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  1. The game is too complicated these days

    things have been getting easier oevr the years to cater to the storyline gunners & wardens
  2. PvP Content in PvE.

    if you tab knockdowns the bm will hmz you and then you're dead. Could that not be concidered wipe mech? don't instantly burn your tab escape on a knockdown and try using iframes instead of pve macros.
  3. pvp builds

    did you want an answer?
  4. You banned Force Master from PVP

    100-0 untabbable wallbang btw
  5. Arena Matches

    so.... if you ever queue in to anything you dont wanna play against you can just... quit? and waste your opponents time? you do realise no one would ever get a match through. and how would you know if your opponent is a "bot" or a "cheater" or a "deranked pro" untill the first round is over? you can't honestly think letting people bail out without losing anything after losing the first round is a good feature? also, arena bots were a thing like 2 years ago. perhaps we have some new warden bots but honestly, bots don't function that well and you should be able to beat them.
  6. no those sins are just dumb, or pvp oriented, mostly dumb though.
  7. never finding pvp matches

    for 6v6 you wont find a match unless it's peaktime. aka during the evening. simply because people don't bother to queue otherwise. as for arena same times apply, queue during the evening.
  8. Roles of a warden

    Oh some big brain wardens we have here :) hm points have no effect in RSC. You got BW badge before you figured out how to press K and read your skills, gotta love how storyline gives people enough gear for bt/vt for free but 0 training in team combat or anything else
  9. I need Gunner PVP tips.

    it will require a lot of practice. all we can give you is tips... first of all you wanna dissable your firefall so you can insta air people when they get ccd, once they're aired you prolong the air with C but only once. after that you 4rmb4rmb4rmb untill they land, if they f roll you tech chase with whatever cc you have left. tech chasing is when you hit your opponent with another cc at the end of their f roll. it requires timing but once you've got it down it's easy. at the end of an f roll there are a few frames where you are still locked in the f roll animation but no longer immune to damage/cc, if you time another cc perfectly you can cc your opponent at the end of an f roll without counter play. appart from that it's mainly just kite around & kill people with air skills/stunlocks if they waste their tab escapes. you can also pve them down with tab.
  10. Buff FM for 6v6.

    "pvp gear for fm is terrible" weapon resets your tab freeze so you're immune over half the time if you wish. Hitting you already punishes us with freeze stack that dissabels half a melee class's skills but then also drains our focus. "it only makes life a lot harder if you're an fm" you press 4 v tab & 1, somtimes e, q, z & 3, and it yields stupid results for the effort put in. "everyone at high ranking can just dodge our badge" maybe if you kept track of dash cooldowns & didn't instantly hit into decoys and such once your vaccume is down it'd work better "our combo is much slower and more complex than any other class" have you tried killing anyone with equal or higher gear as a sin? fm "combo" is not complicated & you're blessed with not having to care about enemy tab escapes. "this while other classes can just 1 hit us, or at least kill us in a single, easy to hit air..." appart from fm I can think of few oneshots that doesn't require approach skills or way more gear than you have, and you dissable approach skills by just existing. kfms would have to ss to you but that's a huge giveaway & you can counter by dashing away from them, summoner could 2 but your vaccume makes characters randomly turn & look another way & I doubt their 2 would oneshot you if they have equal gear, even if they did manage to aim it at you. everything else requiers approach skills or projectiles "And I know a lot of people gonna cry, but try playing fm in 6v6 before u speak." done a lot of bg, faced a lot of trash fms just spamming ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. works too well for them. tried fm myself, can literally just station myself at a pot/switch/whale & just not die for the entire game. "Everyone can do an easy 2 key combo from far away" not if we're approach blocked... or you see us coming... also your 3 will hit us before we hit you, few things are as instant as your 3. "And if our air fails, we got nothing..." you mean like a kfm without tremor? or a bm without z4? or a sf without V? or a bd without X? or a sin when you have tab escapes? a summoner without 2? a destro without fury? "our inferno does barely any damage" your pewpew matches the pvp gear dps of other ranged classes & far outdoes the pvp gear dps of all melee classes except warden. especially concidering half our skills are dissabeled if we hit you. "100-0 air combos" if only there was a skill that let you completely ignore projectiles even if you're launched above the skills boundries... only class that can 100-0 in an air combo with equal gear to yours while you have your bubble up would be other fms & kfms. provided you allow them to even get close & don't have the foresight/ping to avoid the air.
  11. Bots in Arena

    story can be duo'd with a few instances as exception, you just have to form a party first. as for gameplay there are a few solo instances & about 7 dungeons that actually matters. then there's raids like vt & tt, 6 weekly raids. other than that there's pvp like battleground 6v6, 1v1 and 3v3. or you could rot away in ssp for all eternity. overall content isn't enough to enjoy on your own, if you don't do raids like vt tt you'll soon be bored, unless you're in it for the pvp.
  12. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    what makes a skill pve & pvp? what the devs intended or what is actually more effective? also, I'm not 100% sure but I believe the lunge change made the cat stun their target quicker than the old version where you'd know you were about to be stunned a frame or two before you actually got stunned, leaving more room for counter play before they aired you.
  13. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    @Adrian Stormrage hello again! met you in arena the other day. I'm affraid there's little you can do against this, I have the same issues myself, I usually get around 100 ping, 80 on a good day, however that is not enough to tab escape their stun unless I'm literally holding the key down before I even get stunned, so unless you're fine with losing your ice tab whenever it's up have fun losing to gunners & sums .) and the bs Grimoir is spreading is not to be believed, as someone else said above, summoners air launch speed was buffed making it harder to tab. at this point you have to largely outskill the summoner & make sure to not get caught in the first place. I recommend saving your E for after they put down their field of anti-fun that disables half your skills. honestly, you're probably more capable of thinking up a solution yourself than any of the forum dwellers are, perhaps you could ask a higher ranked kfm? I don't know them personally but you have a higher chance with them than the bns official forums .) either way I don't think there even is a solution except "move to Germany lol" or just get insanely good at the game & mange to dodge all their guard breaks, aids fields and ccs for 3 minutes straight. you could also emply the tactics bms use where they spam block & cancel, ik it doesn't work for kfm but perhaps you could mind game with your counter?
  14. About costumes

    press f3 in game to open the wardrobe, in here you can preview outfits & see where to get them, there are sub categories that tells you where they're from, if it doesn't say where you get the outfit while hovering over it it's probably either in the f10 shop or an old outfit that you can no longer aquire, everything else should be linked to a dungeon or area where you just have to kill things, or it's connected to a "wheel of fate" that requires certain items to spin & you will have a chance at getting the outfit. edit: outfits can also be linked to a quest, where you would get the outfit by completing it. or a merchant where you just have to buy it.
  15. What’s this to Khanda Vihar quest

    you have to complete all parts except the last of the orange khanda vihar questline in order to join "dawn of khanda vihar" & "Skybreak spire" the last part of the orange quest is to defeat the last boss in skybreak spire, dont worry if you can't complete this, it's ment for a 12-man party where each player has more gear than you have & requires more co-ordination, though it's old content & you can probably get carried, just make sure you know the mechanics before you enter the skybreak spire raid or any other 12 man raid preferably.
  16. Matchmaking is utter garbage

    ^ this is why silver people shouldn't voice their opinion on pvp balance, they just cry about anything they lose to.
  17. because how many raven 3 solak players are there? it's not like there's an infinite supply of storyline people looking to do dungeons, & no one above raven 3 will join a raven 3 for rt/st there's just no trust.
  18. So are you just ignoring this?

    No, but players shouldn't be allowed to move before the other player is ready. even the minecraft ffa games I played as a kid managed to make it fair with a hunger games style face off before the barriers are lifted simultaneously.
  19. So are you just ignoring this?

    while ping is an issue as long as you're between 100 & 150 ping or below that you should have as good a chance as anyone else playing your class, the real ping wall comes when you want to go higher, maybe around 1700-1800 rating. the thing with people engaging on you before you even load in is an issue due to gunners/assassins having quick long range forward dashes that can be ani-canceled with a cc. atm I recommend either iframing right when you load in the second round or just take it & outplay them. if they're cheesing like that they're most likely higher than they should be, you can legit find pve gunner whales in 1800 with no idea what a tech chase is.
  20. I'm enjoying being a brainless rightclick tower, but since some people don't own oil fields or doesn't unplug their granny for gear their gear is pretty low & this annoys me because they apparently want to play the game too, I don't like this, only awakened grand hongmoon starbreaker dragon oath weapon stage 9+ people should be able to join my party. When I kick them they rejoin my lobby even though they're only hm 18 & it's stopping all the oil princes from joining my party, please add a ban feature. storyline gear is enough for everything up to ssm/hh, raven 3 + solak accs is enough for rt/st. though I agree the average players skill level is down the gutter compared to 2 years ago, this applies to all players not only storyline players.
  21. some idiot reporting me for leeching

    don't leech & you wont be reported/punished for leeching
  22. Please fix Hive Queen Asap

  23. isn't shadow destro just straight up simple mode in itself?
  24. Warden is over powered pretty much everywhere, Destro not so much. Though I would agree Destro is a bit dumb in 6v6, the reason they're top in the toi leaderboards is beacuse of burst damage, this is why the only thing that matters for your season rewards is class rank. as for arena, warden is op & free plat for a lot of players, destro is top simply because few players who main destro have many alts & the energy to rank up on all of them. I wouldn't say destro is that strong in 1v1, probably top 5 but certainly not top 2.

    Wait so you want to remove open world pvp? and this will make players stay? if you don't want to get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on by someone 10x better than you I recommend not wearing the faction oufit, and don't say "oh but I neet to wear it to do the quest" it's a pvp zone and you were never ment to be able to do any of the faction zone content without running the risk of getting into a fight with other players. there's plenty of pve content for you guys to practice your lmbrmblmbrmblmbrmb. and what exactly are the PKers looking to remove from the game? the blue quests? why would we want that? there's alot of people doing battleground, 1v1 & 3v3 it just so happens that the crimson hivemind in ssp aren't those people, still, they came to a pvp/pve mixed zone & are expecting pve only? PKers are not an issue you just have to git gud or go do your pve elswhere.