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  1. At the moment no tournaments but i've already seen enough of them to know what classes are usually left out and which are not, also I have seen the Russian tournament 2 months ago and based my opinion on that too. You can watch the whole tournament on Evrials channel. Also, in my opinion, SF is 4th top after KFM, BM, Archer.
  2. I would recommend Summoner, it consistently been a decent/good class in the top 5 while FM and SF both had periods that they were trash. SF right now is doing pretty well and FM is doing somewhat alright although you won't find a single one of them in a tournament in any region(for obvious reasons), but Summoner always viable both on low ratings and in high/tournament settings.
  3. I suggest anyone waiting for UE4 to look at Korean streamers playing it today and see what a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ show it is, the only good thing about this game (the combat) has been turned into utter garbage, they added auto hunting and there are multiple visual glitches and the game crashes constantly. If this is what we will eventually get shipped to the West than please don't force us to switch from UE3 to UE4
  4. Top 30 on 2 classes in 1v1 and top 20 in br while only playing 1~ hour a day but ok.
  5. Either solution works, sapper is a noob powerup and sins are noobs that run and bomb only, no one will miss either one of them if they were removed from br
  6. You might wanna actually read the title next time buddy, I'm talking about Battle Royal and i don't care about BG cause its not pvp. no other class in Battle Royal can one-shot someone. the closest thing to sin one shot with bomb is kfm making you tab and then using poison + sitting on you.Insert other media
  7. Or at least remove the ability to web mid-air? cause it's obviously broken af and no other class can have a guaranteed kill after only 1 stun..
  8. >He unironically thinks battleground is pvp Laughinganimegirls.png Also to get a 100-0 wallbang you need 3 skills to be ready with no cd and be lucky with ice stacks, and there are around maybe 10 fms total that can actually do that with the ping they have. and even with this "super op strat" the first FM in the ladder is rank 32 next one is 98 (EU).. I'm not even gonna go in into how there is only one class that has fewer gold players than FM which is gunner (only by 10, while FM population is way bigger than gunner IIRC) and how FM almost never gets picked to any tournaments in
  9. What are you basing this opinion on? just a gut feeling?
  10. Because absolutely everything is good against bad players, I can go with PvE build against any player in bronze and have a 99% chance I'll win. Also, you can't base your opinion on whether a class is weak or not based on personal subjective results. you base it on statistics that can show a trend like the leaderboard and tournaments.
  11. Oh, I think there was a misunderstanding, I didn't say FM was ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ in general, for all I know FM might be the best PvE class out there. I was talking specifically about PVP since this is the PVP forum and how it is and was weak.
  12. Pardon me for the rude question but do you mind sharing your rating in 1v1 PVP? I am REALLY skeptical that you are even gold with fire build unless all you get is summoners and warlocks
  13. The fact that you unironically mention gear in a PVP forum means you failed a basic logic test my friend.
  14. Usually, in MMORPG mages are nukers that deal a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ load of dmg every attack and usually have a lot of debuffs and that's not the case here, FM has the debuff (ice) and that's about it, either make it so we deal a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ load of dmg more than melee classes or make it an even playing field and remove cast time on a PVP skill, or better yet just balance the classes without taking into consideration what each class usually does(which was the direction this game was going from the start, no healers, tanks etc..)
  15. FM, Gunner, and Warlock are pretty much trash tier now, I don't know why they decided to take a dump on ranged classes this patch What exactly do you love about it? we have no air combo that removes block for 6 seconds or a grab that does that, our grab now has no attacks in it ( our fire and ice orb are gone) and we can't drain chi either, our v won't give us chi either and we don't have any other easy ways to regain chi in ice spec, tornado won't do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to bds or des now and against block classes it only works for a fraction of a second(they can ss or something and it
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