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  1. I agree that elemental damages are broking battlegrounds. Just make any playing character ignoring elemental damages to keep elemental damages for PvE and everything will be ok. No more 2 shots when you are full PvP stuffed.
  2. It's very subjective, because by going in the deep of what players want, devs should also reset rank and refund tickets to all class that had bugged skills, meaning everyone.
  3. If you are very fairplay, yes, you can replace SB by another skills. But what happens to others that don't want to avoid SB (because they don't know how to play without it) or that are not aware of the bug? Not everyone have read news :/ But I totally agree, ticket refund and score reset are the only things to do from devs, after having fixed SB.
  4. So what's the difference between a player that is aware of a bug and a player that doesn't or that is forced to use the bug (which is the case of the SB bug)? Please use your brain when you compare bugs with others. It's different between every bugs. And in this case, Warlocks don't have to stop playing because their skills are bugged. Devs are the only one faulty. Period. And yes, a refund of tickets used during this bug and a score annulation during this period are the best things they could do.
  5. It's absolutely not the fault of players, so no ban/punishment/ranking reset should be done. I cannot be an exploit because it's the "normal" behaviour of the game. By "normal", I mean that how the game works for now, even if it was not intended by devs.
  6. It's a dumb requirement. They should just remove it and let people get their full PvP soulshields. We deserve it when we see ***PvE*** damage from Raven stuff. + Add elemental defense.
  7. I want to say thank you NCSoft for having fixed it. Now, 100- ping players have less advantages than 100+ ping players, and it's cool for everyone. But it's a shame that this little thing wasn't fixed until now. You're always waiting for the community to cry to fix things... It was a simple thing that should have been fixed from the beginning of the game... And thank you for having fixed the braindead Soul Burn too ;)
  8. So... Is that a gunner class that has the most hit-per-second rate (WTF?), probably very latency dependant and... easier to play than summ?
  9. Question for cat experts: Does the "Power Pounce - Grapple" (TAB) actually lower the defense of the victim to 50% for 10 seconds? From what I've seen, damages are same if the target is grabbed or not.
  10. This option need to be automatically set in-game according to in-game ping. If you have 150 ms in-game, so this option is set to 150 by the client itself.
  11. Just trace IP and you find that they are physically in Frankfurt.
  12. We should have 55% bonus, but we are stuck to 60% bonus, the same last week bonus (when we were higher ranking).
  13. Don't expect xigncode3 to protect you against 3rd party software users. Any player wanting to bypass xigncode3, as he/she used to do with GameGuard, can find a (free, available on network) working way to play without this GameGuard substitute. So, as for GameGuard, this anti-cheat system is going to annoy more legit players than cheaters/modders/geek rebels. The real way to fight against cheaters and robots are discreet house made protections. Use your brain, devs, don't be lazy ;)
  14. Once, my launcher's settings have bugged (it was not in my language, neither in the right region). I've manually edited the NCLauncher.ini file to go back to the rights settings. Your NCLauncher has probably bugged and corrupted your settings, so you're actually connecting to the wrong region of BnS.
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