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  1. 'Advance to start' from premium daily dash.

    It's gotten to the point I hope I don't land on a premium spot.  
  2. 'Advance to start' from premium daily dash.

    So far i have done three rounds around the board and the farthest i have made it is the yungsang prayer bead premium spot.. 
  3. 'Advance to start' from premium daily dash.

    exactly, though i have only hit that once out of my three premium lands so far.. which that unton it self is annoying as it keeps putting me on either side of the roll and all i have been getting is shit items. I am almost near the end where the really good things are.. hit the second to last premium spot with 3 rolls left... "Advance to start" Are you shitting me!!?!?!?! ugh. 
  4. Server lag? Been happening to me for hours now.

    Servers are being extremely weird lately. I lost to a WL in the arena today because all my skills were lagged out but my ping was normal. 
  5. Blackwyrm being removed

    It was removed from TW a few months ago, i don't know about CN or KR but if TW removed it I have a feeling that the others did as well. Tw as well there is no point to even be in misty woods after 50 cause the quest there no longer give soul stones as rewards if you have started in on the HM levels. 
  6. Best weapon for class

    No shit.. but i wasn't speaking on raven but searph/baleful as most of the player base will be running those as Raven is not exactly easy to obtain at the moment.
  7. Best weapon for class

    Can we get a listing of what legendary weapon runs best with what class and what build. You hear definitive like WL should go seraph and Sins bale but some classes are kind of up in the air. Would like to know what people suggest for each class. 
  8. Thrall Bug very annoying

    It is always in that one spot that the thralls mess up and bug out screwing over the entire party. They need to impliment a means of putting yourself out of combat like Aion does. 
  9. Floating Character bug

    Thanks, I came on to post a screen of it doing it to me. Saw your post and remembered i had sent my settings down for BT. 
  10. Floating Character bug

    It happens all the time for me as well. It's always fun when me and my friend are trying to compare height and he's floating a few inches off the ground. 
  11. Why is it so hard?

    To wait for everyone to get into a dungeon/boss before killing the damn stage 1/ 2 turtle?!    Seriously why is it so damn hard for people to understand this? They have a map, they can see where every player is.. 40 seconds isn't that huge of a time to wait but that 40 seconds is enough to kill the first boss and screw over any player who wasn't at the boss. 
  12. Toxicity and the Current Community

    Your first mistake is being on mushin, I can count on one hand how many nice players I have met from Mushin since the game launched. Mushin, Pohran and ik seem to have the most toxic players.    But really the game has become quiet simplifed, depending on where you are in the story line in some cases it is easier just to start from the ground up for what is given through the new gold quest line. Hongmoon weapons are gone.. thing of the past. You use standard dropped weapons until you complete moonwater and head to silverfrost where you get the ivory moon weapon which is the new hongmoon weapon just.. bigger and just as ugly.    The gold quest literally hands you everything, except the new pinnical jewelry (aka asura) which is the top jewelry until legendary and raven elemental. It gives you your weapons, keys, soul shields. Come silver frost it gives you your mats, your tormented weapon, gems, ss.. all that. 
  13. is the game dead or something ?

    f8 is the key you hit to enter the cross server, it is where most people do their big dungeons as it allows you to start a party with players from across all the other servers. 
  14. is the game dead or something ?

    Mushins tower is generally where I see most people just sitting around. Zaiwei the only place i see people afk is where all the dungeon entrances are. But yes, you won't see many low levels as most either insta 50 or are already level 50 + and in all the higher level areas. One thing to keep in mind too a lot of players if they are low level will bounce to other channels in the area to keep from fighting over mobs or dealing with other players. 
  15. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Not completely happy with it yet.. still tweeking it.