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  1. Pvp tier list? New Player

    My top list this season. 1.Warlock 2.Assassin 3.Blade Dancer 4.Force Master 5.Gunner 6.Destroyer 7.Kungfu master 8.Summoner 9.Blade Master 10.Soul fighter 7-10 are almost the same in terms of power, just slight differences

    I actually like this new event, this has to be one of the only times i've seen actual owpvp in my 4.5 years of playing this game. also seeing people rage when you kill them is the best feeling ever.
  3. Thank you NcWest

    I don't understand how can you earn so many zen beans to be able to buy hm skills while not reaching gold, how do you do that?. anyone playing the game for more then a month should be able to at least get gold by the end of the season.
  4. Class distribution statistics

    I know NCsoft used to publish class distribution statistics like a year ago and I was wondering if you guys could start doing that again, it should be pretty easy cause I'm pretty sure you guys are keeping track of stuff like that. maybe publish them once a month or once every 2 months would be really nice.
  5. Thank you NcWest

    Thank you for reducing the price of hm skills in the zen beans shop, I think the prices were fine as they were but its never a bad thing to let new player get hm skills quicker. now if only you could remove the dragon certificate requirement(a pve item) from buying soulstones (a pvp reward) that would be great
  6. I'm not sure why do you say im only talking about EU/NA cause i was referring to every regional tournament and i did watch every single region even the 2 new ones. the 2 classes that had the best win rate in the worlds were WL and BD (i think the Chinese bd had a 100% win rate even though he was sent to almost every 1v1) so i don't see how FM or BM have the upper hand in here, heck the best fm in the world lost to a sin main playing on his sf alt in regionals and then lost to a des(fms best matchup) in worlds and i think he lost to a wl or a kfm as well but i don't remember, leaving him with around 60% win rate (take into consideration that IDPS were fighting mostly western teams, no Asian). and yes last year had a lot of bms in it cause bm was indeed op and everyone recognized it, its not anymore though so whats the point of mentioning what was in the past?. if you have some kind of proof to show that bm and fm are doing really well in either ranking worldwide or in Regional/World team picks or win rates i would love to see it
  7. Just put this here. I think all need think about it

    Yes, this was a bit overboard to say that, i was just really upset at the number of people that are bitching at NCsoft for releasing this new rng box and got carried away. there are defiantly things to be upset about when it comes to Ncsoft West such as the shit tier servers(i want them to go bankrupt as a company for that reason alone) but an rng box event that you are not forced to participate in is definitely not one of those things
  8. >FM and BM are op yet somehow don't get picked in regionals/worlds and are not even top 3 when it comes to rankings in all regions ok
  9. Worth playing again?

    Battleground is not pvp, only a pver would think otherwise. and you can get hm skills with gold/zen beans
  10. Worth playing again?

    This is fake news, you don't need to spend a dime or even a single gold to PVP
  11. Chat Broken

    party chat when you are in arena is not working (it works in lobby, but once you enter the match its gone)
  12. Frustrated about PVP arena matches...

    You should watch how pro players and others are playing your class to address your problems, your fighting options are to not get dazed in the first place ( or stunned) and if you do, to have your tab escape up at that time (not use it on stuff like a kd or insta tab a stun)
  13. Frustrated about PVP arena matches...

    This is a phenomenon observed by science called " the more you pve the worse you do in arena". pro tip 1: stop doing pve. also the more you win the stronger you opponents are supposed to be (and in this game you are also very likely to run into some top 30 or even top 5 alts at low ratings) so you better get used to this and suck it up. as for builds go to bnstree and look for pvp builds, also watch some pro pvp streamers and once you are decent in 1v1 go tags and look how other better kfms play
  14. Top Classes / Bottom Classes

    Actually, summoner along with des are our 2 best matchups in the game right now, out of all classes those are the only 2 i can actually beat top 5 players (I'm top 30 since season 2). I'm not sure what evidence you have to show summoner is top 3 cause it certainly ain't doing so hot in rankings in other regions. its 5th or 6th top class (depending on who you think is stronger fm or sm)
  15. How do they get decided, and is there a point at which a clan won't get recommended? i have a clan that i put all my alts in to have a constant idea as to what their pvp ranks are like and now with gunner added I wanted to put him in there as well but i can't find it anymore. clan is not full and has 79 players in it. what do ty