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  1. +1 New İssue about cats : New unbalanced status "Raven Weapons + New Legend Accessories (Additional Skill Damages)" This weapon have huge damages. And p2w players are now 900ap. The life of the cat entered thoroughly the risk.. Cat taking power only from HM level. We cant add crit defence/piercing or any stats to them.. Summoner's weakness more than other class.. We must be min HM17-18 in this pvp system for protect cats. Impossible!!! We need a character balance patch..
  2. I like this :D Open world pvp system crashes with this outcome...
  3. Thanks <3 I opened this topic on august. But not changed nothing. Now a lot of ppl reporting summoners (A team player: -hey afk what you there? come here. i will report you. Afk bot! ). They dont know.. if cat have sleep debuff, I cant join battle.. Summoner is null without cat. I saw HM14 200k + hp destroyer in 6vs6. Doing full spin. He/she didnt eat any damage or cc. He/she killed all my pt with spin. We want balance, but I am not very hopeful about this.
  4. Everytime - Everywhere > The Best is Summoner. So I am :D SummasteR is best.. But i never see a summoner in pvp final tournament! A sİn won again pvp tournament! Summoner is easy class, is it true? Assassin is hard class, is it true? Why summoner cant win any match? A summoner must be in all tournament, because that is easy class.. Summoner is scum class in pvp.
  5. Really? :D You editing only launcher shortcut.. Not work on client.exe this setting hehe.. This can fix only shortcut running issues. Your game continue to run without compatibility mode.. If you want to change settings, go ncsoft > bin64 > client.exe right click properties > choose compatibility mode and you wont see xp sp3 there..
  6. Windows XP (Service Pack 3)?? I see only windows vista and server 2008 in compatibility mode.. I am using W7 sp1 and running game without problem.
  7. Problem is only GAMEGUARD.. BNS is not stable game with that gameguard.. 64bit client working good with some bugs :) (for example mouse cursor hidden issue) If gameguard can be repaired, the game will work more stable. (i hope)
  8. you playing with low fps because your graphics card not see client.exe (task manager problem) ! Change your graphics card settings to maximum power (In Power plan). IF you set it all programs will working with your Nvidia/AMD cards. My fps was 30. Now 50 fps. Avarage 20 fps increased with 64bit.
  9. i am using LFP.. If you didnt find member, you dont press recruit button. Maybe i can come there for bid ^^
  10. there's another "my scale my loots" :P change your heads or if you have scale you can go alone. If you want a party run, all members have right to get items. So bid all items..
  11. I will emptied almost :D What a potatoes show!
  12. I agree. I like Korea and Japanese font. I think font and font size can be changed to a reasonable request. And maybe can add more language support.
  13. We want to reset the cat with us, as in the PvP arena. If cat asleep E key does not work.
  14. When we died, cat can continue atack but skills not work! No use Q taunt, cc etc. Opponents kill it easily. But if cat do not die, it come with debuffs. And not work stamina at the beginning war.
  15. Someone saying to Press E. I asking them: Which character use skill to go to war? Do you use?
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