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  1. trove... is it only the drop rates?

    It was the gems had a 0% drop rate, which probably means other rare items are the same. Sometimes the trove is not that good of a deal.. 5g weapons and SS that you get for nothing in dungeons. 
  2. This looks like TW's last trove event, which I can tell you that the NA trove and TW trove are 100% different. 
  3. Dark Lyn as dungeon bosses

    Dark lyns.. i would play the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of these.. they look epic. 
  4. Soul Wardens : STS or Primers?

      Trapper? No, nothing you do for soul warden at least the two you are talking about requires trapper.    Marry potters requires both green thumb and tree feller. Marry potters you craft the refinerss required for the STS. the basic refiner requires the wood from tree fellers, while the premium (the one used for the actual STS) requires soil from green thumbs.   The primers require wood from tree fellers. 
  5. Soul Wardens : STS or Primers?

    for a sucessful  soul warden you have to have both green thumb an tree and both soul warden and merry potters.    As to which is better.. it really all depends on how fast you can get the materials to do the STS craft. If you have a large stock of the materials already on hand then the STS is your money maker, people always needs STS. Primers is hit and miss, they are cheap and easy to make but only sell for 1-2 g depending on which primer you make. They are good to do between collecting sts mats. 
  6. Infinity Tower BUG

    yeah you hit 50 and all you will get is resist/ resets beyond what their skill or weapons should give. It's annoying and one reason I can never progress higher. you almost have to have sheer dps to climb higher then 50
  7. Spring Trove Timing

    thought they were longer, might be getting it confused with TW they seem to run at the same time but TW last a really long time.   
  8. Dawnforge or rift?

    I run a earth build summoner currently with a stage 6 (soon 7) Baleful. I've been reading on the forums that people are suggesting seraph for earth build so was wondering which of the new ones I should be looking at. I know Raven is the chosen path but well.. I honestly don't expect to do spire until the nerf hits. I'm in a small clan, have no plans of EVER joining a big clan (to much drama) and no way in hell i'm paying hundreds of gold for a spot in a big clans raid.    So which would be a better route? I have really good DPS with baleful, EC/ Yunsang ss and no charms (working on them right now.. a few medals short of one and well.. a lot of flowers) 
  9. Spring Trove Timing

    If that's the case that is a short trove
  10. Spring Trove Timing

    It's probably one of the other regions, I know TW is currently in a Treasure trove event. Out event doesn't end until the 14th and you know NC never runs the trove at the same time as another event, especially when a daily dash is going as well. 
  11. completely unfair

    This is actually one reason I remade my WL on my new main account. It is faster.. and easier and cheaper to remake a toon from level 1 then farm the damn tormented weapon. 
  12. Some changes we need in Celestial Basin

    Even at the higher levels it's still 100% RNG on what quest you get. I'm sitting at 24k (i've been super lazy lately) and one quest I had a 763x2 quest and two 600+ quest. the next set of quest the highest was a 100 peach one.. same with the quest after that. So even with the higher amount of peaches you can still get the utter shit quest
  13. Like how are you supposed to find decent ns parties ?

    If you don't wish to do pugs, now join a clan that does do dungeons your only real code is great up to 900+ or wait a few months till the dungeon is no longer new and people have run it.    Also, calling someone autistic is not an insult. A great deal of autistic children have an extremely high IQ, and they can become obsessive and would know the mecanics of a dungeon better then most. Just remember when you wanna be the cool kid and use autistic as an insult.. the guy who invented Pokemon is autistic. 
  14. Mommys/girls play games too even blade and soul

    Lol half the time I'm still called he by a clan mate I have played with for years. We talk in vent all the time, it really just depends on what character i'm on. If i'm running my summoner he calls me she, but if i'm running my SF, WL, BD, Sin he says he.. even though i'm talking to him in vent at that very moment. People seriously need to stop playing the pronoun game.. it's getting old fast.    Think there was only one time I was called dad when I had to get up mid raid to deal with my hell spawns. My reply was 'dad? yeah.. right.. think he's getting up off his shooter to deal with the minions? nah that's my job." Which got a laugh from the pt. Didn't raise a stink about it. 
  15. Mommys/girls play games too even blade and soul

    Okay so you got called daddy? big whoop just continue on and don't worry about it, it's a game where there is no 100% way to know what anyone is unless you hear them in Vent / discord. I personally call people by what ever the hell their character is (unless they fall into that 100% know prior) So if you're a dude running as a female toon be prepaired to be called she or her. I'm not gonna apologies either if you correct me, cause for all i know you can be full of shit and lying out your ass.    I'm female but was thought to be a male for 2 years by some of my closest in game friends, cause i play male characters. I have been called he so many times I don't care anymore.