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  1. you dont need the ccs if you kill us in 1 stun or less. imagine having a 5 pt strike "defensive" skill that deals 10k damage in arena, and all the other bs mentioned above
  2. 'bit of an old post but hope I can still help somehow, I recommend going hearstab, lotus kick, bluebuff, mine toss and toxic splash, I recommend disabling venom pierce and close shave. you shouldn't need the second escape against the bot, you wont climb if you need it in order to survive, better to learn how to play against the bots. You wont climb if toi isn't a fight against time rather than a fight for survival, learn what to watch out for and get a working opener going. learn a working stunlock combo, there are many different variations for sin but the toi one is special since you
  3. It's not the top class anymore, but it wasn't nerfed. all other classes were buffed, meanwhile warden was made with awakening in mind and so it got it's awakening buffs before other classes since it was released before awakening. Imagine if any other class got it's awakning specs before the others, alot of them would instantly jump to being top class.
  4. just swap to ceru and start farming the players instead of the mobs :) (Miskuzi is extra ez to farm)
  5. not unfair, just not a target dummy, in many cases I imagine it's the first boss they encounter that does anything deadly to the ranged players, and so, they're caught off guard cus mindlessly spamming dps skills and not moving out of the way will end up killing them.
  6. as if that means anything after awakening. no one even does pvp anymore cus it's broken and unfair. not hard to be top 30 if there aren't 30 ranked players
  7. maybe if you named your threads "kfm needs a nerf and here's why" rather than "delete kfm" your posts would be taken into concideration...
  8. sounds to me like you're the noob honestly... I certainly wouldn't miss you either, I would miss 5-10% of the br players though, longer queues doesn't sound fun.
  9. so... you want everyone to be able to access battle royale except for sins? you don't think maybe... nerfing sapper would have the same result?
  10. things have been getting easier oevr the years to cater to the storyline gunners & wardens
  11. if you tab knockdowns the bm will hmz you and then you're dead. Could that not be concidered wipe mech? don't instantly burn your tab escape on a knockdown and try using iframes instead of pve macros.
  12. LuIius

    pvp builds

    did you want an answer?
  13. so.... if you ever queue in to anything you dont wanna play against you can just... quit? and waste your opponents time? you do realise no one would ever get a match through. and how would you know if your opponent is a "bot" or a "cheater" or a "deranked pro" untill the first round is over? you can't honestly think letting people bail out without losing anything after losing the first round is a good feature? also, arena bots were a thing like 2 years ago. perhaps we have some new warden bots but honestly, bots don't function that well and you should be able to beat them.
  14. no those sins are just dumb, or pvp oriented, mostly dumb though.
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