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  1. Dark Emissary Outfit

    Why would you encourage them to put it in a rng box/trove?.... This game has enough rng crap as it is.... if anything we should be complaining more about them not out right selling stuff in F10.... i get the appeal of rng boxes i do.. "for new stuff" but if its already been released... put it in F10.... or make it Trad-able so ppl who don't have the money to just gamble away...can obtain it buy buying off market...(which i know they have been doing and i appreciate it), but id also flat out buy it off F10 if it was available cause id much rather spend gold on upgrades and id rather buy cosmetics with NCoin anyway... Give us outfits/weapon skins/wings/acc/etc.... Flat out in F10.... Im sure your community would love you for it..... @NCSoft
  2. support times

    Don't forget they are also dealing with the Corona lock downs and stuff.... give it time... they are probably only concerned about more crucial tickets then anything else atm
  3. Like are you TRYING to make it harder on us? ..... Please change this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ back to 7 channels.... That is just the most stupidest thing ive ever seen... EDIT: Im legit lagging so much more now cause of this.... FIX THIS...
  4. Suggestions from KR

    Okie so sometimes i often go and take a peak at KR server and see what changes and how stuff is working over there and... what ive noticed... is that we seem to take the WORST ideas from them and NONE of the good ideas that they have available in THERE SERVER! SO im here to list some of those "nice" little details that NA has neglected to give us... Now im going off of info that i gathered for a little while ago (think it was back when archer first released over there). 1. Clothing merchants offered any and all dungeon outfits and acc from whatever specific location those outfits where in... just basically clothing merchants had all the dungeons outfits even the new dungeons (kind of remotely similar to the achievement merchant with WAY more of a selection and the prices for the outfits WAS FAIR) -There prices where 1 Fabric and 25-75 Silver (and locked by achievements of course) 2. Drop Rates for old dungeons (Such as Poh and Blood Shark has increased...) (This also includes all the dungeons that NO LONGER have Hardmodes) example - Blood shark Harbors Cobalt Window Hair dropped twice in about 5 runs (Now some of you might say.. well there old dungeons and most of this stuff is in achievement shop... Ill have you know... id rather not spend 100g to get this hair when I can FARM IT) The Red and Black EVENT Poh hair ALSO dropped from Poharan Dungeon. Outfit voucher that drops from Poh is also used to obtain the RED PIRATE PRINCESS outfit that we NEVER saw on NA (which i badly wanted) and no i don't care if its a recolor... no one else seems to care when NC releases recolors of other outfits so let me have this! 3. No more "Dragon Pouch Bags" for inventory space.... they now all spaces unlock using Silver and gold. 4. F3 is another way to purchase outfits you don't own with a different kind of currency.... Purchase Dungeon outfits and all there acc. (i guess if you didn't feel like farming them on alts??) New outfits that are recently released wouldn't be available to purchase in this tab until much later. This would ultimately solve our outfit deli ma. Personally I like this the most because id rather just flat out buy an outfit rather then have to RNG my way to get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ but thats just me. 5. They sell weapon skins in F10.... Like past trove weapon skins (Now this also makes me wonder why don't we sell illusion weapon bundles anymore? like what ever happened to that?) 6. They have way better log in rewards and Online timed rewards.... (They actually still put outfits in these C: ) So why haven't i seen an outfit in the past stamps? There are plenty of ideas here, id just like more ways to obtain outfits and weapon skins other then these stupid RNG ways....OTHER THEN TROVE.... Like hello? Start using GOOD ideas from KR and NOT the bad ones.....please
  5. '' Bravo '' Hair style

    Really? only 1k? thats cheaper then i thought honestly xD
  6. Valentine's Costume

    I agree with the above post about all the rng box and trove outfits being re released....
  7. '' Bravo '' Hair style

    the sweet treats hair style was in KR CC way before the outfit was/hair acc.... we basically get what KR gets.... and thats the only reason we had the pigtails put in CC cause it was already in KR.... as far as you wanting something like that... its highly unlikly they will do this simple because of what you just stated.. the purpose of having such a unique hairstyle takes hard farming, and yes ppl that actually put forth the effort to achieve it definitely don't want this handed out.. as much as i to like the hair style.. you won't see it in CC... now i can't say for sure it won't be put into something else.. like cash shop "maybe" and thats a huge chance... the only way i see them offering the outfit is if they put it into a year of prem;; but thats just me guessing... i dunno maybe dev team will take pity on you and do something ;P Also Cobalt wig is also in achieve merch
  8. Im 99% sure weapon chests are rigged ...

    I have an rng trick to this... i normally farm the same weap chest until i have a stack... then i open some... i normally get weaps i need right off the bat with this method... But if you some how open a stack of 10 chest and get nothing then i advise going to get a key or save up some gold for one... but note always keep 1 chest of the weap you need... Rng can be tricky but just keep stacking
  9. Account Bound Outfits

    Now this is an idea i can get behind.. but NC won't do this cause they would lose out on money... ppl happen to like having the same rare costume across all characters.. there for NC gets more money out of there players... But i mean NC can still make money either way;; i wish they would let us have cross wardrobe...but i don't see this happening tho;;;
  10. Premium Rank

    i honestly wish it was like TW prem.... you pretty much get paid to play over there.... the amount of time you spend online you get points to buy stuff in the cash shop (makes having prem very rewarding)... i think it should be something like that.. either that or prem level 10 users should get discounts on outfits and other things....
  11. Premium Bank Tab Grays Out After Purchasing Ncoin

    Ya its been going on for a while and ive been just dealing with it for the most part... but its getting annoying having my bank grayed out after... and wasting time re logging to have it work again QQ
  12. When are we getting the new hair/lyn ears?

    The pigtails in the picture is a wig... i thought the same thing to.. but i have comfirmation that the new ears and tails/hairstyles will come with a later update... gotta be patient QQ
  13. Im not sure if this has been addressed yet but.. its been happening to me a lot lately and every time i purchase Ncoin... my premium bank becomes grayed out and i can't use it anymore... its getting quite annoying and im ready for it to be fixed... The only way to fix this problem currently is re-logging or returning to the character screen.. is there anyway we can get a fix for this? And is anyone else experiencing this when they buy Ncoin?
  14. 【Elder Lake】 Casual or Hardcore, Ceruelan Order Clan

    are you still recruiting?