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  1. People have been buying and sell radiants all week to get ready for this gem change well over 10g each. Now less then 24 hours before patch you come out and say that anyone that wasn't selling just gets f'ed out of there money and investment that you said would help make gems easier for everyone. I bought radiants in the last trove with the idea that someday I would be able to use them to increase my gems and now I am getting a sucking 10g each which has very little impact on me and most people. Going forward that is going to do nothing to help use when we have to spend hundreds of dollars on
  2. I believe at some point we will get emperor weapon (I think that is azure dragon on kr) which requires galaxy weapon to upgrade into it. The stats on it will make it so you will really not want to be in pvp without it or your going to be feeling the pain. So while Pve weapon is so far ahead and over taking 6v6. So sooner or later pvp weapon holders will take over 6v6 again.
  3. That sum is my clan mate and often ends the pvp season in the top 5 of the class. He isn't trying to sit at low rank the match making in this game is sh!t. 1300 shouldn't be the starting rank and it shouldn't give you silver after one win but take like 10 loses to fall to low bronze. Even with like 40% win rate you can get gold with enough games played because you gain so much more then you lose. They should also take gear into account a little when you que up. They did this at the start but geared people would group with bad geared people for easier matches.
  4. If your running 8 piece msp soul shield set and playing earth build Magnum Soul badge (blue B) is going to be a big upgrade in your dps. You really shouldn't play wind build till you have at least wind ring from black tower so you can help correct the focus drain problem. Once you go wind and get 3 piece black tower soul shield Holy fire soul badge (blue A) is going to be better when you don't have a warlock or are in long fights.
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