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  1. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Still was the truth. This whole genre needs a serious change. A simple facelift won't do the trick...
  2. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    You've just described pretty much every Westernized Korean MMO running nowadays. Just add the part about showing off them "better than you" waifus with maxed everything and glowing oppai in low level towns.
  3. Archer??

    Yeah. That too. But adding more classes without fixing the initial problem makes it simply worse. I was actually thinking why a game like this, which still has story content to go, needed more classes in the first place. I usually see classes coming into games when the rest of the content slows down, or when the classes were already planned beforehand and get introduced at specific times. This game doesn't have hints of any of that (unless I'm missing some info), yet we have an extra 4 classes already?
  4. Tower of Memory needs to be buffed

    Hmm, a bit of both worlds then? Make the guns meaningful by having them do much more damage than they do now. That way people get to use the guns and finish quickly. As it is right now, even fresh 60's with temple of succession quest gear can do 3 times more damage than the guns. The current only exception is the last boss elemental shield, which is why people pick gun only on him. So yes, as someone who does this on multiple avatars, I'd like to finish quickly, but I'm saddened that mech can't be followed due to that.
  5. I mean the 149 pouch. You can buy that with HM coin. The 1 NCoin one does not have an HM coin version as far as I know.
  6. Archer??

    I worry that the game won't be better solely by switching to UE4. Devs need to be better at optimization. This game could run like a dream in UE3 if it was properly optimized. But that takes time, and corporate heads want everything done, ready, and making money in an instant. So UE4's improvement will be most likely minimal. By switching to UE4, we will only see what Epic did to the engine. Not what the BnS devs can do with it.
  7. Warlock. You give him soulburn for better dps. FM has bubble but that's a stationary skill.
  8. Archer??

    I thought UE4 was only for the mobile games?
  9. Nerf ToI + Trial Arena

    In a perfect gaming world, people should farm all of their gear and not buy it. But gee...
  10. Dynamic IPs

    Guess I'll have to learn and try that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. I suppose there are two reasons for this. One, pvp in this game is cancer. You get killed either from whales or unbalanced classes. I don't know too many people who can find fun by always losing despite their constant training, while the next guy has it easy because they have money and/or the flavor of the month class. Second, it seems those few players who want to pve instead of killing each other in the over saturated NA competitive market, are flocking to games like this. So you may not find too many dedicated pvpers in this game. IF pvp was fixed, then I'd see more pvpers sticking more to this game. But on the current state, I don't see too much hope for that.
  12. Dynamic IPs

    I know about about traversing my router's config, but I can't say I'm versed on it. I know where to check on who's using it and even how to configure local IPs. But other than that, I'd have to check on my ISP. As I said, it's a very recent change. Something I'm not used to.
  13. Shroom to Grow - no training points

    Oh. The awakening content update changed it all. You now can edit it only after reaching level 60 HM7 and doing the Hongmoon Clan quest. Before that, all you can do is change your main skill set (Fire/Frost). If you want to see how it works, look for "Blade and Soul Awakening" videos. I assume you are using a force master since you talk about flame and frost. here's a video explaining how it all works now, including rotations and such later in the video.
  14. Dynamic IPs

    So, I've been in and out of this game for a while, and I access it through two methods. My home internet and when out of home, through my cell phone hotspot. Don't worry, I stick only to single player content while on the go... Anyway, as mobile carriers go, the IP from them is dynamic. Meaning, almost every time I access this game on my mobile hotspot, NC triggers it's "unknown access" protocol, which sends an email with a code I have to apply to be able to log in, giving me the choice to save it as a known address or not. In the case of my home Internet, this address was static for the longest time, so I didn't have that problem at home. Well, things have changed and for the past few weeks, it seems my home ISP started issuing dynamic addresses. I assume it's on their end because I have not changed anything on my configuration. My PC is directly connected to the modem via Ethernet, and I haven't edited anything in the modem's configuration file. Drops in internet connectivity may also cause IP changes, but I haven't seen any such interruptions on my service. Reading around in the net, I get that issuing a dynamic address is cheaper for the ISP, and for the most part, internet access remains the same for users (meaning they are charging me the exact same fee for the now dynamic access they were charging for the static one). But in the case of this game, it means that pretty much every day, I have to run through the whole "unknown access" thing just to be able to play. Not only is it bothersome to have this happening every single day I play. It also fills up the known addresses page in my NC account, which I then have to go take even more time to go purge, and also I don't know if I'll get in trouble with NC for it. Now, I know there are some solutions. One is to ask my ISP for a static address and see if they will do it, or if those are even for sale(making me pay more for a service I previously had), or there are services like "noIP" which are supposedly free. But I don't really trust anything outside of official NC sources, which is why I've never tried stuff like BNSBuddy either. So, anyone out there has the same problem? How do you all handle it?
  15. If the law is passed as it is presented, even direct purchases would be banned, which is what the Senator who posted it wants. So I feel the only option would be for NC and more than half of the current MMOs we have in the West would simply close off and keep themselves in the East for good. Basically the whole MMO genre as we know it would die off, leaving only the monthly pay to play stuff and the few grind to earn games that may exist out there. But since almost everything from Korea is run on a f2p + micro transaction chance model, it would simply have no way to stay afloat here. Unless every game agrees to switch back to a pay to play and leave their chance shenanigans behind. And that takes a lot of resources to do and nobody is sure if such a model would benefit them now. So I doubt any company would be interested in saving an already dying genre. I suppose there are other genres to play, so killing off most MMOs in the West wouldn't be such a hard blow to the gaming industry as a whole. Maybe we already need such a reckoning...