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  1. Can only join one server?

    I thought people gave up on in-game chats long ago and were sticking to Discord groups or something.
  2. IT BURNS (The Sunlight, Lighting)

    Disable bloom?
  3. I have no personal problem either. It's just the whole "people in power" thing felt a bit over board considering the topic. But I'll try to answer that part as well. I don't feel that people are holding information about rotations and dungeon tactics for their own. Quite the contrary I think. Just to grab 5 minutes of fame or to genuinely help others, many rush to post their findings. Usually the first attempts need corrections, which come later from more tested input. But in the end, what we get is a lot of player generated information aimed at helping other players who either started to play later, or those who can't really find it by themselves. This generated this culture that believes all info is out there for the grabbing, and gives no excuses to later players for not seeking it out. So in the name of efficiency and fast runs, discovery of a game's mechanics and character perks by oneself are not too popular in multi player games. There's also the part about being multiplayer and affecting more than you if you fail due to not knowing something others already know.
  4. The state still has a responsibility towards children as citizens of the state who cannot protect themselves. That's why child protective services take over and pull children away from abusive homes. So while a state won't tell you step by step what to do with your child, it has all the right and responsibility to tell you what not to do with a child. There are already laws in place that make illegal for children to gamble. This law here just wants to add video game loot box shenanigans in the same level as actual gambling, to make it illegal for games aimed at children to have such things included. Now, games like BnS are aimed at near adults and adults. It's ESRB rating is M which is 17+. Adults are allowed to gamble, but 17 year olds are still considered minors by the state. This is where the law may see most hurdles. But if approved and passed, games that don't change may see their rating moved to AO (Adult Only 18+), of they'd be forced to change their loot box mechanic. Then again, loot box or not, BnS isn't a game I'd let anyone under 17 to play. Now, the gaming industry will do whatever it takes to prove that loot box stuff is not gambling (because an HP pot is not a "try again" card for them). And that loot boxes do not cause a gambling addiction (because 1000$ in virtual chance purchases is mighty fine and not a sign of any illness). How will they do it? I don't know. But that's what this law will be going against.
  5. Make Secretkeeper shareable

    Well it wouldn't be a bad thing, and since this was a costume given for free, nobody loses money.
  6. Servers Down?

    About to log. But I was playing a few hours before and everything seemed fine.
  7. Merchant of Wonders - Unreasonable Prices

    I'm using MoW only for the extra unity gem box it sometimes sells, and the rare occasion it sells old event outfits.
  8. As I said, it's called rng, but it favors indeed certain results. The uncertainty lies in the fact that it can yield it's best prizes quickly to some people, while others will be left with no prize at all after many tries. In the case of these, the random number generator is still tied to a set chance per number and favors the results with the cheapest or no rewards. The same system is used on loot gamble boxes when they check on what to give you as you open them. Every prize has a chance associated with it, with the better stuff always having the smallest chances. The wheels of fate have a pie texture with some bigger sections than others. The biggest parts of this pie represent the worst prizes or no prize at all, with the smaller pieces of the pie representing the best most desirable prizes. People still refer to it all as rng, even if the chance of one result is lower than the chance of some other thing. So in essence, it's not real, or at least not equal rng.
  9. If it's working in training but not in actual combat, there may be a bug or error. First. make sure you are not running in simple mode. Second, do a file check on your client. Third, check how much ping you have while in training, then how much you have when in regular combat. These are mostly generic blind shot advice bits, but against the unknown, try the known stuff first.
  10. Indeed. The p2w argument people make against BnS has never been in the offerings themselves, but their accessibility to free users versus those who pay, and the speed at which a free user can catch up to a paying user per content patch period. People won't mind it much if a free user can catch up in a relatively fair amount of time. But the argument made is that catching up becomes increasely difficult with the quick content patches and the pay for "convenience" events. Note that this is the argument as I see it. Not my own opinion.
  11. NC and all other companies will decide if to make things more fair for free players, or if it's better to change the games they offer in the West, or even simply pack up with their current winnings and go back to Korea, if bills limiting video game gambling are approved, have no loopholes, and are strong enough in the enforcement part. Other than that, corporate heads know plenty of ways to go around laws and other legal hurdles to aim for what they want. Also remember that law and justice are different terms as well. One deals with what is agreed upon in a society by those leading it. The other deals with what's right and fair. Not always do both are served together.
  12. Loot box and p2w/p2c (pay to win and/or pay to convenience) are two different things. Banning loot boxes doesn't mean p2w/p2c would be made illegal as well. The reason p2w/p2c and loot box gambling is talked about together is because loot box is the usual method to extract more money from a good or service associated with p2w/p2c. But if loot boxes didn't exist, corporate heads would seek other ways to still insert p2w/p2c into the game. One method would be to make more legit chance boxes with items worth roughly the same value to players. For example, a box with costumes and only costumes. Or a box with materials of the same tier, used for roughly the same gear tier. These should not contain HP or buff pots, as those are the items people see as "you lost, try again" cards. Another method would be a sort of failure breaking point. A box gives you one or several of the chance items, and also gives an item that if collected enough times, allows you to buy the reward you were looking for initially or something of similar value to you. Pretty much like the lustrous box in the current event. Now, BnS may have some sort of defense in the fact that most, if not all of their chance boxes and chance based events can be accessed freely, just in smaller amounts for the free player. Trove has a free tier, and the current event lustrous box can be bought using HM coins which can be earned in game without paying a cent. Sure, we know that those who pay for more get a ton more chances to get the actual goodies. And at the level it's happening, we do see a marked gap between whales and free players. But still, in a court of law, the prize goes to the smartest lawyer, not necessarily to the one with justice on his side.
  13. If I remember correctly, there was another topic about this, with some users disliking it so much that they unequip their weapons when going idle. Being able to toggle this on and off (and the same goes for premium windwalk effects) could be a nice detail to have.
  14. This was a 2016 thread. The rng is these has always been very bad. Some people can get what they want in a few spins. Some people have been spinning since 2016 and still not get anything worth. That's how rng works. It's uncertain because it's random. Add that NC refuses or doesn't care about posting actual chances, though some people believe the chance to get the coveted item is usually at 0.5% or even 0.1%.
  15. Does this mean my ping is good?

    You can actually check your ping. While in combat, ping shows up as a tiny number around the top right of the screen. The lower this number is, the better. Good ping is usually 100ms and less, while bad ping is somewhere over 170ms. Loading faster into dungeons just means you have a faster drive and processor that speeds up loading times. People with high performance CPUs and SSDs tend to load fast. Now, while that helps, ping is mostly noticed when in combat. How often you can attack per second, and if you can pull animation cancels quickly. As in, a person with good ping can attack more often in a given time frame than someone with bad ping.