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  1. Which class?

    for me its depends on ping..u need a good ping to spamming helix...if u have a high ping use dragoncall
  2. im sick of this peaches event

    ah my clan doesnt have a good bonus haha and i dont have prem xD...thank for the tips
  3. Which class?

    go warlock if u want really bad in pvp
  4. im sick of this peaches event

    22.5k peach in 2 hours? O_O
  5. Blade Masters and their unlimited amount of CCs?

    and what? nerf the bm again? if keep on nerfing the class...better just removed it from the game...kfm worst in arena? u kidding right?
  6. Bm or Sin PVE

    go sin..since bm have a lots haters pretty much they gonna get more nerf
  7. Why ppl hate BMs after update ?

    rush already have threat effect even before this 12 april update so idk what *now* you talking about? O_o
  8. Why ppl hate BMs after update ?

    the some reason u said...maybe that bm have more worst ping than urs since its always ping>ap/hmlvl/eq etc lol or that bm dont spec threat since i meet some bm that dont spec threat maybe lazy to tank....
  9. KR test server skill changes

    ^ this xD...seems like the ppl that keep complaining about skills mostly pvp ppl not pve ppl...
  10. erm no...later those ppl show off low lvl hm use bt acc and said *i have better eq than u even tho im low lvl than you...just go*
  11. Warlock rotation and questions

    ah nvm

    well usual the summoner will come...but kinda weird why they not here yet xD
  13. The option to re-watch cutscenes

    i like this idea...i wanna see my own char on it not others ppl char and i would love to record it for memories....example the scene before and after battle with jinsoyun
  14. pvp is a joke

    well most ppl said fm is the lowest tier in
  15. People have no shame

    minimal? counter a lots high hm at ec that failed to do mech...example sum hm13 with leg acc good ss and stage 10 leg weapon that failed to stealth...and wl hm 12 with good leg eq but didnt know the mech at last boss when everyone need to stacked at the mid...and the funny part is they blame others when failed...