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  1. Bd or Bm?

    first of much ping u got? if more than 200 i suggest u forget about aka tanker really need a low ping since once u mess up...ppl gonna blame you like there no tomorrow xD
  2. f9 statuts

    well its just weird especially on trove season...usually we see lots of ppl sell their gold in f9 during trove... hahaha i would love to see if the rates up but meh i try to make 1:3 but its say max 1:2...=/
  3. those dungeon that u mention still new and u want it be added in npc already? just wait for few months...pretty much it will be added soon or later
  4. f9 statuts

    its it just me or f9 nobody sell their gold now? or its that a bug?
  5. Heaven's Mandate

    so being kind is a big no no then for this game....ok noted
  6. Reasons to leave BNS

  7. Heaven's Mandate

    and what wrong helping the players that needed to clear the so called easy dungeon for their daily quest? and again its *some* players not *all* players
  8. Nerf Fallen School of Aransu, please

    reduce the hp sound good to me but the cc bar just let it be...8 bar means like 4 players with double cc while whole raid pt members is 12 players...
  9. Reasons to leave BNS

    im soooooo agree with this..especially the no 3 bad things..
  10. Heaven's Mandate

    even tho write the rules my orb my loot in recruitment...some players still steal the make ur own party and write moml in rec not gonna change the bad players attitude that love to steal the orb owner loot even tho the owner already kind enough to use the orb and help you to clear ur the best solution like the op said...the one that use the orb automatically get the loot to prevent the loot get stolen by those toxic and bad players
  11. Heaven's Mandate

    the reason why i stop use my own orb...back then i use my orb for others to clear their daily but since some players love to steal my loot i'll stop use my orb..friendly reminder...dont be a kind person in this game...its not worth it with this toxic community
  12. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    yea i hope we got option for disable this perma....this feature is not needed seriously ~_~
  13. 10 rounds only on tarakhan? how come u can get 15 orbs? does per box give more than 1 orb?
  14. again...even its only takes a few mins to spawn still doesnt means the chance to get the white orb is higher