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  1. i am fed up with mechs

    Good job. Keep driving people away instead of helping them. Who doesn't? I never get close to these heavy mech dungeons anymore. I think one job in real life is enough, and this game sometimes require even more effort than actual work, so no thanks. As for randoms who yell and stuff, I treat them as NPCs now. They're hidden, my chat is always off "unchecked everything", and I play however I like.
  2. bracelet activates on use instead of on hit?

    Pretty sure it means using the skill not equipping the bracelet. Which means it activates once you use the skill, not after hitting the target.
  3. I found BnS Toilet XD

    Someone didn't notice the gigantic monster inside yet.
  4. person w/an orb takes all party loot?

    This has been a tradition since the introduction of Heaven's Mandate. The majority of the community strictly abids by this unwritten rule, especially veterans who knows the value of the required key item. And that is actually a good thing, it's one of these rare moments when you see the good side of the B&S community. We understand that new players are not aware of such rule, that's why people care to notify you either in lobby or right before using the orb. It's not their fault if the player doesn't read or doesn't like the rule. That's why they go on the offensive when someone ignores the rule and start bidding. Even if there's no such rule, you've accepted their condition by joining their party . Don't think too much about it. Don't compare it to real life situations. Don't try to analyse it by common logic. Like it or not, fair or not, it's just one of the rules for this specific game now. And since it's been set by the community itself, there's nothing that can be done about it by the developers. You've made a positive choice by discussing the issue with everyone here, but you can tell from the replies in this topic that the majority are supporting it. So your options are: Go with the flow and pass on loot for the orb user, no matter what the drops are, even if it's a pet. Solo, and keep all the profit for yourself. Go against the flow, start bidding, and bear with the results. As for me, I'll never share my orb with anybody ever again. I'll either solo on main, or join others and pass on loot on alts.
  5. Hongmoon Hexagonal Amber

    The support team was very quick to respond and very helpful too, they've returned my 120 Solar Energy back. I still hope someone could give me more accurate info about that gem, there isn't much info about it on goolge.
  6. Hongmoon Hexagonal Amber

    Thanks. I've submitted a ticket just now, I hope they revert the purchase. On the other hand, is this gem actually bugged?
  7. Hello~ I've bought a hexagonal amber from the dragon express 2 days ago for 120 solar energies. It's supposed to recover 2000 HP when I'm being hit but that doesn't happen at all. Nothing happen in neither PvE nor PvP, I've tested the gem alone with different weapons, with no other gear at all and the results are the same. Some people told me that it has a chance to proc, but for over 30 minutes of testing it didn't proc even once. Is this a known bug or there's another way for it to work. I was about to send a ticket to the support team but I had to ask first because I couldn't find any answer about this issue after searching.
  8. Candycloud Dance

    Managed to record it during a lag session:
  9. A simple fix for 64-bit problems.

    Same story here, it's really depressing :/
  10. A simple fix for 64-bit problems.

    Sorry, I really wish I could be more useful than that, but sadly I'm not using windows 10, so I'm not familiar with it. If only the support team can take this piece of info and make a good use of it, I'm pretty sure they can handle this issue better than me, at least.
  11. A simple fix for 64-bit problems.

    Did you try using the compatibility troubleshooter? There's a link in the first post.
  12. A simple fix for 64-bit problems.

    Glad to know that this has helped some people with their FPS problems ^^
  13. It's not about the gear, it's about the rank. If you're bronze, you'll get to see more of these HM 4~8. Less in silver, and none in gold. The only occasion is when a gold rank player forms a party with a bronze friend.
  14. A simple fix for 64-bit problems.

    Great news! Have fun playing ^^
  15. A simple fix for 64-bit problems.

    Sorry about that, I'll add more details to the post ^^; I'm glad it's working fine for you though!