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  1. Decided on a new gunner then my original pretty boy Cause everyone needs a one winged a$$hole in their life. Besides i gotta keep with my Final Fantasy theme going on (Cloud, zack, Tseng, Kadaj)
  2. It's a bot, it seems like the TW bots are flooding back over to NA/EU. You are seeing more and more of them but you can always tell they are bots as they seem to cosntantly teleport short distances as they run. NC is gonna have to get back on them before we get as bad as TW again. I'm seeing more and more of the destro ones popping up.
  3. There has also been an issue where if they are against the wall they become un-target-able even with AOE attacks that aren't meant to require a direct target to work. I saw that a lot yesterday with my sum in the arena.. i lost several matches due to that since I wasn't able to hit them yet they were right in front of me... all because they were up against the wall and suddenly no attack would target them.
  4. They have needed to be reworked for a while now, but they do need to reduce the cost.. one reason i haven't mailed any off my alt.. I'm not spending 50g to mail flowers to an alt when I can use that for something more important.
  5. Cause lets face it, the RNG in this game *bleep*ing sucks, BT is no exception. While it's annoying as hell in the big 4 for the legendary you can run those as many times as your sanity will let you in a day. BT you are restricted to once a week unless you can swiper much swiping and buy tons of resets.. even then you can spend hours running BT and never get the jewelry you need. I've been running it for a few months now, and just recently twice a week with an alt in a second raid. Grand total of 3 Earth accessories (no ring all earrings) 2 fire accessories, 1 ice earring, shit ton of shadow, a few lightening and a shit ton of ice rings. Soul shields are just as bad but you can at least spend feathers on those and get them from the coin merchant. There needs to be a second means of obtaining BT jewelry. Have it in the coin merchant for gold or feathers (gold preferably but make it a lot like a few hundred) and lock it behind achievements. (if it drops from boss 1 you need to run that 10 times)
  6. Ever since Asura came out i have only seen the ember drop once and that was a month ago. That's it though.. once..
  7. Yep the materials required to craft transformation stones are harder to obtain since the server merger with the bots controlling the price of the silver frost quartz and SSP being a nightmare from what i've heard. The restricted zen beans to only winning in the arena so you have to be good at pvp unless you stay inthe lower ranks to get zen beans for SS.. or good at 6 v 6.
  8. after looking at what it will take to get my stage 11 to 12 I can tell you right now the price difference is anything but huge.. it's actually almost more expensive with the price hike in the market today. I'm glad i only needed one item to craft transformation stones..
  9. Think they said that the higher level you went in the weapon the less and less of a real discount it is, it was mainly geared towards those in the very low levels of bale and searph.. less for those in dawn/rfit. If you look at the discount from seraph 10-11 in the video the biggest discount was the lack of a premium transformation stone. but most the other mats were only lowered by like 5-10 mats. So if that is the extent of a discount how big is rift and dawn going to be? probably not that huge.
  10. People are getting temporarily banned for going AFK in dungeons and 6 v 6. The number of people getting sick of AFKS or derankers is growing and they are actively reporting and you are seeing redit posts popping up showing people getting temporary bans for doing just that. Now all someone has to do is recognize your character once and see you either go AFK or log off, take a screen and link back to this forum post. So is your moonstones really worth a possible ban?
  11. This won't be an issue for much longer, once we get the new crafting system quartz and water will no longer be needed.
  12. aren't the boxes also in the coin merchent, i thought i saw them there last time I looked.
  13. And right here is one of the major issues with 6 v 6, the higher levels want an easy fight so farm the lowbies and drive them from doing 6 v 6 since all they are up against is whales who can't cut it in their own ranking.
  14. Congratz? I fail to see how this had anything to do with the original point of the post.
  15. Yeah... no it's not.. If you get lucky and get on the good team it is. I ran 6 last night with 1 win.. it was either against a team of high raven whales or my team were utter idiots and spent more time pvping instead of guarding horns.