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  1. Ugh, so they did the same move as tera. Removing story to "shorten" the level up phase.... Now I'm starting to wonder when they will start removing old dungeons like blackram narrows or or tomb of exiles..
  2. what? The story got deleted? EDIT: found it, and it sucks...
  3. You really hate f2p players

    I see it as a give here, take there. They gave a few things and then nerfed others. The story experience is leaps and bounds easier than before, and you end up with a fairly nice set of gear. It won't get you into full end game but what you get from story should never be meant for that. The wardrobe thing, I really liked it. Before, it was a premium only feature. Back then, you had to place your outfits in your bank or inventory if you didn't have premium membership, or even delete stuff if you ran out of space. And with the 9834769823 currencies and currency-like items this game has, you would reach that 'ding' full message quite fast. As a cosmetic oriented player, that meant for me that I wouldn't be giving this game much time if I was forced to make my inventory into a battlefield between what I liked and what I needed. I don't know why they specifically nerfed gold gain, but I can assume it may have to do in part with the ncoin to gold transactions from the in game gold market. While cheap gold may prompt people to buy more ncoin to get that cheap gold, maybe they want to limit it in a certain way, since the ncoin from a gold sale goes to a player instead of disappearing like when buying directly in the cash shop. So what better way than to limit the gold gain, to in turn, drive up it's ncoin price, slow down the sale a bit, while people use their ncoin in real sinks like the cash shop?

    Faction stuff was a bit more important before, when the game had less play areas and people were clustered in certain pvp hubs. Back then, at least on the server I was before the merges, Cerulean was always full and had the most geared players, while Crimson had all the new, ungeared players who happened to also not be so moved into pvp. Now things are a bit more even. So just pick the color you like, or the one with the outfits you like the most (or the faction leader NPC you like, either wise old man or dubious gender identity lyn) and choose that faction. If you make an alt, choose the other if you feel like it.
  5. While I agree the current progression is friendlier to new players than before, 950 AP places this character in the same spot as a 250 AP character back when we had hongmoon gear. He will not be picked for anything unless he magically can solo himself into 1200 AP. That is what OP is saying. Again, some people don't have problem with this. Some people do. As for clans, people should be mindful about which clan they wish to join. Clans that advertise themselves as helpful to newbies, should be truthful on stating their goals to new, ungeared players. I'm sure there are helpful clans out there, but I also assume there are clans with self serving leaders who milk the rest for their own personal gain.
  6. As far as I remember, nope. Only combat xp, and that's abysmally low anyway. Maybe it gives a slightly earlier level or two when starting up the game, but after level 40, you will be leveling up like everyone else. This is from my experience. Premium does have other benefits like all the marketplace perks and the near no cool down on wind striding. It also gives a bunch more xp charms from the timed login.
  7. I don't mind what you said. Not gonna defend the game even though I'm having a much better experience than you apparently. At least I'm not angry at the game or the devs, and my game runs fine on my 2 computers. And it ran decently on an old 2011 laptop I still have around but don't use anymore. People may go through exactly the same as you did but find no problem with it and accept it as part of the game. No game is perfect and in the case of MMOs, bugs and errors will show up by the lot. And as for the behavior of the company? I won't defend them, but I see it as typical in this genre. For me, this game is better than before for new players. Now you will end the story with a legendary weapon, a nice set of accessories and a kick a$$ soul shield. Sure, we can say this game is not alt friendly if you want all your alts on maxed gear. But you can get a character to max gear through the long grind, and build alts to help farming lower areas or just multiply the benefits of some events. Gunners and wardens are really easy to pick up (even easier than sum in my opinion), and they can help you with that low tier farming. Anyway. Your opinion has been noted and people will read it for awhile, as long a it remains around the first forum pages. Though I have no idea how many would quit or not even start the game after reading it. That's up to them..
  8. Ncoin

    Yeah. Noted that and I'm not happy with it either. To give the benefit of the doubt, it COULD have been a system derp and the removal of the 20$ option is not intentional. But until we hear anything official (or no comment at all), I'm keeping my opinion neutral.
  9. Returning player question

    At the end of the current story, my character was level 55 hm9. Has a seraph/baleful stage 9 weapon, solak accessories and some pentagonal gems raising ap to a bit over 900 and a Sacred Loguii soul shield that helps HP up to over 110K and comes with set bonuses that buff some skills a bit like HM secret techniques do. While doing story I joined the Soul Warden craft guild and got artisan SS pieces to buff my soul shield crit a bit. Story won't give you mystic nor soul badges, but those can be farmed on celestial basin or through other methods. Ever since the old upgrade process was removed, low level dungeons lost relevance. Story also gives you the area's Valor soul shield as you level up, culminating in the Sacred Loguii SS I mentioned above. As you level up, the only thing you will most likely not like is that your weapon will be a bit weaker than what you could achieve using the old hongmoon weapon stuff. Level appropriate weapons are given by the story itself, but you will want to hunt for something better. Mostly the pinchy weapon on cinderlands and profane when doing moonwater. Though wardens do not have access to those weapons. For all other classes, you can get keys to avoid the RNG weapon farming from the dragon trader. They sell for naryu coins. Another good thing at least for alt leveling, is that account bound gems are now much easier to obtain. And what you get now is stronger than what you were initially stuck with long ago.
  10. regarding class race limits

    Oh, I was addressing my initial question/statement from a lore and logic point of view. Not from a money/demand standpoint.
  11. regarding class race limits

    Of course I know what's added or not is not about logic. We agreed about that a few posts before. But if you want me to say it again, yes. It's all about money and money alone, and it will always be about money. Plain and simple. All of the execs atop the gaming industry (and atop all industries in the world, really) are there only to seek ways to line their pockets faster and in greater volume. That's not up for debate here. While devs may love their game, those who employ them usually do not care about it and just follow the numbers. As for being grateful. I see it the other way. They should be grateful we are playing and in some cases spending money on their game instead of focusing on our more local Western market. Though I also understand that for some games, gender/race locks exist as a way to present something while cutting on costs. As for Tera, I really stopped enjoying doing anything in that game long ago so I don't play it anymore. I'm not an end game person, and so far BnS has delivered for me with more soloable story content (even if the current story is hard to grasp). And by not deleting older end game dungeons like Tera does. I can solo those and have access to a bunch of locations not possible to experience by myself before. My view of Tera's end game is a test of patience. Having to do 3 or 4 dungeons every day for a low chance at a low amount of materials to get better gear (only to do the same dungeons with it but a few seconds faster) while being berated upon by toxic elitists who want to be carried in the shortest amount of time possible. I know someone can fall into this same cycle here in BnS, but at least this game offers older content you can just enjoy alone now and forget for awhile about toxic players. Sure, BnS also has it's share or things not everyone likes, but measuring content against content, BnS has several times more content than Tera ever had. And as the story keeps buffing new players with stronger gear, this old content remains to be explored, even if it's meaningless for the current power creep. BUT, part of a game is to enjoy yourself by doing whatever entertains you, so having all this old content always available, and more of it being soloable, it adds to the bulk of the experience for those willing to go for it. Anyway. I went off track here, but I wanted to express this somewhere.
  12. Shaman Combat Soul Shields

    And here I was stuck on Pokey..... I should dress for a long ride...
  13. Riftwalk 3 Gem Sockets - Pls fix it!

    At least for the record, or my record... I actually switched with oil not for the slot, but because I wanted the CD reduction on blade ward. The slot just popped on and I was happy for that. So yeah, maybe I can correct my statement and say to do the switch if you also want the buff from the other weapon.
  14. Costumes, Outfit Stamps, Alts and You.

    I had a friend trying that once, and the support guy just pointed him to a text saying pretty much what I described. Friend quit afterwards..... Maybe that was a lazy dev, but it seems to end up at the discretion of support to help you or not. Anyway. I don't want to derail this thread with stuff from another game.
  15. I had a similar problem to yours. My old email was removed because the company that did the service closed it all. So I had no email to do verification with. I contacted support through a ticket and they asked me to verify my info by supplying to them information that only I would know. Like name in account, birthday, names of characters in the account.After some back and forth email replied, they managed to verify my identity and allowed me to use the new email. Just have patience with the process and provide all the info they may ask. I'm sure it will work for you as it worked for me. This also worked for Tera (though I quit that game shortly after), so now I have all my accounts back.