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  1. spamming cold storage non stop? xD
  2. its about na here not kr...duh what wrong with you....beside if player that doesnt have a chance to enter competitive clan...they cant craft that key...they need to buy it like 70g+ 6k peach+ 70g for upgrading stage 1 to 2 kinda....
  3. u dont get it do you? its not about the key...its about the box rate for python weapon chance....since tormented weapon is no use anymore i dont why the rate is so high compared to python...
  4. torment box

    if im not mistaken we dont need torment weapon for upgrade now right? keep getting this box compared to the dungeon weapon box aka lair dungeon kinda =.=
  5. Trove Critical RNG

    get critical before but the item there not really worth it...feels like wasting the gold and hcoin
  6. most of the time just 1g...i guess they should remove 1g as the lowest now...change 10g as lowest....
  7. agree...even tho i like gunner now...5 free iframes from the starting match kinda too much...beside those hook easy to get...
  8. Trove, market, whales, p2w, p2 progress??

    well maybe that guy have a bad ping...who knows....what the point can do dps but mech failed...failed run and funny part is blame others when its failed LOL
  9. act 4 bug!

    yeah finish the act 4 after beat the jinsoyun if im not mistaken....
  10. legendary gem hammer now acc yeah if u have a lots alt..u can mail em to ur char...but idk how much its cost...
  11. Female dragon pulse emissary has a male VO

    hahaha i thought it just me...i was like da hell did i heard something wrong then i click the npc LOOL xD
  12. Trove, market, whales, p2w, p2 progress??

    ugh the currency exchange nowadays really bad ~_~...the rate damn low and now we f2p even need a super damn luck if someone buy our gold at f9....~_~
  13. Trove, market, whales, p2w, p2 progress??

    item for cash already in bns for a long time...aka the f10 stuff althought not cool as trove those ppl buying service for raven mats aka bt raven weapon user stage 6 that dont even know how ec normal dungeon mecha work...that player thought can dps all the way against the boss since he/she have raven weap ~_~....
  14. How bns classes should be distributed?

    i mean its a bad idea...need to change race lol
  15. currency exchange list

    keep on failing selling the gold for hcoin at currency exchange...guess i cant enjoy trove like this...its not like i dont have a gold for it tho =/ #f2plife