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  1. Dark Emissary Outfit

    To not enrage the lucky ones, anything from a RNG (virtual gambling) box either ends up in: A: Another RNG box or... B: Never showing up ever again. Heck, B happens even on non RNG outfits (hello Secret Keeper?) Also, I know the pain on wasting money on RNG and not getting anything. I spent some money (though not as much as 500$ because I'm not rich) in another game for an exclusive outfit. Bought a bunch of RNG boxes but to my dismay, 95% of the boxes were things akin to HP pots. Worse was that the boxes were much more expensive because the outfit involved was part of a collab. So yeah, I really know the pain of seeing money down the drain... It's what made me fully stop buying RNG stuff for good.
  2. Soul badge list needed

    As far as I know, BNStree is supposedly updating their site, but they are not quite there yet. So from what I've checked, they don't have info on any third spec s-badges yet. What they do have seems well documented though. bns life does seem to be the better updated. Thanks for the link. This one seems more up to date with latest badges and third spec stuff, but doesn't seem to have any of the fused/legendary ones? Or are they linked somewhere else? Thanks for the link though.
  3. Soul badge list needed

    Thanks. I think I saw this one while looking around. It does describe the current BiS if I understand it correctly, but does not describe the old badges that are now given practically free (at least compared to the normal fusion process) through the martial token box. Then again, BnSTree has all the info on the first 8 badges. It's just the last 4 badges in that box, which are all third spec ones I assume, that have no info on them. If I can, I'll try to get me one of these BiS ones for my main. But for my farmer alts, I'll stick to the old ones because of their ease to acquire.
  4. Hello. So I've been looking around the net for an updated list of soul badges. I'm getting martial tokens on my alts to get the soul badge box, but I have no info at all on the 4 bottom soul badges in that box. BnSTree has info on the first 8, but I haven't seen any list showing the stats on: Intrepid Impulse Stoic Rampart badges. Has anyone made a google doc or something similar with this info? Are these the third spec ones? Thanks for any help. EDIT: I'm slowly answering my question myself. But I'd still be thankful for a list of these latest badges.
  5. Enough is Enough

    Seriously, BnS doesn't need UE4. All it needs a competent optimization team to handle the performance issues, and a decent monetization team to handle the customer experience part. UE4 is just a fresh coat of paint without fixing the rust below the metal.
  6. I'm conflicted about this. I'm one of those who believe the whole orb fiasco should be done with. Just open up the stages and not require "keys" to enter them and everyone is happy. Right now I'm avoiding HM, but I'm not a newbie. I'm hardly a hardcore on my 700k-1m dps main and 200k alts, but I won't suffer from not doing HM for the time being. BUT, true newbies need everything they can get their hands on, as this game's gap to decent gear gets widened every few weeks. I mean, people are still ending story with dawn/rift 3 and accessories that are about 2, maybe 3 years old. So yeah, to catch up, a newbie does need HM and Moon refuge. They need both and so much more if they ever want at least mid tier gear any time soon.
  7. Enough is Enough

    This is actually not just an NC soft problem. I see similar things around all of the gaming industry. Games are released with less and less quality, buggy, incomplete (must get DLC to get the intended full game) and while visuals look generally prettier as the years go, the games themselves have boring gameplay. And what the people do? They buy games like these in droves. Very few seem to be talking with the method we should talk with. Our wallets! The video game industry crash of 1983 happened because we as consumers ultimately had enough and stopped buying the horrible quality video games the industry was bombarding us with. Maybe we need one of those again to remind the corporate heads who they should be truly catering to.
  8. I'll join this as I'm going through the exact same situation as OP.
  9. Need Blade Master Help

    What level are you and did you do the Hongmoon clan quest? As far as I know, flicker and dragon tongue are draw stance skills. You need to be in draw stance for them to be used. Draw stance is activated through Tab, Q, and 4, among other skills. This stance is dependent on focus, and as soon as you exit combat mode, you also lose draw stance. Depending on your gear, you can keep draw stance infinitely as long as you don't pause your attack or are not forced into basic stance. But if you don't have gear that restores your focus, you will eventually find yourself empty and back into basic stance. Fortunately, even the basic fresh from story gear gives massive focus recovery so after struggling with focus while leveling, you will have a near infinite amount of it by the time you are doing end game.
  10. Where can I find Orbs of Ascension/fragments?

    I suppose I'll be hosting more often for the time being, then. I do not have many orbs, though.
  11. How far behind is my dps ?

    You are not fun. I was trying to be optimistic.
  12. How far behind is my dps ?

    I have been solo upgrading these past few days after returning. Now, I'm not a raider, not even a party player. I'm also terrible at making friends so I'm alone. Before, I just did whatever I found doable solo, or easy enough that my derps in a group won't cost them the run. Now I'm just going full solo to entertain myself for an hour or so every off day. I also love trying new classes so that's part of my time share. Anyway, that's me in this game in a nutshell and may be the reason why I think the way I think about this. Also https://bnstree.com/character/na/Zoroki I burst for around 1.1 mill and can maintain 700-800k on my main. Before, I was on the 300-500k group, so I consider this an upgrade. And this is not by just holding rmb on simple mode. This is by having at least an initial rotation and minding things other than my attack number, like checking and using the buffs my weapon and accessories give to my skills (though I'm the first to admit my crit and mystic are still stupid low). Anyway, I consider myself on the lazy side despite this. I also don't consider myself among the "average" of player dps. But I at least am not at fresh-off-story numbers. I think if I party up and maybe do low tier raids (which I have never done because I'm so much of a lazy and unskilled sob that I myself do not want to hold anybody back), I may get to maybe 1.5 to maybe 2 mill dps. But.... why interest myself in it all? Why struggle to catch up when every 3 weeks we get a new row of upgrades only the highest of whales and those who are fed through a tube can pay or no-life themselves into, and by the time the "rest" (casuals and mid tier bunch) can reach those levels, nobody cares because a year had already passed? I mean, even though I did these recent upgrades, according to the dungeon guide, my character is only at Throne of oblivion and Brood Chamber tier. How old is that already? Anyway, I feel that by now, it is accepted within the MMO folk that to be relevant you either go full whale (and have at least $10,000 ready for it no kidding), or go into a combination of grind and pay. The old free grind way seems to be on it's way out, and players are not doing enough to put it back into the relevance status it should be to make f2p games actually live up to their name, because free players ceased to be a boon to company profits long ago, now that they are not really required to promote a game, and the game doesn't need their grinding to feed the whales anymore.
  13. Just removing windwalk effect would make me want premium so much more. Infinite running stamina should be something to give as a stage 6 windwalk for everyone. Not just for premium. Would work just like a mount as it is for any other game. Just make regular dash not spend any stamina, and actions like wall running and fly dash still use it.
  14. The problem with this game ...

    As games like this get older, the need for newbies to group up to speed up the catch up process will increase, because the catching up process will increase over time to please the content requirements of those having been here for longer. I've seen this happening in other games like this. So yeah, maybe a step up from raven to aransu as starter gear (or a faster transition between those gears to not make khanda vihar 100% obsolete) may be something to think about in the close future. But still the catch up will be lengthy as time passes. As you transition from newbie to regular player, you will have streamlined the farming process to some amount. You have things you can farm and sell on marketplace, and your may have become proficient in maintaining dps for faster clears. Still a group here is important because no matter where you are, having people with you will speed it up by a lot. As for whales, they got to that point on their own doing, so I don't pity a bored whale, though the company may lose their most valuable customers if they don't cater to them and their high money demands. So the game needs them happy as well. So really, in the end, get friends, play with them and enjoy the game that way and at your pace, and forget about the outside world.
  15. Mushin tower 1-8

    If you are trying this now at like, level 50 or something, when you are able to enter the tower through story mode, know that the update now recommends at minimum level 60 HM10. I haven't done it but that should be a substantial buff. IF you are already level 60 HM 10 or more, and you are struggling, I suggest getting better gear and learn mechs. For gear, do all the soloable sections of the orange quests for some free gear. Temple of succession alone gives most of these so do that one first. Do moon refuge dailies (zavnar zeal 4 times and the daily for the 30 mob drops) for the rest. Get yourself a raven 3 weapon (you get dawn/rift weapon stage 3 from story, and you can convert it to raven 3 with an item bought from moon refuge vendor). Also get at least the raven soul shield (khanda vihar oath). You get most parts from Temple of succession quest, and the rest can be farmed without ever having to enter a single raid or dungeon. With this, most classes will be able to pull at least 100K dps or more. And from what I understand, that should be enough to clear the updated 1-8. EDIT:So I just went there with my FM who is capable to maintain around 150 to 200K dps and burst for like 400K in a good day. All fights I did there ended in mere seconds. So I can safely say that a 100K dps starter character can do this on it's sleep as well. One last tip would be to spend HM points in your 'P' menu on combat regen if you get hit a lot. But I'd prefer if you learned dodging and manage with the small HP drain some skills give. That way you can use those points somewhere else. Add also points to HM focus because it gives boss attack power as well.