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  1. How do they get decided, and is there a point at which a clan won't get recommended? i have a clan that i put all my alts in to have a constant idea as to what their pvp ranks are like and now with gunner added I wanted to put him in there as well but i can't find it anymore. clan is not full and has 79 players in it. what do ty
  2. WL class is a bad pvp class

    Please ncsoft buff bd and wl these classes are clearly not broken enough ty
  3. Assassin PVP opening help (vs BD, BM, KFM)

    instantly run back and glide in the air, try teleporting to them with rb if cant than tab >1 (if bm blocking try ss>f>c stun or 1>rb to cancel block fast)
  4. SF por WL?

    He is Ukrainian so I'm not sure why is he not allowed to participate, I know for sure he's not on any Russian team. sins will also be really good once we get ult skills, sins can web + FM ult =killer combo Deciding class rankings PURELY based on tournaments is wrong, I agree, but tournaments do show you what classes get picked when people pick solely based on what they think is most op(most likely to win the prize money) and get them the wins(at least that's how most KR teams think before they form). the only other objective way you can decide on how good or bad a class is, is the PVP rankings in all regions and those have not shown good results for FMS either.
  5. Trove Advice for NC

    >We are not stupid >Pays for virtual items in a dying game Lauginganimegirl7.png
  6. SF por WL?

    As I said in the post above, while it can shine and be played well I just don't see any evidence to put it into the top tier. I would rank it 5th top class if you consider FM stronger than SM, but Defenetliy not anywhere near top 2 since those spots are occupied by le balanced classes bd and wl
  7. SF por WL?

    Can you guys tell me why do you think FM is in the top tier? I am genuinely curious. since it's obviously not for its"amazing" performance in the rankings and low-mid abilities so its supposedly for its "amazing potential at the top rankings" yet I don't really see any evidence for that either, Choloform(best FM EU) lost pretty decisively to #3 or #4 sin in EU ( Neagi ) even though supposedly FM vs SIN is heavily favoured towards FM. Recent KR finals the best FM KR and arguably in the world (I think his name is Jung Ho) had 2 1v1s, 1 was vs sin and the other vs SF. Again SIN is supposedly the easiest matchup for FM and the sin he was fighting is not considered to be the top (2nd or 3rd place) and the fight ended with the FM winning with around 6% hp, the next fight was against the SF, SF is considered 50-50 matchup for FM, the SF he was fighting was not his main or even 2nd most played class and SF is considered in the "trash tier" PVP class right now yet THE BEST FM IN THE WORLD LOST TO A SF ALT WITH 70% HP LEFT. I watched every tournament this year from all regions that had it so far and i have seen next to no FMS on any region (You'd think a class that you say is almost as broken as Warcuck that can 100-0 in the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing finals would get picked by any team to get that prize money but nope i guess they just don't know how opie FM is :^) ) the only region that had a lot of FMS was Taiwan and IIRC FMS there lost every single 1v1 matchup. if you could provide some evidence as to why you think FM is anywhere below 5th place in the PVP ranking I would love to see that.
  8. Esports?

    I tried logging in and see how long will it take me to encounter a lag "spike" and that didn't take long at all, 2nd match until the 5 match were all 300-500 ms. 10 out of 10 servers simply ebin
  9. Esports?

    Servers don't run any better on EU. Not only does almost everyone get twice the ping in BNS than in other EU games but recently servers gotten so bad that having a day without a bunch of 400-700 ms lag spikes is considered lucky. I honest to god tried to look at all the games I've played in the last 8 years to try to remember if I ever encountered servers as bad or even worse than this one and I couldn't think of a single one that was THIS BAD. I played triple A games and games by new developers, private and official servers and none of them ever even came close to having servers as shitty as this one. The last game I've played before playing BNS EU was PlayBns ( a Russian private server) and I remember thinking that the 90ms I was getting there was bad and hoping once EU servers will come everything will be fine. boy was i wrong
  10. SF por WL?

    You are pretty much asking whats better the top op class or the weakest class in the game right now? so the answer is obviously going wl. if you new and wanna pvp stay away from BM/SF/FM
  11. Top Classes / Bottom Classes

    Not a single FM in the EU tournament AGAIN (even SF had someone playing it) lol, pretty sure its the same situation in NA and i think there were only 2 in KR. "MUH OPIE CLASS" amrite
  12. 20FPS on GTX860M ?

    I sent Support a ticket asking them if its even possible to achieve 60fps under those settings, I'll update the thread once i get final answer
  13. 20FPS on GTX860M ?

    I'm kinda stupid so you gonna have to spell it out for me, the 2 cores the game is using never went above 80% yet his avg fps was around 40? I legit have no idea what caused this so please tell me
  14. 20FPS on GTX860M ?

    He's playing on a lower resolution with ctrl f on and only getting 15-25 fps more than me, I'm also getting 50-70 fps with ctrl f on and 100+ in areas other than the boss fight
  15. 20FPS on GTX860M ?

    You got any video showing how a better single core speed CPU like i7 7700k or something like that will work here? I tried looking around and i can't find anyone playing without ctrl f