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  1. Chromatic Thread Prices?

    I saw someone figuring it out to be 50 ncoin each. Based upon the amount needed to buy the outfits from the vendor 50 ncoin would equal out to about 1.5K ncoin for the oufits, which is about average to what they are being sold in the HM store.
  2. The worst part in the game in one picture.

    I have gotten to the point i just sell all the mats and buy the stones from the market when i need them. What they need to do is take them out of the transmutation part and put them into the same crafting guild as the normal transformation stone. Make both a tradeable and account bound version. have it cost high mats for both versions but this way people aren't hitting the new wall called transformation stones. Yes we have it easier then in the other regions, but NA/EU also don't have the same 'heavy grind' mind set the asian severs generally do. Especially the koreans, they always seem to be heavy into the grind / craft heavy games.
  3. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    This 100%, I get more hm coins on average from the premium spots on the daily dash. Jump it up by 400 so it's 800 hm coins, more then one extra spin and make the keys add towards the 100% crit.
  4. Free Premium days from Current premium tier

    I'm more curious as to the length of the premium. Level 9 and 10 take a shit ton of money to reach and the new premium system is pretty lack luster.
  5. Really Bad Winter Trove Experience~!!

    That is the way it seems to go, winter trove so far both years has been horrible. I was actually really disappointed in this one as well, I kept pulling the same loot tables all the time. number of crits even with out bought keys was pretty much zero.. and when It did crit they were hardly worth it.
  6. System Changes

    Yes!!! I can finally get my bracelet on my main! 163 runs with only 1 drop and 40 runs more to go before i could have bought it. Now i can actually gear her and my wl up fully. (Bracelet was all they were missing.)
  7. Can't collect daily login reward

    So having this issue almost every day I have come to realize what it is. The daily log in is based upon when YOU collect the items. So like I have done where I log in super later I won't get all the daily log in items until say 1am. The next day if I log on earlier and get the items earlier I can not claim them until 1am once more because that is when I received them the day prior. At least that is what i'm assuming, honestly though.. most the time I end up only getting the daily log in rewards every other day because of this.
  8. Frozen Vipercap event this year

    I could have sworn you were supposed to get the soup not only from running BT and VT but also from the viper cap runs. I like the fact you can just DPS him down instead of having to rely on the mushrooms since the red boundry for the attacks don't matter as they can still grab you when you're already well past them. My one suggestion other then making the grab work only in the red and not feet outside of it, is for those running summoners to give us the ability to desummon the cat or automaticly have it desummoned when you enter (or make it so it can't be grabbed). The cat is nothing but a hindrance in this dungeon and causes most summoners to be the last one in cause the cat is constantly grabbed by the mushrooms and can sometimes cause the summoner to be grabbed to.
  9. Did you do a voucher for the level 50? or did you level up there on your own. If you did the voucher you should automatically already have all the wind walking skills up till 'live long and prosper' which you would need to get a purification jar. If you leveled up yourself that means either A) it's bugged or you missed finishing a purple quest somewhere along the line and you haven't completed it. Jadestone is the first place I can think of you see the first major one outside of the tutorial.
  10. Decisions like this wanna make me quit the game -.-

    Seriously? You buy into a well known RNG trove which so far has been proven by many this go around to be more material heavy and EXP charms and you go running to support because your RNG is shit this time around? and you somehow get rewarded with 8K Ncoin because you didn't get what you wanted? you got 16K gold, and i'm sure if you posted your characters name it would be fully geared or close to it.. you aren't hurting for items, or gold....
  11. FAS - broken and bugged

    Thing is he was one shotting people right next to him and didn't have agro. I litteraly just ran back in, didn't even hit him and got one shot.
  12. I can't do the fish dude, even with my good computer. The combo of all the NPCs and water legs me out and I can't beat him
  13. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    They have problems with the class not the race itself. A great deal of games are implementing smaller race characters, bns isn't the first not will it be the last. Being small doesn't mean they are children and can't handle normal weapons. (Ie hobbits..dwarves) the Lyn here share almost identical body models to the erthia of lineage 2. And I'm sorry but a giant with huge ass tits in a string bikini breaks the martial arts aestetic more then a fuzzzy eared Lyn.
  14. Login Rewards bugged, unable to retrieve.

    Not always, the couple times it wouldn't for me is was past 2 am EST
  15. FAS - broken and bugged

    Thing is no one was, he wasn't getting pinned or webbed he was going down and then instantly popping back up.