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Pay To Win Beluga 66 kill

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42 minutes ago, adbe said:

brah 66 kills and the other team only had 1268 point? get some better ps skill

HAHAHA...if im not mistaken 30 points per kill...so its supposed to be more than 1268 xD

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even if the 66 kill is PS there is still a very real issue with people running with raven weapons in the low ranking 6 vs 6.. the average player can't survive against these whales and they love to just sit in the bronze and silver ranking. 


Actually looking at her more I have actually fought this person several days ago in beluga.. they do a shit ton of damage but they are also very easy to kill. 

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game is not p2w.


but gear is purchaseable. which is already common sense because u psend money for ingredneitn u use to upgrade gear.


and u p2player play a game is known to be subjected to this rule, and whine about players who play the ONLy, unique mode that is p2w?????


i don't know..what do u expect? a prize for playing against whales? whaT? are u new?


me myself asked for months about gear equalized 6v6. other than shitstorm by the ones who can play with their gear, not a single point to my favor.

players spend money and need to feel satisfied about their spent. 6v6 is the only way to show epenis with real money.


protip: dont play 6v6 if your gear is garbage.

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That sum is my clan mate and often ends the pvp season in the top 5 of the class. He isn't trying to sit at low rank the match making in this game is sh!t. 


1300 shouldn't be the starting rank and it shouldn't give you silver after one win but take like 10 loses to fall to low bronze. Even with like 40% win rate you can get gold with enough games played because you gain so much more then you lose. They should also take gear into account a little when you que up. They did this at the start but geared people would group with bad geared people for easier matches. 

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