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  1. do something about AFK ppl

    paranoid? why even look for replacement? omg u really ask me that? of course ppl will look for replacement if have empty slot in party list =.=....since more ppl more dmg(basic stuff) and fast clearing the dungeon quest...who dont like fast clearing dungeon must be weirdo...block system is useless for this situation since we can still party up with them...they need to realize that this afk stuff is going too far now...if not ppl not gonna post about this stuff again and again....
  2. do something about AFK ppl

    so what if the pt members dc and auto removed from pt due time limited...the lead start to rec and get this so called tag members joining in...we cant get kick that tag player right? unless that tag player no use that kind of tag option
  3. do something about AFK ppl

    we dont need those complicated thing what so ever...again we just need the same system votekick like we did on offline player...those tag like blocked tag is no use since we cant see it during premade...
  4. do something about AFK ppl

    i said it before...why we cant have the same system like when we kick the offline player from party? its simple...make others pt members vote for the afkers and he will get never see 5 members are friend/same clan...usually just 2-3 members..chance to meet afkers in these dungeon? EVERYDAY
  5. do something about AFK ppl

    its like nightmare memory to me...i'll remember need to run from core to core since 1 afk at the middle bridge and other 2 that guard the core is low hm/ap members...everytime seeing gloom and necro on daily challenge list make me sigh deeply...xD
  6. atleast make the accused weapon box from additional rewards 100% will get since the boss loot didnt drop the accused weapon...
  7. do something about AFK ppl

    i guess u never heard dungeon called awakened necropolis then...its same as gloom but have 3 core...and the afker love to park their char at the bridge infront the boss door
  8. do something about AFK ppl

    before im trying to submit the ticket about these afk players...may i ask first what kind of punishment will they get?
  9. the boss loot drop asura weapon and the additional rewards box can get a chance to get the asura weapon box...and yes we know asura weapon is needed for upgraded weapon but do they realize accused weapon is needed for upgraded weapon too? why not make the accused weapon drop the same like asura? i mean the boss loot they should put accused weapon too...
  10. Servers-Cash Store

      *like the raven wep user beat the crap out of those legendary/galaxy weap user xD...1 shot 1 kill
  11. im so agree with this...kinda annoying when seeing those afk/leecher in these dungeons...hope they can speed up the pace for it or just remove it from daily challenge list
  12. Warlock solo bug

    ikr...the mobs can chase you far than the shackle range but when we use shackle need to get below 10m...if not the mob reset =/ its kinda annoying tho
  13. Want balance ?

    yes they need to separated that...pvp and pve...why they wanna make us (pve player) suffer from being nerfed because of pvp stuff =.=...
  14. getting heavenly fruit its all about rng...if the box keep give u xD
  15. LOL 20 minutes que for dungeons.......

    naryu labyrinth is a dead dungeon since they remove it from daily challenge list...that why nobody do it if im not mistaken being removed from daily challenge list too but some ppl still do it because of the gold...3g+ still a lot tho