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  1. Yes I know that but in order to even hit"y" that prompt needs to appear, it tells you to hit "f" to get to that "y" prompt. With the pet pack it never did and with the sacrid oil the "y" prompt appeared at the very last second but it was too late. I had to actually move away from the item and click it again before it would actually go past the "f" prompt but by that point it was too late.
  2. So far i have lost a sacrid oil and a pet pack because when you hit F it dose not register and you lose the item.
  3. I'll have one last chance after tonight's dailies but it will only be at like 70% if it falls which seems almost a 100% gurentee at this point. The success rates of this even were encreibly low. I have seen very few people actually get the soul in only a few tries everyone else has been forced to go all the way to the 100% no fail. This event was a joke
  4. I have a level 99 Spectral dancer, I ended up quitting due to the inability to get R99 armor. He was in full R95 heavy with ++ Ron duals, though know I run with a single sword and shield. I ran raids with my clan who until they disbanded was a fairly large clan on chronos that ran the big raids. Even doing that I was unable to make enough money or items to sell in order to afford even one piece of R99 heavy. The new instances where good items and gold dropped, I was insta kill in there. So no.. not really billions of adena is not that easy to come by and is one reason so many have been driven
  5. *whispers* what gold in Lineage 2? you mean the 10 adena the bots leave behind? Aion I can't speak for because i stopped playing that game a long time ago Lineage 2 though unless you are end game gold (adena) is horrific, it's a choke point for new and returning players. The econamy there is ungodly horrific.. we complain about the cost of gear here? I have a set of dual axes that are worth billions of adena.. which is average for that grade weapon.. no player outside big clan raiders can afford them. Gold is to hard to get for low levels to upgrade with, it's a struggle until you
  6. Will have to see how this outfit actually looks on my characters, this is going to be a real hit and miss on who it will work on. I think it would work on my main but.. my boys... it's gonna be difficult to tell. Where you guys finding these screens?
  7. I personally hardly every wear the hats to any outfits as they are almost always hideous especially on males and screw with the hair style into something ugly. This one.. yuck.. granted I don't like hat either but the hair style alone would keep me from wearing it.
  8. Np I was glad I found it a long time ago, it was the most annoying thing ever having to type that in for every little thing.
  9. If you go into settings there is an option to remove the need to type in authentication when using a heroic item. If you turn that off all you need to do is click 'yes' when you try and use the weapon or item.
  10. Toi RNG hates me. For the past several months I can not progress past floor 63 because every time it's either a KFM or BM that kick the living hell out of me. I ran it 5 times tonight trying out different tactics. floor 63 2 KFM 1 BM, floor 61 BM. like my third round I got a destro on round 4 that put me in a stun lock and just owned my ass into the ground. It's getting to the point I just run it for the 3 wins and call it good.. I want to progress but it's pretty obvious I never will at this rate.
  11. I can't really tell you if there is something wrong with the rotation because i've played what is essentially the shadow build since the warlocks introduction over a year ago, and that is a completely different ball of wax there when it comes to rotation. I do know having watched a bunch of ice builds they do use their mouse button keys a lot in between dragon calls. But to answer your question yes, despite the normal legendary having a higher AP stat to them you actually gain more flat dps from the elemental damage of the BT jewerly, despite losing almost 12 AP per accessory. Are
  12. I'm sorry but there is something wrong if you are only getting 29K dps on your WL. I do the same damage on my WL and while the same weapon, she's got only 6 raven SS, full legendary (including BT jewels) far less crit 1 HM skill Solak soul and on a shadow build. If you are getting that little damage on a WL that geared you are doing something wrong in your rotation.
  13. I got lucky, i managed to get the red raider on like box 3.. but other then that I haven't gotten jack but i only spent a little over 1K hm coin.
  14. That's not a bug that is simply you all not paying attention and someone finally getting fed up with a pointless copper war and throwing in a high number. I know a lot of people will do that but normally for silver if they see a pointless stupid copper war. In these dungeons I bid one copper, if someone out bids me I throw up the max amount i'm willing to pay for the item.. if they bid over oh well they can have it. I don't do BS bidding wars, it's a waste of everyone's time.
  15. You have to remember terra was originally a ncsoft game. It was originally lineage 3 but the files were stolen and they turned it into terra. So its going to feel similar to all the other older ncsoft titles. (I found it to play like aion when i played)
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