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  1. Server Population

    for NA Mushin's (old man cho?) group and Master Hongs (gunma and taywong) are the two highest population. Mushins naturally beating it out but not by a lot. 
  2. Game Crash

    We had a clanny encounter the same error. Make sure your game is whitelisted with your firewall / anti virus, and run a file repair via the laucher (botton left corner of the launcher) if that doesn't go into the BnS folder in your programs file and delete the gameguard folder and once more run a file repair and let it reinstall gameguard.    Sometimes it bugs during install or depending on your anti virus some of them view gameguard as a malicious program and delete something critical. 
  3. Moving skills in action bar?

    IF you go into options there is an area where you can set what each key does. If you go under skill use you can assign what ever key you want to your skill. I didn't like the tab, 1,2,3,4, z,x,c,v set up since I had been playing Lineage 2 for so long so I switched all my skills around to 1-9 and my potions and stuff are x,c,v
  4. Merge accounts

    Would be nice if you could, I got two toons on my first account I would love to change over
  5. Suggestion: DC handling

    Nc games used to do that, if you got dc'd you simply went back to the character election screen. You didn't log in until the game had fully launched which made it easy to switch accounts.    It was a few years ago the made the switch to his it is now.. which really sucked for switching accounts
  6. More earless Lyn headgear, plz :x

    Kind of have to if you want to play bd or sum
  7. No new event?

    If they want to do an upgrade event they need to bring back the nebula stone and bring out the legendary nebula stone. 
  8. Ap brackets for 6 vs 6

    And it's obvious you read the title and not the rest of the post, considering I stated very clearly that in order to prevent that they disable the option to access the inventory or disable the ability to switch out your weapon / accessories once inside. So what ever you que up with is what you can use.    As to rank reward, break it off into two different groups. reward grouping for the lower AP, and one for the higher. 
  9. Ap brackets for 6 vs 6

    The only reason I am still doing 6 vs 6 is it's the only means of getting the pirate clan uniform rec.. once I get that i'm done with 6 vs 6, i'm getting sick of stuck in the groups where everyone is 650 and they other side is 800+
  10. you gotta go to the coin merchant for black ram supply chain not Efleet. So it's the one up by blackram, naryu lab and blooshade. 
  11. Ap brackets for 6 vs 6

    It's less that the rewards aren't rewarding since it's still the easiest method to gain moonstones outside the trove event. But with raven less and less low ranking players are queuing because there is zero point when one raven warlock can wipe out an entire PT (they can i've seen one do just that) I've personally almost got 3K crit def and over 100K hp but a stage 4 raven weapon WL 2 shot me.    Just like with dungeons if you have certain gear it needs to kick you into a different bracket so you fight others like yourself. Cause this is something else I have seen.. a lot of those that have these high weapons don't want to fight in the gold ranks so they de-rank to farm easy wins.    Something needs to be done before they kill it off again. 
  12. Ap brackets for 6 vs 6

    Yeah yeah I know another post bitching about 6 vs 6, but this is something that needs to be worked on before it kills 6 vs 6 again. When it comes to matching there needs to be a cut off or a means of lumping the high AP characters together. With the introduction of raven the gap between the average player and the whales is extreme. And what makes it worse is it seems like all the high AP well geared players end up in a PT together and are almost always put up against a group of 600 AP casuals or new players.    My suggestion would be to put a bracket in place, say 700 ap is the cut off. everyone 700 and under goes into one group and anyone above another. A few months ago this would have been a horrid idea because most were around 650 to 700 only. But with Spire people are shooting up and quickly past 800 with some already into the 1000 ap range, so there are more people to join up in those groups.    Make the bracket and also prevent the use of inventory or simply lock the weapon portion in the battleground, that way people can't run with a low AP weapon and then switch once in side.    it's getting worse and worse every match it seems. I'm getting into more and more parties where it's 1800/0 which means absolutely no reward for the 0 team
  13. about the revamped skill system and stats

    Nope no mixing and matching which blows big time. Like my summoner I have to go either wind or earth, same with my BD.. I chose lightening build but it sucks for pvp. I personally hate the new builds, but it does make WL, sin and BD op as hell. 
  14. about the revamped skill system and stats

    I did the same thing.. i bought the skill book I needed and the next day they updated the skill set.    but here is what the new stats look like. the more points you put into something there are stats that unlock.. don't know what they are since it's still in Chinese. 
  15. about the revamped skill system and stats

    You do get points you put into either AP or Defense, so skills are auto unlocked with out the need to put points into it. so you can choose to go pure AP but not wise.