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  1. so the event dungeon doesnt give the cocktail aka the new event token then? since im done doing the new event dungeon and just get the 3 fortune potion that all..
  2. why in the world they give us 3 fortune potion tho...they should give the cocktail as rewards for this event dungeon...its kinda weird
  3. i thought if the dungeon part not in the same room ppl need to keep moving so those freaking afkers cant afkers from start until the end like in the we just have the become the afkers slave forever for this gloom dungeon? since i dont see they gonna implant the vote kick system/solution for this afkers thing at all...
  4. since sundered nexus being removed from daily challenge dungeon list before...can the bns put it back on the list and replace it with the *famous afkers dungeon aka gloomdross incursion*
  5. so you saying there is no good solution for f2p in this matter? there is no qqing in here...since we wanna find the solution for this...or the mgmnt dont really care about it at all? like those afk issues?
  6. so u have a good solution for this?
  7. if the currency getting lower and lower...hope they reduce the item cost for hongmoon store too =.=...its kinda hard to us f2p
  8. i like this rental u said (1 I was too late and missed when it was available)...buying hcoin kinda hard nowadays with the absolute nonsense low currency rate now but the outfit price still the same...i wonder if they can low the price for limited outfit =( ( 2. have to wait a insanely long time to even hopefully obtain. ) yeah this too...hope they make more than 2 outfit for every rotation...
  9. they should make minimum limit for 50g or 100g...
  10. using 64 bit and doesnt have any problem at all o.o
  11. too bad then
  12. wow that kinda bad pt members...5 pt members and 3 members leech...and more sad is those leecher hm level more higher than the bm that trying to kill the boss with you...tsk tsk before we always put the blame on low hm lvl but now seeing the high hm lvl behave like this... =___=
  13. im doubt those afkers and leecher will change...since seeing the same afkers being named at region chat in others how long we gonna wait for it if u said they already aware of the problem? some ppl said already a few months ppl keep on posting at forum about this and the reply they get is file a ticket =/
  14. that limit to buy key effect for acc or per char?
  15. paranoid? why even look for replacement? omg u really ask me that? of course ppl will look for replacement if have empty slot in party list =.=....since more ppl more dmg(basic stuff) and fast clearing the dungeon quest...who dont like fast clearing dungeon must be weirdo...block system is useless for this situation since we can still party up with them...they need to realize that this afk stuff is going too far now...if not ppl not gonna post about this stuff again and again....