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  1. An everyday chat in Blade & Soul

    wow i thought max just 2 come 327 o.o
  2. must be 64 bit..u need to close the launcher and open it again...
  3. Seraph stage 1

    got question about this legendary if i choose baleful means my dragoncall dmg incr by 20% drop to 2%?
  4. FPS drop after last two maintenance's

    i thought im the only one have this kind of fps...but maybe lower...have like 20+
  5. Best class on pvp 1v1?

    kinda weird when someone said bd and sum a weak class xD...
  6. well im just curious about this tab on marketplace..i check it and im never see any item in that tab section or its always empty?  
  7. No starter Hongmoon weapon given

    well if u bad in rng stuff...u gotta need more time to get the stalker weapon to lvling? did u ever try it lvling with that weapon?
  8. How much do Hongmoon levels matter in dungeons?

    for me i will let the hm6 enter the party since too many fake hm10+ hm10 with 400ap+
  9. so badluck to those players that start this game late then...same as the new part of lvling weapon xD
  10. why not you login and see the faction chat...usually the less active faction chat is the less population...
  11. wait what? so the oldies get 2 slot char free while new player just have 2 slot? no wonder those ppl talking about having lots of alts i thought they buying the add char slot..hmph im just a unlucky new player then having 2 char slot only haha
  12. Chocolate Hearts (Event)

    well im still hoping for choco crit miracle...still got 8-7 days left
  13. Most annoying boss fight?

    this make me remember when those 500ap entering the 600 premade party and saying this my alt char i know the mech but when fighting the boss he know nothing about mech and make the party members left xD
  14. So, PvE in BnS

    i guess u miss the lightning stance part xD...and pretty sure the op is trolling hoping to nerf bm again since i saw in a forum pretty much lots of bm class hater xD
  15. well to those peeps that lucky get choco crit of course they not gonna complain about it...pretty sure they will complain if they had bad luck in this rng event...