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  1. Game is in an unplayable state

    Well I'm gonna be devil's advocate here, I've seen game performance quadruple after a clear reinstall of Windows. So saying that it's all the game's fault isn't exactly true. It can run "ok" under ideal conditions, but still compared to what my rig can pull off in other games it's still pretty horrible. Honestly it's feels about as good as my phemon II x4 @2.4ghz & GT320 managed at launch, but now i'm running a ryzen 2600 @4.2ghz and a GTX 1070TI. Granted I'm running at 1080p instead of 720p and all details at 5 instead of 4 but you get the idea. However, I've never had to reinstall windows with any other game to get my FPS back up. So there is something going on with the game, but it's influenced by factors outside of the game. Side note, 32bit client didn't work for me. Out of sync audio and 5 sec input delays client side. Haven't tried it again since reinstalling, but I'll update my post with the results.
  2. Arena Black Screen abuse

    It's cause the devs are **** and teleport you to the middle arena after the countdown and not during. If they simply moved everyone to the arena when the 5 sec timer started and removed the black screen when the counter hits 0 this wouldn't be an issue. Instead they teleport you there at 0 and leave you with a 1-5 sec black screen once the match has already freakin started.
  3. Ravenfall

    it's meant to be a rare drop wait 3 years to get ravenfall + ravenfall mask like the rest of us,
  4. low gear alt, but still basically op for the dungeon I was trying to join. That party leader sure was committed to an A9+ SSM run.
  5. So what is the update for unreal 4??

    NA did mention a end of 2019 or early 2020 release date for UE4 in a couple of the producer letters. Game runs at about 30-40FPS max settings 1080p during combat in ET with an overclocked 1070Ti. Solid 120Fps outside of combat. Try a better CPU maybe ? I'm running a ryzen 5 2600 @4Ghz with DDR4-3000 8Gb. Korea released a playable (for a limited time) demo of UE4 up to blackram supply chain iirc. But the full rollout has been delayed.
  6. new raid

    that's a dungeon judging by the 6 man requirement rather than the 12man you see on raids
  7. Any statement to the current situation ingame?

    The issue with the game is that NA does not have it's own development team. Any issues or feed back needs to be sent to the Korean devs. The Korean Devs don't give a flying **you-know-what** about NA. Good luck getting them to do anything for us in a timely manner. Most bugs probably go away on their own before Korea even gets around to taking a look at them, If they ever. The friends list came back a few weeks ago but there were no patch notes about it, indicating it probably was just a happy little accident. What needs to happen is a renegotiation of the licensing terms of the game, so that NA can have it's own resident dev staff to address bugs, exploits and community feed back.
  8. Fix BM spectral spec!

    Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4Ghz GTX 1070TI @2100Mhz 8GB DDR4-3000 256GB NVMe SSD. No frame drops here a max settings (without ambient occlusion, field of depth and motion blur), It's likely your windows install that is to blame. BnS performance takes a serious hit when you let too many background processes actively run. In fact I've seen it outright not work at all.
  9. Another Oof to this patch

    actually that only gives defensive stats without actual stones. It was introduced at the start of the last even iirc. Probably to keep people from just mailing catwalk around to new characters for outfit threads. still with a cost of 35 outfit stamps you'll be sacrificing the 15 stamps from the achieve and 20 more in exchange for 15 threads. This would only make sense if you have had prem for a while and have been claiming your 20 monthly stamps every month. Honestly they should just let their premium members use catwalk to exchange outfit stamps for designer threads instead of instituting a stupid rule like this that hurts everyone. Or better yet offer premium members a once a month chest were they can pick either 20 stamps or 15 threads
  10. Just disgusting @ new patch notes

    Blade and soul is actually funded by north Korea and this is Kim Jong-un's plan to satisfy his need to feel above anyone by being the only one to afford max gear. Game runs like trash cause it's actually designed to run on some counterfeit north Korean windows. The ping is terrible cause your data is being redirected to North Korea. Every time the game freezes during ET boss 1 it's Kim Jong-un trying to keep anyone else from clearing ET. BTW if you stop hearing from me know that office 39 has silenced me.
  11. Fix your damn game!

    64bit client ain't a miracle cure all for crashes and bugs; still waiting for my character's boobs to stop stretching off screen every time I use a dragon pulse (64bit only issue). But the point is, why is it even a thing ? You load into open world just to have to press 4 and load back in ? Set everyone to be alive and at full health when they login, it's as simple as that.
  12. Any UI Improvements on its way?

    The friend list as we know it has been replaced in KR, but NCWest decided to keep the old version even though NCWest doesn't have it's own devs to maintain it, Which is partially to blame for it's current state, but overall the UI is fine once you change the scale and move around some icons in the UI editor. The settings menu needs to be reorganized, there are odd settings all over the place; just look at where gamepad mode and simple mode settings are placed. I'll disagree with you on the martial tome, it very much needs to be redone. The original martial tome at launch was much more user friendly for finding a given skill. Instead of organizing skills by level, which honestly who would remember what skills they got at what level specially when they add and remove some skills with updates; The original martial tome arranged everything by key binding It also allowed great per skill customization compared to the newer versions, making more unique strategies possible in PVE & PVP. Although for the sake of balancing the game I can forgive the devs for reducing the amount of possible skill combinations for players. How ever it remains cancer to try and locate a given skill to enable/disable it as needed.
  13. Infinite fall

    you know that kind of bug is exactly why the escape function was created. press ESC on your keyboard then select escape.
  14. Fix your damn game!

    since 2016, why the hell is it even possible to spawn dead when you log into the game ?
  15. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    thank you for bringing this detail up. So basically we don't have a bugged friends list, we have an outright unsupported friends list.