE if you want to do PVP. At the very least make PVP gear 100% obtainable by PVP exclusively. 6. Well, it helps newbs catch up and be able to play end game content instead of it taking 2-3 years. Imagine never seeing a gunner or warden end game. 7. You can clear those old dungeons really fast, so overall you can earn more money by doing them in adition to the newer ones. 8. YES, freaking yes 4 man mode was WAY better. Currently HM is so broken it basically leaves 0 player freedom as there is pretty much only one way to clear, no room for originality or improvisation. At that point if i'm supposed to farm it just replace me with a bot, I'm not doing the exact same thing over and over again for hours. There is something that I would add, Stop making events that only serve to help newbs gear up fast. That's what cost reductions are for; Give us events that serve everyone.
  13. The Game Has No Colorblind Mode?

    WTFrack ? I replied to this saying that Reshade has an effect for the colorblind. Who's the Einstein that deleted that post without saying anything ? Anyhow here is a forum thread about installing it, since i'm not re-linking the youtube guide in case that's why my post was deleted, not that I would know cause someone didn't bother to inform me as to why it was deleted.
  14. honestly except CTRL+F changing settings has little effect on my FPS. I get some extra FPS setting shadows to 1 but otherwise my FPS is the same no matter what I set the other settings to; only changes are to how good the game looks. They were PC's I was rebuilding, so a clean windows install, I used to try and run BnS just for the hell of it since it's poorly optimized