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  1. Sorry to say to you pvp is dead on this game and they are just beating a dead horse. The equipment disparity is to great when u can literally 1 shot people. But that is what happens when you have developers that don't play or quality check their game. Few hours in ebon... lol
  2. How so? Other events you did not have to deal with pks (Excluding last event) and lack of channel/spots to auto hunt in. I didn't have any trouble doing many previous events except some that require you to have a certain amount of ap to dps.
  3. Indeed this is one of the most toxic events I have seen on this game. Not enough channels, auto hunting bugs, crashes and on top that pk friendly. Making the same mistakes over and over again not learning anything. It is like they are trying to make people frustrated and quit this game.
  4. yes, if you press esc and then click on escape in the menu you can get out.
  5. I like what sony did with their currency many years ago (Dunno if they still do it cuz I don't play any of sonys games anymore). When you redeemed a gift card or buy currency directly form them you would get 20-50% more on certain weekends. I used to buy a few $20-$25 gift cards just cause it was a great deal at the time.
  6. I got tired of waiting for a response and sent a ticket in. "As per devs, the Bonus Damage will still apply upon usage but there's no tool tip that will generate." - GM (I just cut and pasted the important part) It just applies the bonus damage directly to the skill without any need to trigger the effect. I assume. I'm also guessing they are not changing the tool tip for it to reflect what it really does. So I figured I would post it here so others know.
  7. Yes what is the deal with this badge. The new soul badge only fuses with this one and the badge is still broken or description does not say what skill triggers the effect. Can we get an update on this?
  8. I had opposite as you. I just play pve and one of my crits were pvp gems other stuff. I had to go with the 75 legendary jewels. I did trove a few times before but you had to be content with getting mats in the past. Going forward with trove I don't think using 94 out of 100 keys and getting one star just for some mats or reduced price legendary jewels/elements is going to cut it. They need to add better items for one star or make two star more common.
  9. I think they want to play on english speaking servers cause that is the other language that they know besides there native one. I already said in other thread but I'll say again that I live in NA and can only play on mornings (which is asian time) and would like a koldrak during that time. Have them spread out or added even.
  10. I take it you don't like the wings but a lot of other people do. Then why put a vanity item that does not helps you what so ever(except look cool) at such a high difficulty level. Plus this might also be the only event you can get those wings as well.
  11. Well... I've only been doing weekly and DC almost everyday when I can. I don't do raids anymore cause it is not worth the time. So I'm stuck with BT and VT gear. Wait... what?? you do it on 5 characters. All I can do is my main an 1 alt. After that I don't have time and right now I'm trying not to burn out on this game.
  12. I dunno... if the server refresh rate slows or don't have enough bandwidth your fps will lower cause the server can't keep up with all the information it is handling. I seen this in many online game servers.
  13. I've been playing this game since NA release and can not beat the 4th stage of the event. I even upgraded my weapon to SF stage 6 (highest I could get). Still I can not get past 20% even with buffs. Sad that players have to go through this not being able to do the full event. This game is dying faster with events like this. Already heard quite a few quit and moving on. I'd be gone already if it wasn't f2p. BTW, Doing over 1 mill dps is whale don't be a and pretend otherwise.
  14. This is another event that proves that the dev's remain out of touch with the community. Most ppl have raven an aransu weapons won't be able to do stage 4 of this event. The weapon that helps is out of reach to those who need it. The souls and hearts will help out the early stages if you don't have better but will help very little on stage 4. Remove the achievement for the weapon or lower the hp more. You guys should be better then this.
  15. IMO, I think it is the server. If you look at the preview stream you can see that NC West has 40-250ms ping (250 is probably from first loading in, etc). I think 40ms is a little high for only having a few ppl on it. With a higher load on it most likely doubles or more. So by then your playing with a 56k ping. When I play a new character I have no issues with fps doing the story but when I reach newer areas with players my fps lowers and my ping also get slightly higher as well. That is why I think it is a server issue than a client one but the client does have some issues as well.
  16. Sad that you have to change your character slider just to see your character in F8. You would think that they would fix this after so many years but the problem still exists.
  17. Well... I heard that the bill would only effect games minors play like candy crush. So making the game mature rated or 18+ could allow a game to still sell loot boxes. (last I heard bout this topic) imo, they already have a system in for it. Called a Credit card. If the parents are giving the credit card info to their children without making the purchase themself is bad on the parents for not keeping that info private. Since kids can not get a credit card legally as far as I know.
  18. Team Bloodlust uses it as a gold sink like how many other things like mailing items to alts and market fees. Pets cost around the same to change appearance also. I agree that it should not cost anything to do but at least lower the cost to do it to like 5-10g. (maybe a sliding scale for weapons IE: raven 5g, aransu 10g and GC 15g) They also need something to give premium members so that is why it only costs 1g for them.
  19. Is is like that for all accessories now. I was going to upgrade a few on my alts but the mats needed now look like they are not worth it. (didn't do math on it lol) So I just have to settle for getting it to break through instead. btw, make sure anything u make during the event don't expire after the event.
  20. Only thing you can do is get as many boxes you can from the daily quests. That is the easiest way other than getting lucky on the daily dash. I get 8-10 boxes a day from daily quests an I get 1 green venture coin a month if that. If I get lucky I get 2. I only got 2 blue and 1 purple from playing since release. If you get premium you can get more (think it is 15 hm coin a day). I think also a chance to get venture coins if you land the the blue outline squares on the daily dash. Then you get a random chance of landing on the surprise gift that might give a venture coin
  21. I work 3rd shift in NA and I can only do koldraks lair on my days off cuz I'm sleeping or working. Would love a time at this hour I play at so I can so it regularly.
  22. Also the bosses in beastbog need more health. They don't even last a second as well.
  23. Team Bloodlust is the developer and NcSoft is the publisher. What Snowyamur was saying is correct. They needed to open all those servers cause of all the bots. Their were literally 100's of bots in game at release farming away at quests and field bosses.
  24. You can also craft exp charms. I don't remember what one tho. Also you can get exp charms from ToI and trail arena next door but only once per season.
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