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    NA you have the first amendment, aka the freedom of speech. Considering this is all you post or respond about it might be time for you to simply shut off chat. It's absolutely amazing how enjoyable this game becomes if you shut off faction chat or block someone being obnoxious.. Being offended is not grounds to report someone, you need to take responsibility to shut off chat or block the person so you can't see their 'hurtful' words.
  2. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    It really all depends on the groups RNG, it took me three almost 4 months to get my earth jewlery and that was simply because it had not dropped. There are people in our now static BT group that have given up running ice builds because the earring has not dropped in almost half a year. Fire for our group is the same.. it's really pathetic how bad the drop rates for certain jewelry is.
  3. F2 & Kick dead Full Leecher Spam

    Could be on old player that had been a whale previous but is now far behind. There is also charms they could be crafting them and leveling the class up with those and not gear.. there are a lot of ways. my gunner was HM 6 before I ever beat Jinsoyun, minute i hit 50 after talking to the princess i popped every exp charm I had. As to the AFK problem.. if you are only one boss in or less just tell the entire PT in white chat to escape and run back out the dungeon. Once you're in the lobby exit and the person who is afk will drop from PT... at long as they are still in the dungeon. Another tactic me and my friend do since we really don't care we'll sit down at the boss and go afk ourselves (yeah the party normally leaves but we'll actually out stubborn the AFKER, some times the party will join us and just go afk until they leave.
  4. Get rid of F9

    How can you get lower then 1:1? 1:1 is a direct trade and you can't do silver in f9 so 1:1 is a complete crash of the gold exchange.
  5. Get rid of F9

    We have hit 1:1 exchange.. it's time to just get rid of it.
  6. Daily Dash RNG? NO

    Or.. i know might be hard to understand.. It registers the amount of spaces the second you hit the button and shows the prize and you are simply waiting for the graphics to catch up. The games is going to calculate that instantly, it doesn't sit there and wait for the graphics to roll and then roll the RNG code.. no it runs that code the minute you hit spin.
  7. Is 6V6 Pay 2 Win ?

    Yeah i wouldn't want to brag when you were the 5th KFM to do 6 v 6 after reset, i bet if you showed a current one you wouldn't be on the top 50 pages.
  8. cold storage reset discount please

    CS seems to have about a 80% spawn rate, it's super high but no where close to 100% and only from second boss.. i have yet to see it spawn after the first boss like the last several. I have noticed though CS x server has a far lower spawn rate then running it on the actual physical server.
  9. I feel cheated

    If it's still at stage 1 then yeah you might wish to ask for the revert since you will need all those same materials to breakthrough at stage 3 and if you weren't at max prior to patch you still have to do the break through at 3 now. If you are over stage 3 I would say just leave it.. since there wasn't that stage 3 break through before and just level it up to 6.
  10. So let me get this straight... You are complaining because they lowered the win requirement that was forcing new or none whale characters into a catch 22 of needing those pvp SS in order to compete but having to compete and win 100 matches in order to get those SS. With forcing people into 6 v 6 for their HM skills they had to do something so newer or none raven players would actually have a chance to win and get battle points and not simply be canon fodder for those in Raven that like to sit in the bronze and silver ranking to farm lowbies. The game has to evolve and change as the player base does, the faster the whales climb the more reductions are going to have to be implemented so that there isn't this massive gap between new players and whales.
  11. If you're talking about the statue against the wall to the right of the south dungeon behind the guardians, yes.. his quest is normally a low numbered peach one so most ignore him.. but he does get pulled up on ocassion.
  12. Merchant of Wonders

    One thing I have noticed is for some reason on the X server he has a very low spawn rate. I ran my alts through the X server yesterday and today so 8 runs he only spawned 2 times. When I soloed CS with my main on the physical server I ran 11 times and only had 2 misses. it was damn near a 90% spawn rate.
  13. Most expensive item from Merchant of Wonders?

    Yeah i got that on the last run of CS last night. Though i will say the one I have seen the most is the one with the mask and ghost in the shell. I have seen that loot table 4 times so far.
  14. Most expensive item from Merchant of Wonders?

    He has the same loot tables no matter what dungeon you run, if people are getting the better tables in Asura that simply means their RNG is better. I saw people getting a huge loot tables in CS.
  15. Merchant of Wonders

    She almost never appears after the first boss, you have to go do the second boss for her to spawn.