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    first complaining about pvp stuff and now drag into pve stuff? someone already suggest this...i hope bns consider it and stop this buzzing stuff.. ."nerfs need to be filtered so that they are only battleground and PVP related rather than screwing up PVE content, where more power is better."

    oh i saw summoner on top 2 there...means summoner need more nerf !!!!!...even after all the nerf they going thru still can get top 2...damn
  3. Nerf Gunners

    summoner have heal like sf to help the party...summoner have stealth like sin to help the party...summoner have familiar like wl but summoner familiar way way way more useful than wl familiar... and many more with all those skills u dont think ur class is support class?...and now u want a big dps like others? gunner on the others way...doesnt have good heal.doesnt have stealth and doesnt have a freaking good familiar...let me ask u this...will u willing to sacrifice those heal stealth and familiar just to have a big dps dmg like gunner?

    omg summoner rampage because a gunner kill their immortal cat xD
  5. Hongmoon Skills -> The PvE way

    carried? nah that term for those lazy ppl that afk in 6vs6 despite having a good gear...6vs6 is more to teamwork...even tho i have a flaw in this game aka high ping i dont like ppl carry me for not a baby that need a babysitter to play this game...but as a high ping player im still can help my teammate killing the enemy so yeah...and im a wl pretty much can help my teammate for buff aka sb...if helping a teammate killing the enemy and help them with buff still not useful enough as high ping players in 6vs6...well i dont know what to say satistfy those low ping pvp players...that why im prefer the pve way so those low ping pvp players doesnt need/think to *carry* a non useful high ping players like me...i hope bns give more option to pve way to get hm skills...
  6. Loot Auction

    maybe that fellow warlock afk/leech the whole run...that why that bd dont wanna give the loot to wl...saw this kind of thing before...and of course at gloom
  7. Nerf Gunners

    i see that kind of thing lots of time...its not about the class duh....every class can do that...especially when they out threat the tank...mostly at ec those proud ppl link their damage at region chat....and low ping players with low gear can easily out dps the high ping players with more better gear than them....
  8. Nerf Gunners

    wait what? a summoner complain about how a glass cannon class aka dps class outdps them? seriously now?
  9. Nerf Gunners

    finally...someone said it...

    what wait? pve doesnt matter all that much? its matter to all pve gunner for pvp players of course its doesnt matter for ya since all u care is about pvp...
  11. ikr hahaha...even tho they rec for 900 and u join them with 895 ap still get kicked out from premade party xD
  12. Hongmoon Skills -> The PvE way

    owh i thought its 200 per win fixed...yea 1vs1 is a lot faster but too bad im just another high ping players so yeah 1vs1 is not for me tho...

    1-hope its happen tho...even tho 5g ea its fine...since kinda pain to upgrade if 20g ea...yeah i know we will get cheap during trove etc2 but its take lots of luck for it...aka rng 2-no comment 3-will reduce soon 4-nope 5-u will see their damage drop after that burst skill aka tab 6-more like let it be more useful...buff up their effect and stats 7-good luck 8-good luck 9-even with 1g pretty much its gonna be the same 10-erm
  14. Current State of Arena

    high ping in arena=punching bag to those low ping....when im lose the first round very quickly before i can even react because of high ping...usually i just stand for the 2nd round but those guy toying with me more...they just atk me slowly and wait for me more a lil and continue to atk me after that and when i stop moving they will atk me slowly again or just walk and dancing around me...that make my mood down for a bit tho xD...that why im prefer going to 6vs6 for my hm skills even tho always get 1 shot by those whales...atleast its ended fast and less annoying...unlike arena
  15. Appeal

    even tho i need hcoin to buy stuff at f10...i just hold it and hoping for rng to get token from daily boxes...pretty much not gonna sell my gold for this kind of rates...