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  1. Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone

    Lol it's fine XD   I actually called the new upgrade line about 2 months ago after I saw it get implemented into TW. My entire clan held off upgrading if they were over breeze and they held off on jewlery if they were lower down and sure enough.. boom.. we get the same path.    We're falling behind in the storyline.. granted the next set of gold quests is like a day of story line if you really really procrastinate through it. But TW is getting the newest story line in a few hours but and they have had the new area for months now.. but we're still behind. 
  2. Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone

    Thats actually my own screen shot XD but yeah stage 1 baleful is extremely easy to get on TW with the removal of the SPTS and the item you can get for refining stones from the dragon express. I was able to get stage 2 baleful on my summoner there after 3 weeks of playing where i'm still at true ivory moon after a year of playing here..I( guess though China has it even easier. Someone I was talking to on TW said if you run around in dragon god you are a noob.)    This is one reason i've been holding off on going to baleful.. I would rather hold onto my stone for stage 2. 
  3. Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone

    [Transmute] Premium upgrade stone increase successful rate change the mats: 4 Upgrade stone, 8 moon stone, 30 SS, 30 靈丹30、8仙丹   This was posted on my TW clan discord, it was copy and pasted from EMP discord and they are primary ones who translate patch notes from TW to english.    Looks like this is the patch note page.. i think it's done in a way i can't translate it.
  4. paying for stuff that's mine?

    I about choked when I saw how much it cost to transfer 250 black feathers to my alt to get a soul. The feathers are useless on my main since all you can buy is a soul and the adornment for the outfit.. both of which she has.    Mailing those useless feathers... 27g.. wtf?! Galaxy fragments I can understand at 1g each.. but those feathers..
  5. Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stone

    Tomorrow night TW is getting a success rate increase to premium transformation stones, more then likely as with everything else we're only a few months behind. Though as of right now we are really really behind in some content. 
  6. Lil accessories

    Np, yeah there is a mess up with the names that was addressed a few days ago but i see never changed. it's nice though that they spread the jewlery out between three dungeons so you don't gotta run asura a shit ton of times to hopefully get all of them. 
  7. Lil accessories

    They are all the same, they used to be called Asura but the name was changed with the new upgrade system and instead of them all droping only from asura they drop from those three dungeons now. 
  8. game is locking the mouse , windows unusable

    Ever since they released the 64bit client the game has been wrecking havoc on my computer. I was used to lag in game and freezing occasionally but once this 64bit came out if they game locks up it locks up my entire computer and I have never had the game lock up and freeze as much as it had in the past two weeks. 
  9. The 600 AP Wall

    the new pinnacle jewelry is your best bet for jewelry, they are only slightly under true boss jewelry and a hell of a lot easier to get. I was facing the same issue in TW when they changed the weapon system. With my jewelry and stage 2 baleful  was hardly over 530 AP at HM 9. I got the Asura jewelry (pinnacle) and that alone shot me over 640 AP. will be higher once I get a soul and more AP gems. 
  10. Ebondrake/tomb in daily challenge

    Then you haven't had a person that keeps attacking the boss even if they aren't the one stealthing or the one marked. Pretty much every EC PT i have run that has wiped has had this happen and is the reason for the wipe. 
  11. Ebondrake/tomb in daily challenge

    You are also forgetting people that don't stop attacking during stealth and in turn knock the entire PT out and cause a wipe. That seems to be the major issue with EC final boss. 
  12. Ebondrake/tomb in daily challenge

    The one major issues that is going to make putting EC and Tomb a pain in the ass is the community as a whole. Mechanics.. what the hell are mechanics? I've actually given up running EC because of the lack of mechanics from players who are supposed to have run it before. Asura is even getting to be that bad, a 6 man 650 pt should not FAIL ASURA.. but it is happening more and more.    all the dungeons coming out are mechanic heavy and that is not going to translate well to NA as people are in too much or a rush and just want to OP DPS the SOB down. 
  13. Tormented weapon chest

    Would be nice if they did what the other versions of the game have and make them 100% drop. I can see making weapons needed for legendary harder to get and require more farming but ones required for key upgrades before legendary should not be this hard to get. 
  14. botting andd afk in pib xserver

    not everyone is afk if they stand at the dungeon entrance, Some people take a long time to load, made worse with the server instability the past few months. purple dungeons it's normally not a big deal as most load in by first small boss.. but blue dungeons were everyone rushes it seems like they are afk cause the dungeon is finished by the time they load in. 
  15. 64bit client good then bad ?

    Just go down the front page of the forums, that is all you see are people talking about the 64 bit issues.