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  1. Fire traps are worthless

    happen to me today some ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ start the bsh last boss on purpose when they seeing party members nearby and laughing at the pt members that die by the firewall...idk why they make the last boss moving around near the entrance since the last boss really damn close to the entrance when he seriously can u make boss not moving and stay a lil bit far from the entrace?
  2. doing ec without sin/sum

    @TJXX well pretty much those ppl is op and not gonna run with a common player like me xD
  3. Awful Management

    with the lack of beans for the losing side...that why i rather buy my offal at grimhorn rather than waste my time trying to win the damn arena xD...yeap im a high ping and noob i guess since some elitism in this game called high ping=noob...
  4. weird since the recent update i get this error too like few times...even tho i just hanging out at town still get this error
  5. doing ec without sin/sum

    well pretty much its a must have class with stealth skill for this dg then...
  6. Ap for dungeons

    alright if u said so...cant find the hm 11 one maybe i deleted it but found the hm 10 that below 500 ap ^_^   this at dungeon  
  7. Khanda vihar reset (quest too?)

    @Cor wah if like that players with big pocket will buy tons of  reset o.o
  8. about the revamped skill system and stats

    wow thx for the pic...i guess need to use the points carefully then...
  9. Khanda vihar reset (quest too?)

    so we can get the dynamic reward repeatedly?
  10. about the revamped skill system and stats

    because i just learned the hm skills like 3 days ago so i thought damn im just wasted my gold or something....well if u guys said so means im good then xD
  11. Ap for dungeons

    r u SuMMasteR? anyways i'll post some ss about high hm low ap before but got removed =/ lets see if i found those kind of player again
  12. about the revamped skill system and stats

    so how about the hm skill that we learned before using offal etc2...
  13. Ap for dungeons

    but then why suddenly you post about this? is there any change in ap?
  14. Don't add the jump to 50 event

    hahaha i see destro bots everyday when im doing misty wood faction daily...and if the management think that requirement is hard just because they need to get 1 char with lvl 50..i guess they never see the bot lvl then...even tho i see some already post about the misty woods bots before...
  15. Ap for dungeons

    if u think high hm means they highly experienced in're sooooooo wrong buddy totally wrong...yes ap not everything but its play an important part in dps term...i guess u never see hm 11 with 500 ap then ^_^