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  1. I just bought a Heptagonal Diamond on the Marketplace for 40 gold, which I assume is crafted from the Heptagonal Diamond Pouch in the Radiant Ring guild. After receiving it and equipping it I found that this item CANNOT be used as an ingredient for Transmutation into a better gem, nor can it be salvaged. It's a bit frustrating to get scammed out of 40 gold just to figure that out. Suggestion: Either update this item so it can be salvaged/transmuted/both, or remove it from the game entirely. - Phoenix Reply below if this has happened to you, too!
  2. I respect your opinions but I feel you are all missing the point. If I am banned here after giving my opinion and asking thoughts of other players, than I'm afraid Blade and Soul is doomed to be a pay to win game that slowly kills itself. I hope that NCSoft doesn't encourage the mindset to block or ban people for having an opinion that's different than theirs.
  3. Yes, I did indeed insult him. I insulted him because he was playing dumb about my question. I have no doubt that the moderator that blocked me is part of the NCSoft team, which is why he played the 'play dumb' card and also why my question was ignored every time on stream. Anyway, this isn't a rant about me getting blocked on twitch (ever heard of clickbait?). I want to know what NCSoft and other players feels about this pay to win dynamic. NCSoft loves the fact that they are getting more money from these pay to win players, which itself isn't so bad. Getting more money is awesome, but at
  4. So I was enjoying the stream earlier today about the new automation assault event that the game masters were showing when I decided to try and ask Jonathan and Bethany what they think about the Pay to Win situation in 6v6. Obviously I wasn't the only one asking questions so I had to copy and paste my question every so often to get them to see and answer it. After a few minutes of doing this, one of the moderators noticed me and warned me about spamming chat and he asked what exactly my question was about. Specifically, I was asking about what the developers thought about the p2w 6v
  5. The 6v6 pay to win is the reason I'm quitting this game. Its just a bunch of players with deep pockets that are running 6v6. No fun.
  6. I'm a returning player and the hardest dungeon I've done before I left before was Naryu Foundry. Running through the dungeons nowadays is different thanks to the updated AP in BnS, but I've noticed that in Desolate Tomb, players will ignore mechanics. I don't see anymore 323, 232 patterns or anything like before. I know if you used to take several electric currents you would instantly die. Is this a previous update that makes Desolate Tomb easier? Also what can I expect from Naryu Foundry nowadays?
  7. Blade Dancers in Arena make me tilt >_<
  8. Yeah, takes a lot of practice to understand and use skills efficiently. I recommend watching a little bit of BM Cassis pvp gameplay. He also has a great tutorial explaining his pve and pvp builds. Tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANdl57B8-fc Twitch pvp gameplay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/37527184
  9. The difference in their skills compared to yours is that they are most likely using special skills knows as 'Hongmoon Skills'. Hongmoon skills are master skills that unlock bonus attributes to certain skills like increasing damage, increasing effect duration, and extra combo options. Hongmoon skills become available after you unlock them under the Achievement Character Skills (U key). Each skill has a different requirement to unlock. One of the special HM skills that all Blade Masters should seek out is HM Lightning Draw [Move 2] (or HM Searing Slash [Move 2] with the f
  10. Practice using the Training Room (F12). Pick the strongest boss that you can fight at your level and try to keep up a solid dps combo while dodging and attacking the boss. You can normally walk around the boss's yellow attack cone and either use the Draw Stance Block (F) or simply dodge (Q or E) the yellow AoE Circle that bosses sometimes do around themselves. For all red (unblockable) attacks you have to dodge (Q or E), and even Backstep (S,S), right before the attack is launched. To keep up your DPS as a Blademaster, you want to be in Draw Stance. This is your main attack stance an
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