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  1. There is not much to say. I think they will make an official statement. What is the name of this new model? (3 vs 6) I know only 1vs1, 3vs3, 6vs6 pvp modes.
  2. Your damages are normal.. @amrodark Your friends dont know summoner status. Summoner nerfed 3 times. Last 2 balance patches, our damages decreased. First nerf : Focus bonus deleted. Second nerf : Sunflower spamming deleted. Third nerf : Damages decreased. You will use earth build for max damage. And dont use root. Change cat mode to atacker and set C/V skill to damage mode. You can do avarage 20-30k damage. With buff 35-40k. With grap 40k-55k.
  3. I dont know other classes status but maybe big nerf will come for summoners.. Root time - decrease 4sec from 8sec + Earth damage > Changing Earth damage per hit + And cost time changing 0.1 sec from 0 (instant time) RMB - We will use Rumblebees in Boss war now. + pollen %500 atack buff decreased from %550. A.RMB - Deleted. seed 4 - Removed %50 damage taken reduced buff Is it true?
  4. I tried my chance and said in old topics :) I really have storage problem. If they add 3.part in storage (can be special for premium users).. really i will buy premium
  5. It is an important element in terms of understanding the time spent in the game with your character. This would not have happened if the necessary guides were read well.
  6. AP is not everything. If someone say 700+ he wants to invite experienced players.. Now everyone have 600+ ap character. But someones of them dont know dungeon mechanics. For example i always kick under hm10 player from party.. i dont look ap..
  7. +1 New İssue about cats : New unbalanced status "Raven Weapons + New Legend Accessories (Additional Skill Damages)" This weapon have huge damages. And p2w players are now 900ap. The life of the cat entered thoroughly the risk.. Cat taking power only from HM level. We cant add crit defence/piercing or any stats to them.. Summoner's weakness more than other class.. We must be min HM17-18 in this pvp system for protect cats. Impossible!!! We need a character balance patch..
  8. My cat dead with only 1-2 raven sword's hit damage. I guess the game is not fun anymore. My cat have not piercing or critical damage reduce stats. P2W/MACRO/BOTS are finishing all games.
  9. I opened all slots and bought 50x+ key. I took only Legendary jewel and other weapom upgrade materials. Is ıt a luck? (I havent premium) Do gems or valuables items come only for premium users? My friend completed all gems with only 70x key..(Active Premium Stage10)
  10. I like this :D Open world pvp system crashes with this outcome...
  11. DPS factors: FPS + Ping + Animation cancel (hacks/bugs) + Macro. Do not deceive yourself. They are using everywhere these 3rd party macro tools ( 6vs6 Battle - PVP - PVE )
  12. or can add more storage place :) need a 3rd page spec account storage.. mail fee expensive..
  13. F2 and P. Why is the information here different? F2 makes me loser. I have difficulty finding a party. All stats low. Does P also show real character knowledge? I am not sure of that either.
  14. Thanks <3 I opened this topic on august. But not changed nothing. Now a lot of ppl reporting summoners (A team player: -hey afk what you there? come here. i will report you. Afk bot! ). They dont know.. if cat have sleep debuff, I cant join battle.. Summoner is null without cat. I saw HM14 200k + hp destroyer in 6vs6. Doing full spin. He/she didnt eat any damage or cc. He/she killed all my pt with spin. We want balance, but I am not very hopeful about this.
  15. Everytime - Everywhere > The Best is Summoner. So I am :D SummasteR is best.. But i never see a summoner in pvp final tournament! A sİn won again pvp tournament! Summoner is easy class, is it true? Assassin is hard class, is it true? Why summoner cant win any match? A summoner must be in all tournament, because that is easy class.. Summoner is scum class in pvp.
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