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  1. Yes social ones is the only ones that show up for me don’t know if I need to be 60 to see the other ones but I’ll rush to 60 and try looking again lol thanks for the reply
  2. been wanting to play a new mmo played wow for years got tired of that went to SWTOR and GW2 i loved Tera online saw this and down loaded it got to 20 saw a handfull of ppl out while leveling 1-20 but went though all the clans and most have no had ppl on since 2017.. so is the game worth investing time and money into? so far im loving the game but dont want to get to 60 and have no one to do anything with any input is welcome ( btw i play on NA sever)
  3. i just started today my self looking for ppl, i see lots of ppl playing with clan tags but nothing comes up when u try to look for a clan
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