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  1. Game is unplayable after the update

    XignCode destroyed this game.
  2. Quitting the game - reasons

    This game PvP is very unbalanced. Raven Weapon can one hit kill u. Arena is for Blade Master, Assassin and Warlock. Tag Match if for Sumoners with op heal Guild content is dead. Faction System dont work. And what they plan to do ? more dungeon..... This game dont have much to do if u like pvp.
  3. which class is not that necessary in dungeon

    We dont need Destroyer. KFM = Tanker and Party buff, OK FM = High DPS and Party Protection WL = Party Buff Assassin = High DPS and Party Buff. Soul Fight = Party Heal/Party ressurection. Summoner = Party Heal and PArty PRotection Blade Dancer = High DPS and Party Protection BM = Tanker / Party Protection / High DPS Destroyer = Bad DPS and no support, cant hold aggro. They are sux for dungeon.
  4. Ap brackets for 6 vs 6

    make 6 vs 6 equalized and Clan not equalized.
  5. They created a stupid gear wall

    each update make this game more bad
  6. rip Battlegrounds

    NcSoft killed battleground. Critical Defense from PVP weapon dont work againts PvE weapon Raven elemental. Thankz NcSoft for killing battleground, each update make this game more bad
  7. South America will get Black Desert
  8. How am I gonna progress my gear now?

    impossible They created one big wall for Skybreak Spire. Just play another game and wait for future updates.
  9. How is the game now!

    1. is the weapon and gear grind still so damn insane>? Yes, raven weapon is insane 2. Is the servers still infested with bots in arena etc? Yes, arena full of bot 3. Which classes are good at soloing is it still like Sin ? Blade Master, Warlock, Blade dancer, Sin other classes for pvp are dead. 4. Are the events still p2w and allow you to open boxes to get items that are needed for upgrades ? 100% p2W
  10. Balance Whirlwind please.

    Players with Team Speak or Discord Synchronize to get in the same team.
  11. Why i hit more with Pve Weapon in battleground than galaxy weapon ?
  12. ok i hate this game

    everything unbalanced.
  13. i always kick Destroyer from dungeon, low dps and no buff to help.
  14. i need close my game to leave, this is sux. i dont gonna wait 10 minuto to leave when i know my team gonna lose.
  15. 911th thread about 6v6 arenas

    NC Soft dont care about pvp. They want money and PVE give more money. Look that stupid tournament. Warlock, Assassin, Blade Dancer and Blade Master. This game have 2 dead classes: Soul Fight and Force Master and 2 semi dead classes: Summoner and Destroyer.