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  1. Just because it says it offers pvp traits it doesn't mean that is ONLY meant for pvp. The reason you want that Fist of Iron is because it unlocks 7 Hit combos in Titan Stance, which is what you're gonna use most of the times when you fill up your Titan Ire up to 100 Stacks. I don't know if you have played the spec yet, but most of your damage comes from Titan Stance, more notably from the last hit of the combos from the "evasion" and the "resists" combos, when your Wolf Stance is down, and you use Titan Stance to build up those chakras as fast as possible for the next Wolf Stance because of t
  2. Just by curiosity, who said I didn't finished already? And even if I didn't what does that has to do with anything?
  3. Just by curiosity, who said I didn't finished already? And even if I didn't what does that has to do with anything?
  4. Now, I'm in a quite of a spot here, I've have people telling me wildborn is better and people telling it's worse. I'm a returning player so I do not yet possess a legendary soul badge, which I can have it now and I have 1 of both options available to me. Now what I need is someone with an ACTUAL feedback, by that I mean someone that has TRULY played with both soul badges, both in solo dungeons, heroic 6 man dungeons and raids. PvP I don't care. ALSO it needs to have done it at minimum with a full 8 TT ss. Simply parsing in general Moyun and etc and with low gear and with VT ss it's irrelevant.
  5. "You're right Laura, but for some reason it's more populated and farmed then most of the higher lvl areas and dungeons, can we get a scoop on how that works? Back to you Laura"
  6. Yes i don't have 1400 AP, and even if i did, it still wouldn't exactly be enough to prevent the stupidity of points distribution between 2 players, and the main problem still remains, which is what about the people that do not have those 1400? or 1300 for that matter... Doing exactly everything that you described? What else would you go for Soulstone Plains if not to farm soulstone, evolved stones, faction insignas and faction rank? Like what are they hindering? Literally EVERYTHING? aside from farming faction insignas? If I want to rank up my faction rank to subjugator a
  7. So, about me basically I'm a returning player and I'm gonna talk on what happens in my case what my perspective of this is. (Simply put it, it's INFURIATING) So let's talk about soulstone plains for a bit, when I took an hiatus from BnS it was like 2 years ago, when max lvl was still lvl 50 and people hardly were above HM 15/16, I repeat this was 2 years ago. Soulstone plains was intruduced WAY before I left. The intention of Soulstone Plains was to give players a open world pvp/pve farming content which at the time (AGAIN, 2 years ago) was one good place to farm mats and etc. E
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